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Chapter 519 Penglai Island

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     Chapter 519 Penglai Island

    Zhang Jiashuang is one of Penglai Island’s younger generation disciples, but her talent is not bad thus she is doted upon in the sect.

    This time around after his master observed the astronomical signs he says that in the northeast there are demons causing mischief and it should be around North Dragon City area. Thus she and three of her senior brothers leave together to behead the demons and devils as well as to take a look at the world.

    “So the mortal world is actually so interesting!”

    Zhang Jiashuang stands on her magic tool which is the Ten Thousand Law Ruyi that her master gifted her, flying in the sky. At that same time, she looks like a country bumpkin entering the city as she happily looks below her.

    “Junior sister please don’t concentrate looking around. Be careful of falling down. At that time before you even see a demon you would already have fallen into mincemeat, you would become a joke.”

    One of her senior brothers teases her.

    “Haha, Fifth senior brother, you are looking down on me too much!”

    Hearing what her senior brother says, Zhang Jiashuan starts laughing, her laughter is like the sound of bells ringing. “I am already an earth realm expert! How is it possible for me to fall down!”

    “Junior sister from young you have eaten pills and drank immortal dew while growing up, thus while you were young, you already have the cultivation of an earth realm. Didn’t master told you earlier that you lack tempering and actual combat. You must not be too proud ah.”

    The other senior brother who looks slightly older and mature says, “This time around while we are going to North Dragon City to kill demons, it will be very dangerous. You must be more alert and careful. Do you hear me?”

    As the four of them fly, they are chatting.

    “Hehe, big senior brother, you are looking down on me. It is just a demon. With me taking action wouldn’t it be a piece of cake! Didn’t master say that among the younger generation in the cultivation world, my cultivation is the highest!”

    “That’s right, that’s right. Junior sister is the strongest! Master’s words can prove it!”

    The other guy cultivator starts proclaiming as he looks at Zhang Jiashuang with a trace of adoration.

    “Cultivation does not mean your combat capability is powerful!”

    Big senior brother glares at the lass who had been spoiled from pampering, “Furthermore after the recent World Dao Gathering, master’s words are no longer be taken seriously.”

    Zhang Jiashuang says is dissastifacation, “Why is it no longer taken seriously?”

    “That’s right big senior brother, with the cultivation of junior sister, which younger generation in the cultivation world can be her opponent! From what I see, even that Gu Yu from Immortal Snow Peaks as well as that Concealed Sword Pavilion Ga Feng cannot be compared to our junior sister!”

    “That’s right, that’s right. Hehe, it is still Third senior brother who has a knowledgeable eye! How can those outside cultivation sects be comparable to our inside sect!”

    “That is enough from the lot of you!”

    Big senior brother is calm all along, he is the leader of this task as well. Seeing how fickle and impatient his junior sister and brothers are, he instantly berates, “Master has said before, right now the outside sects are no longer the same as a thousand years ago. They have a large influence as well as lots of experts. Especially this time around World’s Dao Gathering, a world-shaking young expert call Liu Yi appeared. With just one person’s strength, he fought against all of the righteous sect people head on. His might is really scary. Although he is excluded by all of the righteous sects, in a lot of people’s heart they still secretly address him as World Number 1.”

    “Tsk, what World Number 1. That is just a child’s game only.”

    Zhang Jiashuang sneers, “Our inside sects have never taken part in the World Dao Gathering before, what is the difference from a child’s game. The world number 1 that that group of people selected, I do not recognize it nor do it count it. Wait till I see that whatever World Number 1, this miss will personally defeat him and let him know what is then called a cultivator!”

    “That’s right, that’s right. Junior sister, at that time you must teach him a good lesson!”

    That Third senior brother agreeing as well to coax his junior sister to be happy.


    Zhang Jaishuang seems to have already seen her victory as she starts to smile widely.

    Seeing such confident appearance of his junior brother and sister, Big senior brother can only sigh.

    “Big senior brother, I feel that you are really thinking too much.”

    That fifth senior brother advises, “Even if the outsider sects have become stronger recently, but based on the inherent cultivation, they have a certain disparity from us. Furthermore, junior sister is at 16 star-jade cultivation currently, she is also holding the Ten Thousand Law Ruyi the master gave her. How is it possible for her to be defeated by a younger generation cultivator!”

    “What you say is true.”

    Big senior brother thinks for a while before nodding his head, “It is me who is overthinking it. But in a while when you guys reach North Dragon City, when you start fighting against the demons, you must not be so fickle and impatient do you understand. You must be more careful understood?”

    “Hehe, understood big senior brother!”

    Zhang Jiashuang not only did not have any vigilance at all, instead, she becomes even more excited.

    Looks like I can finally stretch my hands and legs! After exterminating all of the demons in North Dragon city I can let my name shakes the world.

    The four of them fly very swiftly and soon they reached North Dragon City.

    “Indeed what a strong Demon Aura!”

    Big senior brother takes out a compass and the needle on it starts spinning around crazily.

    “It is at the location of River Song!”

    “Mm, big senior brother let us go over now!”

    “Oh…no need to be anxious, let me observe first…”

    Just as big senior brother is about to carefully observe and think of battle tactics, Zhang Jiaxhuang has already stepped on her Ruyi and lowers her body, and speeds towards River Song.

    “Hahaha, junior sister is too anxious!”

