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Chapter 538 Ma’s family sisters

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     North Dragon City, Ma Family house.

    Ma Yuanyuan is blankly sitting in an empty living room with a white mourning clothing draped over her body.

    Within the living room lays a coffin. Lying in the coffin is none other than her grandmother.

    Ma Yuanyuan feels like her heart is desolate, like something has been removed from her heart.

    Brother Xiao Yi has left for schooling, my own elder sister has disappeared for a long time. Now, grandmother has also passed away. Although my parents came back because of my grandmother’s death, I know that soon they will leave North Dragon City and leave my side.

    From then on, I will really be on my own.

    The current Ma Yuanyuan is sitting by the side on her grandmother’s coffin while trembling. She really wishes to call Liu Yi and ask him to come back and accompany her.

    But Ma Yuanyuan knows that doing so is willful. Her brother Xiao Yi that big idiot is currently studying in JingDou and it is not possible for him to rush back so quickly. Even if I tell him, it is just increasing worries for another person. I along am enough and will definitely be able to support it.

    Although Ma Yuanyuan is comforting herself in her heart, but see her grandmother lying in the coffin and remembering that she will be alone in the future, she starts to cry.

    At this moment a faint shadow suddenly appears. This shadow is pulled very long by the moonlight until it reaches under Ma Yuanyuan’s feet.

    Ma Yuanyuan raises her head in shock and immediately sees a girl standing by the door of the living room.

    This girl’s figure cannot be any more familiar to Ma Yuanyuan causing her to tremble and exclaim in shock, “Elder sister?”

    The person who came is none other than Ma Yuanyuan’s older sister Ma Yixuan.

    The current Ma Yixuan is wearing a purple qipao, embroidery onto the qipao is several large orchids.

    Her body is very curvy and her appearance is pretty enough to move people. Thus wearing this qipao, it is very suitable.

    Looks like after absorbing Jiang Qini, Ma Yixuan is affected by a bit of Jiang Qini’s interest.

    “Older sister, you, you have finally returned!”

    Seeing Ma Yixuan who have become even more beautiful, Ma Yuanyuan is both surprised and delighted.

    “Are you here to accompany me?”

    “Accompany you?”

    Ma Yixuan gives her sister a weird look and then she starts to giggle. Her laughter is very crazy causing Ma Yuanyuan to be nervous.

    “My good sister ah, are you really stupid or pretending to be stupid.”

    Ma Yixuan’s eyes reveal a hint of mocking, “Why should I accompany you? Just because we are related by blood there will not be any alienation?”

    “Why, why do ask this….”

    Ma Yuanyuan only senses that her older sister seems to be slightly abnormal and become unfamiliar causing her to be afraid.

    “You, you are not my older sister….”

    “Older sister? Just because I am your older sister?”

    Ma Yixuan’s laughter becomes even more terrifying causing Ma Yuanyuan to feel a chill.

    “From young to now you were like this. Everyone tells me that I am your older sister so I must give way to you in everything. The doll that I like, if you like it, I must give it to you. The stationery that I earn money to buy all you need to do is to throw a tantrum for our parents and it will be yours! And it is all because I am your older sister! Everything that happened is all because I am your older sister! Why is it that I am your older sister! When did I want to be your older sister! Why must I always keep giving in to you!”

    “Older sister, I…”

    “Shut up! Don’t call me older sister!”

    Ma Yixuan roars in anger scaring Ma Yuanyuan into quivering

    “I had said that I do not wish to be your older sister!”

    Ma Yixuan’s current expression is very sinister as she speaks through clenched teeth.

    Ma Yuanyuan is so frightened that she did not dare to say anything as she shrinks to the side trembling.

    While Ma Yixuan walks over to the coffin and looks at the old lady serenely lying within it.

    “You look at her, it is like she is only sleeping.”

    Ma Yixuan touches the coffin and says softly.

    “When she was alive, she has never thought of me this granddaughter. Everytime we fight, she will always side you and then punish me. But now she is sleeping so comfortably, does she really wish to forget everything she had done? Hehehe, really what a joke.”

    “You, what do you wish to do?”

    Ma Yuanyuan does not know what craziness is her older sister pulling to actually be angry with their dead grandmother.

    “People who have committed mistake must receive punishment, punishment that comes from me.”

    As Ma Yixuan speaks, she stretches out her palm aiming at the old lady underneath.

    Instantly a soul that is struggling is pulled out from the old lady

    “The soul of a kin can greatly increase my strength.”

    [TL: okay this is very sickening…]

    As Ma Yixuan speaks, under the shocked gaze of her younger sister, she tosses the soul into her mouth.

    “After all she is already dead, why don’t you be a supplement for me, this obedient granddaughter.”

    After Ma Yixuan has absorbed that soul, she seems to become even more charming.

    Ma Yuanyuan is shocked as she was badly frightened by her older sister.

    Just, just now that was the soul of my grandmother? Grandmother’s soul got suck away by older sister?

    This, just what is going on…

    “Worthy of the soul of kins, it is indeed very useful.”

    Ma Yixuan laughs coldly, “The next one shall be you.”

