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Chapter514 Humans and demons have separate paths

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     “Demon and monsters, with my command.”

    In the night, a woman is standing on the roof of the male dormitory. Under her feet is a formation drawn with blood. She is mumbling some unknown chant under her breath.

    Rays of blue light keep flying out from the window underneath and gather in front of her, gathering to form a blue ball. Occasionally it would roll around, after which as the converging light ray increases, the size increases.

    While the forehead of the girl is covered with sweat and her face is very very pale, looks like this magic technique’s backlash to her is really big.


    She seems like she is unable to take it and suddenly vomits out a mouthful of blood staining the ground in front of her.

    While the blue light ball in front of her starts distorting like it is going to disappear.


    The girl’s expression is in huge shock as she hurries and bear with her injuries and increase the output of qi!

    Following her 7 apertures which start bleeding, the blue light ball finally stabilized.

    After another half an hour, the blue lights finally disappear and a basketball size blue light ball silent floats there.

    The girl’s face is very pale as her body trembles like she has completely used up her strength.

    “Cannot…I must continue on…”

    The girl clenches her teeth as she gathers the last of her demon qi and controls the blue light ball in front of her and compressed them into a small bottle.

    Only after doing everything did she lets out a sigh of relief and sits down cross-legged.

    But currently her demon qi is already pitifully weak, it is like a flame that can be blown out by the wind at any moment.

    She takes a few deep breaths and weakly crawls over to the small bottle wishing to grab it.

    But at this moment a black figure appears in front of her.

    A guy wearing black armor stands on the roof. He bends down and picks up the small bottle.

    The girl turns pale in fright as her voice starts to trembles, “Please, please give it to me…”

    “Liang Mengyao from the History department right?”

    The black armored guy is none other than Liu Yi.

    He bends down once again and squats down in front of Liang Mengyao. Holding the bottle he looks at her.

    “An ordinary female student who seems to not even have a friend, who is also like an invisible person in the class. But who could have guessed that this ordinary female student was actually a demon?”

    Liang Mengyao trembles, “You….who are you….”

    “Dragon Group member.”

    Liu Yi did not say much as he places the small bottle into his pocket, “Those people who had heat stroke should be because you had sucked away their essence. This is your punishment, I am afraid that I cannot give it back to you.”

    “No, please dont….”

    Liang Mengyao starts crying, “They only lost a bit of essence only….there will not be any large side-effect. This, this essence to me is very important. Please, I am begging you, please return it to me…”

    “You who sucked essence from people as food, how many people have you harmed! You still do not repent?”

    Seeing Liang Mengyao’s manner, Liu Yi starts frowning.

    “No, it is not….”

    Liang Mengyao cries as she shakes her head, “Please return it back to me…just give me a day. After a day I will come back and find you. At that time, it’ll be up to you if you want to beat or kill me…”

    Hearing this, the suspicious in Liu Yi’s heart not only did not resolve, instead, it increases.

    “The meaning of what you say….this essence that you want, it is not for you to consume?”

    “I….I have never consumed the essence of any human…”

    Liang Mengyao shakes her head, “Currently I want this essence is to save a person…I am begging you, let me save him…I only have this wish…”

    “Save a person? Why do you want to save him?”

    Liu Yi would not so easily believe the words of a demon, thus he questions closely.

    “Because….I like him….”

    Liang Mengyao’s face turns red, “He said before….if he can get well, he will be willing to be with me…..I wish to have a date with him, even if it is just a day….so, please give me a day’s time, just one day will do…”

    “Why should I believe what you say?”

    “You can check my body…”

    Liang Mengyao forces out a smile, “Demons from my branch because of some reason, our body is shackled down. If we consume the essences of human, then our body will suffer injuries.”


    Liu Yi does not know that there is this kind of restraining technique. He stretched out his hand and pressed against the forehead of Liang Mengyao.

    Immortal Qi instantly enters her body, indeed her internal organs have all received different degrees of injury.

    Actually, this is not a problem, because the demon race has a very heaven-defying regeneration strength. The most important is on her inner dan there are a number of horrifying cracks.

    Inner dan is the root of demons! Even Liu Yi who is a half demon, in his body there is also an inner dan.

    Because Liu Yi is not a complete demon, thus he does not need to rely on that during a fight. Thus he had never released it out, instead, it is well protected by him in his body.

    Within an inner dan, then that demon would basically be done for. Completely losing its cultivation and being sent back to its original form is a small matter. The scariest matter is to end of its conscious!

    “To save a person, you are actually willing to sacrifice yourself?”

    Liu Yi is slightly shocked, this demon who appears to be sucking the essence of others actually has this kind of heart?

    “As a person….it should be this….even if I am a demon, I also wish to experience love ah…”

    Liang Mengyao suddenly smiles, her smile contains some sweetness and hope.

