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Chapter 520 Sea Flipping God Lamp

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     “Big Senior Brother why do you tell him so much for!”

    Zhao Yu tugs his senior brother, “You also told him about the matter regarding the Sea Flipping God lamp! What if he wants to snatch the treasure as well?”

    “Hehe, I believe that 3rd senior brother is thinking too much!”

    Zhang Jiashuang starts laughing, “With me here, as well as three senior brothers. With four earth realm experts here even if he wants to snatch, he does not have that capability! At that time, there is no need to inconvenience three senior brothers, I can easily beat him down! In the external side of cultivation world, how is there any experts?”

    “This fairy, I am afraid that you cannot say it like this.”

    Although he is already the public enemy of the entire righteous path, he still knows a number of people from the cultivation world. When Liu Yi hears them saying that there are no experts in the external side of the cultivation world, he instantly becomes unhappy and says, “In the external side of the cultivation world there are countless cultivators. The younger generation are all talented, fairy’s sentence of our external side of cultivation world does not have experts, I am afraid it is slightly improper?”

    “What is the matter, what I say is the truth.”

    Zhang Jiashuang sneers, “If you are not happy about it you want to fight against me? Right, which sect are you from, report the name!”

    “I am only one of the nameless roamers of the external side of the cultivation world that’s all. But if fairy is willing to spar, I am not afraid of you.”

    Liu Yi says in his heart, bullshit! Fight then fight, when had I been afraid of anyone!

    After all, I’ll be going to beat up that Yu Xia in a bit, why don’t I first warm up my body using this rude speaking lass!

    What Immortal Fox sister said is right. Since one of my feet is stepped into the cultivation world, then I am unable to hide away from the matters of the cultivation world.

    That old turtle is lying by Liu Yi’s feet, he sticks out his head and says, “Emperor’s son-in-law, Emperor’s son-in-law….we, it is best if we first save princess…how can we create more trouble ah!”

    They have already climbed over my head already and I still need to bear with it?

    Just as Liu Yi is about to say so, unexpectedly the expression of the four people from Penglai Island changes and pull out their own magic equipment.


    “What a daring demon, you actually dare to reveal your real from in broad daylight!”

    “You shall be this miss’s first personal offering!”

    The lot of them are about to take action, scaring the old turtle into withdrawing his neck.

    “Guys please don’t take action immediately!”

    Liu Yi immediately blocks in front of the old turtle as his expression faintly becomes bad.

    “This old turtle is not a demon, instead he is this dragon palace’s aquatic creature. It is only because an evildoer has occupied the dragon palace that it got chased out.”

    “Daoist Liu, it is best if you move aside.”

    Gong Zhenlin patiently advice, “Demon are demons, since we Daoists have seen it naturally we must kill it! I believe that this point is the same as in the external side of the cultivation world right?”

    Bullshit it is really not an exception. Why are the people from the cultivation world so braindead?!

    [TL: well cause the author wants it to be otherwise how can he give you enemies ^_^]

    “Senior brother why bother talking to him, let me first deal with this fellow then we kill that demon!”

    Zhao Yu speaks as he pulls out his magic treasure and points at Liu Yi.

    {Big idiot you must be careful!}

    Lin Tong reminds Liu Yi, {The cultivation laws of the inside sects have some difference from the external side. The people from the inside sects are all experts of the 5 elements! At the same time, all of them also cultivate a real name magic treasure! Not only must you take note of their element spells, but you must also be more careful of their magic treasure! If this miss did not remember wrongly, Penglai Island should be experts in water taoist spells.}

    {Mm, I understand. Immortal Fox sister I will be more careful!}

    To begin with, Liu Yi is not careless. During the 500 years of fighting in the Asura Realm, the first thing that he had learned is to treat every single fight seriously.

    “Little fellow, today you are unlucky. Let me Zhao Yu tell you what is called the Taoist spell of the inside sects!”

    Zhao Yu starts to emit out his boundless immortal qi.

    Liu Yi smiles bitterly and also starts revolving his own immortal qi.

    The atmosphere is very strained and the fight is about to erupt.

    But at this moment the originally calm river surface suddenly start surging.

    Dense demon qi is being emitted from underneath surprising them and making them turn their head over to take a look.

    “Hehehe…who is this ah, so uncouth, shouting at my door.”

    A white-faced fellow wearing white robe steps on the wave and emerges from the river.

    Seeing this person as well as sensing the dragon aura from his body, Liu Yi immediately know his identity!

    Yu Xia!

    Bullshit is this dragon naturally slow? I have been cursing in front of the dragon palace for half a day already then he finally appears!

    What a weirdo!

    The water behind him is also surging as a group of demons emerges, all of them are baring their teeth and waving their claws, in their hands are weapons. The number is not little, a few hundred of them.

    This group of demons are clamoring, contrariwise they are quite mighty. Liu Yi and the rest are quite annoyed by the noise they are making as their expression turns uncomfortable.

    “Enough, enough. You guys also be quiet. They are unable to hear what this King says clearly.”

    That Yu Xia is very delighted that his troops are ample. He waves his hand to signal to the demons behind him to stop shouting.

    “You cultivators who do not know life or death, how dare you run to my territory to mess around. No worries, killing the chicken to scare the monkey. After settling all of you, it will be a warning to the rest of the world to let them know the might of me, Yu Xia.”

    “This demon really knows how to talk but. He is not afraid of cutting his tongue!”

