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Chapter 531 Yin and Yang

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     The winding path leads to a quiet place, a zen room deep within the forest.

    Liu Yi feels that when Teacher Chang Jian from Tang Dynasty wrote this sentence, there is an even deeper meaning now.

    Especially on Ao Susu, it seems like it is because of the young dragon girl which caused Liu Yi’s path to be very arduous.

    But after entering deep inside, that carefree and dripping wet feeling also arrives.

    When Ao Susu bites down Liu Yi on his shoulders, he also did not feel pain.

    When Ao Susu seeing that biting down does not make Liu Yi shrink back, instead it make him even more ferocious, her face turn red and says, “Bad egg…”

    “Where am I bad?”

    “Everywhere is bad!”

    “Then let me be even badder then, hehe…”

    As Liu Yi speaks, he flips Ao Susu around and makes her kneel on the bed, changing into the favourite position of guys.

    “This, this position is too shameful already….it is like a little dog…”

    “Mm, right now you can think yourself as a little bitch then.”

    “Damn, damn it…this princess is the noble…noble Dragon Palace princess…”

    “Very well then, my arrogant princess, I shall retreat.”

    “Don’t….woof, woof….”


    [TL: taming of dragon girl loli 100% complete….]

    The two of them shamelessly continues their dual cultivation exercise. The bed below them is also not very firm and rocks along as well.

    After half an hour, because Ao Susu’s constitution is to special, Liu Yi feels that he is going to lose control soon.

    Ao Susu seems to sense Liu Yi’s strange condition and hurriedly says, “First, first don’t….I need to revolve the dual cultivation technique…”

    She climbs back up and turns around, sitting in Liu Yi’s embrace. Her legs sandwich Liu Yi’s waist and link their lower body together. She shudders as she starts revolving the sutra.

    Instantly Liu Yi senses a gush of qi flowing out from Ao Susu’s body into his body.

    Finally, he is unable to control himself and as his Southern Pass failes to guard and pours into Ao Susu’s center.

    Their qi interacts with each other and instantly forms a large cycle.

    Liu Yi senses that a portion of his dragon qi have split out and enters Ao Susu’s body while a portion of Ao Susu’s dragon qi split out and enters his body, merging with the dragon qi in his body.

    As this happens, it is basically a double pleasure overlaying on the two of them causing both of them to cry out.

    Two stream of white smoke emerge from the top of their head and transform into a dragon image and interweave together in the air.

    “Bad egg….this, this is the sutra for Ascending Dragon technique…you start revolving it now!”

    Ao Susu perseveres and passes the sutra of Ascending Dragon Technique to Liu Yi before fainting.

    There is also not enough time for Liu Yi to care about Ao Susu. Currently, the two streams of dragon qi are merging together, thus it is the best time to cultivate the Ascending Dragon Technique!

    [TL:….wow, used and toss aside….]

    Both of Liu Yi’s hand’s cup together forming a circle, his eyes point towards his nose while his nose points towards his heart. His entire person enters an extremely profound state.

    He guides the two stream of dragon qi and revolves them in a unique path.

    Currently, the white smoke above Liu Yi’s head is getting denser and dense, on it’s own it form two large dragons which interweave together, tearing and swallowing each other.

    During this interaction, Liu Yi senses the dragon qi in his body increasing in quality! At the same time, because of his Spiritual Vein, his dragon qi pulls along the other three streams of qi and develop together swiftly.

    The 11th star jade in his body suddenly lets out a cracking sound and he breaks through!

    Liu Yi is instantly happy as he did not expect that this Ascending Dragon Technique, as well as Ao Susu’s dragon qi, would be so powerful and instantly allows his to break through his 11th star jade!

    No wonder the ancient people frequently say, Yin Yang intersecting. The strength after this Yin Yang uniting is indeed very fierce!

    This is still not the end. The four streams of qi continue to strengthen and interweave into a single stream, instantly filling up the 11th star jade to the brim and charges towards the next star jade!

    Liu Yi no longer dares to have random thoughts as he continues to gather his qi, guiding his qi towards the next part of the star map.

    Don’t know if it is because he had sex Ao Susu too long, in the end, Liu Yi falls into deep cultivation.

    After an entire 3 days, 3 night has passed, Liu Yi finally lets out a breath and when he opened his eyes, 14-star jades are lighted up in his body!

    [TL: fuck me….way too fast already right…from 10-14 leh… 3 days??? Come on….looks like he can get to heaven realm the moment he enters second stage dragon transformation…]

    Did not expect that after I had sex with Ao Susu once, I actually lit up 4 star jades in one breath!

    Right now in Liu Yi’s body, two sacred beasts have been lit up. The first 7 star jades join together to form an enormous green dragon. The next 7 star jades join together to form a mighty black tortoise.

    As the number of star jade he lights up increase, Liu Yi feels that his mental state starts to have some subtle changes.

    Within the heaven and earth, the Dao Laws are natural. Everything follows the Dao Law as he ponders. A few matters he does not understand in the past, right now he is able to see through them.

    Liu Yi stands up and looks at Ao Susu who is sitting in lotus position beside him.

    After the two of them Yin Yang dual cultivated, she naturally also obtained quite a bit of benefit. Liu Yi is able to sense that Ao Susu seems to have already broken through earth realm and is advancing towards a higher stage of cultivation.

    He continues to sit down and be the Dharma Protector for Ao Susu.

