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Chapter 533 Ice-sports

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     There are already a lot of people playing in the ice rink. There are indeed a number of girls, but there is basically none with Murong Die’s or Wang Lele’s looks.

    The two beauties will always attract attention no matter where they go.

    They have just entered the ice rink and they had instantly attracted a large number of attention of the guys in the ice rink. To the point where some start to do all kinds of fancy ice skating. One of the brother’s action are unrestrained, both his legs sudden split apart as he cries out like a pig being slaughtered.

    Murong Die and Wang Lele instantly start giggling, but it seems like they have seen this quite often and swiftly calm down before walking towards the counter by the side. After handing over the deposit, they change into their ice skates.

    Because they are only here to play, thus most of the ice skates that they rent out are figure skates and hockey skates, there are no racing skates.

    Hockey skates are the simplest, thus Liu Yi chooses a pair of recreational skates and puts it on.

    “Brother Liu, hockey skates are boring, what don’t you try out figure skates?”

    Hockey skate is a type of skate that is most commonly worn by ice hockey players. It is much more agile and the blade has a circular arc and is the most suitable for newbies to practice in.

    As for the figure skates, it is harder. It is used for doing figure skating performance. This kind of blade is most suitable for jumping and rotation. But it is much more complicated to use than hockey skates.

    Currently Ling Tian is pointing at the pair of figure skates that he is wearing, obviously, he wants to show off.

    “Nah, I rather wear hockey skates. It is much more comfortable.”

    Liu Yi smiles and puts on the hockey skates that the counter employee passed to him.

    I do not wish to show off, as it will appear slightly childish.

    After knowing Murong Die and Wang Lele for so long, the two lasses are already familiar with my capability. Why should I show off in public for such small matters?

    As a cultivator, in front of a mortal, it is best to be more low-profile.

    Ling Tian keeps flaunting himself.

    “Aiyah, that is really a pity. I had taken before the champion for figure skating in the base and wished to exchange pointers with you.”

    “Then you enjoy playing yourself. I will be fine accompanying Xiao Die and Lele.”

    Liu Yi stands up and gently steps on the ice blades and skates to the side of Murong Die and Wang Lele.

    Murong Die has already put on a pair of pink skates and is standing in front of Wang Lele. While Wang Lele is standing on her hockey skates and is having difficulty in standing up. She miserably sits on the bends by the ice rink.

    “Idiot, can’t you be more daring?! It is fine, watch me, it is very easy!”

    Murong Die twirls on the spot a few rounds like a butterfly, it is very elegant and pretty, attracting a number of gazes.

    “But, but I am unable to ah…”

    Wang Lele feels like she is going to fall down the moment she stands up, thus she does not dare to get up.

    “Really stupid. Then do you want to skate or not ah?”

    As Murong Die speaks she stretches out her hand and tugs Wang Lele’s hand.

    “Come, I will pull you up. Don’t be afraid, if you are afraid then you will sway.”

    “I, I try…”

    Wang Lele’s face is slightly pale as she tries her best to stand up. In the end just as she got up slightly, she nearly falls down and crashes into Murong Die’s embrace.

    Murong Die also lets out a shocked cry as she hugs Wang Lele while the two of them fall towards the ice rink.

    At this moment Liu Yi stretches out his hands and support the two girls by their waist. He spins two rounds on the spot before finally stabilizing them.

    “Hu, hu….so lucky, nearly scare me to death!”

    Murong Die pats her chest and roars in anger, “Damn Lele, I already told you that your chest is too much which affects your center of balance, why don’t you cut them off!”

    “Don’t want….after cutting off, in the future how am I going to feed my husband and child milk!”

    “Feed your sister!”

    Murong Die nearly jumps up, “Breastfeeding your child is fine but what the heck is with breastfeeding your husband!”

    “Eh? They say the reason why a woman grows a pair is because one is to feed the husband while the other is to feed the child ah….”

    “What the heck ah! Who are they! Isn’t this a bunch of lies!”

    “Eh? Could it be really wrong? I feel that it is very scientific ah…”

    “Scientific your sister! Can you toss away this kind of weird thoughts okay?!”

    Murong Die hurries and sets the wrong right, correcting the thoughts of Wang Lele which was misled by others.

    “Brother Xiao Yi, it is really like this?”

    Wang Lele feels that her worldview is being turned upside down, thus she can only seek Liu Yi for advice.

    Sensing that killing intent that Murong Die is sending him, Liu Yi trembles before saying, “This….it is best to ask your husband after you get married….”

    “Fine then…”

    Wang Lele does not have any other choice but to nod her head to agree first.

    Seeing that the two girls are still being a hug in Liu Yi’s embrace, Ling Tian is so mad that he grinds his teeth, saying in his heart, why did I not react in time and let this fellow take advantage!

    Seeing Murong Die and Wang Lele the two beauties did not have any objections to being held by Liu Yi by their waist, instead, it is like it is normal!

    “Okay then, Lele. Me and Xiao Die will pull you along, bring you to skate.”

    “Okay then.”

    Wang Lele thinks for a bit, it seems like that is the only way.

    “Mm, I will be on the left, you be on the right. Lele you try to control your center of gravity! Do not let your chest burden you!”

    Murong Die stands by Wang Lele’s left and pulls her hand.

