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Chapter 518 Curse him ou

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     River Song is very big, really really big.

    Thus within this River Song, there lives countless aquatic races while Ao Susu their race is just a small portion of the large amount of aquatic creatures in River Song.

    But after all the Dragon Race is the noble king race within the demon race, and is also the most honorable kings. Thus even though it is a small group, they are able to call themselves king within this stretch of North Dragon city.

    But it is also because of this, they are confined within this River Song of North Dragon City. After all River Song’s entire length is only 1926km, it is also interlocked with Black Dragon River. In it lives millions of aquatic creatures and also a number of dragon race.

    Ao Susu’s group was originally still okay. The Dragon King has strength and he has 3 sons and a daughter. Eldest son Ao Guang is one of the cavalry officers of Heavenly Court. Although the position is not really big, it is still considered as an Immortal. This is the so-called when a human achieves Dao, his poultry and dogs also rise to heaven. Ao Susu and the rest also benefit from coming in contact with the Immortal Qi.

    Second son Ao Tian is the son-in-law of East-Sea Dragon Palace. Although it looks impressive, it is actually marrying and living with the bride. He does not have any rights to speak in the Eastern sea. Especially hearing that the third princess of East Sea is a tigress, towards her spouse she is very strict. If Ao Tian dares to glance an extra time at a maid, he will be punished to kneel for three days, three nights! Thus after so many years, he had never return back to his old home in River Song.

    Third son Ao Lie, his fighting strength was originally very strong. A fierce warrior of earth grade! But it is a pity that he was too unlucky, when going out for a stroll while he had nothing to do, in the end, he turned into a wronged ghost during the fight between Liu Yi and Wenren Qian.

    The only one left is his daughter Ao Susu. Her might is slightly weaker and is also the favorite of the old Dragon King and had never eaten bitterness before. She seems like a simple and childish little dragon girl, but is actually very black-bellied and has already chosen her own husband.

    Originally a few days ago, the Dragon Palace should be preparing for the marriage of this little dragon girl, but in the end, a group of strong aquatic creature ran over and injured the old Dragon King and Ao Susu. Furthermore, they had forcefully occupied their Dragon Palace and reside in River Song.

    Currently, in the underwater prison of River Song, a white-faced man is standing in front of a prison cell looking at the loli in red clothing inside.

    “I say, my little princess. It is already so long, how long more are you going to persevere for?”

    In his hands carries a plate of delicious food. On his mouth hangs a predator-like smile as he says faintly, “Even as a demon, if you do not eat, you will die of hunger sooner or later. This king does not wish to see you this pretty princess turn into a hungry ghost. Wouldn’t that be too wasteful?”


    Ao Susu has not eaten for the past half month and is also so starved that she is strengthless, she doesn’t even have the strength to scold people.

    “You evil person…even if this princess turned into a malicious ghost….I will not let you off…”

    “It would be even more pitiful if you turn into a ghost.”

    The white face guy laughs, “Relax. Your father is not yet dead. Currently, he is being nailed to the dragon pillar of your River Song with Soul Piercing Nails by this king. It is indeed very real. That old thing is not willing to hand over his Dragon Seal no matter what, which really makes this king feel very troublesome. Oh right. This king also used your life to threaten him as well but take a guess what that old thing said? Even if this king kills off all of his aquatic creatures, he will definitely not hand over the Dragon Seal. Hahaha, my little princes that father of yours does not even take you seriously. Why are you persevering so much for him? Why don’t you obediently follow this king, eating delicious food and drinks, dominating River Song, isn’t that enjoyable?”


    While Ao Susu still remains unmoving as before, on the contrary, she rides, “You shameless despicable person. Seeing your dire straits, my royal father offered you shelter and treated you as a high guest. But expectedly you would actually sneak attack and injure my royal father, forcefully occupy my Dragon Palace and turn my aquatic creatures into fish meat! Let me tell you, don’t be so delighted. When my Emperor’s son-in-law comes and finds me, he will definitely completely crush you and publicly expose your head by hanging it on the Southern Heavenly Gate!”

    “Hahaha, what nonsense you are saying.”

    That white face person only laughs crazily, “This king has already made inquiries. That Emperor’s son-in-law of yours is actually a human. Hahaha, what a huge joke. Just him also dares to contend against this king? To be honest let me tell you, this king is the youngest son of West Sea Dragon King. It is only because back then I violated a heaven clause and was suppressed to the Black Dragon River. But the is no need to worry, now this king has come out, furthermore, I also possess the immortal tool, Sea Flipping God Lamp. It is best if that Emperor’s son-in-law of yours does not come. If he comes, he will just be coming to die, hahaha!!”

    He laughs crazily while Ao Susu’s expression turns pale.

    “You, you actually have the Sea Flipping God Lamp?”

    “How is it, now you know fear? No need to worry, this king will continue to lock you up first. At that time I will display that Emperor’s son-in-law’s head in front of you and let’s see if you submit or not. Hahaha, hahahahahahaha…..”

    He laughs wildly and wantonly before taking the plate and leave this prison.

    While Ao Susu collapses within the cell strengthless trembling.

    “Liu Yi….you, you must not come ah….”


    “Really did not think that North Dragon City was actually going to flood.”

    Currently, Liu Yi has returned back to North Dragon City. He is floating high up in the clouds looking down at the urban district surrounding River Song.

