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Chapter515 Repaying a deb

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     “I am fine? I am actually fine?”

    When Zhan Bin hears what the doctor says he is delighted as he pulls off the blanket and sits up from the bed.

    He seems to have been reborn as he jumps around the hospital room and says in delight, “This is inconceivable…I am actually really okay…”

    “This is really inconceivable…this is really weird…”

    The doctor also feels strange, but as a doctor, he had seen before a few strange things. He only mutters apprehensive as he leaves the room.

    Liang Mengyao who is hiding outside among the tree leaves becomes happy and smiles seeing how happy Tang Bin is.

    “You see, you see. How healthy he is now…”

    “That’s right ah, after absorbing so many vital energy, it will be weird if he is unhealthy.”

    Liu Yi sneers, perhaps today there will be a lot of brothers who will be lying down due to heat stroke.

    “Hehe…I can only trouble them…but after lying on the bed for a few days they will be fine. I have propriety in my actions.”

    It seems like because Tang Bin has become better, Liang Mengyao also smiles happily and she becomes sunnier.

    Liu Yi sighs in his heart, did this lass forget that she is going to die?

    Indeed her heart is on her man.

    Tang Bin who is in the hospital room suddenly pulls out his handphone and starts making a call.

    “You see, you see. The first person he wants to call is definitely me!”

    Liang Mengyao’s expression is very sweet, “He definitely can’t wait to go out on a date with me…”

    While she is speaking, Tang Bin’s call went through, but Liang Mengyao’s handphone did not ring.

    “Hello, hello, Qing’er right? My sickness is cured! It is really cured! We can be together again!”

    Liu Yi seems to feel like he hears the sound of a heart breaking while Liang Mengyao’s body stiffens and leans against the tree not moving.

    “Come and fetch me….”

    Hearing Tang Bin’s happy voice and his delighted expression, Liang Mengyao’s gaze starts to loosen.

    Liu Yi immediately searches through his information. Zhuo Qing, the number 10 beauty in their school. She is a Ms. Perfect, her family is rich and she was once Tang Bin’s girlfriend. But due to Tang Bin’s hepatitis, she left him.

    Unexpectedly the two of them are actually still in contact with each other?

    Expectedly Liang Mengyao’s hard work as well as paying her life is to help other people prepare the bridal clothing.

    “Perhaps….perhaps they are very good friends only…”

    Liang Mengyao does not know if she is explaining to Liu Yi or comforting herself.

    Very quickly a well dressed and pretty woman appears in the hospital room. After hearing Tang Bin’s explanation, this woman hugs Tang Bin tightly and they start kissing.

    Liang Mengyao nearly falls off the tree but is grabbed by Liu Yi.

    Liu Yi sensed that her aura is very weak like it is going to disappear at any moment.

    Liu Yi asks the rabbit demon, “Do you regret?”


    Liang Mengyao smiles, “At the very least he is happy….this way I am also happy….”

    “Are you really happy seeing this?”

    Liu Yi raises his eyebrow, “You worked so hard and even sacrificed your life, just so that you can have a date with this guy once. But now….”

    “Do not say anymore…”

    Tears start to flow down from Liang Mengyao’s eyes, “Lord, thank you for helping me till now…but I was originally just a small rabbit demon. If it is not for Tang Bin, I would have died in a hunter’s hand. This life is what I owe him. This life is returned back to him, now we no longer owe each other anything…”


    Liu Yi says unhappily, “You owe him during the last incarnation but you did not owe him during this incarnation! Did Tang Bin promise you before right that after he recovered he started dating with you right?”

    Liang Mengyao lowers her head and bites her lips.

    “Tsk, if it was not for that, you would not be hurrying and sacrificed your life to make him recover so fast.”

    Liu Yi swings his hand, “This kind of fickle man I will help you kill him and let him enter the Yellow Springs together with you.”


    Liang Mengyao immediately stops Liu Yi, “Please, I beg you. Don’t kill him….as long as you do not kill him, I will help you do anything…lord, please, I’m begging you….”

    Liu Yi sighs in his heart, “You are already like this, what can you do for me?”

    “I, I am still alive…lord just take me. I will use my life to trade for his…”


    Liu Yi swings his hand and tosses away Liang Mengyao who is hugging him.

    “He is already like this and you are still making such a huge sacrifice for him? Liang Mengyao, can’t you just wake up?”

    “I truly love him…”

    Liang Mengyao cries very pitifully, “Really, really love him…”

    “Then tell him honestly in his face.”

    Liu Yi says, “You are going to die soon then tell him the words in your heart. At least do not die with regret.”


    “There is no but, follow me.”

    Liu Yi pulls Liang Mengyao and descends from the tree and walks towards the hospital door.

    At this moment, Zhuo Qing and Tang Bin are holding hands and just walked out from the hospital.

    The ideal couple looks like a pair of destined couple.

    “Go on.”

    Liu Yi pushes Liang Mengyao from behind causing her to stagger and appear in front of Tang Bin.

    “Yao, Yao Yao…”

    Seeing this ordinary looking girl in front of him, Tang Bing is slightly surprised and slightly awkward.

