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Chapter513 The youngster in the ward

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     Liu Yi did not know when did he fell into a deep sleep but he is woken up by a series of calls from Little Jade.

    {Master, Wang Yuzheng is calling you!}

    The phone is still ringing, thus Little Jade keep reminding.

    Liu Yi sits up and realizes that the brothers in the room had all left. Thus he did some breathing technique and clears his mind. After which he picks up the phone call.

    “My god ah, you finally woke up! Quickly come and look! Something big had happened!”

    “What big matter?”

    Liu Yi is slightly curious, what matter would make Wang Yuzheng so anxious?

    “There is a student from your course that is going to jump off the building! You hurry and go look!”

    “What? Where is it?”

    “It is at your biology school building! I am also here, hurry over!”

    “I understand, I am coming over right now!”

    Liu Yi says in his heart, just which big brother of my course is unable to think straight and wants to jump off the building?

    He jumps off the bed and washes his face before hurrying out of the dormitory and walks towards the direction of the biology building.

    Indeed there are a lot of people in the surrounding. Chen Cai and the gang are here as well and greet Liu Yi when they see him.

    “Boss you have also come ah, you see this Huang Dianxiang is not thinking straight!”

    “Huang Dianxiang?”

    Liu Yi raises his head to look. Indeed a guy from their course is currently sitting on the edge of the roof, his eyes filled with despair.

    “Xiao Yi, over here!”

    Wang Yuzheng waves her hand toward Liu Yi. Liu Yi instantly cuts across the crowd and went to the side of his girlfriend.

    “What is going on with your department ah. Their mental state is too brittle already ah, to the point that he even wants to jump off the building?”

    “I also do not know. I remember that this brother seems to be one of the scholars back in high school!”

    Liu Yi also do not know what is going on.

    In front of the crowd of people, Liu Yi notices the figure of Zhang Meixuan.

    At this moment, this beautiful teacher is shouting loudly towards the rood, “Huang Dianxiang, if you have anything you can tell me ah…I am your guide, your elder sister ah…”

    “All of you shut up!”

    Huang Dianxiang seems to have gone crazy as he roars in anger, “All of you are liars! Every single one of you are liars!”

    Huang Dianxiang nearly completely falls apart.

    In junior high school and senior high school, he had always been a proud son of heaven!

    All of his homework and test results were all number 1. No matter if it was parents or school respected him like gods!

    Every day the one who was praised the most is me, the one that students worshiped the most is me!

    Back then there are so many ladies who liked me, I am the dragon among men!

    But coming to the university, coming here….why, why did everything change?!

    That whatever Liu Yi, isn’t it just that he knows how to fight a bit? How come he is so much more famous than me?!

    When girls see him, their eyes brighten but they do not have any reaction seeing me, there are even some who feel that I am disgusting!

    I, I am the son of heaven!

    Why is it that when people look at me, their gaze is like they are looking at a person who cannot be even more ordinary!

    This is not fucking right ah!

    Huang Dianxiang is truly unable to comprehend why is it like this!

    Didn’t they say that being good at studying, entering university it will be even better?

    Didn’t they say that being good at studying, in the future your life will be filled with applause and fresh flowers?!

    But why is it, why did everything turn out like this!

    I clearly like her so much, but why is she not willing to speak with me?

    Liars, all of them are liars, all of them are lying to me….

    In Huang Dianxiang’s mind, he recalls the earlier scene.

    He pleaded the girl to date him but he was heartlessly rejected.

    “Your manner is this and you wish to date me? Why don’t you take a look at your face first!”

    In the end, she directly rejected him and even boarded a racecar of a young master.

    Huang Dianxiang really broke down. His final bit of hope left him just like this.

    Die…there is really only dying…everywhere in this world is lies, everything is a falsehood. What is the point of living on?

    “You need to be more open minded ah…your future is still a sheet of brightness…”

    Zhang Meixuan definitely is not a qualified negociater, Liu Yi himself also gets slightly angry hearing what she says.

    This also means that it will definitely be a miracle if Huang Dianxiang will agree.

    “Liar! All of you shut up! I’ve had enough already!”

    “Huang Dianxiang, don’t be like this. Let us talk it out okay….if you have any condition you just need to say…”

    A trace of hope flashes across Huang Dianxiang’s eyes as he says, “I, I want to meet Wang Lingling!”

    “Wang Lingling…who is Wang Lingling….”

    “Wang Lingling from Fine Arts!”

    Liu Yi’s mouth twitches, this Huang Dianxiang’s sight is set so high ah….Fine Arts Department, that place is where beauties come out in large numbers ah! Furthermore, every one of them has their sights set very high as well. Frequently there are a whole row of limousines waiting at the school gates, and all of them are there to pick up these beauties from Fine Arts…

    Huang Dianxiang’s family condition does not seem to be very good. His appearance is very normal as well. It will be weird if there will be one of them who fancy him.

    Zhang Meixuan looks around for help, “Who has the number of Wang Lingling?”

    “I have it…”

    A girl who appears to be from the Department of Fine Arts walks out. This girl is wearing two large earrings, her dress up is also very loony and her makeup is very gothic.

    But she is rather enthusiastic as she gives Zhang Meixuan the phone number. Zhang Meixuan immediately calls Wang Lingling and specially turns on the loudspeaker.