    “That’s right…this River Song currently does not have the Old Dragon King overseeing it, thus the passing clouds and rains have lost control. If this continues on, perhaps the river water will completely submerge the entire North Dragon City ah.”

    The old turtle is held in Liu Yi’s hand as he says, “Emperor’s son-in-law, take a look at the water level of River Song, it is going to cross the alert level soon. This old servant estimates that if slow it will be half a month, if quick, it will be 3 days and the entire North Dragon City will be completely covered with water!”

    My parents are still living in North Dragon City! Furthermore, there are still thousands of humans staying here!

    Did not think that a vie for the dragon palace would create such a big matter!

    Indeed when gods fight, the mortals get implicated!

    “Where did this demon come from. He is indeed very evil!”

    “Emperor’s son-in-law, this story is very long.”

    The old turtle sighs and says, “He seems to be a dragon in dire straits from Black Dragon river. Old Dragon King found him pitiful, thus he accepted him. Who would have known that he would sneak attacked our old Dragon King, alas…it is really the disgrace of us aquatic creatures ah…”

    “There is no need for you to be too worried.”

    Liu Yi looks at the vast River Song, “If Old Dragon King and Ao Susu are still alive, I will definitely save them. You point the path for me, let us go to the Dragon Palace now to save them.”

    “Cannot ah Emperor’s son-in-law.”

    The old turtle says anxiously, “This Dragon Palace has a very powerful barrier, if the people inside do not open it, even if God comes down, he will also be unable to enter it!”

    “If we are unable to enter then how are we able to save them!”

    Lin Tong who is sitting on Liu Yi’s shoulder blurts out, {How come this Dragon Palace is like you, it is also carrying a turtle shell ah!}

    “We are also doing it to protect the aquatic creatures…but who would have known that in the end we were schemed by that evildoer demon…”

    “Right, that demon is also a dragon?”

    “That’s right. It is a water attribute small white dragon. His name is Yu Xia! Hearing this surname, it seems like he has some relationship with the west sea.”

    The old turtle frowns in worry, “Emperor’s son-in-law, do you have any good idea?”


    Liu Yi has already thought of an idea, “Let us challenge him to a fight.”


    The old turtle and Lin Tong stare at Liu Yi, not knowing what does he plan to do.

    “We are here to save people, shouldn’t we be more hidden?”

    Lin Tong even more curious as she asks, {You challenging him grandiosely, wouldn’t you beat the grass to scare the snake? And allow the enemy to be completely prepared? Wouldn’t that be disadvantageous to the old Dragon King as well as your dragon girl lover?}

    Hearing Lin Tong saying Ao Susu is his little lover, Liu Yi coughs.

    {Cough cough…that Immortal Fox sister, you listen to what I say ah.}

    He points at the River Song below, {Right now the time is tight. We also do not have any other good idea. Furthermore that Yu Xia has captured the old Dragon King and Ao Susu. If he wishes to kill them, he would have already. Thus we have no need to worry about this point. Furthermore, this time around trying to save people, if we are unable to even enter, even if we think till our brain breaks, it will also be useless. We might as well lay the cards on the table. If he is not willing to come out, then I will disturb until he is forced to come out!}

    Liu Yi starts flying towards River Song.

    It is still the same hot period in the past. There is definitely a number of residents who are exercising near River Song, enjoying the wind or sun and the likes…

    But now River Song’s water level is rising which makes it more convenient for Liu Yi. Currently, there isn’t anyone near River Song, it is very calm and quiet. Even the nearby restaurant, shops and the likes are very empty as they have already made preparations for taking refuge.

    Liu Yi lands on the surface of River Song and looks at the rising river water in front of him.

    He is able to sense that there is an unnatural demon qi in the river getting restless.

    Looks like this should come from that whatever little white dragon, Yu Xia!

    The old turtle lands on the shoals of the river and looks at the river that stretches as far as the eye can see and ask, “How are we going to challenge him ah…..”

    “Soon you will know.”

    Liu Yi smiles and turns around. Taking a deep breath he lets out a loud shout towards River Song.

    “Yu Xia you motherfucker! Hurry and fucking scram out!”

    This shout carries the enormous Immortal Qi in Liu Yi’s body. It turns into a storm and spreads out, splitting the surface of River Song like the surface is being pressed down by a palm print!

    Thunderous duel of words!

    The surging voice is like thunder, crashing above River Song.

    The old turtle nearly fainted, what the…this must be the rumored challenging people to a fight?!

    But after the shout ended, that small white dragon did not even reply.

    The old turtle says with worry, “He will not come out…”

    “No worries, he will come out one.”

    Liu Yi is calm as he continues to use his qi to curse.

    “Yu Xua! You white worm that hides your head and tail! The son that you sire does not have a dick! The wife you find is a washboard! Buying instant noodles but there is no seasoning pack…………………..”

    Liu Yi racks his head for a solution and finds those offensive phrases and throws them out dangerously.

    Roars after roars, so loud that even the deaf can hear travels through the River Song.

    Liu Yi’s immortal qi is very enormous. This roaring sound, shakes till even the old turtle’s body is trembling and forcing him to withdraw it’s body into its turtle shell to hide away.

    Even Lin Tong also covers her ear with her expression in pain and her heart in shock.

    Liu Yi’s immortal qi is becoming more and more enormous…