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Chapter 562 - Wen Haowen Fools Around

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 562: Wen Haowen Fools Around

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    With Wen Xinya’s scandal being all the rage, the happiest one was none other than Wen Haowen.

    He had chanced upon some photos of Wen Xinya drinking and having fun at Black Sunday when she just returned to the Wen Family on Ning Yuya’s old phone. Thus, he had secretly sent them to the media, causing Wen Xinya’s scandal.

    And then he had also secretly managed to get hold of the security camera footages of Wen Xinya assaulting him in the hospital at the annual gala last year, downloaded the photos in them, and fabricated the news of Wen Xinya being an unfilial daughter.

    Indeed, once this news was reported, Wen Xinya’s reputation was hurt badly and even implicated the Wen Corporation’s shares to plummet.

    The people of Country Z had traditional mindsets which placed filial piety as the most important virtue. With the reputation of being unfilial, Wen Xinya was equivalent to being immoral—how could she continue thriving in the circle in the future?

    So what if the Old Man defended her?

    This time, he wanted exactly to let the Old Man see clearly that the granddaughter that he had taken great efforts to find had despicable intrinsic qualities hidden deep within her. She would only bring humiliation to the Wen Family and cause the Wen Family to lose all their reputation—she was the shame of the Wen Family.

    Only he was the true successor of the Wen Family. His child who would be born in the future was the one who would carry on the ancestral line.

    Wen Haowen was gloating and satisfied. Today, he invited a few minor shareholders of the Wen Corporation to dine in the Jiayuan Club with the purpose of riding onto Wen Xinya’s scandal, to convince them to ask the Old Man for an explanation and pursue Wen Xinya’s responsibility.

    Wen Haowen filled the table with fine cuisines to host the few minor shareholders.

    As the few of them ate and drank merrily, Wen Haowen took advantage of the excitement from drinking and said, “Recently, the Wen Corporation’s shares have plummeted greatly—your bonus this round is expected to be way fewer than before. Sigh… it’s all because that unfilial daughter of mine stirred up trouble…”

    “It’s too uninteresting to just eat and drink. Why don’t we order some other entertainment?” said one of the directors as he rubbed his hands and let out a lewd laugh. On his fat face with huge ears, his pair of swollen eyes instantly squinted into beady eyes glowing indecently.

    “Why don’t we get some ladies to accompany us while we drink?” One of the directors’ skinny face revealed a crude and lewd glow. As he spoke, his Adam’s apple even moved a few times.

    The few of them agreed.

    Wen Haowen’s words were interrupted. He had no choice but to ask the waiter for hostesses.

    Very quickly, six hostesses dressed to the nines in skimpy and seductive clothes threw themselves at the people on the sofa like butterflies flying amongst flowers.

    Wen Haowen also had two hostesses seated by his sides. One hostess was twenty-odd-years-old, wore a tight-fitting red mini skirt, and looked charming and seductive. She kept gently rubbing her full bosom against Wen Haowen’s chest. Under the dim lighting, her pair of slender, fair, and jade-like legs glowed and presented a kind of exquisite seductiveness.

    The other hostess wore a purple short skirt and was slightly older than the one dressed in red, yet looked gorgeous and charming. She hugged Wen Haowen’s arm and her hands kept teasing his inner thighs.

    “Dear shareholders, as that unfilial daughter of mine caused huge losses to the corporation, I feel very bad and have always wanted to account to you. However, that Old Man of mine at home is very stubborn, actually forsaking the corporation’s interests, and kept defending that rebellious girl. Thus, I’ll like to invite…”

    “Haowen, let’s enjoy ourselves and stop talking about work for now.” One of the directors interrupted Wen Haowen as his wandering hands fondled with the hostess beside him and even leaned in for a kiss, the two of them giggling flirtatiously.

    Wen Haowen’s expression became slightly twisted. “But this incident concerns the interests of all shareholders. I hope all of you finish listening to me and give it a good thought.”

    Once shareholders on the board of directors step forward, the Old Man would naturally realize the severity of this incident and would naturally think twice about Wen Xinya’s identity as the successor.

    “Hehe… Oh, Haowen! With ravishing beauties beside you, you can still remain calm. Don’t tell me that your friend below… isn’t functional anymore!” Saying which, one of them even cast a slightly suggestive glance at between Wen Haowen’s legs.

    Wen Haowen’s face darkened instantly as he felt that his pride as a man was humiliated and questioned. “Director Dong loves to joke. It’s just that I have a pregnant one at home currently and I…”

    Actually, Wen Haowen had long already been so tempted by the two girls beside him that his blood was boiling. However, he was still clear-minded. After all, Shuqian was currently pregnant—it would seem rather unfair to her if he were to do something like that.

    Hearing Wen Haowen’s words, the few of them started laughing heartily.

    “Haha. A pregnancy lasts ten months—to hold back like this for ten months isn’t a lovesick man but a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. A man’s treasure shouldn’t be held back—holding back too often will cause it to be dysfunctional…”

    “It’s very normal for men to join in the fun occasionally. Currently, within the circle, which man doesn’t have ongoing affairs while keeping his marriage stable—it’s silly to give up the forest for a single tree.”

    “The flower at home doesn’t have the wildflowers’ fragrance—one will get sick of having the same dish every day. Furthermore, it’s an old and withering preserved vegetable dish—how can it be more flavorful than the fresh and beautiful honey peaches outside…”

    With everyone’s words, Wen Haowen was momentarily moved.

    “Don’t tell me… Haowen, your brother below isn’t really dysfunctional, is it? Otherwise, how can you not be sick of having the same dish for so many years—I know of a Traditional Chinese Medicine physician whom I can introduce to you another day…”

    With this, everyone looked at Wen Haowen with doubtful glances and odd eyes.

    Wen Haowen’s expression twisted as he felt his pride as a man being humiliated like never before. He felt that he should prove his power as a man to everyone. After securing a good excuse for his indulgence, he momentarily forgot about having a pregnant wife at home and started flirting and laughing with the hostess beside him.

    It was the first time that Wen Haowen fooled around with women other than his wife in so many years. The momentary novelty and thrill struck his brain and he became increasingly bold.

    Instantly, the room was filled with lewd and flirtatious laughter.

    Wen Haowen recalled Ning Shuqian’s sagging skin and eyes filled with fine lines. He looked at the young, beautiful, seductive, and passionate hostess beside him and an evil rage filled his body instantly, destroying his rationality.

    Looking at this scene, the few directors exchanged glances. As the shareholders of the Wen Corporation, they naturally knew that Wen Haowen wasn’t on good terms with his daughter, Wen Xinya. This father and daughter pair were the current CEO of the Wen Corporation holding 15% shareholdings and the successor of the Wen Family with the support of Old Mr. Wen respectively—they couldn’t afford to offend either of them. Only idiots would involve themselves in this battle between father and daughter.

    Wen Haowen wanted them to come forward, ask Old Mr. Wen for an explanation, and pursue Wen Xinya’s responsibility. He had schemed erroneously—they weren’t so dumb.