    “So…I beg you, just give me a day. I can at most can only live a day that’s all….being able to have a date with him is my biggest wish….”

    “You have decided?”

    Recalling his own Immortal Fox sister, Liu Yi is unable to be ruthless and ignores this small demon.

    “That’s right…hope that lord can be magnanimous and give me a day’s time…”

    “Fine, I can give you.”

    Liu Yi says in his heart, after all those students only lost a bit of their essence. Resting a few days they will be able to recover.

    “During this day I will be supervising you.”

    “That is up to lord! As long as you can give me a day’s time, anything is okay! Thank you Lord, thank you, thank….”

    Seeing Liu Yi giving the bottle back to her, Liang Mengyao starts to cry in joy.

    “Where do you want to go now?”

    “Go and save him.”

    As Liang Mengyao speaks, she gathers the last of her demon qi and flies towards the hospital.

    Liu Yi follows behind her calmly.

    Taking advantage of the night, Liang Mengyao secretly opens a window of the hospital and flies in. Liu Yi stands on a tree branch by the side watching everything.

    On the hospital bed by the window lies a handsome looking young man. This fellow is actually rather handsome eh…even Liu Yi is also jealous.

    {Little jade, is there any information about this guy on KeDa’s forum?}

    Liu Yi asks Little Jade for help.

    {Master please wait a moment….okay, the information has been obtained.}

    Little Jade is very quickly to deal with the information, swiftly the information regarding this guy appears in front of Liu Yi.

    So this handsome guy is called Tang Bin, a famous young master in the History department in the past. Because of his handsome face, a rich background he attracted a lot of girls to like him crazily.

    Back then he actually dated a Ms. Perfect, but after this Tang Bin’s family suffered a reversal of fortunes, he himself also caught a hard to cure hepatitis, thus those girls surrounding him started to leave him, even the Ms Perfect who back then proclaimed that she loves him to death and pledge her undying love.

    {This plot is rather melodramatic ah.}

    Liu Yi shakes his head, looks like this demon is the only girl who is by Tang Bin’s side.

    Currently, Liang Mengyao is gently leaning over Tang Bin who is in deep sleep. She opens the bottle and sucks the essence inside into her mouth. After she refines them, she slowly passes it into Tang Bin’s mouth.

    A person living in this world relies on three main elements and they are the essence, qi, and soul.

    The so-called vital energy is the collective term of the essence, qi, and soul. A person who nurtures his spirit will have ample vital energy, then he will be energetic, healthy and eat heartily.

    But a person whose body is hollowed out by alcohol, his vital energy is damaged, thus that person will be sickly every day and will be lethargic and age rapidly.

    What Liang Mengyao sucks out is the purest vital energy, not only could it increase the cultivation of a demon, it is able to give a person the chance to restore his vital energy.

    Even if Tang Bin has hepatitis, this vital energy is enough to cure him.

    After Liang Mengyao finished everything, she secretly leaves the room and returns to Liu Yi’s side.

    “Lord…thank you….for giving me this chance.”

    Liu Yi, who is standing on the tree ask Liang Mengyao, “Do you really not regret sacrificing yourself for this guy?”

    “I will not…”

    Liang Mengyao smiles, “Lord you do not know, I was originally a rabbit spirit, but a hundred years ago I accidentally got trapped in a hunter’s trap. Back then this person saved me and brought me home. He helps me treat my injuries. I originally planned to properly repay him, but unexpectedly he was captured to be a soldier. After which he died in the war. I am very regretful that back then I was unable to repay him…so, this generation, no matter what, I must repay his grace…”

    “It is no longer a repayment of kindness already.”

    Liu Yi lets out a long sigh, “You must know, human and demons have separate paths ah.”

    When he says so there is deep meaning behind it. He and his Immortal Fox sister are also the same. He only wishes to know other demons, how does it feel like to love a human.

    “Even if human and demons have separate paths, for love, I am willing to give it a try.”

    Liang Mengyao smiles, “At the very least, I believe that tomorrow I will definitely be happy…”

    “Hope that is the case. Then I will accompany you to see, if you will really regret this.”

    Liu Yi also becomes curious. He wishes to know what is the end result of this small demon. Thus he sits down and hides his body within the dense tree leaves of the forest. Lin Tong seems to still be cultivating in his body and did not reply at all.

    Liang Mengyao is leaning against a tree in deep sleep due to being too tired.

    Liu Yi takes advantage that it is sleeping and secretly sends a trace of his demon qi into her body to prevent her from dying due to the lack of not enough demon qi.

    “Bin Bin….”

    In her dream, Liang Mengyao despite being ordinary looking lets out pleasant sleep talk, “Wait for me…”