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Chapter 522 Method of fighting on the river bank

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     When the sandstorm dissipates, the Sea Patrolling Yaksha have already turned into mincemeat.

    Liu Yi stands up straight and smiles at Yu Xia.

    Under the effects of the Sea Flipping God Lamp, he is actually able to defeat 3 Sea Patrolling Yaksha!

    The people from Penglai Island looks at him like they are looking at an alien.

    “You, who on earth are you?”

    Yu Xia finally sensed that something is wrong, on one hand, he is heartache about the Yaksha, on the other, he is glaring fiercely at Liu Yi.

    “Who am I is not important. Now obediently release the princess of the Dragon Palace!”

    Recalling that Ao Susu might still be enduring hardship, he snorts coldly and says, “Otherwise I will pull out your dragon vein and skin your dragon scales!”

    “You want to save the princess?”

    Yu Xia frowns after which his eyes land on the unremarkable turtle by Liu Yi’s feet.

    “I know now, you must the be Emperor’s son-in-law of this Dragon Palace, Liu Yi right?”

    “What! So you are Liu Yi!”

    Zhang Jiashuang and the rest look at Liu Yi in shock.

    Recalling how she was telling this fellow that Liu Yi is nothing and how powerful she is…in a blink of an eye, he dealt with the three Sea Patrolling Yaksha that the four of them are having pressure with…

    Zhang Jiashuang immediately feels deep shame as her face turns completely red and wishes that she can find a hole and hide in it.

    While Liu Yi does not have anymore mood to continue pretending to be naive as he says bluntly, “That’s right, I am Liu Yi.”

    “Very good. No wonder Ao Susu will like you so much. Indeed you have some ability.”

    Yu Xia glances at Liu Yi, “Looks like you obtained a treasure from Dragon Palace that allows you to withstand the powers from my Sea Flipping God Lamp right?”

    Could it be the case?

    When Zhang Jiashuang hears this her heart is moved.

    Master had said before that with my 16 star-jade cultivation, I am the number 1 among the current younger generation!

    How could this Liu Yi be stronger than me…looks like he really has some treasure that allows him to resist the powers of the Sea Flipping God Lamp?

    Seem likes, this is the only possibility!

    Thinking till here, Zhang Jiashuang lets out a sigh of relief and becomes slightly arrogant again.

    Indeed, I am then the strongest!

    Liu Yi also did not bother commenting on it, he only smiles.

    “That is not related to you. You only need to know one thing and that is if you do not release the princess and scram out of River Song’s Dragon Palace, then today you will die.”

    “Hahaha, what a big tone!”

    Yu Xia starts laughing, “Do you really think that this king no longer has anyone else! Little ones, go, turn this fellow into mincemeat!”

    The prawn soldiers and crab generals immediately roar and rush towards Liu Yi while standing on waves.

    “Still wish to play a human flood technique?”

    Liu Yi starts laughing, “This method is useless against me.”

    “Let me tell you honestly, they are not ordinary prawn soldiers and crab generals!”

    Yu Xia is very confident, “My prawn soldiers and crab generals are brought over from Black Dragon River! There are also some who are elites that I borrowed from LOST! All of them are above 5-star cultivation! With so many elites, it is enough to kill you!”


    Liu Yi frowns, it actually is related to the demon army?

    Could it be that behind this small dragon, it is the support of that Demon Emperor? If that is the case, then this is indeed slightly thorny.

    {Big idiot, what are we going to do…are we still fighting?}

    Hearing that behind them is the hands of the Demon Emperor, Lin Tong starts to be apprehensive.

    {Fight, of course, we are going to fight!}

    Liu Yi smiles, {After all this is not the first time I have offended LOST, why am I going to be afraid of another debt!}

    Done speaking he starts revolving his four qis.

    “Kill him!”


    Hundreds of prawn soldiers and crab generals densely packed together instantly throw themselves at Liu Yi.

    “Liu….Daoist Liu! Let me lend you my junior sister’s Ten Thousand Law Ruyi!”

    Gong Zhenling is afraid that Liu Yi will be at a disadvantage.

    “Based on what ah!”

    Zhang Jiashuang is very unhappy, this is the treasure that master has gifted her how can it be lent to outsiders!

    Gong Zhenling glares at his junior sister, “Don’t be willful! Right now we are all in the same boat! If he loses all of us lose!”

    Zhang Jiashuang is slightly unwilling but thinking that it is indeed the only method. Alas, I am going to lend my most favorite treasure to an annoying outsider….unhappy ah, unhappy ah.

    “Thank you, Daoist Gong, but when dealing with little people, there is no need to use the magic treasure of Penglai Island!”

    Liu Yi says loudly, at the same time he raises both his hands as a golden light erupts from his body.

    With the support of Sky Supporting Pillar, it basically allows Glorious Sun Palm’s might to be displayed to the extreme!

    “Desolate Flames!”

    Both of Liu Yi’s hands push towards the prawn soldiers and crab general, golden light wraps around his palm forming a huge arm and hits out two paths of radiance that combine together in midair.


    It is like detonating a missile as an enormous shockwave erupts out from the slap by Liu Yi’s two palms.

    Instantly, the shockwave blows the incoming torrential wave like aquatic army.

    As for those who were hit head-on, all off them were instantly turned into mincemeat!

    This move scares everyone badly, Yu Xia’s legs almost soften and causes him to fall of the wave.

    “So, so strong…”

    Even Gong Zhenlin also exclaims in shock.

    “Hmph, his might is not sealed, dealing with these weak demons, of course, he is strong!”