    This Biology school building is not very tall. Four floors only but if a person jumps down, it is possible to die.

    From the phone comes the indolent voice of a girl, “Who is this?”

    Zhang Meixuan carefully asks, “How are you, may I know if you are Wang Lingling?”

    “I am, who are you ah?”

    “Ah, I am teacher Zhang Meixuan from Biology course…this, student Wang Lingling can I ask you for a favour?”

    Zhang Meixuan tries her best while Huang Dianxiang sticks up his ears to listen clearly.

    Luckily the people below also listen to the phone call quietly which allows the voice from the phone call to be clearer.

    “What matter? I am busy!”

    “It is just a small matter….can you come back to school right now?”

    “Return to school now? What matter ah? I am very busy now!”

    Zhang Meixuan says anxiously, “That….student Huang Dianxiang is about to jump off the building and wishes to meet you….”

    “What? Jump of a building? What does him jumping off the building have to do with me!”

    Unexpectedly that Wang Lingling says coldly, “Just the way he is, who would care about him if he wants to die or not!”

    Zhang Meixuan takes a cold breath as she did not think that Wang Lingling would speak like this.

    From the phone comes the voice of a guy.

    “Baby, I have the bath finished….who are you talking to on the phone?”

    “Ah, no one. just a person with mental problems. Let us continue….”

    Done speaking, the sound of sex is transmitted over.

    Zhang Meixuan is stunned. She did not expect that it will end up like this. The crowd is also in an uproar.

    After which people from the crowd let out a startled cry, Zhang Meixuan turns around to take a look only to see Huang Dianxiang had already jumped from from the fourth floor and his body is descending towards the ground.

    Liu Yi narrows his eyes as he considers if he should secretly save this person.

    At this moment a demon aura emits out, after which Huang Dianxiang’s body suddenly stops in mid-air like he was being blown by a strong gust and crashes through the window on the third floor.

    Broken window fragments drop down but Huang Dianxiang’s life is considered as safe!

    “The gods are protecting ah!”

    Zhang Meixuan pats her chest before rushing into the school building.

    While Liu Yi frowns instead as he looks in the direction of the crowd of people watching.

    “Xiao Yi, what are you looking at?”

    “Nothing…let us go. Looks like the matter is settled. Let us go and eat first.”

    “Oh, okay. I am, slightly hungry.”

    Wang Yuzheng nods her head and Liu Yi brings her along to find his roommates and they all went to eat together.

    Liang Mengyao secretly walks out from the crowd and lets out a sigh of relief.

    Just now in a moment of desperation, I accidentally used my demon technique. Luckily no one noticed it.

    She rearranges her clothing before walking towards the hospital in the school.

    Same as QingBei, KeDa also possesses a hospital inside it. Liang Mengyao’s appearance is common, there is also freckles on her face. When she walks by, she does not seems to be able to attract the attention of the surrounding guys.

    She walks quietly until she enters the hospital. She walks up to the third floor until she reaches one of the hospital room and knocks on the door.

    “Come in.”

    From inside comes the voice of a guy, causing Liang Mengyao’s eyes to become spirited.

    She pushes open the door and walks in.

    The hospital room is not very big. In total there are three bed, two of them are empty. On the one that is occupied, sits a very pale looking young man.

    Although the young man is very pale and looks very weak, but his appearance is very handsome.

    He looks out of the window, his eyes is filled with loneliness.

    “Tang Bin how are you?”

    “Still the same old.”

    The guy smiles bitterly, “Yaoyao, everyday it is only you who will come and take a look at me. Thinking in the past….there were so many people by my side…”

    “All of them are not considered as your friends. But I will follow you till the end.”

    Liang Mengyao sits by the bedside of Tang Bin and opens a lunchbox. Inside is filled with piping hot food.

    “Come time to have a meal.”

    “Forget it, I do not have appetite.”

    “This is not a meal from the hospital, it is made by me!”

    Liang Mengyao knows that Tang Bin does not like hospital food, thus she especially went to learn how to cook.

    Tang Bin shakes his head and continues looking out of the window, “Forget it, I also do not have appetite for that. You eat.”

    Liang Mengyao is slightly disappointed as she keeps away the food box. There are a lot of obvious cut wounds on her fingers.

    “Yaoyao, thank you for coming and visit me everyday. In the past there were so many girls who said that they like me….actually they were all lying to me.”

    Tang Bin grabs Liang Mengyao’s hand in his palm and slowly caresses it.

    Liang Mengyao’s face turns red as she lowers her head not daring to say anything.

    “After my I am well and is discharged, I will go back home and tell my parents that I am going to marry you as my Tang family daughter-in-law…”

    “Real, really?”

    Liang Mengyao trembles as delight flashes across her eyes.

    “Of course I am saying the truth….but I am so sick. It be very hard to get well…furthermore my family is also in dire straits…I am already very satisfied that you did not turn your back on me…”

    “I will not turn my back on you….Tang Bin….believe me. Your sickness will definitely be completely healed. Definitely…perhaps after you wake up from your sleep, you will be fine tomorrow.”

    “Haha, Yaoyao there is no need to tease me.”

    “Perhaps it might happen….I believe…”

    Liang Mengyao’s gaze seems to have harden, she seems to have decided on something.