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Chapter 198 This Is China

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     Liu Yi finally managed to get into the elevator toward the first floor. But in the Hall, he was surrounded by a group of black-clad Ninjas.

    Norikawa (Buchuan neihu), the stout, short person in a suit, was standing at the nearby staircase looking at him.


    He said something in Japanese, which Liu Yi cannot understand.

    “Master, leave it to me!”

    Little Xuan wanted to show off.

    Without knowing how she did it, in Liu Yi’s ears, that shorty’s shout has been converted into Chinese!

    Whoa….This AI is so amazing.

    “Shina pig, gives us back our AI! Otherwise, die die!”

    The translation isn’t complete?

    “Master, switching language for the first time requires some modification in certain areas.”

    Little Xuan explained, “But as the system slowly upgrade, it will be good!”

    Even so, Liu Yi already can understand more than half of it.

    “Can you change my speaking into Japanese?”

    Liu Yi asked with great interest.


    Little Xuan proudly said, “Renjia is a neural interface artificial intelligence! This is certainly within the scope of my ability!”

    With that, Liu Yi saw on the upper left corner of his eyes, there was a small popped up box.

    “Current language: Japanese.”

    Will this work? Let’s try it.

    Liu Yi opened his mouth and said.

    “Buchuan Neiku (Don’t wear underwear), I date (curse) your eighteen generation ancestors, hold and scold your grandma (f*ck your grandma’s breast), you d*mn b*stard don’t try to be c*cky here, believe it or not, your father, I will slap you to death!”


    Little Xuan cried out for mercy, “Don’t use dialects, okay! I can’t translate many of them!”

    “Em, very well.”

    It seems like this AI is not that special after all.

    Liu Yi had to switch to the universal gesture by putting up his middle finger toward Buchuan Neiku who was standing at the stairs.


    Buchuan Neiku was enraged, “You d*mn shina pig! If you don’t hand over the AI chip, you will die!”

    Want me to hand over little Xuan?

    In your dream!

    This easy to use AI is a gift for me….

    The genius Japanese engineer who worked so hard to develop this AI and came all the way to China, isn’t it just so that I can benefit from it?

    Such a big favor like that, Liu Yi naturally would not reject.

    “Thank you for the gift. To respond in kind, in return, I will kill all of you.”

    Liu Yi said with a smile.

    “D*mn! Attack! Kill this shina pig!”

    Buchuan Neiku immediately called out.

    Suddenly, two ninjas came rushing toward Liu Yi.

    “Swish, swish, swish!”

    Before they arrived, they sent several shurikens toward Liu Yi.

    He had to give them credit, these ninjas were indeed highly trained, at least their shuriken throw was very accurate.

    Each of them went straight to his neck.

    But Liu Yi was not even afraid of bullets, why would he fear these several shurikens.

    He held out his hands and, using his black and white world, quickly caught them one by one.

    Soon, these several shurikens were caught by his hands.

    “I don’t like these sharp gifts, I’ll give them back to you!”

    With that, Liu Yi waved his hands and was about to throw those shurikens.

    Those ninjas immediately fled in fear.

    “Bam, bam!”

    These shurikens eventually nailed to the wall in this hall.

    “Baka! Get him! Kill this shina pig!”

    Seeing how Liu Yi acted so arrogantly in front of these many ninjas, Buchuan Neiku immediately roared.

    The two ninjas that previously dodged the shurikens came to Liu Yi’s sides.

    One of them threw the hook sickle in his hand toward Liu Yi’s neck from the back.

    Another one lunged the knife in his hand toward Liu Yi’s chest.

    “These low-level ninjas, but they’re somewhat more powerful than normal people.”

    Standing on Liu Yi’s shoulder watching the attacks of those ninjas, Lin Tong yawned, “They don’t even know a hair of ninjutsu.”

    As she spoke, Liu Yi already kicked away the ninja who wanted to stab his heart.

    He then turned around and seized the wooden handle of the hook sickle and pulled it.

    That ninja cannot hold back and was pulled forward.

    “I’ll give this back to you, no need to thank me.”

    Liu Yi smiled toward that ninja and flung the hook sickle in his hand.


    That hook sickle directly hacked the forehead of that ninja.

    Without even uttering a word, this ninja’s head was cut in half and stumbled to the ground.

    “Bakayaro! Useless, all of you are useless!”

    That Buchuan Neiku jumped to the side and yelled, “Kill him, kill that shina pig!”


    That ninja’s corpse directly fell in front of Buchuan Neiku.

    “The next time I hear the word ‘shina,’ you will end up like him.”

    Liu Yi’s cold voice, through little Xuan’s translation, drilled into Buchuan Neiku’s ears.

    Looking at Liu Yi who stood in front of a group of ninjas, Buchuan Neiku cannot help but feel cold.

    Why would I be afraid….

    There are obviously so many ninjas to protect me….But why am I afraid?

    What the hell!

    “Kill this shi….Kill him….”

    After a long time clenching his jaws, Buchuan Neiku finally did not dare to say that word again.

