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Chapter 529 Forming clouds and summoning rain

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     “Please, I’m begging you…”

    Ao Susu also kneels down while the surrounding aquatic creatures kneel down as well.

    Your grandma ah….isn’t this driving an honest girl into prostitution….oh spirits, isn’t this driving a person to drastic alternatives!!

    Liu Yi is at a lost.

    {Agree to it Liu Yi. If you wish to have a position in the cultivation world then become this Dragon King.}

    Lin Tong continues to advise, {Don’t you wish to command the four seas? Don’t you wish to become the Supreme Heavenly Dragon King?}

    {What is Heavenly Dragon King?}

    {That is the leader of the Dragon Kings of the four seas!}

    Lin Tong says, {Back then the four seas were in chaotic wars. The four big dragon clans fighting each other continuously, in the end, a Heavenly Dragon King appeared and defeated all of the dragon clan members, unifying the four seas. It is a pity as that Heavenly Dragon King is short-lived, and died a while later. Right now the four big dragon clans are separately administrating the four seas. Liu Yi what are you hesitating for, go and subdue them all! Otherwise, you will be letting down the Dragon Qi in your body!}

    {Fine then, I will work hard..….}

    Immortal Fox sister always likes to bewitch me, but I must say that it is indeed attractive to me!

    “Everyone please get up. I will become the Dragon King.”

    “Your Majesty is wise!”

    The old dragon king is instantly crying tears of joy as he leads the rest of the aquatic creatures to cheer, “From now on, we have hope now!”

    “But….I do not have any experience.”

    Liu Yi is slightly apprehensive.

    “Relax Your Majesty, this official will assist you.”

    The old dragon king changes the way he addresses Liu Yi, “Your Majesty please ascend the throne first.”

    As he speaks, he points at the Dragon Throne adorned with gold and gems.

    Liu Yi is slightly gloomy hearing this. Why is this old dragon king always scolding people?

    He helplessly walks up to the Dragon Throne and sits down.

    While the old dragon king places his crown on Liu Yi’s head. The crown carries a faint dragon qi, when Liu Yi puts it on, it instantly causes the clothing he is wearing to change.

    A golden armor encases his body, behind him is a red mantle.

    “Indeed you are a natural Dragon King ah!”

    The old dragon king sighs, “When you put on this dragon crown, the Dragon Emperor’s Armour will automatically be put on.”

    “Dragon Emperor’s Armour?”

    Liu Yi looks at the cool-looking golden battle armor that he is wearing in curiosity.

    “That’s right. This is the battle armor that every single Dragon King will pass down. Only a real Dragon King is able to summon out its strength. It is a pity that in my dragon clan, it has already been two generations since the Dragon Emperor’s Armour was summoned out. My eyesight is indeed correct ah…”

    He kneels down again and leads the rest of the aquatic creatures to say to Liu Yi, ‘Long live Your Majesty.’ and the rest of the greetings.

    Facing the several tens of aquatic creatures, Liu Yi really wishes to cry.

    Bullshit, even if I am a Dragon King, the number of underlings are too little already right…

    “Old dragon king….”

    “Your Majesty, this subject’s name is Ao Huang.”

    Liu Yi asks, “Fine…Ao Huang, me being the Dragon King now, what kind of obligations do I need to fulfill?”

    “Actually it is very simple. Your Majesty only needs to be in charge of forming clouds and summoning rain as well as protecting North Dragon City this area that’s all. Your Majesty, you take a look over here, this token is the Wind Rain Writ. Normally how the clouds form and rain falls are all fine. But on some specific days, the Heavenly Court will pass down the Wind Rain Writ requesting our Dragon Palace to follow their instructions on how much rainfall is allowed. But to us this small Dragon Palace, they usually do not care. Only the dragon clan in the four seas would frequently receive this Wind Rain Writ.”

    “No wonder these few days, Yu Xia can go do things in such a perverse way and the top also did not care. So it is because our area is an unregulated zone eh.”

    “The Heavenly Court does not manage everything.”

    Ao Huang says faintly, “Most of the Heavenly Court’s Immortal are cultivators from the inner pavilion who had cultivated into a Golden Immortal and ascended. They do not show any interest in the matters of the mortals. Only when some people who anger the Heavenly Court would they send down the Wind Rain Writ to punish those who offend them.”

    “So that is the case…no wonder that is the saying, ‘The heaven and earth are heartless, and treat all living things as dogs’.”

    “More or less this meaning.”

    Ao Huang nods his head, “So Your Majesty, if you wish for North Dragon City to have favorable weathers, then you must be serious about forming clouds and summoning rain.”

    “How do I form clouds and summon rain?”

    Liu Yi has indeed become curious.

    “Very simple. Your Majesty, this is the Wind Rain Flag!”

    A red flag appears in Ao Huang’s hand which he passes to Liu Yi.

    “Your Majesty follow me. I will teach you how to form clouds and summon rain.”

    He turns around and flies out of the Dragon Palace.

    Liu Yi hurries after him, one in front one behind, they swiftly fly high up into the sky.

    “Your Majesty, this is the sutra for forming clouds and summoning rain. You must remember properly!”

    As Ao Huang speaks, he presses his hand on Liu Yi’s forehead and transmits the sutra to Liu Yi.

    Liu Yi trembles slightly as both his hands grab hold if the Wind Rain Flap as the qi in his body starts surging and gathering towards the flap.

    “Clouds come!”

    He roars out as a strange feeling emerges in Liu Yi’s heart! He senses all of the water vapor in the world seems to be attracted over to him.

    Patches of black clouds start forming under his feet as Liu Yi waves the flag.

    “Rain come!”

    Liu Yi waves the flag once again and instantly heavy rain starts to descend upon the top of North Dragon City.