    “You, you have come ah…”

    Zhuo Qing who is hugging his arm raises her eyebrow like she is slightly dissatisfied.

    “Bin Bin, who is this girl?”

    “A friend of mine…”

    “Friend? Why do I not know that you still have a girl that is your friend?”

    “This….while I was sick….you were not around as well, so it is her who was taking care of me…”

    “Aiyah yah, then could it be that she took care of you until the bed?”

    “No, no, Qing’er you think too much, how could I be like this!”

    Tang Bin holds Zhuo Qing and explains to her, “There is nothing between the two of us, we are just ordinary friends! Actually, I really hate her and find her very annoying. How could it be like what you say!”

    “Hmph, that is more like it.”

    Only then did Zhuo Qing start to be happy.

    As for Liang Mengyao, her face turns pale and stares at Tang Bin in disbelief.

    “So…you….always been hating me?”

    “That’s right, you….why don’t you take a look in the mirror, take a look at your appearance!”

    Tang Bin sighs and says to Liang Mengyao, “If it not for the fact that you looked after me daily, I would have already scolded you! Being by the side of a girl like you for another minute, makes me feel disgusted!”

    Hearing Tang Bin’s words, Liang Mengyao feels like she is struck by lightning.

    By the side, the Zhuo Qing also sneers, “That’s right, looking at your appearance and you actually have the face to get close to our Bin Bin! Are you worthy? Tsk!”

    “Mm, let us ignore her. Let’s go Qing’er. Now that I had recovered let us go and celebrate.”

    Zhuo Qing says sweetly, “Okay, let me bring you to eat western.”

    “Stand there.”

    At this moment Liu Yi walks out from the side and blocks in front of them.

    “What is the matter don’t you have eyes, do you know that you are blocking us?!”

    Tang Bin shouts in disastifacation.

    “Liu Yi?”

    As for Zhuo Qing, surprise appears on her face.

    In KeDa Liu Yi is not any person. You can don’t know who the principle of KeDa but you can not know who is Liu Yi!

    Although Tang Bin is a year one new student, because he had been lying in the hospital for a month after entering, he naturally does not know who Liu Yi is.

    Seeing the delight on Zhuo Qing’s face, Tang Bin’s heart becomes uncomfortable.

    “Who the fuck are you, do you know that a good dog does not block the road?”

    Tang Bin’s tone carries a lot of impoliteness as well as some provocation.

    “Hahaha, looking at the two of us, who looks more like a crazy dog?”

    Liu Yi is also impolite as he pulls Liang Mengyao back to his side.

    “Take a look at this girl. You are sick for so long, who is the one who stayed by your side and took care of you daily? Who is the one who does not mind your sickness and sends you food and water daily? Is it her?”

    Liu Yi points at Zhuo Qing.

    Zhuo Qing’s expression becomes slightly unnatural as she turns away and pretends that she did not see Liu Yi’s hand.

    “This, this….”

    Tang Bin also become mute as he does not know what to say.

    “It is Liang Mengyao, this ordinary girl who has been looking after you all this time which allowed you to become healthy today. What did you promise her before? After recovering you start going out with her right? Or perhaps you have already discussed marriage? Haha….being able to make an infatuated girl become so crazy, perhaps it is only these few. Tang Bin, although you are very handsome, I must say, your inner quality is trash. From the top to bottom it is complete trash!”

    “Oi, oi, oi, that’s enough from you!”

    Zhuo Qing is unhappy as she mocks, “Even if this matter is our Bin Bin’s fault what does it have to do with you? And this Liang Mengyao right? You still have the face to step out, what can you take out to compare with me? I have beauty, what do you have? I have fortunes do you have that? The way you are, you are not even worthy to be my housekeeper, how do you have the face to try and get close to our Bin Bin, really….”

    Liang Mengyao’s expression turns even paler. Liu Yi sensed that her inner dan is almost unable to hold together anymore.

    Perhaps, the main point is her heart is dead.

    “Beauty? How many years can you still stay pretty? Fortunes, the moment you die what can you take out to enjoy?

    Liu Yi cannot help but mock Zhuo Qing, “Do you think that this Tang Bin truly loves you? The moment you grow old or when you no longer have money, I guarantee he will be the first to abandon you.”

    Zhuo Qing thinks for a while, it seems….it might really happen.

    “But it does not matter. After all, the thing you like is just his face only. Yao Yao, leave with me. This kind of guy, other than his face being slightly more handsome, he does not have any bit of inner quality. Do you still like him?”


    Liang Mengyao looks at Tang Bin in front of her as her eyes let out foolish looks.

    Liu Yi cannot take it anymore as he says in anger, “Wake up, you silly lass. He is already no longer the person who saves you in the previous incarnation!”

    “What previous incarnation?”

    Tang Bin and Zhou Qing are both confused hearing this.

    “Lord…what you say is right…”

    Liang Mengyao nods her head, “I should wake up now…Tang Bin, the debt I owe you in the previous incarnation, I have paid it back in this incarnation…”