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Chapter 521 1 fight 3 no discussion

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     Sea Patrolling Yaksha!

    Lin Tong immediately tells Liu Yi the information regarding this demon.

    Yaksha is a kind of valiant creature, it is vicious and nimble, furthermore, it likes to eat people.

    They are born savages but also have boundless strength. This Sea Patrolling Yaksha is exceptionally swift and fierce. In one hand it holds a human-face shield while in the other it holds a trident as it roars.

    These Sea Patrolling Yaksha are the strongest protector of the Dragon Palace, they are incomparable to those shrimp soldiers and crab generals.

    If comparing them then those shrimp soldiers and crab generals are the people’s milita while the Sea Patrolling Yaksha are special force soldiers! They are classified as a Dragon Palace’s high-rank outfit.

    But is it a pity that the Dragon clan in River Song is weak, thus the old Dragon King is unable to obtain such a high-rank soldier. But unexpectedly this small white dragon is actually able to bring one along with him! It can be seen how powerful is his background, indeed he is a rich second generation!

    Seeing the appearance of the Sea Patrolling Yaksha, the people from Penglai Island are starting to be worried.

    “This king’s Sea Patrolling Yaksha is only at 9-star cultivation, but it is completely enough to kill you stupid cultivators.”

    Yu Xia is standing on a wave holding a lighted lamp while smiling.

    “Yaksha go and kill them!”


    Hearing Yu Xia’s orders that Sea Patrolling Yaksha roars and with a stomp, it jumps high into the sky and swings out his trident and falls from high in the sky towards the people from Penglai Island.

    “Let me go and block him!”

    5th senior brother Tu Can rushed to take action. His hands form a magic seal and instantly a stream of water flies up and rushes towards the Yaksha.

    It is a pity that this Tu Can’s might has been weakened by half. Although that stream of water looks frightening, but it is completely unable to withstand the trident of the Sea Patrolling Yaksha and is instantly broken.

    “Damn it, take my attack!”

    3rd senior brother Zhao Yu also pulls out his own magic tool, that white jade porcelain bottle instantly sprays out a water wave coiling onto the body of the Sea Patrolling Yaksha.

    A fist formed from the wave grabs ahold of that Yaksha. Normally with Zhao Yu’s might, he can crush the Yaksha to death just like this. But now, he feels like he is trying to crush a diamond.


    The Sea Patrolling Yaksha shakes it’s body as it waves it’s shield around and scatters the water hand.

    The trident in his hand continues to descend towards Zhang Jiashuang.

    “Junior sister be careful!”

    Gong Zhuoling’s reaction is rather calm as he instantly casts out a magic technique. From the ground emerges rows of water lance like a pitfall spike trap.

    If the Sea Patrolling Yaksha continues to descend, its body will pierce into a sieve by these water lances.

    The Yaksha flips in the sky and steps out a water flower and lands to the side.

    But it’s attack did not stop, after landing, both its legs erupts with strength.

    At the same time, it waves it’s trident and once again roars as it charges forwards.

    Demon qi wraps around its body making it very overbearing, causing the immortals from Penglai Island to be trembling with fear.

    “Evil demon, don’t get carried away!”

    Zhang Jiashuang finally snaps out of it and immediately activates her Ten Thousand Law Ruyi.

    Although this Ten Thousand Law Ruyi is a very good treasure, Zhang Jiashuang’s current strength is not even able to reach earth realm. Thus the treasure also loses some of it’s standard.

    An enormous wave flies out from the Ten Thousand Law Ruyi, following which these start to form a ten thousand strong army, roaring as they charge towards that Yaksha.

    “What a good treasure ah…”

    Liu Yi also exclaims, “It is actually able to use a wave to form into such an enormous ten thousand strong army. This is only with the cultivation base of 8 stars. If she had her original 16-star cultivation base, it is enough to destroy an entire city.”

    “Indeed…this Ten Thousand Law Ruyi is also one of the top rank treasures.”

    Lin Tong is also starting to slightly covet it.

    That Yu Xia is even more red-eyed as he says, “What a good treasure being used by you this lass, it is such a pity. But no worries, in a while it will belong to this king, hahaha! At that time my Sea Flipping God Lamp together with Ten Thousand Law Ruyi, wouldn’t I be undefeatable fighting in water!”

    This fellow is thinking too beautifully!

    “Go on and have your unrealistic dream!”

    Zhang Jiashuang controls the army, “Attack!”

    The army looks like they are about to submerge the Sea Patrolling Yaksha but unexpectedly it only stands there and stabs its shield into the sand beside it. At the same time it opens it’s mouth and gathers all of its demon qi into its mouth and lets out a roar.


    A surge of demon qi instantly shoots out, blowing the shocking army in front of it into non-existence!

    The water flies back in reverse and splashes onto the four people from Penglai Island causing them to be stunned.

    “This…this Yaksha is so fierce…”

    “Even junior sister’s Ten Thousand Law Ruyi is unable to take it down….looks like this time around it will be really hard…”

    “What are you afraid of, let us attack together!”

    The four immortals immediately pull out their own magic tools and surround the Sea Patrolling Yaksha, and start fighting.

    The Yaksha holds the human face shield with its right hand and waves the trident with its left hand. Although it is surrounded by 4 people, it is still as majestic as before like an often victorious general.

