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Chapter 534 Murong Die’s small token

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     Murong Die’s speed is quite fast, but that redhead guy seems to also play around in the ice rink quite often. His speed is also very fast. As he skates with both legs, his speed is like wind, Murong Die is unable to catch up with him at all.

    “Hahaha, beauty come and chase me ah!”

    While the red hair guy skates he also challenges Murong Die.

    “Damn it!”

    Murong Die is hopping mad. Although she is very good at ice skating, she is not as good as the redhead guy.

    Just as she is about to become anxious, a figure flashes by her side.

    Murong Die takes a look and realizes that it is none other than Liu Yi.

    She sees sparks spraying out of the hockey skates that Liu Yi is wearing as he chases after the redhead as fast as lighting.

    Liu Yi’s speed is unimaginably quick.

    The redhead was originally proud of himself as he turns around and takes a look. Seeing Liu Yi who is chasing after him, his soul nearly flew away from fear.

    What the hell, is this fellow wearing a racing skate? Why are his skates so fast!

    Is he skating or flying ah!

    “Quick, quickly block him!”

    The redhead reactions is not slow as he immediately lets his pack of rogue friends come over and help.

    Instantly a number of guys by the side immediately skate over and blocks between the redhead and Liu Yi.

    Liu Yi’s speed is so fast, thus it is very easy to crash into those guys.

    “Hmph, let see how you are going to chase after me! You are too tender to fighting against me here!”

    Seeing this the redhead easily skates in reverse while flicking out his middle finger at Liu Yi.

    Liu Yi sneers and exerts strength with his left legs and skates towards the wall.

    “This road is not passable!”

    But a guy is already blocking by the wall, blocking Liu Yi’s path.

    Liu Yi who originally have no path left to go, stomp on his left feet and raises his right feet and steps on the wall.

    Following which he is like defying the laws of physic and stomps on the wall and skates passed from the top of that guy’s head.

    “My gods! This is not a joke right!”

    “What the fuck! He is ice skating on the wall?! I must have seen wrongly!”

    “Wife, quickly come look at that Superman!”

    The people in the ice rink were all shock, even Ling Tian is also shocked.

    Liu Yi is actually able to skate on the wall! I actually wanted to compete in who skates fastest against this guy….isn’t it just seeking death….

    The redhead is so scared that his scalp in numb and lets out a strange cry as he turns around and skates away.

    While Liu Yi has already skated down from the wall and instantly appears behind the redhead guy. After which Liu Yi grabs him by the back of his neck and spins around skating back to Murong Die.

    “Aiyah! You, you be gentler!”

    Being grabbed by the neck, the redhead cries out in pain.

    Liu Yi does not care if he is in pain or not, he directly tosses the redhead on to the ice and says, “Apologize.”

    “Fucker who wants to apologize ah! You hit me, the one who should apologize is you!”

    Unexpectedly the red head guy stands up and starts scolding, “Why don’t you take a look at what place is this!”

    While he is speaking, his group of rogues have already skated over and gathers around them.

    “Hey, hey, don’t , don’t fight ah.”

    Seeing the scene, Ling Tian hurries up and blocks them.

    A hooligan whose nose was crooked from being broken instantly scolds Ling Tian, “Fuck off, this not of your matter here! If you do not wish to get beaten up scram to the side!”

    This is not a school, the other group of people are not those kind guys and girls from the school. Especially with so many people together, being scolded by one of them, Ling Tian is instantly afraid. His heart trembles as his voice become softer, “So, sorry….but, let’s talk it through okay….do, do not fight….”

    “Motherfucker scram to the side!”

    That guy glares causing Ling Tian not daring to speak.

    The group of guys crowds around Liu Yi and the rest while the redhead says arrogantly, “Hahaha, do you see this, if you do not wish to be beaten up then obediently apologize!”

    “After that let these two lasses have a meal with me then I shall drop this matter. Otherwise, hehehe…”

    The people behind him start cracking their fists.

    “What the hell, who the hell are they, if you guys dare to then take action ah!”

    Murong Die is the most unafraid of this kind of things. Seeing that there are people who dare to threaten her, she immediately scolds, “A group of idiots. Do you really think that you are from the triads? Liu Yi! Teach them a lesson!”

    Liu Yi is very helpless. Could it be that I need to fight everywhere? Furthermore, I also do not wish to beat up this bunch of people cause I don’t want to dirty my hands.

    Thus he raises his hands and hits the wrist-thick iron railing by the side.


    The iron railing instantly bends and deforms, scaring the surrounding people so badly that their eyeballs nearly pop out.

    What the fuck!

    This is a real iron railing ah! Although it is hollow, it is not possible to bend from a flesh hand hitting it!!

    A person does not dare to believe it as he also hits chops that railing as well.


    Instantly the bones is that guy’s hand nearly break as he clenches his teeth in pain.

    As for that iron railing, it does not even move.

    Ling Tian trembles in fear as well and nearly peed in his pants.

