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Chapter 528 Do you wish to be an official my in-law?

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     The old dragon king no longer has the aggressiven air that Liu Yi saw back then. Currently, he is like an old man with one foot in the grave as he lies there on the ground dying.

    “Emperor, emperor. This is a Nine Turn Dan, quickly consume it.”

    The old turtles take out a large immortal medical pill and stuffs it into the old dragon king’s mouth.

    After consuming this immortal pill, the old dragon king slowly opens his eyes. His self-recovery strength is already very strong, with this medical dan, he recovers some vitality.

    “I, I am actually still alive eh…”

    The old dragon king touches his face. Realising that it is warm and corporal he is in slight disbelieve.

    He had thought that he will definitely die this time.

    “Emperor, it is emperor’s son-in-law who saved you ah!”

    The old turtle immediately points at Liu Yi and says, “Emperor’s son-in-law have saved our entire dragon palace ah!”


    The old dragon king looks at Liu Yi with ruefulness.

    After all Liu Yi is the person who had killed his son….but now, he is the one who saved the entire Dragon Palace.

    Alas, indeed it is my daughter who is able to see far ahead ah. She choosing Liu Yi to be her husband is indeed right.

    “Right….Susu, Susu is still in the deep water prison….”

    When the old dragon king recalls his daughter, he suddenly gains a burst of strength from some unknown area and jumps up from the ground in shock.

    “Quick, quickly go and save her ah…”

    After the old dragon jumps up, he used up all of his strength and once again plops back down.

    “Deepwater prison?”

    Liu Yi frown, where is that?

    {It is the place where I was locked in. Let us go, I’ll bring you over.}

    Yuan Qiuhong speaks up. She transforms into a small scorpion and lands on the ground and leads Liu Yi.

    “I’ll go and save Susu. You guys wait here in ease.”

    Liu Yi follows after Yuan Qiuhong.

    “Really did not think that…it will be him who save us…alas….is this fate…”

    The old dragon king sits there as he sighs.

    Liu Yi follows Yuan Qiuhong and reaches the Deep Water Prison. Looking at the prison in front of him Liu Yi ask her, {You were locked up in this place back then?}

    {Hmph, if it was not for that shackles locking me up, how is it possible for this place to contain me Yuan Qiuhong.}

    Yuan Qiuhong says arrogantly and brings Liu Yi into the water prison.

    In the cold water prison is a young girl wearing red clothing.

    Her lower body is submerged in the icy-cold water causing her body to shiver and her lips to turn slightly purple.

    It seems like she heard someone entering, making her snorts and says strengthless, “You came again? It is no use. I definitely will not yield to you….wait till my consort is here and you will definitely be dead.”

    Hearing what Ao Susu says, Liu Yi’s heart feel warm. But at the same time, he turns slightly mischievous and pinches his voice and says, “Hmph…that consort of yours had already died in my hands. From today onwards you shall be my woman.”


    Ao Susu got a scare and immediately raises her head, her pair of pretty eyes wide open.

    But when she sees the guy standing in front of her, her heart starts to beat rapidly, after which tears start to flow down uncontrollably.

    “Damn it….you scumbag….how dare you use this matter to scare me!!!”

    After being locked in here for so long, no matter what kind of threat she received Ao Susu had never cried before.

    But at this moment she finally cannot stand it any more and starts crying. Her heart which was originally stretched taut, finally becomes soft.

    “Don’t cry, don’t cry. It is my fault, it is my fault. In the future, I will not scare you anymore!”

    Liu Yi immediately starts coaxing her. But no matter how he coaxes, Ao Susu keeps crying.

    Finally, he have no other choice but press his hands on his face and make a idiotic looking face and show Ao Susu.

    “Pufff, hehehe~~~”

    Ao Susu finally starts laughing and wipes away her tears, rolling her eyes at Liu Yi.

    “Damn it you fellow, why are you still not letting this princess out.”

    “Ah right, right….”

    Liu Yi immediately grabs the bars of the prison.

    “Are you crazy? Go and ask for the key from my father…right, how is my father?”

    “He is fine, but he needs to recuperate.”

    Liu Yi’s words allow Ao Susu to relax, “As for the key, there is no need. Open for me.”

    He had yet to come out from the second stage of Dragon Transformation as well as the spiritual beast transformation of Sky Supporting Pillar.

    Gently using strength the prison bars are pulled apart causing Ao Susu to be shocked.

    “Your….your strength increased again? It also increased by so much….”

    “Still okay, these two years I also cannot be idle with time.”

    Liu Yi walks into the water and hugs Ao Susu into his embrace. Ao Susu is already very weak and does not have any strength to walk out on her own.

    “Cultivation world, this place, if you do not work hard to strengthen yourself, sooner or later you will be bullied by others.”

    Being hugged by Liu Yi and sensing the strong male aura from his body, Ao Susu’s face starts to turn red and becomes silent.

    Liu Yi thought that Ao Susu is too tired so he no longer talks to her and swiftly returns to the center of the glorious Dragon Palace.

    “Susu, my baby daughter…”

    The old dragon king is sitting sickly on the Dragon Throne, seeing his daughter being carried in by Liu Yi, he starts weeping.

    “Royal Father…”

    Ao Susu is also very emotional, but it is a pity that she is completely strengthless, otherwise, she will rush into her father’s embrace and start crying.

    “Susu, are you fine? Did you receive any injury? Did that damn Yu Xia maltreat you?”