    These more than ten ninjas, along with their weapons, suddenly rushed forward toward Liu Yi.

    These various weapons came at Liu Yi.

    Shuriken, Kunai, Hook Sickle, Katana.

    “Since you’re in such a hurry to go back to see your Amaterasu, then I’ll send you to your journey.”

    Liu Yi laughed, stretched out his hand. A multicolored blade suddenly came out of his palm.

    He wanted to throw this blade toward those incoming ninjas.

    “Master, wait a second, you have some interesting abilities, let me help you. Watch this!”

    When Liu Yi was about to throw this colorful blade, little Xuan’s voice suddenly rang.

    Subsequently, a crosshair suddenly appeared in front of Liu Yi’s eyes.

    “What the hell! Are you kidding me, you can even do this thing!”

    Liu Yi exclaimed as he swept his gaze toward those ninjas.

    “Hihi, of course, Renjia is the most advanced AI!”

    Little Xuan smugly laughed, “But there’s more….Master can move the crosshair to lock on those ninjas!”

    I can do that?

    Liu Yi turned his head and aligned his sight on one of those incoming ninjas.

    Suddenly, in Liu Yi’s eyes, a red skull mark appeared at the top of the head of that ninja.

    What the….I really can….

    This AI….Is a little gem!

    Liu Yi took the opportunity to multi-lock a few more ninjas. After he locked all of the present ninjas, Liu Yi finally waved his arm.

    “Go, my fantasy butterfly blade!”

    Liu Yi named his weapon as such.

    This fantasy butterfly blade, drawing a colorful rainbow light in the air, directly cut the neck of a ninja.

    As the blood splashed, the fantasy butterfly blade continued to fly to the next ninja.

    The rest of the ninjas were scared and immediately fled.

    But the fantasy butterfly blade was like the messenger of death, continued to pursue those ninjas.

    Very quickly, those ninjas’ head were cut off and fell to the ground.


    Seeing this scene, Buchuan Neiku had the urge to wet his pants.

    How come this shina guy is so powerful….More than ten ninjas are actually killed by him!

    Are all of our Japanese ninjas’ useless?


    Definitely impossible!

    Looking at the corpse of a ninja, Buchuan Neiku’s body trembled.

    “All of your bodyguards are dead.”

    Liu Yi recovered his fantasy butterfly blade and, while playing it with his hand, slowly walked toward Buchuan Neiku.

    “Now it’s your turn.”

    “Don’t come, you monster!”

    That Buchuan Neiku stumbled and sat on the ground. He then shouted at Liu Yi with a pale face.

    “Didn’t you stop me from leaving? You see, now I am not leaving.”

    Liu Yi could not help but laugh, “You think you’re an Emperor!”

    “Don’t come….I, I still have one powerful bodyguard….”

    Buchuan Neiku wiped off his cold sweat and said, “If you hurt me, he will kill you!”

    “It’s not that I want to hurt you.”

    Liu Yi’s voice turned icy cold, “But you’ve done too many wicked things in China. I don’t even know how many people that were killed by you, so if I don’t kill you, I’ll be sorry to the blood that flows in my veins.”

    Liu Yi never considered that all Japanese were hateful, but he simply can’t let those right wingers go.

    This group of people did not know how to feel remorse, and they also constantly tried to provoke a war.

    So, there was no other choice but to kill the one that he encountered.

    “Kodou! Help!”

    Just as Liu Yi was about to arrive in front of that Buchuan Neiku, that fatty suddenly shouted loudly.

    In a flash, Liu Yi felt something cold coming from behind his neck.

    Liu Yi unconsciously launched his shadow step and instantly left that spot.


    A black clad ninja suddenly appeared from behind Liu Yi.

    The katana in his hand was swinging at the spot that Liu Yi’s neck has just left.

    If Liu Yi was still standing there, his head would have been separated from his body.

    “He escape?”

    His moved failed, that ninja named Kodou was clearly surprised.

    He squinted his pair of small eyes as he looked around in all directions.

    Liu Yi appeared later on the staircase of the second floor, looking at the suddenly appeared ninja from above.

    “A Shinobu….”

    Lin Tong recognize the opposite party’s identity, “Although it’s just a lower level shinobu, it’s still quite fierce. Liu Yi, be careful.”

    “Em, I will.”

    Liu Yi nodded his head, he also felt alarmed.

    He felt a strong murderous aura coming from that ninja.

    This murderous aura was like a knife pressed against his neck, making his hair stood on end, very uncomfortable.


    That Shinobu extended his kunai and pointed at Liu Yi.

    Then he made a ‘cutting a neck’ action with his other hand.

    “You want to commit suicide?”

    Liu Yi was suddenly enlightened, “Sure, go ahead, though you don’t need to report it me.”

    “I’ll kill you!”

    The murderous aura of that Shinobu called Kodou surged up, he was ready to go into action.

    But Liu Yi, taking advantage of that talk, pulled a colorful chain from the floor and flung it toward that Shinobu.