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Chapter 541 Evening Party

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     Gossip this thing travels around very quickly, especially for Liu Yi this kind of famous person in their school.

    That event happened at the school gate of KeDe campus. Although not a lot of people walk in and out during the night, because of the love triangle between Liu Yi and KeDa’s as well as QingBei’s school flower, within a night, this matter is known by everyone in the two schools.

    On the school’s BBS, almost everyone is discussing this matter, especially on the forum, there is a very large post pinned at the top.

    The content of the post basically reconstructs the situation during that night. Describing it very realistically like it is happening right now. When this post appears, it instantly causes the public opinion of Liu Yi to be split into two. There are 4 kinds of people who are following the post. First is those who scolds Liu Yi as a brute, one Wang Yuzheng is not enough and still want to date another Murong Die!

    The second one is taking joy in his misfortune. Perhaps they are jealous, envious or hateful of him, they are laughing at Liu Yi that he, in the end, did not manage to catch either of them.

    The third kind is those who are supporting Liu Yi, saying that guys should be like this, dating all of the school flowers in the world!

    The last kind seems to be mostly girls, who are saying that they will take advantage and enter. After all the earlier power and money that Liu Yi have displayed earlier is already enough to attract a number of girls to throw themselves at him.

    “Boss…right now you are really famous ah.”

    Sitting in the lecture hall, Chen Cai says to Liu Yi as he scrolls through the message on his phone.

    “You see there is a girl from the art department who wished to date you. She also leaves the way to get in contact with her! Hehe….from this picture she seems to be rather open eh, really damn fiery ah….”

    As Chen Cai watches, he salivates. While Liu Yi who is sitting beside him did not say anything the entire time.

    “Right boss. I have found people to help you inquire around. Wang Yuzheng has been staying in her dormitory the entire time. She did not even go to the library. As for food, it is her roommates who help her take away back to the dorm. She only leaves the room when there are lessons or training in Red Star company.”

    “I know.”

    Liu Yi smiles bitterly. He had inquired from Chen Dahai before and came to know that Wang Yuzheng’s condition in the company training is not really good. There is once when Wang Yuzheng went to tell the person-in-charge that she wants to resign, but in the end, she is persuaded not to by the well-spoken person-in-charge.

    He had once gone to see Wang Yuzheng by standing at the rooftop of a building far away. The current Wang Yuzheng is very pale and her mental state is very poor. Furthermore, she had become thinner which makes Liu Yi feel heartache.

    No matter how he tries and calls Wang Yuzheng, she did not pick up. This cause Liu Yi to be driven mad and sometimes he really wishes to scold people.

    As for Murong Die’s side, the situation is also not good. Wang Lele says that her Sister Xiao Die’s appetite has a large decrease and has become very quiet.

    “Boss, come and take a look. With your terms, there isn’t any goddess that you cannot find ah!”

    Chen Cai also does not know how to comfort Liu Yi. He can only pat his shoulders and says, “There is also a matter boss….I’m afraid that you do not know that recently the KeDa’s laboratory is going to relocate right?”


    Liu Yi lazily replies when he suddenly got shocked awake and looks at Chen Cai.

    “What did you say? KeDa’s laboratory is going to relocate? When did it happen?”

    “In two days time.”

    Chen Cai says, “In two days time our KeDa and QingBei has a gathering that students from both schools must take part in. At that time there is also an evening party that Xiao Ya wants to let you go and perform!”

    “Let me?”

    Liu Yi shakes his head, “What can I perform?”

    “Sing a song ah boss!”

    Chen Cai says, “Last time when you sang a love song to Wang Yuzheng, someone took a video of it and post on the forum! Xiao Ya the current Student Union Propaganda Department head. She and big brother is using their face together to invite you to go and sing. So, are you going to sing?”

    “Student Union….”

    Liu Yi faintly recalls that Wang Yuzheng also seems to be a member of the Student Union.

    While Murong Die is also a member of QingBei’s Student Union Liaison Department as well….Looks like we are going to meet each other?

    Truthfully speaking, at that instant Liu Yi more or less flinched slightly like he is afraid of meeting the two of them at the same time.

    “Boss, this time round the evening party is quite important.”

    Chen Cai finally says the main point, “Our relocation this time around is of the highest priority. The top intention is to borrow the evening party to lure away the sight of the crowd and secretly evacuate the laboratory from KeDa.”

    “Such an important matter why did no one inform me?”

    Liu Yi is curious.

    “Boss….you have not gone to the laboratory for the past few days already….”

    Chen Cai says faintly, “Maki had already gone crazy trying to find you and finally she can only find me to inform you…”

    “Oh, so it is like that….then it is my fault.”

    Liu Yi sighs. During this period my state of affair is indeed not very good. Wang Yuzheng and Murong Die have already become part of my life. Falling out with the girls is really affecting me a lot.

    Emotional debt. Really did not expect that there will come a day when a loser like me will be saddled with emotional debt. Recalling back then even Ma Yixuan don’t even like me.

    Times really have changed.

    Should I be happy or feel sad.

    “This evening party I will go. You help me inform Xiao Ya.”

