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Chapter512 Heart Devil

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     Liu Yi tries his best in persuading and finally stopped Wang Yuzheng.

    While Murong Die is already leaning on Liu Yi as one of her legs is on his laps. She is biting on Liu Yi’s ear, her bite is very exciting.

    The current Murong Die is basically no different from a small wild cat!

    Liu Yi hangs up the phone and looks at her speechlessly.

    “It is nice to eat?”

    “Oh? You finished the call?”

    Murong Die sits up straight and looks at Liu Yi as she licks her lips, “Still okay. just that it was slightly salty.”

    “What the….it is not like it is salted vegetables…you nearly killed me….”

    “Hmph, this miss is so forward and you are being so picky! What do you want?!”

    Murong Die gives Liu Yi a provoking look.

    “I do not believe that I am unable to manage you!”

    Liu Yi hooks his arm around Murong Die’s waist and pulls her in front of him and kisses her deeply.

    If the earlier kiss is taking liberties, this kiss is a French kiss!

    Liu Yi is not a virgin already. He has more experience with kissing. Very quickly his tongue enters Murong Die’s mouth while Murong Die who has some resistance and shyness, but later seems to want to fight for dominance thus starts to kiss back enthusiastically. At the same time, she keeps taking the initiative to lead like the one who was forcefully kissing is not her but Liu Yi.

    They kissed for 3-4 minutes until Murong Die is getting short of breath for the two of them finally parts with slight unwillingness.

    “Damn it….keep letting you take advantage…”

    Murong Die’s face is red as she lowers her head and starts to eat trying to get rid of the awkwardness as quickly as possible.

    “It is you who first started teasing me one ah….”

    Just as Liu Yi starts speaking, he seeing Murong Die giving him a glare and instantly stops speaking as he lowers his head and eats.

    The two of them eat for another half an hour and their bodies start to feel very warm.

    Liu Yi is still okay but Murong Die is already covered with sweat from eating hotpot in the summer and keeps asking Liu Yi to fan her.

    “Damn it, if I had known that it would be so hot then I would not have come to eat hotpot!”

    She starts complaining, “If it was not for me not being able to eat cold food for these few days, I would have pulled you to go and drink cold drink! Damn it! Being a girl is so troublesome! Next lifetime this miss wants to be a man!”

    “What is good about being a guy?”

    Liu Yi starts mocking, “Aren’t we still being bullied by you girls?”


    Murong Die spat, “Just who is the one bullying whom! It is already so hot and you still want to make me mad???!”

    “Okay, okay, I’ll stop teasing you. Come closer to me and you will start to feel cooler.”

    “Who are you lying to ah! It is so hot now, sticking together wouldn’t it be even hotter!”

    “Then why did you not say so when you kissed me earlier?”

    “Oh…that’s true…it seemed to be cooler…”

    Murong Die blinks and leans against Liu Yi, “Eh it is true! Are you an air conditioner? Why is it so cool by your side?”

    “My body is cold.”

    Liu Yi rolls his eyes, “Now you are more comfortable right? Let us go back.”

    “Fine then. Seeing that you are being a free air conditioner for this miss and treating this miss to eat so comfortably. Tonight I shall forgive you! Piggyback me back to school!”

    “Ah? Need to piggyback you again?”

    “Of course! Just eaten until full, my blood is all in use to digest the food so I do not have the strength to walk! Hurry and carry me, you low and petty servant!”

    “What the….you really are treating yourself as a big missy? I am a man okay! As a man….”

    “I was originally a big missy! Are you piggybacking me or not? Not piggybacking me then I shall call for others to piggyback me!”

    “Oi, oi…when did I say that I am not going to piggyback you?”

    “Didn’t you say that you are a man?”

    “A man can submit or stand tall as required. Hurry and get on!”

    Murong Die jumps on to Liu Yi’s back. In one of her hand, she holds Liu Yi’s throat, her other hand is showing a v-sign.

    “Hmph, do not have random thoughts ah! Today this miss is wearing a slightly thinner bra…”

    “What? Do you have a chest? Why did I not feel it?”

    “Do you wish to die?!?! You dare to say that this miss’s chest is small eh?”

    Liu Yi hears the sound of Murong Die’s teeth grinding against each other.

    “No, not at all….big miss’s breasts are incomparably large, it is very well developed. Going out they also need to be carried by a cart…..AHHHHH!!!!”

    Liu Yi’s ear is instantly bitten by Murong Die. This time around it is not a playful play but a real hard bite!

    Liu Yi does not dare to say any more nonsense as he piggybacks Murong Die and jogs back to QingBei university.

    Under the dormitory they secretly affectionate each other a bit for Liu Yi returns back to his KeDa school campus.

    -Today is very happy….this miss is very satisfied. Next time round continue to work hard!-

    When he received this SMS from Murong Die, his heart starts to feel sweet. This lass ah….

    But scrolling up, he sees an earlier SMS from Wang Yuzheng that he had not read.

    -Drink less. Return back to your dorm earlier to not make me too worried…-

    The implied meaning is filled with consideration of Wang Yuzheng towards Liu Yi.

    Alas…this time around my head is going to be big. Between the two girls, just who should I pick?

    In reality, there are a lot of choices that make people unpleasant ah…

    Liu Yi really wishes to go back to the era a thousand years ago, how nice would it be to have multiple wives…

    Thinking to here, he lets out a long sigh.

