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Chapter 537 Let’s make health tonic

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     Huang Jie sighs deeply and says, “Boss did you think before what will be the consequences if our sect’s all cure medicine enters the market?”

    “Eh….everyone will become healthy.”

    Liu Yi does not even need to think and instantly replies.

    “That’s right. As long as a little bit of a single Vitality Pill, and a little bit of strength, it is enough to let a person with a chronic illness become a healthy person.”

    Huang Jie uses his hand to roughly measure and says, “If this kind of guaranteed to cure all sickness medical pill enters the market, it is indeed like what boss said, everyone will become healthy and no one needs to see any more doctors. But if this happens, what results will generate? All of the doctors will be laid-off and there is no need to open any hospitals. The entire medical industry will completely collapse as the country sinks into economic crisis. No, no. Not only our country, but the entire world’s economy will also be impacted. At that time, I’m afraid that even more people will die. Their death will not be because of sickness but because of poverty.”

    Hearing this, Liu Yi starts contemplating.

    After lighting up the 14th-star jade, he starts to be able to think many matters thoroughly. Even if there are some matters that he does not understand, as long as he understands a point, soon he will comprehend the profound theory within.

    Huang Jie’s sentence allows Liu Yi to suddenly see the light.

    Indeed…if this happens, if the medicines from Medical King Valley enters the market, the resulting waves it created will definitely not be light!

    “What you say is really right. But this is also not impossible to deal with.”

    Liu Yi’s brain spins slightly has an idea.

    “If heaven-defying pills like Vitality Pill enters the market, naturally it will cause a large harmful influence. Furthermore, I am afraid that to refine pills like Vitality Pill you need a lot of materials right?”

    “Yeah. It more or less needs some heavenly materials. But if we grind up the pill, using just a bit of it and then dilute it, the effect is still naturally very good. So there is not much problem with the output.”

    Liu Yi smiles merrily and asks, “Very well. Let me ask you, if you dilute the diluted part even further down, how will its effect be?”

    Huang Jie shakes his head and says, “That, that basically no longer has any effect. It will definitely not be able to cure sickness!”

    “Mm, your thoughts are in the wrong area.”

    Liu Yi clucks, “Why are you using this kind of medicine to cure sickness? It is not this medicine that we are producing is able to guarantee to cure the roots of the sickness. Instead, we can guarantee another effect.”

    “What effect?”

    “Strengthen the constitution and improve immunity.”

    A gleam of light flashes across Liu Yi’s eyes, “We change the line to produce health tonic!”

    “Ah? Boss, your meaning is….”

    Liu Yi’s sentence causes Huang Jie’s eyes to light up.

    “That’s right. We produce health tonic and sell it.”

    Liu Yi continues and says, “The Brain Gold that was selling like hot cakes a few years ago walked down this path. Is Brain Gold able to cure sickness? It is not able to, but it is indeed a kind of health tonic, furthermore, it is sold very expensively.”

    “But….such an expensive health tonic, will there be people buying it?”

    “Why would there not be people buying? Didn’t Brain Gold’s case prove it? The crucial point is how to package it, how to enter the market! Brain Gold is this kind of product, it’s high-end class, furthermore, the name is pleasant to hear. A health product for celebrating a festival.”

    Liu Yi takes out a Vitality Pill and holds in his hand saying, “First let us not say if that Brain Gold is effective or not, but it has already become a type of trademark effect. After we have released the medicine, my company can help you package it up. First, we start from the higher-ups, after they have eaten our medicine, after they realize the effect, this product naturally will naturally get up.”

    “It indeed sound very good….is boss really able to get our medicine to the higher ups?”

    “There is no need for you to worry about this. It is not a problem.”

    Liu Yi waves his hand and points at the pill in his hand, “Say how many ordinary goods are you able to dilute out from this single pill?”

    “Let me think and count a bit…..”

    Huang Jie starts calculating.

    “Just needs to improve constitution, don’t cure sickness.”

    Liu Yi reminds again. He is not a dishonest businessman, this is the sole methods to allow Vitality Pill to enter the market.

    Furthermore strengthening constitution will naturally result in hard to fall sick. No matter how to develop is the medical treatment methods, it is not as good a person constitution. When everyone is very healthy, naturally sickness will be very far away.

    “Boss, a single Vitality Pill….can dilute to around 9 thousand medicine portions!”

    Huang Jie’s mental calculation is rather good and very quickly he calculated the figure.

    “What the….so much…then how much does it cost to refine a single Vitality Pill?”

    “Considering those heavenly materials….to refine 1 pill needs around 100k.”

    1 pill needs 100k!!!! WHAT IN THE FUCK!!!!

    Both Liu Yi and Lin Tong got a shock hearing this figure. No wonder Medical King Valley needs so much money…just a single Vitality Pill already cost so much money to refine….how are they refining pills ah…this is obviously burning money ah!!!

    “This is still under the situation where I this 8th-grade Alchemist personally refine the pill.”

    Huang Jie says arrogantly, “In a cauldron, I am able to refine out 8 Vitality pills, while normal alchemist is only able to refine out 3-4 per cauldron!”

    “Fine….let’s count it as 100k then….”

    Liu Yi calculated for a bit before saying, “Then let us sell each portion of the medicine at this price.”

    “50 dollars?”


    Liu Yi slaps Huang Jie on his head, “50 dollars?! Are you trying to deficit me to death! It is 500 dollars!”

    “What the…..”