    At the same time his soul flies back to KeDa and check on what the other him is doing currently.

    The Liu Yi in KeDa opens his eyes and realizes that it is a nice the time to wake up.

    This round of meditation, I actually cultivated for 3 days and nights in a row!

    Especially when cultivating Ascending Dragon Technique, the qi in my body becomes even profound.

    With this Liu Yi believes that even if he meets Ao Ri again, he has the strength to fight back! But I am still not able to break through the 15th star jade. After breaking through the 15th star jade, perhaps I might be able to comprehend the 3rd stage of Dragon Transformation, allowing me to be able to break through heaven realm. With that, I will be able to fight against Ao Ri!

    But in front of the 15th star jade ‘Leg’ Liu Yi is once again stuck.

    Wanting to break through is not just a matter of cultivation. He still needs to break through his mental stage as well as some opportunities.

    Liu Yi lets out a long sigh and at this moment he notices an SMS that is in Little Jade’s inbox.

    He opens it and it is from his official girlfriend Wang Yuzheng.

    ‘Hubby, I am going to Hongxin Performing Arts company for an interview! Wait for my good news!’

    This lass is finally willing to call me hubby ah, it is really not easy.

    Liu Yi sighs ruefully. Based on Wang Yuzheng’s standards, she definitely will not have a problem with this interview.

    Furthermore, Liu Yi has already notified Zhou Ziying and the rest. So this interview can be said is specially organized for Wang Yuzheng. No matter how many people come and try out, in the end, Wang Yuzheng will definitely be selected.

    As for whether is there any decent contestant than that needs to see their luck.

    Liu Yi sits up on his bed and senses the robust qi revolving in his body, and is inwardly happy. But he is unable to be arrogant because his strength is still nothing much. In this world, there are still too many people who are stronger than him. Ao Ri, Demon Emperor, Great God Sect Sect Leader…

    He just changed his clothing and prepare to go out to eat breakfast when he suddenly receives a phone call from Murong Die.

    “Little sweetheart, come to the bottom of my dormitory and find me!”

    Sweat, little sweetheart….

    Liu Yi instantly retorts back, “My big miss ah, can your nickname for me be even more shocking??”

    “Could it be that you want me to call you hubby? No way! Before we get married, I would not call you husband! Hmph!”

    Murong Die snorts and says, “10 minutes to immediately come to the bottom of my building. Otherwise, you will be dead.”

    Done speaking, she immediately hangs up.

    Liu Yi’s forehead is completely covered with sweat, can’t you change to another sentence?

    Cannot provoke this lass ah…

    Liu Yi can only hurry and use Little Jade to changes into a slightly more leisure sportswear.

    At this moment Murong Die sends over and SMS and written in it in capitalize,

    What the…she also uses three exclamation marks…

    Liu Yi is helpless as he looks into the dorm room mirror and changes into a white shirt and black western trousers.

    Based on Little Jade’s recommendation, it seems like it is the current trend. The shirts are not those kinds of inflexible white shirts but are slightly casual. Liu Yi’s current figure is decent, wearing this white shirt, it immediately reveals his slender figure.

    After Liu Yi changes his clothing and freshens up, he hurries towards Murong Die’s dormitory.

    Today’s weather is quite good, the sky is very clear and there are no clouds.

    Although the weather during the June and July is rather hot, to Liu Yi it is of no concern.

    Seeing that this semester is about to end, and school will reopen during September, at that time a large group of new junior sisters will be entering KeDa campus.

    It is a pity that Liu Yi already has a girlfriend, some more it is two. Otherwise, he really wished to get to know some junior sisters.

    But time passes really fast…in a blink of an eye I have already been studying in university for so long…dimly I still think that I am a high school student.

    In a blink of an eye, I have transformed from an ignorant youngster to a Lord Dragon King…with a wave of my hands I can form clouds and summon rain. Fate is really a mysterious thing.

    As Liu Yi walks, he attracted the gaze of a few students.

    Liu Yi’s fame in the school is not small. In a competition, he defeated Tetsu Ronkou, in the shopping center he threw away money for his girlfriend! His fame causes him to attract the attention of others no matter where he goes.

    Even in QingBei university opposite of KeDa, Liu Yi’s name is spread over as well.

    He walks into QingBei university, which also attracts a lot of pointing from the students there.

    Liu Yi’s fame in QingBei university is even more amusing. Last time the matter with Murong Die has turned big, causing the entire student body in QingBei university to say that Liu Yi is a Chen Shimei causing the girls to try and hide when they see Liu Yi.

    [TL: Chen Shimei is a by word/ fictional Opera character of a heartless and unfaithful man]

    “He is that Liu Yi?”

    “That’s right, that’s right…heard that he is one taking two ah. he is dating KeDa’s school flower Wang Yuzheng and is also fooling around with our school’s school flower Murong Die.”

    “Pervert ah….he seems to be looking at me. Gods, it can’t be that he had taken a fancy of me!”

    “Forget about it. Take a look at your acne face. Who he is eyeing are all school flowers!”

    “Then I still have to stay far away. Who knows if he has a heavy taste…”

    When Liu Yi hears these rumors, he feels that his head is big. What the heck is this ah.

    He hurries and lower his head and walks faster and soon he reaches the female dormitory.

    While Murong Die and Wang Lele, who are dressed gorgeously, are already standing there waiting for him.

    “Hmph, you are late by 3 minutes you waste!”