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Chapter 542 Sorry

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     QingBei’s and KeDa’s friendship evening party is held in the auditorium of KeDa. Because it is a large scale evening party, thus a day beforehand the people participating in the program need to have a rehearsal in the auditorium.

    Liu Yi is sitting in the backstage holding a guitar. The guitar is the one that was dropped by Wang Yuzheng.

    There are a lot of people busy around in the front stage, Liu Yi also sees the figure of Murong Die and Wang Yuzheng.

    The two lasses are remarkable women of the world, wherever they stand they are the attention of the crowd. It is indeed hard to not notice them.

    As a member of the Student Union, both sides will have some contact with each other. But the two of them are busy with their own stuff like they did not see the other person.

    Liu Yi who is sitting at the backstage seeing this scene only light strums the guitar.

    “Oi, oi, oi my Mr Liu, your eyeballs are almost flying out already.”

    Xiao Ya who is standing by the side for a while seeing Liu Yi going into a daze, waves her hand in front of Liu Yi’s eyes.

    “Soul return back!”

    “Ah! Sorry, I got distracted.”

    Liu Yi regains conscious and looks at Xiao Ya apologetically.

    “How is this distracted ah, you are basically about to lose your soul.”

    Xiao Ya pouts, “Liu Yi, don’t blame me for saying you. You are a big man already, is it worth it to become like this for a woman?! It is not like there isn’t anyone else who likes you. You take a look at our classmate Xiao Feng who has become like this for you. Her looks are also not bad, she has not even had a boyfriend after so long in university, do you know why?”


    Liu Yi says helplessly, “Emotions cannot be forced ah….I really feel nothing for Xiao Feng.”

    “What the! Liu Yi you fellow!”

    Xiao Ya is hopping mad, “Are you really blind or are you pretending to be stupid ah you! Where is our Xiao Feng bad? Want face have face, want breast have breast, want butt have butt! Yes, yes she is not as pretty as that two school flower of yours but beautiful girls cannot be obtained do you not understand?”

    “They are not the kind of women that you are thinking of…”

    “Tsk, I did not say anything. Anyways since you already agree then help me make this evening party good! You are the one whom I pat my chest and ask the in-charge to leave you as the finale! If you do not do it well I will really be finished this time around!”

    Done speaking she looks at the stage in worry.

    That graduated QingBei female star is standing on the stage unhappily as she says in anger, “Why it is not me who is the finale? Why do you let a student do the finale? What is the meaning of you guys.”

    Liu Yi is not very familiar with this female star, thus he lets Little Jade investigate her.

    Huang Dan, graduated from QingBei University. After which she takes part in a female talent show and obtained the second place, thus starting her path into stardom. Currently, she is slightly famous, despite this being the rehearsal, there are a few of her fans sitting in the seats holding a banner shouting her name.

    “Do you see this? There are so many people below the stage who are here for me, and you guys arranged me for this position?”

    Huang Dan crosses her arms which her slightly pretty face showing dissatisfaction and says in anger, “I am not here to cheer for you guys on!”

    Huang Dan complains on the stage as a few Student Union members are comforting her by the side.

    Xiao Ya sneers and says, “Tsk, isn’t she just a small star that’s all, who does she think she is too think she is terrific and look down on others!”

    Liu Yi says, “How about arranging me in front of her. I do not mind.”

    “How is that possible!”

    Xiao Ya glares and says, “This is not the time to let you display your style! This is not a genuine friend match! This is related to QingBei and KeDa this two universities’ face! Liu Yi, every year the finale of the evening party had always been QingBei’s one! This year I had put in so much effort to snatch it over and you want me to send it over to them?”

    Liu Yi smiles bitterly, “Feels like it is going to go up to the stage of class struggles.”

    “It is good that you think this way!”

    Xiao Ya reminds Liu Yi once again, “Don’t be afraid. That lass does not have any real ability. Her singing is only normal and is completely relying on her face! I have seen before that video of yours a number of times. You can be considered as an idol with real abilities! Go and instantly kill her for me! This time around you can only win and not allowed to be defeated!”

    “Fine then, I will do my best….”

    “Not do your best but must, do you understand?”

    Xiao Ya remains in the backstage accompanying Liu Yi to tune and watches Huang Dan finish her song.

    Liu Yi feels that her singing is not bad, she should be groomed by the company she signed with in singing. But her singing is way worse than Wang Yuzheng. If Wang Yuzheng is willing to sing a song on the stage, she will definitely be a sensation.

    “Okay, okay. It is your turn now little fellow. Do it properly and don’t let the team be disappointed in you!”

    Xiao Ya pushes Liu Yi and encourages him, “My fate is in your hands!”

    Liu Yi waves his hand indicating to Xiao Ya not to worry.

    Walking from the backstage onto the stage, when Huang Dan sees Liu Yi hugging a guitar and walking out, she instantly starts mocking.