    “It is still junior sister who is brave ah!”

    “Sigh, this lass!”

    The remain three people looks at each other before hurrying and chases after on their magic tools.

    Zhang Jiashuang is too anxious to kill demons and gain merit, thus she flies very swiftly and soon she reaches the riverbank of River Song.

    At this moment a roar nearly frightens her into falling off the ruyi.

    “Yi Xia you this *****! If you got guts then scram out!”

    Gods! Where the heck did this cultivator come from! Why is he so cursing here challenging people? Isn’t this voice a bit too loud?

    Zhang Jiashuang lands on the river bank and instantly sees a youngster wearing black robe standing by the river bank as he uses Immortal Qi to power his scolding.

    Her three senior brothers also land by her side soon afterward as they stare at that youngster in shock.

    “Yu Xia….you bastard why are you hiding….”

    Liu Yi scolds a few more times when he suddenly raises his eyebrow when he sees 3 guys and a girl descending from the sky.

    “Who are you guys?”

    “This one is the 15th generation First Disciple Gong Zhenlin from Penglai Island. These two are my junior brothers, 3rd junior brother Zhao Yu, 5th junior brother Tu Can. There is also this one which is my Penglai Island junior sister, Zhang Jiashuang.”

    That Zhang Jiashuang young girl sneers in dissatisfaction and rolls her eyes at Liu Yi, “Big senior brother, why are you being so polite to him for, our Penglai Island is a big sect in the inside sects. We are different from this coarse guy who only knows who to scream and shout.”

    “Junior sister stop acting willfully and creating a scene!”

    “Hmph, I am only saying the truth!”

    Hearing Penglai Island these two words, Lin Tong trembles visibly.

    {I did not hear wrongly right? They are actually people from the inside sect! The inside sect are actually starting to come out and take action?!}

    {What is inside sect ah?}

    Liu Yi completely does not understand.

    {You do not know. Among the sects in the cultivation world, they are also separated between outside sect and inside sect! The sects within the inner sect are much more ancient, while the outside sects are much newer. Most of them were established a thousand years ago during the Demon race war with Raising Immortal Palace hall. The inside sects were established a long time ago, but these people have always been wholeheartedly cultivating and have never bother about the worldly matters. Even back then when the demons invaded the human world, they also did not appear and continue to guard in their sects cultivating their own martial techniques. To them, the common people of the world are nothing but ants.}

    {There are actually these kinds of sects!}

    Liu Yi is even more curious, {Then why did they come over here?}

    {Who knows, go and ask them.}

    Hearing this, Liu Yi cups his hands and speaks to the Big senior brother Gong Zhenlin who greeted him, “This one is called Liu….Er! May I know why did Daoists from inside sect come here for?”

    Liu Yi nearly says out his real name, and randomly says 2. But the moment he says it out, he immediately regrets.

    Bullshit, aren’t I just cursing myself….forget it after all they do not understand this kind of self-styled words.

    “Tsk are you questioning us?”

    Zhang Jiashuang sneers, “What we inside sects do, when is it up to you guys to care about! Say which sect are you from, and where is that Liu Yi?”

    This girl does not care about her senior brother blocking her, instead, she barbarically shouts at Liu Yi.

    Hearing this, Liu Yi almost laugh, looking for Liu Yi? He is not very far away but by your side.

    But he would not stupidly say out his name. He himself knows that currently what does Liu Yi these two words mean to the cultivation world.

    “Why are you looking for Liu Yi?”

    “Hmph, I have heard that he is the world number 1 of World Dao Gathering, so this miss wants to beat him up! To tell him who is the real World Number 1!”

    What the, meeting a delusion person.

    “May I ask lady, if this World Number 1 really that important?”

    “Why do you care! Do you know where is that Liu Yi, hurry and say it!”

    “I see, how about this.”

    Liu Yi thought of something and says modestly but not humbly, “Can the nobel sect tell me the purpose of coming then I will tell you where Liu Yi is. How about that?”

    “You are good, give you an inch and you dare to take a mile!”

    Zhang Jiashuang’s eyebrow raises. It seems like the beauty is angered.

    That 3rd senior brother call Zhao Yu sneers, “You actually dare to talk about terms with us Penglai Island, I see that you are really seeking…..”

    “All of you keep quiet.”

    Big Senior Brother Gong Zhenlin berates, “What did I tell you guys before we came out, did all of you forget again?”

    Both Zhao Yu and Zhang Jiashuang stops saying anything but from their eyes, there is still a trace of contempt and inconvenience.

    “Sorry for Daoist Liu to see such a joke.”

    Gong Zhenlin cups his hands and says, “Actually the reason for us coming this time around, other than exterminating that demon, it is also for the Sea Flipping God Lamp.”

    {Sea Flipping God lamp!!!}

    Hearing this name Lin Tong exclaims in shock, {This immortal equipment actually exists?}

    {Immortal equipment?}

    {That’s right…this thing was originally in the legends ah…I have heard that whoever who holds the Sea Flipping God Lamp, he will be able to unify the four sea dragon palace and become the overlord of the seas…}

    {What the shit, this can’t be real right, how is there such a heaven-defying object?}

    {But if it does not exist, why did Penglai Island from the inside sect travel from a distant area to here…big idiot…I am afraid that this times punitive expedition against the demons is not that simple.}