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Chapter 563 - Wen Haowen Surrounded By Reporters

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 563: Wen Haowen Surrounded By Reporters

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    Wen Haowen had never enjoyed himself so much. After having a taste of these professionally trained women from Jiayuan, Wen Haowen felt like giving himself a tight slap for actually wasting so many years of his life away. How could Ning Shuqian that substandard good compare to these young and beautiful vixens who knew how to please men?

    Thus, overcame with lust, he forgot about his real motive for asking the few shareholders out for dinner, and immediately booked a room at Jiayuan, taking with him two seductive and gorgeous hostesses.

    Perhaps it was because he had never fooled around like this and felt it was exciting, he had recently been abstaining since Ning Shuqian’s pregnancy, or the two hostesses’ skills in bed, for the entire night, Wen Haowen displayed his masculinity and never once backed down while handling the two women.

    Upon waking up in the morning, Wen Haowen felt that his legs were slightly wobbly. However, as he reminisced the taste of the previous night, he still felt slightly restless and almost couldn’t control himself. However, recalling that he still needed to go to work, he dumped that thought.

    Anyway, he would have other opportunities to fool around in the future.

    Thinking of which, Wen Haowen dressed up and left Jiayuan.

    Unexpectedly, upon leaving Jiayuan, he was blinded by bright flashing lights and couldn’t open his eyes.

    Before Wen Haowen understood what was it exactly about, he was surrounded by a group of reporters and could hear nothing but cameras snapping away. He was shocked and had a bad premonition.

    “What are the all of you doing?” roared Wen Haowen, before he realized that he was surrounded by reporters. Momentarily, as if struck by lightning, his face turned pale.

    No other reason could have caused him to be surrounded by reporters at the entrance of Jiayuan. Obviously, news of him fooling around last night leaked out and the reporters had camped here waiting for him to turn himself in.

    “CEO Wen, someone leaked out yesterday that you’re seeking entertainment at Jiayuan while your wife is pregnant, and early this morning you came out from Jiayuan. May I know if this is true?”

    Jiayuan’s management was seriously too stern and had a very mysterious background. They didn’t dare to sneak into Jiayuan to seek news—otherwise, if they were to attract trouble, they wouldn’t even know how they died.

    “CEO Wen, the person who leaked the news has even shot a photo of you flirting with a mysterious hostess. Although the photo is slightly blurry, it’s clear that the person on it is unquestionably you. Also, it’s been verified by professionals that this photo isn’t fabricated.”

    “CEO Wen, I heard that since your wife, Ning Shuqian got pregnant, the outlook for her pregnancy hasn’t been good due to her weak body. Not only did you not stay by her side frequently, but you’re also actually fooling around outside without sparing a thought for the feelings of your pregnant wife. Are you really as deeply in love with your wife as the rumors out there say?”

    “CEO Wen, may I know if you have cheated on your wife while she is pregnant?”

    The cheating word struck Wen Haowen like a bolt out of the blue. Reverberating by his ears were all sorts of questions coming from the reporters, buzzing non-stop into his ears like countless bees. Momentarily, his mind went blank.

    “Stop snapping, all of you stop snapping.” Wen Haowen couldn’t help but roar in a deep voice as he raised his arms to cover his face. He recalled how he fooled around without restrictions last night—it was the greatest scandal in the circle to be reported by the papers and magazines.

    His reaction instead fueled the reporters.

    Only then did Wen Haowen calm down. Instantly, his expression turned icy cold as he said sternly, “All of you insisted that I cheated on my wife while she’s pregnant just based on a photo—isn’t it too abrupt? Previously, the media has already reported some scandalous news about me. It’s only normal for men to put up a show outside for networking purposes. Yesterday, I was at Jiayuan for work with shareholders of the Wen Corporation. I hope that all of you stop your wild guesses.”

    He had obviously come to Jiayuan very secretively last night, how did the media get wind of it?

    Could it be Director Wang and the rest? No… impossible! He was the CEO of the Wen Corporation and his scandals would affect the shares of the Wen Corporation. They were shareholders who received bonuses and wouldn’t do such a stupid thing.

    He couldn’t figure it out.

    Although Wen Haowen’s explanation was reasonable, that photo of him flirting with a hostess proved that he sought entertainment while his wife was pregnant, at the very least.

    “CEO Wen, as her father, what do you have to say about your daughter, Wen Xinya’s scandal while her coming-of-age ceremony is coming right up?”

    “CEO Wen, it’s all over the papers and magazines that you’re not on good terms with your daughter, Wen Xinya. Recently, there’s even news reporting that Wen Xinya is unfilial and disrespectful towards you. May I know if this is true? What’s your view on this?”

    “There are rumors that since Wen Xinya returned to the Wen Family, you’ve always disliked her and even tried time and again to send her abroad. May I know if this is true?”

    “CEO Wen, I heard that you’ve invited a few shareholders of the Wen Corporation to dinner with the real intention of inciting them to make life difficult for Old Mr. Wen, pursuing Wen Xinya’s responsibility for her scandal, causing the shares of the Wen Corporation to plummet. May I know if this is true?”

    “CEO Wen, we always say that even a monster won’t hurt its own children. Your treatment towards your only daughter, Wen Xinya, is really out of the norm. Is it related to Wen Xinya being unfilial and disrespectful towards you?”

    “CEO Wen, there are also rumors that Old Mr. Wen met his personal lawyer previously seemingly regarding his will. Wen Xinya’s scandals, as well as you meeting the shareholders of the Wen Corporation, followed shortly. May I know if this incident was instigated by you?”

    “CEO Wen, are you on bad terms with your daughter, Wen Xinya, due to the power struggles for the successor of the Wen Family?”

    Surrounded by a group of crazy reporters, Wen Haowen was extremely haggard as he kept shoving the reporters beside him, attempting to break free from them. Listening to the reporters’ incessant questioning, he was instantly filled with rage. “I warn all of you to stop spouting nonsense. Otherwise, I’ll sue you all for slander.”

    “In that case, CEO Wen, please explain the relationship between you and your daughter, Wen Xinya!”

    “All of you shut up. Otherwise, I’ll be mean.” The reporters kept swarming at Wen Haowen, whose face was red from anger as the veins on his forehead throbbed, his eyes glowed a shocking blood-red, and his body radiated a sense of impatience and maliciousness.

    “CEO Wen, please answer our questions…”


    Wen Haowen instantly lost it and ruthlessly pushed away a reporter beside him. That reporter, originally being shoved by others and now pushed by such a great force, lost his balance and fell hard backward on the floor, implicating a few other reporters to also fall down at the same time.

    “CEO Wen…”

    Wen Haowen took the opportunity and fled the reporters’ encirclement.