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Chapter 532

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     “Don’t be like this ah, it is only three minutes. My big miss. I also need time to change my clothing ah!”

    Liu Yi stands in front of the two girls, giving a wronged look.

    “Hmph letting you come and have fun with us two beauties and you still dare to feel wronged?!”

    Murong Die is wearing a white blouse and a black lace short skirt. Which is similar to a couple attire with Liu Yi.

    By the side, Wang Lele pouts and says enviously, “Wah, the two of you discussed with each other before to wear a couple attire?”

    While on the other hand, Wang Lele is wearing a yellow flower print blouse, her chest is propping out a lot, manifesting her dairy cow identity.

    [TL: lols the author really why you have to be so direct]

    She is also wearing short denim jeans, revealing her two white legs which are very provoking.

    Wang Lele’s figure is like a devil, very buxom and most importantly her waist is extremely slender, it is basically like a barbie doll! Which makes people not daring to believe!

    The gods above definitely must have cast some demonic magic which directs all of her fat into her breast!

    When other girls see Wang Lele’s figure, no a single one of them are not very envious! The most important point is that Wang Lele is also eating a lot which causes forever injury to other girls!

    She is able to eat as well as maintain her figure so well…gods why don’t you bring this girl to hell ah!

    “Who, who wants to wear couple attire with him….”

    Hearing what Wang Lele says, Murong Die’s face turns red and says, “Coincident, it is only a coincidence!”

    Liu Yi laughs secretly, Murong Die this lass, that night she behaved so wild but today with an outsider here, she immediately cannot let it out.

    Indeed her big missy’s face is very important.

    “Hmph, I actually wore the same outfit as him, so annoying…”

    “How about I go and change to another outfit?”

    “You dare!”

    Murong Die glares at Liu Yi in anger.

    “But the two of you look quite matching ah…”

    Wang Lele pouts, “I also wish to change into a similar outfit…”

    “Enough, enough. Stop messing around. We should start making our way now.”

    Hearing the faint jealousy in Wang Lele’s voice, Murong Die feel agitated. She waves her hand and says, “If we do not go, that Brother Ling of yours will be coming.”

    “Ah! Then let us hurry and leave!”

    Wang Lele’s expression instantly changes like she had heard a very scary thing. She hurries and tugs Murong Die’s arm and prepares to leave.

    Liu Yi is curious, who is this Brother Ling ah?

    At this moment from afar comes the shout of a guy.

    “Lele, Lele, I am coming, I am coming!”

    Liu Yi glance over and instantly sees a white face handsome guy running over in high spirit.

    Liu Yi finally asks, “Who is that ah?”

    Murong Die smiles faintly like she is taking joy in the disaster of other, “Computer Course Ling Tian, our Lele’s Brother Ling.”

    “Wuwuwu, Sister Xiao Die, save me….”

    “This time around I am unable to save you. Lele…who asked you to tell him.”

    Murong Die shrugs her shoulder, indicating that her hands are tied.

    “Wuwuwuwu, I did not do it on purpose ah….he asked me out to play, so I casually say that today I am going out with you guys. Who would know that he insisted on coming as well!”

    Wang Lele looks anxious but at this time that Brother Ling has already run in front of her and starts talking to her.

    Wang Lele has no other choice but to deal with that Ling Tian.

    Only then did Liu Yi turn and look at Murong Die waiting for her to give him an answer.

    “A few days ago, a few guys were disturbing Wang Lele who were then sent away by this Student Ling Tian who was passing by. So on some aspect, as Ling Tian has helped Lele, thus Lele do not have the heart to refuse him.”

    “So he replaces those guys and starts bothering Lele?”

    Liu Yi sneers. Looking at Ling Tian and Wang Lele conversing with each other, in his heart, he is not that comfortable.

    “What, you are jealous?”

    Murong Die raises her eyebrow, “You already have me and Wang Yuzheng, is it not enough? You wish to have one date 3?”

    “No, not at all….”

    [TL: at this stage it is more like 1 date 6 already….]

    Liu Yi has a slight guilty conscious.

    “Hmph, seeing your guilty looking appearance, it is like the rumored left holding, right embracing and riding one!”

    “I really don’t….”

    Seeing Murong Die looking like she wants to eat people, Liu Yi feels that cold sweat is forming on his back.

    “It is best that you don’t!”

    Murong Die warns, “If this miss knows that you have laid your hands on Lele, you will be really, really dead!”

    Murong Die’s warning to Liu Yi make him somewhat moody. His and Wang Lele’s relationship is also not that shallow. Especially with the massage, he did on Wang Lele’s chest, as well as the words that Wang Lele told him while they were on the way to the hospital…

    It is really impossible for him to not like Wang Lele.

    But the real world is slightly cruel. Unless I can really be like what Murong Die says, left holding, right embracing and riding one?

    Liu Yi cannot help to recall a few days ago he pretends to joke around and asked Wang Yuzheng what would she do if he has other girlfriends.

    At that time Wang Yuzheng’s face instantly drops and says if that really happens, she will choose to leave Liu Yi.

    Some more a few days ago when they were buying clothing, he makes a joke of being provided by a wealthy woman, it instantly provoked such a large reaction from Wang Yuzheng….I must say Wang Yuzheng this lass is too arrogant and has an extreme lack of security.

    Alas, this matter is too complicated. It is best not to think about it for now.