    One portion sells for 500 dollars, 9000 portions… is 4.5 million!

    Huang Jie swallows his saliva and asks, “Boss….this….isn’t it too shady….”

    “Shady your head! We are already earning very little okay!”

    Liu Yi helps Huang Jie calculate, “Do you know what is the most important in the recent times? It is propaganda! On propaganda’s side, I estimate that we need to invest at least a million! Furthermore this kind of propaganda needs to be done for long-term, naturally, the money invested will be quite a bit. If we do not earn more than what do we use to cover the cost?! Furthermore in the future when we expand the manufacturing scale, it can’t be you this fellow who keeps refining all of the pills right! You don’t need to be in charge of your businesses, is it?! You will need to find a few underlings to refine the pills and they can only refine out 3-4 pill per wok, that means that the base cost will greatly increase ah!”

    “That, that is also true…but boss, that is a cauldron not a wok….”

    “Both have the same meaning.”

    Liu Yi waves his hand, no longer wishing to research more into this field.

    “Anyways we shall set it like this. Do you have any questions?”

    Huang Jie pats his chest and says, “Nothing, I am only waiting for boss to create the stage. As for the refinement of medicine during the early stages, leave it to me. I will only be assured if I personally oversee it.”

    “Mm, later on, I will find someone to have a specific discussion about this matter.”

    Right now, the Red Scarf Army of Liu Yi’s is currently registering an investment company. From this investment company, he can start to develop even more subsidiary companies.

    For example, the previous Red Star Performing Arts Company is one of the subsidiary companies.

    Later on, all I need to do is to register another medical company that’s all. As for the relevant procedures, I just need to pass to Chen Dahai to handle. It should be done very quickly.

    “Hehe, boss. This is my name card.”

    Huang Jie passes over his name card which Liu Yi keeps properly, he prepares to pass it to Chen Daihai later on.

    At this moment he received an SMS from Murong Die.

    ‘Damn pighead! If you are not coming back then we are leaving! Hmph!’

    “That Huang Jie ah, today let’s chat to here. I have some matters and need to leave now.”

    “Okay boss. I’ll wait for your news!”

    Huang Jie’s eyes are already filled with money symbols, “But boss it is best if you show your face in public less….the entire cultivation world is seeking for you all over the place. If they find to here then it will be very very bad.”

    “Mm, okay. I will pay attention.”

    Liu Yi nods his head and walks out of the office. At this moment he realizes that the girls are already waiting for him in the lounge.

    Finally that Ling Tian is no longer following along which lets Liu Yi let out a sigh of relief.

    That brother is too annoying.

    “Tsk you are finally willing to come out!”

    The two lasses had already changed their attire already. Murong Die rolls her eye at Liu Yi which he enjoys.

    “Lele is so hungry that her chest has shrunk!”

    “Sister Xiao Die….”

    Wang Lele wishes to cry but has no tears, “It is obviously your stomach crying out from hunger okay….”

    “You dare you say that you are not hungry!”

    “But….my chest did not shrink ah….”

    As Wang Lele speaks, she touches herself, “If you do not believe then you touch.”

    “I touch your sister! You big breast milk cow!”

    Murong Die is hopping mad, “Anyways we are starving to death! Liu Yi hurry and bring us to have a meal!”

    After wasting time for the whole day, it seems like they indeed have not eaten anything. Thus Liu Yi naturally is unable to decline.

    “Mm, okay. Then I’ll treat you girls to a meal.”

    “Mm, I want to eat seafood!”

    Murong Die seems to be really hungry as she says, “Later on perhaps I am able to eat three large crabs…”

    “Hehehe, Sister Xiao Die really can eat.”

    “SCRAM!! Who is like you, when you are hungry you can just go and drink your own milk!”

    “Wuwuwu, Sister Xiao Die you are bully people, I am obviously unable to drink my own…”

    “Who is angering who ah! I see that you are trying to anger me!”

    “Where am I ah…”

    “The two of you still have the strength to bicker? Are you girls still going to eat?”

    Liu Yi hurries and stops the two from continuing to bicker.

    “Eat of course, who say that I am not eating…but this miss indeed do not have any more strength, you piggyback me.”

    As Murong Die speaks she points in front of her which hints to Liu Yi to crouch down.

    Liu Yi is helpless, who ask me to currently have the identity of a boyfriend. He can only crouch down and let Murong Die climbs onto his back.

    Murong Die seems to like it a lot to be piggyback by Liu Yi. She lazily leans against Liu Yi’s back like a languid Persian.

    “Wuwu…I also wish to let Brother Xiao Yi piggyback me…”

    Wang Yeye by the side says jealousy.

    “I am unable to piggyback so many people ah….”

    Liu Yi’s face is completely covered with sweat, “Sorry ah Lele…”

    “No worries, I am only joking around with Brother Xiao Yi.”

    Wang Lele suddenly smiles and says merrily, “Sister Xiao Die is heavy enough already. Adding me as well, wouldn’t Brother Xiao Yi be crushed to death!”

    Liu Yi is touched in his heart. Although this large chest girl looks endearingly silly, she is actually very sensible.

    “Damn Lele who did you say is heavy!!!”

    “Ah….I forgot. Sorry Sister Xiao Die, I forgot that you do not have a chest!”


    “Ahhhh!!! Don’t ah….Sister Xiao Die I am wrong….I will not dare to say nonsense any more….”

    Author’s Note: Our Lele’s flesh game is coming~

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