    Her gaze lands on Ma Yuanyuan causing her face to turn pale in fright.

    Older sister she…..she also wants to suck away my soul?

    “I have been giving in to you for so many years, this time around, it should be your turn to give in to me.”

    As Ma Yixuan speaks, she stretches out her palm towards her younger sister.


    Ma Yuanyuan is so frightened that she immediately hides under that table trembling.

    Right now Ma Yixuan is already no longer my older sister….she, she is more like a devil…

    “Be obedient, don’t hide.”

    Ma Yixuan laughs happily.

    “I will treat you very warmly, from now on, the two of us will be a single entity. At that time, what is mine will also be yours. There is no need for you to snatch from me again, hehehe…”

    She has become crazy, she really has become crazy…

    Ma Yuanyuan starts crying, “Brother Xiao Yi….where are you, quickly come and save me…”

    “Liu Yi again!”

    When Ma Yixuan hears this name, she instantly becomes angry, “It is all because of this guy! He had snatched away everything of mine! Do you like him? Hahahaha, very good. Indeed you are my good younger sister! Then you shall first die for him!”

    She is going to use the soul-sucking technique.

    But at this moment from the sky comes a roar.

    “Tai!!! How dare you demonic girl to actually escape to here!”

    A white figure suddenly descends from the sky and lands in the living room through the window.


    A white robe guy tosses out a silver longsword directly at Ma Yixuan.

    “Damn Concealed Sword Pavilion! You guys actually chased so closely!”

    Ma Yixuan frowns, “Didn’t I just kill one of you guys. What a bunch of boring people.”

    “How dare you still dare to speak arrogantly! Today watch me deal with you!”

    This person is a disciple from Concealed Sword Pavilion’s Earth Character. He urges his immortal qi and tossed his sword into the sky, and pulls his hands apart.

    Instantly over tens of sword appears in the sky and shoots towards Ma Yixuan.


    Ma Yixuan snort as both her hands forms a sword seal.

    Immediately swords formed from blood appear in the sky and clash against the sword shadows of the Concealed Sword Pavilion’s disciple.

    The Conceal Sword Pavilion’s disciple is slightly shocked as he did not expect that the opponent’s cultivation is on par with him!

    “How did your cultivation suddenly increase by so much!”

    “Hmph! How is it possible for you to comprehend the greatness of Soul-Sucking Technique!”

    Earlier Ma Yixuan had met this Concealed Sword Pavilion’s disciple who was doing a task with another person. To snatch the cultivation technique of Concealed Sword Pavilion, she secretly killed the other one and sucked away his soul.

    But she did not think that this senior brother would be so troublesome and is actually an earth realm expert! This person has been chasing after her all the way while she can only escape in a fluster.

    She escapes the entire journey and afterward when she comes to know that her grandmother had died, it causes Ma Yixuan to have some thoughts. Soul Sucking Technique is very sinister. If she assimilates her own relatives’ soul, it will allow her cultivation to greatly increase! Thus Ma Yixuan returned back to North Dragon City to assimilate her grandmother’s soul.

    Originally she planned to suck Ma Yuanyuan’s soul as well but she did not expect that the Concealed Sword Pavilion’s disciple arrived so quickly.

    She still has not completely absorbed the previous soul, thus fighting anymore is a complete waste of time as well as a waste of strength.

    Ma Yixuan is in no mood to fight and only wished to escape.

    This she suddenly lifts up her leg, showing off the spring scene underneath her qipao, causing the Concealed Sword Pavilion’s disciple to be absent-minded.

    “Experience your own Concealed Sword Pavilion’s technique!”

    Ma Yixuan’s smile brightly as she stretches out both her hands and points towards the sky.

    Instantly a blood sword appears in the sky. Following which this single sword turn into 2, from 2 turns into 3 and in a blink of an eye, the entire sky is covered by dense blood sword!

    “Damn it!”

    The Concealed Sword Pavilion’s disciple is instantly shocked as he hurries and flashes down towards the coffin below. He kicks the coffin up and takes shelter under the coffin.

    After half a day the sword rain still has not descended.

    The Concealed Sword Pavilion’s disciple placed down the coffin and looks up into the sky. Where is there the shadow of the sword rain!

    Even Ma Yixuan whom he had been chasing after has also disappeared.

    “Damn it I let that demonic woman escape!”

    He stomps his leg angrily.


    While Ma Yuanyuan’s crying sound attracted his attention. This Concealed Sword Pavilion’s disciple turns around and looks at the young girl hiding under the table and sees that she looks quite similar to the earlier demonic girl.

    Could it be that they are sisters? Demon girl is indeed a demon girl, she did not even let off her own younger sister!

    The Concealed Sword Pavilion’s disciple suddenly has a thought as he crouches down and asks, “Little sister are you fine?”

    Ma Yuanyuan did not say anything, she only shakes her head.

    “Your older sister has already turned into a devil. She is no longer your older sister.”

    He continues and says, “From today onwards you just follow me and learn sword techniques. With this sword technique, you will be able to protect yourself.”

    He stretches out his hand towards Ma Yuanyuan and says, “Welcome you to join Concealed Sword Pavilion.”