    Zhang Jiashuang says with dissatisfaction, “If there wasn’t that Sea Flipping God Lamp, this miss would have killed that demon dragon long ago!”

    Yu Xia clenches his teeth in hatred, “Damn it, you actually killed so many of my underlings!”

    “If you do not wish to let you underlings die, either you fight against me personally or release the princess and scram out of here.”

    “You think that you can really defeat me?”

    Yu Xia rages, he suddenly tosses the Sea Flipping God Lamp into the sky and flies towards Liu Yi personally.

    “Then I shall show you this king’s might!”

    He summons out a white lance and silver armor encases his body, he looks rather impressive as he stabs out the lance towards Liu Yi.

    “Hahaha, come!”

    Liu Yi has already determined that this Yu Xia is above 13 star-jade cultivation!

    Under my Spiritual Beast Transformation, I can still fight!

    Because of the 4 Penglai Island cultivators by the side, Liu Yi does not wish to use his Dragon Transformation powers, otherwise, it will be too troublesome.

    “Eat my lance!”

    From Yu Xia’s lance flies out a meter long water dragon which starts waving its claw and attack Liu Yi.

    “Palour tricks.”

    Liu Yi stretches out a finger and blocks in front of the water dragon.

    The enormous dragon instantly stops there like it had crashed into an invisible wall.

    “Using only a finger….to block that water dragon?”

    Zhao Yu is shocked as he rubs his eyes in disbelief.

    Gong Zhenlin’s eyesight is very powerful as he points at Liu Yi’s finger and says, “No, you look in front of his finger. There is a magic tool.”

    Only then did everyone else look carefully and notices that in front of Liu Yi’s finger is a fingernail-size Lion Seal.

    “That is…Sky Flipping Seal!”

    Zhang Jiashuang exclaim in shock, within her sect’s repository she had once seen this magic tool before!

    “That’s right, it is really the Sky Flipping Seal!”

    The people from Penglai Island got quite a shock. It is rumored that this Sky Flipping Seal is a very mysterious magic tool. It can turn big and small, when big it can cover the sky, when small it can be as small as a rice grain, it is very mysterious! Furthermore, the biggest use of Sky Flipping Seal is defense, the defensive barrier that it spread out is very firm and formidable. It is a magic tool that can bot attack and defend!

    “Isn’t this thing in the World Manor….why is it in his hands?”

    “Not clear. Continue to watch, let’s take a look first!”

    “Hmph, this kind of good magic tool given to this external pavilion cultivator, such a pity!”

    Zhao Yu sneers, “After the Sea Flipping God Lamp’s effect is removed and we have regained our strength, let’s just snatch it over!”

    “That’s right, 3rd senior brother…would it be bad?”

    Zhang Jiashuang is slightly hesitant.

    “There is nothing bad about it, all of the magic tools in the world belongs to the one who obtains it!”

    Coldness flashes across Zhao Yu’s eye, “This kind of treasure, how is it possible for that external cultivator to possess it. Him holding it, perhaps he might use it to do evil. So for the common people in the world, it should be safely kept by our inner sects!”

    [TL: and here we go again more fight is coming up]

    “What you say is right…”

    Gong Zhenlin sinking into bitter thoughts while Zhang Jiashuang only faintly thinks that this is wrong. But she is unable to think of any reason to refute her 3rd senior brother.

    “Did not think that you actually also possess Sky Flipping Seal this kind of magic tool!”

    Yu Xia is also shocked, “Also good, after this king kill you, all of this will be this king’s!”

    “Dream on.”

    As Liu Yi speaks he lightly sucks in some air and puffs out at the water dragon in front of him.

    Liu Yi mimics the dragon breath technique and blows out the Mysterious Ice Qi in his body!

    Swiftly the entire water dragon is frozen into an ice sculpture!

    “This is….”

    “You are of water nature, thus my Ice qi can completely control you.”

    Liu Yi smiles and says, “So you are unable to win me one.”

    “What this king knows is not only magic techniques!”

    He descends as he wraps his lance with demon qi and starts attacking Liu Yi.

    While Liu Yi is like Mu Chunfeng as he uses his Scorpion Tail lance and continuously blocks the attack of the little white dragon

    [TL: Mu Chunfeng a fictional character by another author. Let just take it like he is very good at blocking attacks….]

    Liu Yi is a martial cultivator, an expert of close combat! Although the little white dragon has a decent lance technique, his attacks are like a storm, but to Liu Yi’s eyes, it is basically full of mistakes.

    Along with the black and white world, the little white dragon’s attack is slowed down a lot.

    “It is actually like he is toying with that little white dragon!”

    Zhang Jiashuang mutters apprehensively, “Looks like his strength should be around 14-star jade. Hmph, compared to this miss, it is still inferior!”

    Liu Yi did not pay attention to what Zhang Jiashuang says, he continues to toy around with Yu Xia, destroying his mental state as he says, “Let me give you 5 seconds to consider. After 5 seconds if you still do not release the dragon girl, then I shall send you to meet your old ancestor!”

    “Spouting nonsense! Watch me kill you!”

    Yu Xia does not believe that he will lose. The lance in his hand become even faster like a real white dragon appearing and disappearing unpredictably.

    While Liu Yi dodges, he keeps counting down.





    “Count your head! Go and die for me!”

    Yu Xia has been attacking for a long time without success. Hearing Liu Yi counting down, his heart finally collapse as the lance in his hands which is wrapped in water qi smashes heavily towards Liu Yi!