    Time after time it uses the shield to block its opponent’s magic technique before retaliating with its trident, beating the four people from Penglai Island very badly.

    The longer Gong Zhuolin fights, the more alarmed he gets. This Sea Patrolling Yaksha is too fierce already! The strength of us 4 are being shackled, we are basically not its opponent!

    “Cannot….we must prepare to withdraw!”

    Preserving their lives is important, like the saying ‘While the green hill last, there will be wood to burn’.

    [TL: or you can says where there is life, there is hope.]

    Thus Gong Zhuoling decided to bring his junior brothers and sister to escape this place.

    “Why must we run, I will definitely defeat it!”

    Zhang Jiashuang powers her Ten Thousand Law Ruyi but sweat is starting to form on her forehead.

    “Cannot, this Yaksha is a demon of water attribute. The damage dealt by your Ten Thousand Law Ruyi is too weak!”

    Gong Zhuolin reminds, “Furthermore half of our strength has been sealed. This situation is really bad for us! Currently, the only method left is to escape. After we think of a way to restrain that Sea Flipping God Lamp then we return!”

    “Damn it…I am not resigned!”

    Zhang Jiashuang is very gloomy, but she knows what her big senior brother says is right, thus she does her best to hit back to create a gap to escape from.

    “Hehehe, today none of you are able to leave.”

    As Yu Xia says, he whistles.

    Only to see from the river water, two more Sea Patrolling Yaksha have emerged causing the people from Penglai Island to be stunned.

    There is actually two more Sea Patrolling Yaksha…this way….it will really be wanting their life!

    “Hahaha, prepare to die!”

    As Yu Xia says so, the two Sea Patrolling Yaksha starts to attack Zhang Jiashuang and the rest.

    “The gods want us to die ah!”

    Gong Zhuolin sighs in dejection while the other two junior brother’s complexion turns pale.

    “I do not wish to die, wuwuwu…”

    Feeling that death is approaching, Zhang Jiashuang’s earlier brave appearance is gone from fear and starts crying, her tears make her look very pitiful.

    While a Yaksha holding its trident is already approaching her.

    At this moment a black lance blocks the trident and smashes it to the side.

    “Since you do not wish to die, then go back and cultivate more.”

    When Zhang Jiashuang hears this voice she opens her eyes to see the outside cultivator who was standing by the side silent earlier holding a black lance standing in front of her.

    He? Wasn’t he stunned from fear?

    Why did he run out to save me?

    “Good fellow, so you are actually so anxious to die eh?”

    Yu Xia laughs loudly, “Fine then, let me first send you to death then!”

    One of the Sea Patrolling Yaksha instantly roars and charges towards Liu Yi with its trident.

    Liu Yi only clucks, his body has already entered spiritual breast transformation state.

    Although his cultivation base has been suppressed to 5-star jades, Liu Yi’s combat strength has never followed the star jade.

    With four different qi gathering together, as well as the spiritual beast transformation. At the same time, his scorpion tail lance shoots out and pierced through that Sea Patrolling Yaksha’s throat.


    That Sea Patrolling Yaksha vomits out blood before collapsing.


    Everyone got a shock. With four people attacking together for half a day, they were still unable to defeat the Sea Patrolling Yaksha, it actually died so easily under the hands of this outside part cultivator?

    Furthermore, in just a single move?!

    This….is this a joke?!

    Seeing this scene, Zhang Jiashuang’s eyes are dim as she mutters, “Coincidence…it is definitely a coincidence…”

    “Bastard what is this cultivation method!”

    Yu Xia got a shock as he did not expect that his Yaksha was so easily dealt with!

    “A cultivation method for killing you.”

    Liu Yi recalls his Scorpion Tail Lance and kicks that Yaksha’s corpse into the river.

    The dark red blood spreads out creating a ghastly sight.

    “Damn it this king still has 2 Yaksha, with my Sea Flipping God Lamp, I do not believe that I am unable to kill you!”

    As Yu Xia scolds, he urges the two other Sea Patrolling Yaksha to attack Liu Yi.

    One of the Yaksha place down its human face shield and opens its mouth and spits out a water wave towards Liu Yi.

    While the other Yaksha roars and gathers it’s dense demon qi onto the trident and pierces towards Liu Yi.

    Under this kind of attacks, if it is any of the people from Penglai Island, they will be at a lost on how to defend.

    But Liu Yi is different, he had experienced over thousands of fight and does not have any fear at all.

    “Mountain Mist!”

    Under the state where he is combined with Sky Supporting Pillar, his left palm turns into an enormous golden palm and slaps over.

    At the same time, an even large ice palm flies out and scatters the surging over water wave before smashing onto the body of the Sea Patrolling Yaksha.

    The Sea Patrolling Yaksha’s body is instantly sent flying away by the ice palm and is turned into an ice sculpture by the ice qi and drops into the sea.

    While the other Yaksha’s trident has already reached Liu Yi’s side.


    The trident stabs into the ground and a large hole is instantly blasted out of the riverbank.

    While Liu Yi’s image slowly fades away.

    The Sea Patrolling Yaksha is slightly foolish as it does not understand how was its attack dodged!

    “I am here ah.”

    While Liu Yi instantly appears behind him and press down his hand on its head.


    That Yaksha is instantly pressed into the sand by Liu Yi’s palm, creating a horrifying sandstorm.