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Chapter517 River Song is in trouble

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     Chen Keqing has important matters that she needs to tell me?

    Could it be related to Liu Haisheng?

    “Is it….related to Sect Head?”


    From the other side of the phone comes a cold laugh from Chen Keqing, “Sect Head? He is already no longer the Sect Head that I know…he is also no longer the master that I know…from the moment he returned back to the sect, he keeps going around to find your little disciple. Luckily she was hidden by Martial Uncle Zhang, otherwise…it will be bad.”

    Liu Yi sighs, “He changed so quickly….”


    Chen Keqing’s voice is very cold, “Perhaps he was already like this and was only hiding it deeply that’s all. No matter what to me, he is basically a stranger. The reason I called you is indeed related to him”

    “What is the matter, Senior sister you can say it.”

    “This is also a big matter to the Cultivation Realm.”

    “What? Senior sister please say clearly.”

    “Master wants to convent a Five Spirit General Assembly. Right now he is sending out Hero Invitation cards all over the place, inviting all of the cultivators in the world to come to Raising Immortal Palace and take part in this Five Spirit General Assembly.”

    “5 Spirit General Assembly….what is this gathering for?”

    Liu Yi does not understand.

    “Based on what he says, it is related to the most important 5 spiritual body and spiritual wine. I believe it is very possible that he will send you a Hero Invitation card as well, so you better have this mental preparation.”

    “5 Spirit General Assembly…could it be he has controlled the matter regarding the spiritual body and spiritual vein?”

    When Liu Yi hears this news, his heart trembles, towards spiritual body, he more or less knows about it.

    Immortal Fox sister has the fire spiritual body, Yuan Zhenyue has the earth spiritual body, Ma Yixuan has the gold spiritual body while that disciple of mine has the wood spiritual body.

    Could it be that he also knows about this?

    It should not be ah…

    If he really knows, with his ambition, it would be dreadful!

    Liu Yi is nervous in his heart as he hurries and asks, “Did he have any abnormal actions recently?”

    “On the contrary there is nothing. Every day he is concentrating on cultivating an unknown technique in Through Sky Hall. Now demon qi is surrounding our Through Sky Hall, it is very horrifying….I am worried…alas…”

    “There is no need for senior sister to worry. He is only cultivating the Demonic Sword technique that’s all.”

    “Demonic Sword technique…back then I spent so much effort to find it hoping to strengthen Raising Immortal Palace. But now it looks like back then I was really wrong. If not for you, perhaps, I would’ve already committed a huge mistake.”

    From the voice of Chen Keqing, a trace of hatred can be heard.

    “I am lucky that’s all. Senior sister I still must thank you for telling me this matter.”

    “Mm, you must be careful. Right now you are basically master’s thorn in his side and eyes.”

    “Thank you senior sister for your reminder.”

    “Tsk, there is no need to thank me. After all you are also not any good thing.”

    Chen Keqing sneers, “Last time during the World Dao Gathering, you really exerted all of your amazing might ah. You killed the group of sect heads until they were utterly defeated, completely battered, indeed very impressive ah. During the crucial moments, there were also so many beautiful ladies who stuck out for you. Hehe…talking about this that Ai Ling from Concealed Sword Pavilion indeed has a leg with you, your luck with women is quite good eh. Even the world number 1 demonic woman Wenren Qian is also willing to die for you. Did not expect that junior brother was actually an affectionate person eh.”

    “How, how can you say that….”

    “Aiyah, still acting. Right now who knows how many male disciples in the cultivation world are envious of you. Even the World Manor, Manor Master’s daughter Mo Lan has given word that she will only marry you! Not bad eh love saint, what a good love affair ah!”

    “Then did I manage to pluck senior sister’s flower?”

    After being mocked by Chen Keqing for a long time, he finally had enough and retorts a sentence.

    On the other side, Chen Keqing instantly becomes silent before shouting, “Scram off! Who wants to be plucked by you! Your methods are decent to tricks young ladies but I know you what your character is! Hmph, big pervert! I am not going to talk to you anymore! If I got discovered by that ‘master’ of mine it will be bad, goodbye!”

    Saying finish the call is instantly hang up.

    By the side Lin Tong is able to hear clearly, thus she says acidly, {Hehe….indeed you are fated with girls.}

    {My good Immortal Fox sister, please stop mocking me anymore…talking about this, just what is this Liu Haisheng playing with….

    Lin Tong asks curiously, {What Liu Haisheng? What had happened when I was gone?}

    {Mm, let me tell the entire story Immortal Fox sister. Immortal Fox sister help me analyze.}

    Liu Yi told Lin Tong everything that had happened while he was in Raising Immortal Palace and during the World Dao Gathering.

    {This Liu Haisheng’s ambition is not small at all ah…}

    Listening finish Liu Yi’s story, Lin Tong cross her arms and sits on Liu Yi’s shoulder, as she puts on a profound look which is very cute.

    {Base on what you say, this miss estimates that during that day when you are refining your Taiji sword, that pair of eyes that were staring at you should be Liu Haisheng’s. Liu Yi you idiot, the Demonic Sword technique, this heaven-defying technique, you actually passed to other people when they asked you to pass it!}

    {This….I thought that since this was originally Raising Immortal Palace’s technique…furthermore back then I also did not realize that Liu Haisheng would have such ambition…}

    Liu Yi rubs the back of his head embarrassedly.