    Liu Yi also skates to Wang Lele’s right and hold her warm hand. When Ling Tian sees this he instantly becomes even angrier.

    “How about I help.”

    Ling Tian skates over and continues to recommend himself, “I have taught a number of classes on how to ice skate. In the past, I was a professional instructor!”

    “No need. Thank you. I will be fine having Brother Xiao Yi and Sister Xiao Die.”

    Wang Lele rejects Ling Tian causing him to be very annoyed.

    Seeing the three of them ice skating together in the ice rink, Ling Tian nearly crush his teeth from clenching.

    “Right skate like this, be a bit more daring. Don’t be afraid of falling. You have so much meat so it will not be painful even if you fall.”

    As Liu Yi pulls Wang Lele along, he smiles merrily as he teases her.

    “Evil Brother Xiao Yi, you have a lot of meat! You are a meatshield!”

    “Yes, yes, yes. I am a meatshield, you are a meatball.”

    “Ah! You are then a meatball! I want to bite you!”

    Wang Lele is instantly anxious while Liu Yi laughs and lets go of Wang Lele’s hand and confidently skates away.

    Wang Lele also lets go of Murong Die’s hand and starts chasing after Liu Yi.

    By the side, Murong Die covers her mouth in shock as she watches Wang Lele chasing after Liu Yi.

    While at this moment Liu Yi turns around and slide backward while looking at Wang Lele.

    “Lele you see, aren’t you skating very well right now?”


    Only then did Wang Lel notice that she had let go of their hands and she is skating on her own.

    “You see, you alone are able to do very….”

    Before Liu Yi finishES, Wang Lele suddenly starts letting out a weird cry and falls towards the ground.

    “What in the world…”

    Liu Yi hurries and speeds over, instantly reaching her side and grabs her, with a princess carry methods. Hugging her petite figure, he spins on the spot a few rounds before finally stabilizing her body.

    Wang Lele is still trembling slightly like she is still frightened by the earlier matter.

    By the side, Ling Tian seems to have crushed all of his teeth!

    “Brother Xiao Yi, you, you are really bad!”

    Wang Lele pouts and says unhappily to Liu Yi, “How can you scare me like this!”

    “Sweats, how am I scaring you ah, I am obviously trying to help you alright!”

    Liu Yi cries out feeling wronged, “You see WEREn’t you quite good at skating earlier?”

    “That, that is because I wanted to bite you!”

    “Are you of the dog zodiac….why are you so excited when mentioning biting people!”

    “Get lost, Brother Xiao Yi is the dog zodiac!”

    “That’s right, I am the original of the dog zodiac.”

    “Ah? Really?”

    “I’m lying to you. Hahahaha, so stupid!”

    “Damn it….”

    “Oui, oi, oi, that is enough from the two of you.”

    Murong Die by the side seems to be jealous, “Is it really comfortable hugging Lele?”


    Liu Yi coughs drily and immediately puts Wang Lele down.

    “Come, Lele, I’ll bring you to skate.”

    Murong Die did not give Liu Yi any more chances and pulls Wang Lele, and skates away.

    Liu Yi coughs drily, this lass is way too jealous.

    “Brother Liu, why don’t the two of us have a competition?”

    Seeing that Liu Yi is dejected, Ling Tian’s heart is much more comfortable and immediately skates over.

    “Ah? Compete in what?”

    Liu Yi says in his heart, is this Ling Tian desire so victory so strong?

    Looks like guys are a very emotional person, especially in front of girls. They are so easy to be affected by their hormones.

    “How about we circle this rink, 3 rounds to decide the winner. Let’s see who skates the fastest, how about it?”

    Ling Tian arrogantly tilts his chin up and says, “Brother Liu, do you dare to compete?”

    “Forget it, there is no meaning.”

    Liu Yi waves his head as he is disinclined to compete against this fellow.

    Seeing that Liu Yi does not accept his challenge, Ling Tian continues to provoke him

    “I have heard that Brother Liu in KeDa is nicknamed as an Iron-blood Man ah, but why is it that you are so soft now? Could it be that the rumors are all fake? ”

    “They were originally fake.”

    Liu Yi sneers, “Iron-blood Man is used to describe gays.”


    Ling Tian is anxious, just as he is about to continue provoking, at this moment from Wang Lele’s side comes a startled cry.

    Liu Yi and Ling Tian turn around and take a look, only to see Wang Lele and Murong Die sitting on the ice surface. In front of them is a guy with a vulgar smile.

    “Do you know how to skate! This place is so big and you crashed into us!”

    “Aiyah, my leg soften for a moment. How about this two beauties, why don’t I invite the two of you out for a meal as a repayment?”

    This fellow had his hair dyed red and speaks with a strange accent. By his side a few guys laugh along with him, it is obvious that they are together.

    As Murong Die helps Wang Lele up, she says angrily, “Who wants you to treat us to a meal! Immediately apologize to us right now!”

    While Wang Lele is rubbing her butt. It seems like her fall is not light as tears are forming in the corner of her eyes. Seeing this Liu Yi is angered.

    “Want to make me apologize, then come and chase me ah. If you are able to catch me then I’ll apologize to you girls!”

    The redhead guy turns around and skates away.

    “Stand still for me!”

    Murong Die immediately chases after him.