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Chapter516 Fire Spiri

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     Tang Bin and Zhuo Qing both do not understand what Liang Mengyao is saying and Zhuo Qing also scolds her having mental problems.

    “Lord…it is a pity that this incarnation, I am unable to return your grace…”

    Liang Mengyao turns around and wipes away her tears. She says apologetically towards Liu Yi, “My race has always followed the principle of repaying their grace from others. But this huge grace from lord, this one can only repay in the next incarnation.”

    Liang Mengyao’s demon dan is already broken, furthermore, it is quite thoroughly broken, a single breath of demon qi is barely holding it together. Even a god is unable to save her. Even if Liu Yi signs a spiritual beast contract with her, he is also unable to save this rabbit demon.

    “If there is another incarnation, I will repay this grace.”

    “Why is there a need to wait for the next incarnation.”

    Liu Yi smiles, “You can replay my grace in this incarnation.”

    “I already cannot live long…”

    Liang Mengyao smiles bitterly, “There is no need for benefactor to comfort me.”

    “Tsk, are you acting out a melodrama?”

    Zhuo Qing sneers, “Pretend to have an incurable sickness to obtain the sympathy of our Bin Bin?”

    “That’s right, this two people with mental problems!”

    Tang Bin seems to be afraid that they might not be able to dodge in time as he pulls Zhuo Qing and stands further away.

    “There is something that you do not know. I am indeed able to save you, but…from then on you can only stay by my side. If I die, you will also die along with me. Are you willing?”

    “The grace that benefactor has given me, it is unplayable for eternity.”

    Liang Mengyao says frankly, “If I am able to help benefactor slightly, this girl is content.”

    “Very good.”

    Liu Yi nods his head and points his right hand towards Liang Mengyao, “Liang Mengyao, a rabbit demon, because of love you sacrifice your life to save this heartless guy. But although I am an outsider, I am very touched. I am willing to use my Scarlet Blood Sutra to save you and let you become my fire spirit. From now on, you will be part of my strength, to be used by me.”

    “Thank you, benefactor.”

    Liang Mengyao nods her head and smiles.

    Zhuo Qing and Tang Bin stands by the side like they are watching a show, in their hearts, they are saying are the two of them crazy? What show are they putting up?

    Liu Yi says, “You can remove your disguise and reveal your real form.”


    Liang Mengyao nods her head and closes her eyes and take a deep breath.

    The clothing she is wearing starts to turn into white fur and turns into a white light, wrapping around her.

    Tang Bin and Zhuo Qing are shocked but they have to close their eyes from the bright light.

    This light soon turns into a white robe and wraps around Liang Mengyao.

    The smooth and beautiful white rabbit velvet is very luxurious and beautiful.

    While Liang Mengyao has completely turned into another person. Her earlier ordinary looks and that small freckles have completely disappeared.

    In the blink of an eye, a living beauty appears in front of Liu Yi.

    That crystal-clear face is like meticulously created by heavens. That perfect facial features make people unable to find any flaws.

    But there is a pair of furry rabbit ears on the top of her, which lets people realize that she is not an ordinary person but another species.

    But, this is a species that is way more beautiful than a human.

    Liang Mengyao transforms back into her original appearance and softly calls Liu Yi, “Master.”

    While Zhuo Qing and Tang Bin are stunned, Tang Bin does not believe in what he is seeing.

    What, what had happened…

    This, this girl….this unparalleled beautiful girl is actually the Liang Mengyao who took care of me day and night for a month?

    This, how is this possible…

    Zhuo Qing is already a great beauty, but comparing to Liang Mengyao…it is incomparable!

    I actually threw away this kind of beauty? Hateful ah…really is damn hateful…

    “Yao Yao…”

    Tang Bin stretches out his hand towards Liang Mengyao and calls out with a trace of hopefulness.

    Zhuo Qing also did not say as she is completely stunning.

    Liang Mengyao has already seen through everything as she politely says to Tang Bin, “This sir, the grace from the previous incarnation has been repaid. Hope that Sir Tang is able to continue doing good deeds and help yourself gather karma.”

    “Mmm, leave with me.”

    Liu Yi stretches out his hand, an eye-catching red light emerges from his right hand and surrounds Liang Mengyao.

    Liang Mengyao instantly starts burning, scaring Tang Bin and Zhuo Qing to cry out, “AHHH! She is on fire! Someone is on fire!”

    “Come and help….”

    This fire burns Liang Mengyao’s body and dies off instantly.

    Liang Mengyao’s body has completely burned into ashes while her spirit enters Liu Yi’s Scarlet Blood Devil Flame.

    This flame gathers together and forms a girl’s figure and floats in front of Liu Yi.

    Liang Mengyao looks at her new body with a calm expression.

    “From now on, you are my Liu Yi’s fire spirit. Because of your existence, my Scarlet Blood Devil Flame’s strength can increase by a layer. Let me ask you, do you regret?”

    Liang Mengyao smiles, although her body is made from fire, she is still beautiful.

    “That is good then. Then come along with me.”

    Liu Yi is able to see Liang Mengyao’s resolution thus he nods his head. Did not think that after watching a good show, not only would I have a deeper comprehension of love, I would also obtain a fire spirit.