    {Idiot, who would write ambition on their own face!}

    Lin Tong uses her tail and slaps Liu Yi on his face, {But this is a lesson to you, as well as a growth. Although you have fought in the Asura Realm for 500 years, the Asura Realm is only a battlefield! It is different from the cultivation world. Other than strength, cultivation world is also filled mutual deception. Since you are already inside this circle, then you must be more careful.}

    {Mmm, I know Immortal Fox sister.}

    Liu Yi looks at the group of junior sisters walking around revealing their white tights, he smiles faintly and says, {If it is possible, I really do not wish to meddle with any more matters from the cultivation world…it is so much relaxed in school…}

    {You idiot, you are already a person of the cultivation world. Thus you will never be able to escape from the matters of the cultivation world!}

    {I do not believe. I will definitely work hard to escape from those rotten matters from the cultivation world!}

    {He he,}

    Lin Tong smiles, {Then do you want to bet?}

    {Okay ah, what is the stakes?}

    {If you win then from then on this miss will not bully you and will listen to whatever you say. Hehe, but if you lose, then you need to learn how to bark like a dog!}

    {Fine, a bet is a bet!}

    Liu Yi says in his heart, if Immortal Fox sister will listen to everything I say…hehehe…

    Just as he is delighted, he suddenly hears a large sound.


    It seems like something had landed in the far away park lake, the water splashes up very high!

    Liu Yi takes a look with some shock in his heart.

    “What happened?”

    “Do not know ah. It seems to be from the man-made lake. Come, let us go over and take a look!”

    A group of students start making their way over to the man-made lake.

    Liu Yi who is feeling strange in his heart also follows along to take a look at what is going on. Could it be that something went wrong in the laboratory? Did something explode? OMG please don’t ah!!!

    Soon the man-made lake restores back its calmness as if nothing had happened.

    The wet lovers by the lake start scolding.

    “Just now some unknown object dropped into the lake, damn it, splashing me completely wet!”

    “Wuwuwuwu, I am also wet ah…”

    The drenched girls attracted a lot of perverted looks from the guys.

    Liu Yi only senses that something is wrong because he senses some demon aura within the lake.

    Furthermore, the demon aura is moving towards him slowly, could it be that it is coming after me?

    Liu Yi instantly revolves Glorious Sun technique around his palm and silently walks towards the lakeside, getting close to the demon aura position.

    No matter which demon, if you dare to sneak attack me, then it will be your death day!

    Just as Liu Yi is preparing to deal with the sneak attack, from the lake emerges a palm-size turtle which crawls to the lakeside and starts to let out crying sounds.

    “Emperor’s son-in-law….Emperor’s son-in-law, a huge matter has happened ah…”

    Emperor’s son-in-law?

    This bastard is calling me an Emperor’s son-in-law?!

    Liu Yi is afraid that he will attract the attention of the surrounding people, thus he grabs the turtle in his hand and find a corner without anyone and asks softly, “What the hell are you shouting! Where did you come from!”

    “Wuwuwu, Emperor’s son-in-law it is this old servant ah, River Song’s old turtle…”

    The old turtle rolls tears making him looks very pitiful.

    “You must save us ah…”

    River Song…

    Liu Yi suddenly recalls, isn’t that the place where Ao Susu live in?

    “You are the turtle from River Song?”

    “That’s right. Emperor’s son-in-law, it is me ah…”

    The old turtle keeps nodding his head, “This is great, Emperor’s son-in-law. This old servant had finally found out…you must quickly come and save us ah….a big matter had happened ah…”

    “Wait, wait, wait. First, stop randomly calling me. Just what is going on? Say it slowly.”

    Liu Yi comforts the anxious old turtle.

    “Cannot be slow ah, really cannot be slow ah…”

    As the old turtle cries, he says, “Recently a group of weird demons recently came to our River Song. Their leader is an evil dragon, they occupy our territory and injured our Dragon King…more they also want to harm our entire water race ah…”

    “And Ao Susu?”

    Hearing this Liu Yi is a shock in his heart and instantly asks about the safety of Ao Susu.

    “Princess would rather die than submit, thus she fought with that evil dragon but got injured…now she is shut in the location where Yan Qiuhong was locked in back then and no one knows how she is right now…this old servant was sent out by princess under her protection. Emperor’s son-in-law, now other than you, no one is able to save us…”

    “No wonder, no wonder…”

    Liu Yi clenches his fist, no wonder till now Ao Susu had never come and look for me.

    A few days ago he had a big head, because two years had already passed. Ao Susu should have come and look for him to bring back to become the Emperor’s son-in-law of River Song.

    But after a while when there were no movements, Liu Yi thought that she only said it for fun back then and had given up now.

    After all who will wait two years for a person, furthermore for a person whom she has no contact with during that two years.

    {What did this miss say before?}

    Lin Tong reminds Liu Yi, {You are already part of the cultivation world. Even if you do not look for trouble, trouble will also come and look for you. Now, what do you plan to do?}

    {No need to say anymore, save people!}