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Chapter 200 Ten Meters Dive

Mai Kitsune Waifu
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    “Bos, how is your exam preparation?”

    Chen Cai’s voice came through the phone. Liu Yi thought for a moment and said, “It’s good… I think I can deal most of them.”

    He was confident with almost all the subjects.

    Except for the maths…

    He could not understand those astronomical numbers.

    “What about you?”

    “Oh, forget it…”

    Chen Cai complained, “I don’t know who did it, but it’s too f*cking hateful! Every day I wrote the answers on the table, but they were always wiped off the next morning!”

    Chen Cai frustrated look immediately appeared in Liu Yi’s mind.

    “Pfft… It must’ve been really funny…”

    “It really irritated me! Even though I still wrote them again, they were still being erased!”

    “Then what are you going to do? Now we’re already in the long holiday, so the school is closed. You wouldn’t sneak back into the classroom to write it would you?”

    The long vacation had already started, but Liu Yi knew Chen Cai would resort to anything to cheat.

    “Nah, I don’t need it anymore…”

    Chen Cai quietly said, “After copying them so many times…I have already memorized them…”

    “What the…Then congratulations to you…”

    “Oh, by the way, boss, where are you? Let’s do some fun! My holiday is so boring! The beauty in the fourth class doesn’t want to go on a date with me, ahh!”

    “Um, this…”

    Liu Yi became somewhat embarrassed.

    “Boss, in any case, you’re still single like me right? So, let’s play together! I’ll bring my PS3, and we’ll play One Piece: Pirate Warriors!”

    Chen Cai cheerfully said.

    “Chen Cai, as a student who will soon face exams, how could you still think about games?”

    Liu Yi immediately rebuked Chen Cai sternly, “In the face of upcoming exams, we should make good use of this holiday to do a review! Don’t just think about girls and games everyday; you also need to think about your study!”


    Chen Cai couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.

    “You’re not a kid anymore. So don’t just think about those useless things. As long you study well, your scores will increase. Later on, girls, and the like, you will naturally have them.”

    “Is that true, boss?”

    Chen Cai wanted to believe Liu Yi’s words.

    “Of course it’s true. When did I ever lie to you…?”

    Before he finished his words, Wang Lele’s shout could be heard from the background.

    “Liu Yi, do you want to swim in laps?’

    “What? No!”

    “F*ck! Boss, you’re swimming with Wang Lele!”

    Chen Cai suddenly felt aggrieved. “Boss, you’ve gone too far, how can you do this! I also want to see Wang Lele’s swim, hu hu hu. Where are you guys? I want to go there…”

    “Oh, no, the signal is getting bad here! Hello? Hello?”

    Liu Yi pretended that he was unable to hear Chen Cai’s voice and then hung up the phone after delivering several ‘hello?’

    “Is that Chen Cai?”

    Wang Lele and Murong Die approached him.

    The two girls were wearing bikinis, which made them the highlight of the entire pool.

    Murong Die was wearing a black one piece bikini, with a bit of lace at the waist.

    Although it revealed only a little, there was an indescribable elegance about it.

    Combined with her young missy attitude, as well as her two white long legs, she had grabbed countless people’s attention.

    However, Wang Lele was even more of a bombshell when compared to her.

    She wore a two-piece yellow bikini, which almost couldn’t cover her pair of melon-sized breasts.

    They appeared ready to burst out at any moment.

    Wang Lele’s waist was particularly slender while her buttocks round; her entire body seemed to exude sexiness.

    In this swimming pool, she was definitely a bombshell.

    Even Liu Yi couldn’t help keep staring at her, unable to take his eyes off of her.


    Liu Yi’s eyes immediately went straight because Murong Die had stepped on his foot.

    Fortunately, this was a swimming pool, so Murong Die was barefoot…

    If she wore high heels, he would definitely suffer.

    “Why was he looking for you?”

    Murong Die gritted her teeth and asked Liu Yi.

    She thought, “This damn guy always looking at Lele’s breast…”

    “Damn it! I’m just slightly smaller than her… Why there’s such a discrimination!”

    “I can be big too! Starting tomorrow, I will drink Shengyuan [TL: local brand] milk!”

    “Um, it’s nothing…He just asked me about the exams.”

    Liu Yi would not let Chen Cai spoil his fun.

    He justified his action by thinking, “This swimming with girls great undertaking thing should be handled by me alone. He should just focus on studying.”

    “If he studies well, in the future he would become a knowledgeable person that would be useful to the nation.”

    “Alas, my sacrifice is so big; I am truly a real life Lei Feng…”

    Liu Yi couldn’t help but admire himself.

    “He actually discussed the exams with you?”

    Wang Lele was surprised; she blinked and said, “I thought that guy only knows how to cheat!”

    “How did you know that?”

    Liu Yi was curious.

    “Because everyday I saw him wrote the answers on the table!”