    Liu Yi thinks it though. Since I wish to solve the problem then escaping is not a method. If I keep escaping, it will be harming Murong Die and Wang Yuzheng.

    “Mm, okay. I will inform her. Boss, you can set your mind at ease and sing. Leave the matter of the laboratory to me. I will watch over for you.”

    “Mm, this time around should be a confidential operation. There shouldn’t be any large problem.”

    Liu Yi thinks a bit before asking, “Who from Dragon Group will be there as well?”

    “The 12 zodiacs’ members will all be there.”

    Chen Cai immediately replies, “Furthermore Long Yi, Long Er, and Long San will come as well. The majority of the three groups will secretly come over as well.”

    “Mm, since they are all there, then there will be less problems.”

    Liu Yi recalls Long Yi’s strength as he becomes calmer.

    “Oh, this is the route for transportation.”

    Chen Cai takes out his handphone and shows Liu Yi a picture of a map.

    “What, it also goes past the hall of the school?”

    “It is underground.”

    Chen Cai clucks, “There isn’t just a single entrance to the laboratory. Among which one of them is this path. Exiting from the laboratory and going past the hall and then come out from the back of the experimental building behind the hall. We have arranged people at the laboratory and the experimental building. As long as we guard these two places, there will not be any problem. Our head had said that all of the equipment in the laboratory is the best. Especially that zodiac gene cultivating hard drive. Whoever who gets their hands on it will possess the genetic map.”

    “Mm, this time around I shall be relying on you guys.”

    Liu Yi is slightly guilty that he is unable to take part in this task.

    “Don’t mind it, boss. As a love saint, I understand you.”

    Chen Cai puts on an appearance that he knows and says, “If you have anything that you this brother to help out with, you just need to say.”

    “You? How is that snake girl of yours?”

    “Hehe, that, boss what song are you going to sing this time?”

    “Let’s talk about it later…”

    Liu Yi waves his hand, he still has not considered about this question yet, after all, there are still two more days for him to prepare.

    “Fine then….I will let Xiao Ya know.”

    Chen Cai takes out his handphone and gives Xiao Ya an SMS.

    Originally Xiao Ya who was behaving sweetly with their big brother in the left corner, seeing this SMS instantly becomes excited.

    Taking advantage that the teacher had his head turned away from them, she discards away her boyfriend and secretly snuck over and sits on Liu Yi’s right side.

    “What the, why did you come over directly?”

    Seeing Xiao Ya actually sneak over during the lesson, he is slightly shocked. This lass is too daring ah.

    This causes Liu Yi to recall of Murong Die.

    Instantly his heart starts to ache again.

    “I have been anxious to find you ah!”

    Xiao Ya is a Northeast lass, thus she speaks very directly, “I need you to hold down this program ah!”

    “Let me hold down….you are thinking too highly of me…”

    “What are you acting terrified of!”

    Xiao Ya rolls her eyes at Liu Yi, “Do you know how high is your click rating for the video of you singing? It had always been number 1! If it is not for the fact that you one-foot step on two boats….ah, sorry…”

    Seeing Liu Yi’s pale face only then did Xiao Ya notice that she had said the wrong things and hurry and apologize.

    “No worries….”

    Liu Yi smiles bitterly, looks like I will not be able to get rid of this heart devil anytime soon.

    “Then what are you going to sing. I will arrange it properly for you!”

    Xiao Ya hurries and changes the topic.

    “Let me think for a bit….I will SMS you tonight.”

    Liu Yi really does not know what to sing in such a short notice. After all these few days his mind is in a mess the entire time.

    Xiao Ya urges, “Okay….you must hurry up. The evening party is in two days time! I believe in your ability, but you must give our student association some time to prepare.”

    “Mm, I will. I will make it hard for you guys.”

    Liu Yi nods his head indicating that he will do his best.

    “That will be the best. Then I shall rely on you for everything! Whether or not are we able to make QingBei attach importance to us will be depending on this chance! I have heard that QingBei’s side has invited a female star who had graduated from their school back to sing. Tsk, I Xiao Ya shall tell them what is called a real star! Furthermore, who is still a university student!”

    This lass is quite headstrong!

    Liu Yi once again recalls Wang Yuzheng and sighs deeply.

    “What you are not confident in yourself?”

    Xiao Ya looks at Liu Yi in shock. If he is not confident in himself then this matter will be slightly worrying.

    “No, not no confident….it is…..”

    Liu Yi does not know how to explain, while Xiao Ya is exceptionally intelligent and immediately understands.

    “Oh, oh. There is no need for you to explain. I understand. But during the performance, you must not let your emotions to affect your singing. After all, this is a big matter of our entire KeDa.”

    “Mm, okay….”

    “Okay, tomorrow afternoon 3 pm come to the small hall for the rehearsal.”

    Xiao Ya orders, “Remember to tell me the song earlier. I will help you arrange the accompanying music.”


    After Liu Yi nods his head, he lies on the table and no longer speaks.

    Seeing his slightly sluggish eyes, Xiao Ya sighs softly.

    Is seeking Liu Yi’s help for this matter really a correct choice?

    Tsk! Everything will depend of tomorrow’s rehearsal!