    Is this a joke! No wonder Liu Yi is so famous is KeDa….no wonder he is able to send a person flying over ten meters with just a punch…and it is not due to CFs…

    Recalling that he had been challenging this kind of person, Ling Tian really has the urge to just pee into his pants.

    Liu Yi cups his ear with the hand that he used to bend the iron railing with a hit and says, “Just now what did you say, I did not hear clearly. Say it one more time.”

    “Big brother, I, we are wrong…”

    The redhead is rather quick-witted as he instantly kneels down and starts apologizing.

    “We are really wrong….please be magnanimous and forgive us….”

    “Why the heck are you apologizing to me for. You are finding the wrong person.”

    Liu Yi moves aside.

    “This two beauties, I am in wrong. I am really wrong…can the two of you be magnanimous and forgive us…”


    Murong Die seems to be slightly unhappy, “All of you scram for this miss!”

    The redhead is like he had gotten a pardon as he wants to leave, but he is brought back by Liu Yi like a little chick.

    “There is another person?”

    “Ah, this big sister, please forgive us ah!”

    The redhead hurries and kneels down in front of Wang Lele.

    Wang Lele is able to see that her Sister Xiao Die is unhappy and thus she waves her hand and says, “Don’t….you, you guys quickly leave….”

    Although my butt is still painful from my fall, I am afraid that if they are here any longer, Big Sister Xiao Die will explode.

    They hurry and get up, half crawling as they scramble away. Perhaps for the near future, they would not dare to fool around in the ice rink anymore.

    In the past the redhead and rely on this kind of method in the ice rink to take liberties with the women. Occasionally when he meets those with boyfriend, he will gather his people and beat up that guy. The other guy also does not dare to say anything and can only suffer a loss. Unexpectedly he kicked this kind of iron board today.

    Looks like bad things should not be done.

    “Okay, I have chased them away.”

    Liu Yi dust off his hand and smiles merrily and says, “Is this miss still unsatisfied?”

    “No satisfied!”

    Murong Die stomps her feet and says, “Very unhappy! 100% unhappy! Extremely unhappy!”

    She glares at Liu Yi angrily, “Why is it that you can happily beat up those hooligans for Liu Yi but for me, you are unable to ?!”

    “This….isn’t this different matters?”

    Liu Yi instantly feels his head getting big, this…Murong Die is actually jealous because of this kind of thing….

    “I do not care! This miss now is very angry! Really very angry! I’m not skating anymore! Let’s go!”

    She angrily pulls Wang Lele and leaves.

    “Quickly follow behind!”

    Wang Lele secretly gives Liu Yi a hint. Luckily there is still this lass who is helping me…otherwise, right now I am really going to collapse.

    Liu Yi sighs, and can only hurry after them and returns the ice skates along with Murong Die and Wang Lele.

    Ling Tian is still standing there stunned and has not regained his soul.

    They ignore him and after exchanging their shoes, they leave.

    Seeing that Liu Yi is obediently following behind, Murong Die seems to have become slightly less angry but is still stubbornly holds her anger and snorts, “Hmph why are you following after this miss!”

    “Because I am worried about your safety.”

    Liu Yi blinks his eyes and says, “Our Miss Murong Die is so pretty, what if you meet those people who keep bothering you. As a flower protector, I must definitely guard you by your side.”

    “Hmph, you actually dare to call yourself a flower protector! Shameless!”

    When Murong Die hears this, she seems to be happy but she still frowns and says, “Some more who needs you to protect! I and Lele can protect ourselves!”

    “You girls?”

    A trace of laughter appears in Liu Yi’s eyes.

    “Damn it! How dare you look down on us! Let me tell you, Liu Yi. Even without you, I and Lele also can deal with those annoying people who bother us!”

    She turns around and looks at a Judo Dojo by the side and says happily, “Lele, do you see this. Let us go. Let us go and sign up for Judo!”


    Wang Lele is stunned, why did Sister Xiao Die instantly act on what she thinks ah!

    Before she is able to say anything, she was already dragged by Murong Die into the Judo Dojo.

    As Murong Die walks in she says happily, “Hey, hey. With this miss talent, learning this Judo is definitely very easy! Later on when I have practiced until I am very powerful, instead of just protecting Lele, protecting you is also okay!”

    “Yes, yes, yes. Big Miss is both smart and talented in martial arts, unifying the Jianghu!”

    “Get lost!”

    They have already entered the Judo Dojo, only then did Ling Tian walk out of the ice rink but how is there any shadow of Murong Die and the rest?

    Walking over to the counter, Murong Die says straightforwardly, “We want to learn Judo! But is your Judo powerful or not, if it is not powerful I am not going to learn!”

    “This way please, right now you can try out a lesson first and then decide if you want to learn or not.”

    The pretty counter lady immediately smiles sweetly and says, “If you agree, you guys can pay the deposit first and then change into our uniform. I will lead you guys to see the elegance of our Judo instructor..”

    “This is good, let this miss take a look if this Judo is able to deal with this fellow behind me!”