    Wang Lele naively said, “It’s really annoying…Last week I was on duty to clean the class, but he dirtied the table everyday with his writing, so I just wiped them off. But the next day, he wrote them all over again! Hmph, he gave all the students on duty increased workload! Next time you need to teach him well!”

    Liu Yi slapped his own forehead.

    Wang Lele’s words had rendered him speechless.

    “Liu Yi, see that, there’re diving platforms here!”

    Murong Die noticed the nearby springboards and became excited.

    Liu Yi shifted his gaze and saw the few diving platforms.

    This time, they came here by Murong Die’s invitation. Thus, they didn’t go to the public pool but rather an exclusive membership only swimming pool.

    This swimming pool was well-equipped, there were three lifeguards sitting on both sides.

    There were also one meter, three meter, and ten meter high spring boards.

    As if remembering the bungee jumping that night, Murong Die pointed at those diving platforms and shouted.

    “Liu Yi, what do you think? Do you dare to try them?”


    Liu Yi inwardly thought, “This girl is crazy! Why would she always like exciting challenges?”

    “Can you…dive?” Liu Yi asked her back.

    “Are you kidding me!”

    Murong Die put her hands on her waist and proudly said, “I am a swimmer! There’s a family pool with a diving platform in my backyard that I always play since I was still a kid! Moreover, my dad gave me a certified coach to teach me! If we compete in the ten-meter high platform, I will definitely beat you!”

    “Sis’ Die… Um… But, the springboard in your home is only three meter high, right?”

    The nearby Wang Lele meekly asked.

    “Oops, my bad!”


    Murong Die directly kicked Wang Lele into the pool.

    “Sis’ Die… Don’t be like this…”

    Wang Lele seemed to have an affinity with water. Like a beautiful mermaid, she swam back to the edge of the pool and looked at Murong Die with resentment.

    “You deserve it, who told you to be blabbermouth!”

    Murong Die gave her loudmouth girl friend a stern look.

    She then placed her hands on her waist, raised her chin and said to Liu Yi, “In short, do you or do you not dare!”

    Murong Die was born in August. As a typical Leo girl, she was bossy, active and has a spirit of adventure.

    “Why wouldn’t I? Come on!”

    Liu Yi could never stand being provoked!

    The attribute of the Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra that he practiced was ice

    But, Ice was also a form of water.

    Thus, in water, Liu Yi was as comfortable as a fish.

    But, Murong Die obviously didn’t know this. She wanted to rely on her many years of experience to gain the upper hand!

    Because after getting along with Liu Yi for quite a while, she has always been at a disadvantage!

    As a Murong Missy, how could she let this continue!

    She must let Liu Yi know her prowess!


    “That’s right! I mustn’t let him think that I am weak!”

    “Lele, you too.”

    Murong Die said as she watched Wang Lele climbed out of the pool.


    Wang Lele was stunned. “Me, me too?”

    “Of course, didn’t you usually dive in my house?”

    “But… Ten meter platform is too high!”

    Wang Lele somewhat anxiously glanced at her breast. “If I fall from such a height…My breast would burst…”


    Murong Die was furious.

    “If you don’t go, I will squeeze your breast so hard they burst!”

    “Okay, okay! I’ll go!”

    Wang Lele hastily complied.

    Watching the interaction between the two girls from the side, Liu Yi couldn’t help but feel stunned.

    Her Missy temper really hasn’t changed.

    “Come on, let’s do this!”

    Murong Die was also an impatient person; She immediately pulled Liu Yi with her to approach the ten-meter platform.

    “Who’s first?”

    Looking up at the ten-meter platform, Liu Yi couldn’t help but start to feel dizzy.

    He was not worried about himself, but about Murong Die and Wang Lele.

    A ten-meter high platform was nothing to him because he already used to jump from tens of meters high building.

    But if the two girls jump from that height…

    It would be a little bit scary indeed…

    “I will give you an example, watch me!”

    Noticing the doubt in Liu Yi’s eyes, Murong Die coldly snorted, turned away and started climbing that ten-meter high platform.

    “Lele, don’t you think that your sis’ Die is a little bit too bossy?”

    Looking at Murong Die as she slowly climbed the platform, especially her graceful posture, Liu Yi couldn’t help but sigh.

    “Sis’ Die is indeed a bit bossy…”

    Wang Lele was somewhat apprehensive.

    “Um…Yi gege, if later I’m afraid…Remember to catch me…”

    Looking at the ten-meter high platform, Wang Lele also felt a bit dizzy.

    However, she had no choice; her sis’ Die has spoken.

    “Em, I’ll try.”

    He thought, “How am I going to catch her?”

    “But since I am here, I will not let them two in danger.”

    “Okay… I knew I could depend on you, Yi gege.”

    Wang Lele smiled.

    Liu Yi secretly thought, “Does she really believe me that much?”

    “Hey, guys! Watch me! I am going to jump!”

    Murong Die beckoned at Liu Yi and Wang Lele. She had already stood on the diving platform.

    However, because the springboard was wet, which made it slippery, her foot suddenly slipped.