    Zhang Jiashuang starts laughing, “We immortals from Penglai Island is not afraid of you small demon!”

    “Small demon?”

    Yu Xia’s face twitches and then he starts laughing loudly, “Hahahaha, looks like you guys do not know of my big name! Let me tell you guys. I am called Yu Xia, the youngest son of West Sea Dragon King! Back then this king even caused chaos in the heavenly courts and was suppressed to Black Dragon River!”

    “Based on you? Cause a mess in heavenly court?”

    Zhang Jiashuang sneers, “With the cultivation of 13-star jades you are able to cause a mess in the heavenly courts? Then I think that this heavenly court is nothing remarkable.”

    “What do you know…”

    Yu Xia coughs, actually, I did not cause a big mess in the heavenly courts, it is only I broke a few heavenly laws that’s all. But saying causing a big mess in heavenly courts sounds more awesome.

    “Right now this king possesses an Immortal Equipment. No matter who comes, I will flip all of you!”

    Done speaking he stretches out his hand and takes out a blue lamp!

    The moment the lamp appears, it’s light fill up the whole sky, almost lighting up have the sky.

    The surround river water also start surging like it is being boiled.

    The smell of treasure also spreads out rushing to the river bank.

    {What a powerful magic tool…}

    Lin Tong exclaims in shock, {Liu Yi you must be more careful. This Sea Flipping God Lamp is very weird!}

    “Indeed it is in your hands!”

    The cultivators from Penglai Island all exclaim while Zhang Jiashuang starts laughing.

    “Hahaha, this is great! Looks like the Sea Flipping God Lamp shall be our Penglai Island’s!”

    “Hehe, little lass you are thinking to simply already.”

    Yu Xia is instantly delighted, “You guys from Penglai Island want to obtain my treasure but you guys do not know the ability of the Sea Flipping God Lamp right?”


    Zhang Jiashuang is indeed stumped as her begging gaze lands on her big senior brother Gong Zhuolin.

    “Before leaving, master has brief us that this Sea Flipping God Lamp’s ability is very profound. It can flip the rivers and overturn seas. It also possesses extremely strong magic powers!”

    “Flip the river and overturn the seas? That is not bad ah!”

    Zhang Jiashuang laughs in delight, “What we Penglai Island cultivates is the water techniques. This Sea Flipping God Lamp is really suitable for us to use. Yu Xia right, obediently hand over the Sea Flipping God Lamp, otherwise, this miss will beat you until your god image is completely extinguished!”


    Yu Xia instantly starts laughing loudly, “This lass indeed knows how to talk big!”

    “Hmph whether I am talking big or not, soon you will know!”

    As Zhang Jiashuang speaks, an enormous surge of immortal qi erupts from her petite body.

    One star after the other lights up from her body, reflecting on the sky, in total there is 16 of them, all of them very eye-catching.

    “Aiyah. 16 star jades ah, scaring people ah!”

    Yu Xia laughs weirdly.

    Zhang Jiashuang raises her chin and says, “If you are afraid then obediently hand it over and I will leave you with a complete body!”

    Yu Xia only laughs, “Hahahaha…what a really interesting lass, are all of you guys from Penglai Island so stupid? Developed four limbs but simple minds!”

    “You are seeking death!”

    Zhang Jiashuang shouts as she holds her Ten Thousand Law Ruyi and prepares to use her magic techniques.

    While Yu Xia did not move, just that the light from Sea Flipping God Lamp is becoming more and more dazzling!

    “With junior sister taking action, this demon will definitely be dead!”

    3rd senior brother Zhao Yu laughs.

    “That’s right, looks like this task is rather simple.”

    5th senior brother Tu Can also nods his head.

    Only Big senior brother Gong Zhuolin frowns like he is pondering over something.

    He suddenly senses that the Sea Flipping God Lamp is releasing a strange light. Causing his heart to instantly be anxious as he shouts, “Something is wrong! Junior sister be careful!”

    But his words seem to be too late as the Sea Flipping God Lamp suddenly erupts out with eye-catching radiance!

    This radiance is like the bright light in the dark night, it is very dazzling, even Liu Yi have to slightly incline his head to the side.

    In the time to blink the eyes, this radiance already spread out and covers in a radius of a hundred meters.

    “What is this…”

    When Zhang Jiashuang and the rest recover their sight, they realize that under their feet appears a weird formation.

    “Hehe, this is one of the major spells of the Sea Flipping God Lamp.”

    Yu Xiao laughs in delight, “Within this radius, as long as I this king decide that you are my enemy, all of your stars will be cut by half! Little lass take a look at how much stars do you still have now?”

    Zhang Jiashuang is shocked as she immediately lights up her star lamp!

    Instantly 8 stars appear in the sky, their brightness is countless time dimmer than before.

    Zhang Jiashuang’s expression instantly changes as she takes a step back.

    Gong Zhenlin and the rest also release out their star lamp and their expression changes largely!

    “This, what is this formation….so horrifying…”

    “Hahahahaha, this is the strength of the Sea Flipping God Lamp! You still wish to kill this king?! Dream on! Today I want all of you to die here!”

    He shouts out, “Black General come out, these people are all yours!”

    The river surface trembles as a three-meter tall guy steps on a wave and flies out.

    This guy has a green skin and on his body grows scales and fins, his pair of eyes are bulging out.


    In his hand holds a trident, the moment he appears he immediately roars, causing the river surface to trembles and churns.

    “This is….Sea Patrolling Yaksha!”