    What Scarlet Blood Heart Sutra cultivates is the strength of flames, while the flame is naturally emotional. If you wish to increase the strength of the flame, you must have a fire spirit!

    But becoming a fire spirit, the condition is, even more, stricter than being Liu Yi’s body protecting spiritual beast.

    This kind of fire spirit is an existence that can never reincarnate. Furthermore, it does not have a physical form and can only exist in the flame! Although it is very powerful, it is also very pitiful. Furthermore, the fire spirit must be loyal to Liu Yi. If it has thoughts of betraying, the harm to Liu Yi will be very big. This is also the reason why Liu Yi has never accepted a fire spirit.

    When Liu Yi recalls Liang Mengyao into his body, Tang Bin and Zhuo Qing are still stunned.

    Lin Tong who has woken up without him knowing when says in anger, {BIG IDIOT! Are you not afraid that these two people will tell other people what you did?!}

    {Immortal Fox sister, you do not understand.}

    Liu Yi says confidently, {Even if they tell others, who would believe in their words? Furthermore, toward Tang Bin, I do not plan on forgiving him.}

    He turns around and looks at Tang Bin whose expression is filled with hatred and has a lifeless look in his eyes.

    “Your sickness originally was not an incurable disease, but it is a kind of contagious disease that will make people hate you. But to cure you, Liang Mengyao paid the price of her life.”

    His palm points towards Tang Bin, “But you wasted Liang Mengyao’s intention. Thus I can only take back this price from your body. Hope that from now on, you will do more kind things and shape up.”

    Rays of blue light suddenly fly out from Tang Bin’s body and gather in Liu Yi’s palm.

    Instantly Tang Bin’s face turns pale as he sits down on the ground.

    His earlier cured sickness has once again returned back to him.

    “Right now you are still that liver patient in the past. Zhuo Qing, if you really love him, then take good care of him.”

    “Who, who loves this fellow!”

    Hearing that Tang Bin’s sickness is back again, Zhuo Qing is so frightened that she turned pale and retreats a few meters away like she is dodging a plague.

    Tang Bin’s expression has completely turned ashen. He knows that everything is done for.

    “Don’t be like this…I beg you, save me…I do not want to be like this…”

    Tang Bin can only beg Liu Yi for help.

    “Apologies, everything that happens in this world has its cause and effect.”

    Liu Yi does not know why but at this moment he has a trace of Buddhism in his heart.

    “Everything that had happened is because of the seed you planted. Now what you receive is the fruit that you planted. Tang Bin, you are on your own now.”

    Liu Yi turns around and no longer bothers about that Tang Bin.

    Tang Bin once against hugs Zhuo Qing’s legs but is kicked away by Zhuo Qing with a face full of hatred.

    As Liu Yi’s fire spirit, Liang Mengyao does not know what had happened as Liu Yi did not let her out. Liu Yi also does not plan to tell her, because she is a silly lady.

    Lin Tong appears lying on Liu Yi’s shoulder and asks faintly, {Big idiot….in the future will you be like Tang Bin…}

    When facing love, even the smartest woman will become stupid.

    Liang Mengyao’s matter makes her have a sympathy of like-minded person feelings.

    {How is that possible ah, my Immortal Fox sister!}

    Liu Yi hurries and says, {For you, I can abandon my life!}

    {Tsk…but now…you are fated with girls. By your side, the number of girls will become more and more. Who knows if you will like the new and discard the old, and hate me this fox demon who doesn’t even have a physical body.}

    {So what if you have a physical body, so what if you do not? So what if you are a demon or human?}

    Liu Yi says loudly, {Immortal Fox sister, perhaps I, Liu Yi am slightly lacking in EQ, perhaps I am that little bit of an unfaithful person. But I will use my life to protect the people I love. Especially you Immortal Fox sister. Even if one day your demon qi is scattered, turn old, become sick. I will guard by your side.}

    Scram to the side! Big idiot!! This miss’s demon qi is very powerful how could I become old!

    Lin Tong shouts in her heart but on the surface, she sneers and says, {This miss is going to cultivate up my Charm techniques. At that time, no matter how many girls you have, you will still obediently return back to this miss embrace! Tsk, tsk!}

    {Yes, yes, yes. Immortal Fox sister is the most domineering, the most formidable! World Number 1!!}

    {I do not want to be the World Number 1. You go and be this World Number 1!}

    {I also do not want. What is the point of this World Number 1? Being able to be by Immortal Fox sister side is then enjoyable and happy.}

    {Oh, did not see you for a few days and your mouth becomes sweeter…}

    While the two of them are saying words of endearment to each other, Little Jade sends Liu Yi a reminder.

    Liu Yi takes a look, it is an unknown number? Who could be looking for me?

    Liu Yi picks up and the person’s voice on the other end belongs to none other than that Cheap Senior sister of his, Chen Keqing.

    “Junior brother, you scumbag, hurry and pick up the call ah…ah, it went through.”

    Liu Yi starts to sweat, the temper of this cheap senior sister of mine still has not changed ah…

    “Senior Sister….how come you have my phone number?”

    Chen Keqing roars on the other side of the phone, “You pig head! Of course, it is given to me by Jasmine that lass!”

    “What? Then why did you think of calling me? Could it be that Senior sister is missing me?”

    “Scram! Who would miss you pervert! I have an important matter that I must tell you!”