    “I am fine, Royal Father…”

    “It is great that you are fine, it is great that you are fine…”

    Although the old dragon king is crying but Liu Yi knows that he is very happy in his heart. Alas did not expect that the Dragon Palace would experience such a calamity.

    Being in the cultivation world, it will not do if you do not possess strength.

    “The reason why Dragon Palace would meet with such a huge calamity is because of my fault.”

    The old dragon king sits there and stops crying. Looking at the dragon palace members who were enslaved for so long, he sighs deeply.

    “If it is not for me who mistakenly got to know this evildoer, our dragon palace would not have met with such a calamity….alas…”

    “Your Majesty, it cannot be blamed on you ah. It is because that evil person was too deceitful.”

    “That’s right, that’s right. Your Majesty, it is not your fault ah.”

    “Your Majesty there is no need for you to blame yourself.”

    The aquatic creatures starts consoling one after the other.

    “There is no need to say anymore. What is right and what is wrong, I know in my heart.”

    The old dragon king sighs, “Everyone first listen to what I have to say. Within this River Song, although we only occupy a small territory, River Song is very large and there are a lot of enemies. Causing us from the Ao clan to be bullied. In the past, I had always thought that as long as we honestly defend this place and do not go around to provoke other people, naturally there will not be anyone who will come and provoke us. But only after this matter, I realize that I am wrong. River Song is very large and it also connects directly to Black Dragon River. Even if we are willing to become an ostrich, there will still be people who will come and find trouble for us. So from today onwards, I decided to abdicate. Liu Yi the son-in-law of our Dragon Palace, from today onwards, you shall be the Dragon King of this Dragon Palace!”

    The moment the old dragon king finished speaking, it instantly causes the people in the Dragon Palace to flare up.

    The group of aquatic creatures starts chattering and quarreling with each other.

    Liu Yi is currently thinking of the Demon Emperor’s matter, thus he did not pay attention to what the old dragon king says. Thus when he realizes that the surrounding aquatic creatures are being noisy, he is slightly shocked.

    “Susu, what did you father just say?”

    Liu Yi lowers his head and realises that Ao Susu who is in his embrace is looking at him with wide open eyes.

    “He said, let you become the Dragon King of this Dragon Palace.”


    Liu Yi is so frightened that he nearly throws Ao Susu who is in his embrace out.

    What the hell, are you for real?! Let me become this Dragon Palace’s Dragon King?!

    “Liu Yi, in the future this group of aquatic creatures in River Song will be counting on you.”

    The old dragon king walks off the Dragon Throne and kneels down in front of Liu Yi.

    “Liu Yi, although we have experienced before some conflict between us, but for the sake of Susu’s face, I hope that you are able to save us this group of aquatic creature.”

    “I, I….”

    Liu Yi is completely stunned, become the Dragon King…how is this possible ah!!

    “Old dragon king, this…let’s forget about it.”

    Liu Yi place Ao Susu on a chair by the side before helping the old dragon king in front of him up and says, “I am a human. How can I become the Dragon King of this River Song’s Dragon Palace?”

    Good fellow, not willing to do it?

    Hearing this the old dragon king instantly kneeled down once again and begs bitterly, “Liu Yi, although you are a human, after all, you have absorbed the Dragon Pearl of my unfortunate son, right now you are also a half dragon. To be honest, I had originally plan to pass this Dragon King position to that unfortunate son of mine…for the sake of my unfortunate son as well as Ao Susu, please become the Dragon King ah!”

    Get lost! Who wants to become a cuckold(Wang Ba)!

    [TL: it is a word game? where the king is Wang and ah sounds similar to Ba]

    Liu Yi wants to cry but has no tears, why does this old dragon king want to toss this ball to me ah!

    {Liu Yi, why don’t you agree to it.}

    Lin Tong ponders a while before saying, {Aren’t you able to clone yourself. You can split into two people. One stays in this River Song and is the Dragon King while the other does the things that naturally needs to be done.}

    {This is possible…but what is the use of being a Dragon King? Where do I have the experience of being a Dragon King ah….}

    Liu Yi’s head becomes big.

    {No worries, I will help you.}

    Lin Tong says, {After all the spiritual space of both your body is shared. I can travel between to and for between both bodies as I wish. While you can use this place as a base and continuously develop your strength. Do not forget, right now you have always been a lone person ah. If you wish to resist the entire cultivation realm, relying on yourself is not enough. Subdue all of the aquatic creatures in this River Song and then conquer the entire Black Dragon River. After which unify the 4 seas…hehe, this way you will have the strength to resist the cultivation world as well as the Demon King!}

    {Truly…it is really an ambitious thought ah…}

    Hearing this sentence, Liu Yi is half stunned.

    Although this matter sounds very praiseworthy….but to carry out in reality, it is very, very difficult. First let’s not talk about this mess of a Ao family, talking about myself, even if I really become the Dragon King, it is just a soldierless commander ah!

    It is not like I can bring my Scarlet Cloth Guards in to help ah! They are unable to breath underwater!

    “Liu Yi, agree to it….”

    Without him knowing, Ao Susu is already by his side and gently holds his hands and plead, “If you leave…we will really be done for…”

    Seeing Ao Susu’s expression, Liu Yi finally starts to hesitate.

    Soooo……am I going to become the Dragon King of this Dragon Palace??

    Gods, who can give me an answer ah!!!