    Liu Yi rubs his temple and says, “So where are we going to play?”

    “Recently a new exercise club opened near our school. Inside there is an ice-rink so this time round we are planning to go ice skating.”

    Murong Die is 100% a Leo who loves sports, “This miss is very good at figure skating. How about you, don’t tell me that later on, you are not even able to stand up at all?”

    “Still okay I guess. I know a bit of ice skating.”

    In the past Liu Yi was most proficient in ice skating, even during his early periods of fighting, his ice skating standard is very high and he relied on this to increase his mobility.

    “That is good then. Lele’s sense of balance has always been bad….mm, it could be largely related to her big chest. Later on, we will help support her.”

    “Mm, okay.”

    The two of them nod their head before calling Wang Lele.

    Unexpectedly that Ling Tian thicken his face and walks over as well and pets his chest and says to Wang Lele, “Lele ah, I am very good at ice skating. Later on, let me teach you!”

    “That…with Brother Xiao Yi teaching me it is enough….”

    Wang Lele can only give Liu Yi a begging look.

    “Mm, relax. With me around, I will not let you fall down on your butt.”

    Liu Yi clucks causing Murong Die to roll her eyes at him.

    “Hehe….it is still Brother Xiao Yi who treats me well.”

    “So you are Liu Yi?”

    When Ling Tian looks at Liu Yi, a trace of contempt flashes across his eyes but it swiftly disappears. He warming stretches out his hand and says, “I have been looking forward to meeting you for a long time ah.”

    “You are too polite.”

    Like the saying, do not hit a smiling face, although Liu Yi does not feel comfortable, he still shakes hand with him.

    “Haha, I am Ling Tian from QingBei computing course. I am the current Head of the Student Union Propaganda Department.”

    Although Ling Tian seems to be polite, from his tone, a dense arrogant feeling can be heard.

    “Please advise.”


    Liu Yi did not say much to that fellow. Seeing him encircling Wang Lele, Liu Yi feels unhappy in his heart.

    Murong Die looks at the time before saying, “Then let us go! If we continue chatting, it will not end.”

    “Let’s go!”

    Wang Lele immediately rushes up and hugs Murong Die’s arm to prevent that Ling Tian to start talking to her again.

    Liu Yi and Ling Tian follow behind, while they are walking, Ling Tian talks to Liu Yi.

    [TL: damn this guy….I keep making typos and type Lin Tong instead on Ling Tian…]

    “Liu Yi I have heard that you are a famous person in KeDa ah?”

    “That’s not true, it is nothing but rumors.”

    “Haha, how is that a rumour. In KeDa there is a saying, ‘Jin Linkai is a person of no particular talent, KeDa Liu Yi is the real dragon’.”

    Liu Yi instantly starts sweating, Jin Linkai is a person of no particular talent….

    [TL: is a novel]

    “But I have heard that brother Liu has tossed out money for a girl…looks like brother Liu Family truly has some capital ah.”

    As Ling Tian speaks, he gives Liu Yi a deep look.

    Starting to make inquiries of my background?

    “Not at all. My family is only doing some business transactions that’s all. In JingDou this area, I do not dare to say that I am rich.”

    Liu Yi clucks and deals with it.

    “Brother Liu is really modest.”

    Ling Tian’s voice suddenly increase by 8 octave, “But I really envious of Brother Liu, you have quite impressive methods to get girls ah. The school flower Wang Yuzheng of KeDa also seems to have a rather deep relationship with you right?”

    Liu Yi sneers in his heart, this fellow indeed is starting to launch his attack.

    This sentence is obviously meant for Murong Die and Wang Lele to hear.

    After all in QingBei’s side, everyone knows of his and Murong Die’s matter.

    Ling Tian asking him this question is obviously trying to make him embarrassed in front of Murong Die and Wang Lele.

    But to Liu Yi, this question is obviously of no threat. He directly nods his head and says, “That’s right, she is my girlfriend.”

    Liu Yi replying so directly caused Ling Tian to blank out.

    While Murong Die and Wang Lele did not have any reaction at all as they continue to joke around naturally in front.

    What is with these two girls….they are fine hearing Liu Yi admitting that another girl is his girlfriend?

    Especially Murong Die, arent the two of them together? The school flower big miss Murong Die actually does not mind that the guy she likes has another girlfriend?

    How is this possible!

    “Liu Yi I heard that there are a lot of girls in the ice rink. You better not have any random thoughts do you understand??”

    Murong Die suddenly turns around and warns Liu Yi.

    Liu Yi asks back, “Ah, then what if it is other girls who are the one who fool around with me?”

    “Then this miss will also hold you responsible!”

    What the…this is obviously a jealous behavior ah!

    But why does she not seems to care about Wang Yuzheng?

    This is the first time Ling Tian feels that his brain is not enough. His entire person is in disorder.

    And so they walk until they enter that club, but he still does not understand.

    In this club, not only does it have an ice rink, Liu Yi also sees a lot of other facilities. For example a gym, Taekwondo dojo, wrestling dojo, and the likes.

    Under Murong Die’s leading, they head straight for the ice rink.

    Entering the ice rink, they immediately sense a slight chill. In front is an enormous ice pond, there are railings by two sides while the other two sides are walls. The size of the rink is around 300-meters square which is very spacious.

    Chapter 532 [The relationship between the two of them]