    Unknowingly Lin Tong flies out and lies on Liu Yi’s shoulder and asks weirdly, {Oi, oi, having a woman in both hands why do you still need to sigh?}

    {Ah! Immortal Fox sister, when did you come out?}

    {I have come out for a while already, it is a good show to watch. Not bad eh, big idiot. You are starting to have some abilities already, now you are able to take two already…ah wrong. With that er Xuefeng ah, Xiao Mi ah, Yoko Nishikawa ah….now you also have a harem group already!}


    Liu Yi also does not know how to explain.

    As he is pondering on how to reply, Liu Yi suddenly frowns and turn around and looks towards the right.

    Lin Tong also looks towards the right.

    {There is demon aura…}


    Liu Yi nods his head, {Immortal Fox sister, let us go and take a look.}

    He puts on his black Monarch Armour and starts running, chasing in the direction where the demon aura is from.

    There is actually demon aura in KeDa? Could it be LOST….ah wrong? Could it be people from the Demon Army?

    The demons are starting to have thoughts of the genetics?

    Liu Yi thought that after he had killed the manager back then, the demons would be more honest. Looks like their ambitions are still not stopping.

    But luckily this demon aura did not come from that Ao Ri. If I meet Ao Ri again, perhaps I need to fight a large battle again!

    Liu Yi keeps stepping on the lampposts along the side of the path in KeDa.

    While the demon aura in front of him keeps getting denser, Liu Yi suddenly sees a black figure flies out from a dorm room window and flies to the top of the dormitory and escaped away.

    “Demon where are you escaping to!”

    Liu Yi raises his eyebrow and transforms into a black lightning, cutting through tens of meter of air and lands in front of the black figure. He grabs out with his hand trying to grab the demon’s arm.

    But at this moment, Liu Yi sensed the surrounding suddenly changes as the scene in front of him completely changes.

    Behind him is the man-made lake of KeDa while in front of him stands a tall guy in black robes.

    Great God Sect Sect Leader!

    “It is you….”

    Liu Yi nearly crushes his teeth from clenching his teeth.

    While the Great God Sect Sect Leader starts laughing loudly as he raises his hands high up and says loudly, “Today shall be the day you die! Go and die!”

    “Damn it….”

    Looking at the Great God Sect Sect Leader, Liu Yi is unable to display out any fighting intent.

    He is too strong already….his figure keep growing in size in my eyes…

    Too powerful….so powerful that I am unable to imagine at all…..

    Liu Yi looks at that figure and almost has the urge to kneel down.

    {Idiot! Hurry and wake up!}

    Lin Tong bites down on Liu Yi’s ear.

    Feeling the pain, Liu Yi instantly wakes up as the tall figure disappears in front of him and he returns back to the roof on the dormitory.

    Some hot wind blows onto him proving that this is the reality.

    {What just happened….I fell into an Illusion technique?}

    {That’s right….}

    Lin Tong nods her head, {If it is not for this miss, perhaps you were going to cry from fright.}

    {Not possible ah! I am currently keeping my Truth-seeking eyes activated ah!}

    Liu Yi is slightly surprised, {It is able to see through all kinds of Illusion techniques ah!}

    {This illusion technique directly affects your brain. It is a kind of very high-grade technique….}

    Lin Tong starts analyzing, {From what we see…this demon is not an ordinary character…you must be more careful.}

    {Alas, what a pity that we let him escape.}

    Liu Yi shakes his head, {Now I cannot even sense the demon aura.}

    Liu Yi is very confident as she says, {No worries. There will come a day when you will meet him once again. You must believe in a woman’s instinct.}

    {Oi…a female fox is also considered as a female?}

    {Are you asking for a beating!!!}

    {I am wrong…..}

    {Hmph, it is late now scram off to sleep! This miss still needs to continue cultivating!}

    Lin Tong rolls her eyes at Liu Yi before flying back into his body.

    Liu Yi is also unable to catch up to that monster vestige, thus he can only obediently return back to the dorm and sleep.

    When he lies down on his bed, Liu Yi keeps turning around as he is unable to sleep.

    Due to the result of the earlier illusion technique, it makes Liu Yi unable to sleep.

    The pressure that the Great God Sect Sect Leader applied on me… it’s really that huge…

    In front of me, he did not even raise his fighting intent….my cultivation has been increasing and back then in the Asura Realm, even facing asuras who were way stronger than me, I did not feel so suppressed…

    When he saw the Sect Leader of the Great God Sect, Liu Yi felt that he was so small, like a tiny ant. He does not wish to fight and has a very, very powerless feeling….to the point where he wishes to escape, escape far, far away….

    Escape this feeling….

    Really, really….. uncomfortable….

    Liu Yi lies on the bed as he starts doing breathing techniques and calms his mental state. After which he starts to revolve his heart sutras and charges towards the 11th-star jade.

    The only way to challenge the Great God Sect, Sect Leader, the only method is to increase my strength. Although I have already activated the Second Stage of Dragon Transformation, against the Sect Leader, it is way-way-way not enough…

    I must continue to cultivate, after which in the future I’ll be able to open the Dragon Transformation third stage….Dragon Transformation fourth stage will be enough…

    Liu Yi, you are able to do it…only by becoming stronger would you be able to protect everything that you love….