    Flip the hands as clouds, cover the hands as rain….this is the first time Liu Yi has such a carefree feeling.

    So forming clouds and summoning rain is such an enjoyable matter!

    “Your Majesty, Your Majesty you cannot continue to let it rain ah!”

    Just as Liu Yi is about to be fully concentrated in playing, Ao Huang instantly starts shouting and stops Liu Yi.

    “What is the matter? I have just gotten the feel of it ah!”

    Liu Yi looks curiously at Ao Huang whose face is completely in a panic.

    “Your Majesty, if you continue on, North Dragon City will be flooded ah!”

    Ao Huang has a bitter face as he points below.

    Liu Yi looks down through the dark clouds. Indeed the heavy downpour below is about to become disastrous!

    Oh my god! I played too enthusiastic! The heaviest possible downpour for over a few minutes, it causes the water level of River Song to rise once again!

    Damn it, did not think that I almost cause a calamity ah!

    Liu Yi immediately waves the Wind Rain Flag causing the black clouds to instantly disperse allowing the sun to shine upon North Dragon City once again.

    Liu Yi looks at the damp North Dragon city and says with lingering fear, “Looks like I cannot form clouds and summon rain, ah, otherwise it will kill people.”

    “Your Majesty being able to control the rain so naturally the first time you try it, was indeed very incredible.”

    Ao Huang clucks and says, “Indeed you are the master of my Dragon Palace. But now that we have learned how to form clouds and summon rain, now there are some other matters that I need to tell Your Majesty. Your Majesty, please follow me back to the Dragon Palace first.”

    “Very well, but please wait a moment.”

    Liu Yi summons out Little Black and under the shocked gaze of Ao Huang he split himself into two people.

    “This…this is the rumored avatar technique?”

    Ao Huang is so shocked that he is unable to say anything, his dragon whiskers playing all over the place.

    “No, no. It is just a small technique of mine.”

    Liu Yi hurriedly waves his hand and give the other him a command, “You go back to JingDou first and wait for my orders.”

    The Taiji sword suddenly appears below the other Liu Yi’s feet and he instantly flies through the sky.

    “What a mystical technique, Your Majesty indeed has boundless magic powers!”

    “You think too highly of me.”

    Liu Yi sighs, “In this world, there are too many people who are stronger than me….earlier, I nearly got done in by someone and is considered as picking up another life.”

    Liu Yi says in his heart, is this considered as the Demon Emperor saving my life once?

    “In the three thousand worlds, there are indeed a lot of experts with huge magic powers.”

    Ao Huang nods his head, “First let us not talk about those heaven realm experts who had crossed their calamity, the Golden Immortals in the Heavenly Courts are all incomparably powerful. Compared to them, we are really nothing but an ant. But there is no need to be anxious, after Your Majesty follows to the Dragon Palace, I will pass to Your Majesty the core cultivation technique for the dragon race of my Dragon Palace. Although the Dragon Qi of Your Majesty is very powerful, it has turned turn into a system. For example, the transformation that you entered earlier, although you can utilize your powerful Dragon Qi, it is like a little kid waving about a sledgehammer and are not using this strength correctly.”

    “Dragon race’s core cultivation technique?”

    Liu Yi’s heart is moved, “Am I able to learn it?”

    “Hehe, what is Your Majesty saying. You are already the head of my Dragon Palace, the Dragon King of a piece of territory in the River Song. If you don’t learn this dragon race’s core cultivation technique then who else is qualified to learn? After learning this core cultivation technique, Your Majesty will be like a tiger with wings! Sooner or later you will be able to cross your calamity and become a Golden Immortal and become the Heavenly Dragon King who will unify the four seas!”

    “Then I must first thank old dragon king.”

    Liu Yi is happy in his heart, right now my demon qi has already completely transformed into dragon qi. Using the Heaven Fox Heart Sutra to move it is indeed no longer suitable. Although the Dragon Transformation strength is indeed very powerful, the amount of strength that can utilize is just 30-40% that’s all. If I am able to learn the core cultivation technique of the dragon race then that will really be the best.

    “Your Majesty is overpraising this servant.”

    Ao Huang waves his hands and then says, “Why don’t Your Majesty first follow me back to the Dragon Palace. This servant still has some matters that need to be hand over to Your Majesty.”

    “Good. Let us go.”

    Liu Yi nods his head and once again follow Ao Huang back.

    But the moment they return, they suddenly realize that the Dragon Palace has become a lot more boisterous.

    There are a lot of prawn soldiers and crab generals gathering inside quarreling none stop.

    Seeing this scene Ao Huang mutters apprehensively, “Could it be that Yu Xia’s underlings have come to create trouble again?”

    “Your Majesty….you see….”

    “Leave it to me.”

    Liu Yi flies above the Dragon Palace and gathers his Dragon Qi and roars.

    “In front of me this Dragon King who dares to be impudent!”

    With his shouts, his dragon might instantly spread out.

    Those prawn soldiers and crab generals turn pale and immediately kneel down.

    “Dragon King, Dragon King Your Majesty spare us!”

    “Don’t kill us ah….we are all innocent ah…”

    “Liu Yi, Liu Yi, you have mistaken!”

    While Ao Susu runs over anxiously and shouts, “These people are not here to cause trouble. They are here to surrender!”


    Liu Yi’s eyebrow raises, “Surrender?”

    “That’s right Your Majesty. I am the leader of these people, I am called Big Head!”

    A blackfish general immediately floats over and kneels down in front of Liu Yi, “We are all idle aquatic creatures of Black Dragon River. Back then we were forced by Yu Xia to become his soldiers only then did we come over to this River Song to cause trouble!”