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Chapter 352 - Fang Qiu’s Big Move!

Medical Master
     Chapter 352 Fang Qiu’s Big Move!

    “What do you mean we can’t?”

    Li Xiucai was angrily staring at the secretary. “So the principal can do nothing to the student? Am I going to be suppressed by a student?”

    “Please, don’t be angry.”

    The secretary smiled wryly and tried to calm Li down.

    Then he depressedly turned his head, murmuring, “Principal Chen can do nothing to him, either.”

    “What did you say?” Li Xiucai asked angrily as if he had heard the secretary’s words.

    “Nothing, I didn’t say anything.” The secretary hurriedly shook his head.

    After breaking down the door, Fang Qiu went straight back to the dormitory.

    “I have to move faster.” No one except Fang Qiu was in the dormitory. He sat at the desk, immediately opened the computer, and surfed the foreign websites with his VPN to scan through a variety of medical periodicals and books.

    “How could you deny the things of your own nation?”

    “Since you keep doing this, I will let the outsiders confirm it. Then let’s see what else you can say.”

    Holding back his anger, Fang Qiu immediately began scanning foreign medical papers.

    The paper was his big move, which would be the big game-changer.

    He had been reading the papers until it was getting late.

    Seeing that Fang Qiu was extremely focusing on his work, the three roommates didn’t dare to disturb Fang Qiu.

    Even when the lights out and everyone went to bed, Fang Qiu was still sitting in front of his desk and continued to read the papers quietly.

    After reading hundreds of foreign medical papers, he stopped.

    Closing his eyes, Fang Qiu quickly thought and extracted the common formats and points of all the articles and then made a detailed outline.

    With this outline, now what he needed to do was to complete the paper.

    Taking his pen, Fang Qiu began to write his paper.

    This was a paper about Qi and acupuncture.

    Time went by so fast.

    After a night of hard work, Fang Qiu finally came up with a detailed thesis.

    He also wrote a letter inviting people who read this paper to have a field study here.

    He was about to submit this paper to the core medical periodicals abroad. So, to add more weight to the paper and make those arrogant periodicals’ experts come to China to have a field study or even cite this paper, Fang Qiu went straight to the hospital when he finished the paper early in the morning.

    He went to the orthopedics department on the seventh floor.

    “Excuse me, is Cao Ze here?” Standing in front of Shen Chun’s consulting room, Fang Qiu knocked on the door and asked.

    ‘Fang Qiu?” Shen Chun, who was changing his clothes, paused for a while and asked, “What do you want to do with Cao Ze?”

    “Dr. Shen.” Fang Qiu smiled and greeted him, “I don’t know anyone in the hospital and happen to need a man to help with my project, so I want to borrow Cao Ze for a while. It won’t be long. We’ll finish before you guys start your work in the afternoon.”

    “What are you up to now, kid?” Shen Chun asked worriedly, “The thing on the Internet has already caused a scene. Just don’t do anything reckless, ok?”

    “Don’t worry, Dr. Shen.” Fang Qiu smiled and turned around to look for Cao Ze in the room, adding, “In fact, I just want to finish my thesis. I need to make a video and ask Cao Ze to help me.”

    “You’re a freshman, and you’re already writing your paper?”

    Shen Chun looked at Fang Qiu in surprise, and then said, “How do I feel that I can’t understand you anymore?”

    “Whatever. Cao Ze should be on his way to the hospital, and when he gets here, I’ll tell him to come straight to your consulting room.”

    Hearing that, Fang Qiu smiled, thanked him, and returned to his office to prepare for his video.

    Ten minutes later, Cao Ze came to the acupuncture department.

    “You wanted to see me?” Cao Ze walked into the consulting room of Fang Qiu.

    “Cao, you came.” Fang Qiu shouted with a smile and said, “Did Dr. Shen tell you what I wanted to do?”

    “Are you sure you just want to shoot a video?” Cao Ze asked.

    “Yes.” Fang Qiu nodded his head with certainty.

    “Then what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.” Cao Ze rushed him.

    Fang Qiu then asked the patient that he had made an appointment before to get into his room at once.

    It was a lady.

    “Cao Ze, shoot with this, please make sure you get the whole thing recorded.”

    When the patient sat down at the table, Fang Qiu gave Cao Ze the infrared thermal camera, which he had prepared in advance.

    “No problem,” Cao Ze said.

    “All right, let’s do it.” Fang Qiu immediately went to the table to sit down, while Cao Ze also began to shoot.

    “Ma’am, what’s the matter?” Fang Qiu asked the patient.

    Although knowing the patient’s condition before, Fang Qiu still had to ask her once again because he needed to record the whole process. Besides, it was because he knew this patient well that he chose to record the video with her.

    “My legs are always so cold.” The patient responded, “My last doctor said that I caught a cold after I gave birth to the baby, so I would always felt the pain and coldness.”

    Fang Qiu nodded. “You’re suffering from the bad cold.”

    Finishing reading symptoms, Fang Qiu started his treatment.

    Cao Ze looked at the camera in surprise.

    With its infrared thermal imaging, Cao Ze could clearly see that the patient’s legs showed a wide area of blue, which meant the temperature of the patient’s feet was quite low.

    It was just like what the patient stated.

    First of all, Fang Qiu asked the patient to pull up her pants to make sure that there was nothing on her legs. Then he began to take the needle.

    The selected pressure points were: Yementouzhongzhu, Shugu, and Yanglao.

    Locating the points, Fang Qiu began to use the specific methods to place the needles into those points.

    While Fang Qiu was placing the needles, Cao Ze could clearly see that the blue area of the patient’s feet rapidly began to turn red, warming up.

    Cao Ze also couldn’t help but be amazed as he saw this.

    According to the patient’s condition, traditional Chinese medicine doctors would confirm that the cold air had entered the body.

    Even though it was easy to disperse the cold air, it wouldn’t be so fast.

    The most important thing was that the cold in the patient’s legs had existed for a long time, which was much more severe than the ordinary cold. Under the circumstances, it would take several times for acupuncture to have an obvious effect. And it could be completely cured after a few sessions.

    It was the first time that Cao Ze witnessed a patient’s cold be eliminated so much.

    With this level of treatment, the patient was almost cured.

    How could Cao Ze not be surprised?

    Fang Qiu finished his treatment.

    Cao Ze also recorded the whole process without missing a bit of it.

    “Thank you so much,” Taking over the camera, Fang Qiu said to Cao Ze.

    “No worries.” Cao Ze pondered for a while and said, “I’m sorry. I have a request.”

    “What’s wrong?” Fang Qiu asked.

    “Well, you know.” Cao Ze smiled. “My girlfriend also has the same symptom. I found that she didn’t have the lunule area on her fingers except for the thumbs. Her hands and feet are always cold, so I want to ask you to help her eliminate the cold.”

    “Okay.” Fang Qiu nodded and said, “You can ask her to meet me in the acupuncture department this afternoon.”

    “Thank you.” Cao Ze thanked him.

    “That’s all right.” Fang Qiu laughed and said, “Could you please keep what we did today as a secret? Don’t let anyone know about it.”

    “All right.” Cao Ze nodded.

    When he was shooting just now, he knew clearly that the treatment of Fang Qiu was definitely not simple acupuncture.

    Regular acupuncture didn’t work that well.

    Reminding himself of the news about Fang Qiu and Qigong on the Internet these days, Cao Ze reckoned that the video he recorded just now was likely to be used to prove the existence of Qi.

    He was aware that if this thing came out, it would only arouse wider discussion and suspicion. Even if there were evidence, it would certainly be denied by many people.

    Therefore, even if Fang Qiu didn’t ask him to keep a secret, Cao Ze wouldn’t dare to spread it, for he knew what it might cause.

    “Not only does he excel in bone-setting, but he is also good at acupuncture.”

    “It seems that I won’t be able to catch up with Fang Qiu in this life.”

    “This guy is so awesome.”

    “He was so impressive for what he did today, not to mention what he had done in the past.”

    Getting out of the room, Cao Ze exclaimed to himself while returning to the orthopedics department on the seventh floor.

    With the recorded video, Fang Qiu left the hospital and returned to his dorm.

    At about 9:00 a.m, the roommates were all in class.

    Without anyone disturbing, Fang Qiu, who had just returned to his dorm room, posted the newly recorded video on the Internet along with the papers and letters he had prepared last night and directly sent them to an email address of a core foreign medical periodical called Medicine and Humanity.

    Medicine and Humanity was a British periodical that focused on the advancement and innovation of medicine, which was a platform that Fang Qiu needed.

    What Fang Qiu expected was that Qi could be recognized.

    And what this periodical needed was the progressive development and innovation in medicine. Wasn’t the combination of Qi and acupuncture just a kind of innovation?

    Compared with other foreign periodicals, this periodical was certainly the most suitable one for Fang Qiu.

    Most importantly, the periodical named Medicine and Humanity ranked among the top 10 periodicals in the world, which had a great impact internationally.

    As long as the paper was accepted, it was bound to be spread to every corner of the world in a very short time.

    At the same time, it could also make people all over the world accept the existence of Qi, as well as the new treatment of Qi plus acupuncture.

    Of course, the premise of all this was that Fang Qiu’s paper was accepted.

    If it didn’t, then Fang Qiu was done.

    Besides, this time, he didn’t even have a periodical reference because there was nothing to quote.

    He was the first one to write a paper about Qi.

    In this case, the article was hardly persuasive, but he still wrote it out.

    There was no other way.

    To make Chinese medicine doctors who specialized in acupuncture and other people recognize the existence of Qi, the only thing he could do was to take a risk.

    Even if he lost, he still had a plan B, which was more powerful than the paper.

    In the vice principal’s office of the school. “Principal, Fang Qiu didn’t go to practice Qigong this morning.”

    The secretary smirked and said to Li Xiucai, “It seems that Fang Qiu is not stupid either. Obviously, he surrendered.”

    “Humph,” Li Xiucai sneered. “He is just a student. What else can he do?”

    After the secretary left, Li Xiucai hurriedly took out his mobile phone and made a call.

    “Hello?” He got through.

    “Director Mu, I’m Li Xiucai.”

    Li Xiucai laughed and said, “I’ve already finished what you told me to do. Don’t worry. There won’t be any Qigong in the future.”

    “Well done. But you need to make sure it’s done. Once it’s settled, you are going to be the official vice-principal. As for Chen Yinsheng…”