    “Still holding a guitar ah! Do you think that you are a school singer?”

    Her fans under the stage also start mocking along as well.

    “Aiyah is this the playboy?”

    “That’s right, that’s right. He still has the face to come up the stage to sing?”

    “Tsk, tsk he is also placed behind our Dan Dan, what is the meaning of this!”

    “That’s is right, make him get down the stage!”

    “Get down! Get down!”

    The fans of Huang Dan starts crying out, causing the Student Union members present to be embarrassed.

    Liu Yi who is standing on the stage frowns.

    While Huang Dan does not have any intention of restraining her fans as she crosses her arms and watches by the side why sneering.

    The more the fans make noise, the more difficult it is to deal with it. The Student Union is basically unable to handle them.

    Wang Yuzheng is wandering around, trying to appease the fans who are causing trouble. But her voice which is normally soft, is suppressed by the noise from the crowd.

    Liu Yi is able to see that Wang Yuzheng is very anxious and is still concerned about him.

    She keeps walking among the fans, trying to persuade them. But none of them listen to her and instead makes even more noise, causing the Student Union to have a bigger headache.

    At this moment Murong Die walks up to the stage and takes the microphone from Liu Yi. She aims the microphone towards the stereo-system by the side and places the microphone close.


    An ear piercing sound instantly blasted throughout the entire hall causing everyone to cover their ears and cry out.

    Even the fans are also the same, causing them to stop making noise.

    Only then did Murong Die takes back the microphone and says impolitely, “This is QingBei and KeDa’s evening party rehearsal, not a certain person’s concert. If you do not wish to stay then you can scram out for me right now. No one will stop you! The Student Union members from both sides watch closely. Whoever who start causing trouble, directly chase them out of the grounds. There is no need to be polite.”

    Murong Die’s words cause those fans who are making noise to calm down.

    No one will want to be invited out or leave with their tail between their legs!

    Huang Dan did not say anything. Recently her popularity is not so fiery. The company had done quite a bit of publicity for her but the effects are rather low. Thus when the Student Union of QingBei invites her to participate in the fellowship evening party, the company manager immediately agrees. Don’t look down on this kind of student evening party. This is the fellowship evening party of the two most famous university! If she performs well, it will definitely help with her popularity.

    Especially this time around the performance fee is not very little. It is said that most are sponsored by Murong Die…towards Huang Dan who is currently hard-pressed in economics but likes to chase after famous brand and enjoy life, giving up this performance for a bit of face…it is indeed not possible.

    “Sing properly.”

    After dealing with the fans, Murong Die passes the guitar back to Liu Yi and turns around and walks down the stage.

    Liu Yi is stunned as he looks at Wang Yuzheng, only to see her face turning even sadder.

    Alas, this lass is definitely having weird thoughts again. Perhaps she might even think that she is worse in comparison to Murong Die.

    Seeing that Liu Yi is going into a daze again, Xiao Ya who is behind shouts loudly, “Liu Yi hurry up and start!”

    “What person is he ah, why is he standing there. Is it he does not dare to sing?”

    “Hmph, definitely he is having stage fright. Perhaps he knows that he is unable to sing well and throws his face.”

    “Tsk, tsk, since he is afraid of throwing away his face then he should get down!”

    The fans start discussing again, but this time around they are saying softly, but Liu Yi is able to hear them clearly.

    No matter what, I cannot let other people look down on me!

    He immediately places the microphone into the stand in front of him and sits on the tall chair and starts gently strumming the guitar.

    A tune instantly forms, causing Wang Yuzheng to tremble when she hears it.

    This tune….isn’t it the tune that I played for Liu Yi back then?

    Back then I said before that this tune is not bad but it is a pity that there isn’t any suitable lyrics to go with it.

    I only played once…and he remembers it…

    How would Wang Yuzheng know that although Liu Yi is unable to remember the tune, he has a heaven-defying Ai Little Jade.

    Yesterday night, Liu Yi did not sleep at all. Instead, he spent the time working hard to create lyrics for this tune.

    He starts fiddling with the guitar and lets Little Jade help him with the rhythm, only then did he starts singing the song.

    “I remember that I used to love before, it is only a pity that I accidentally committed a mistake.

    I remember that you said you love me before, but now you become so cold.

    It is obvious that we both love each other, but why is it that it is so upsetting.

    It is obvious that we promise to forever, but why is it that we are breaking up like this.

    Sorry, I love you like this.

    Sorry, I forget that promise.

    Sorry, you have stolen my heart.

    Sorry, please don’t return it back to me.

    Forgive me please, I do not understand romantic.

    Forgive me please, it is me who thinks too much.

    Forgive me please, every night I toss and turn restlessly.

    Forgive me please, say that you love me again.

    Although I do not understand love, I finished writing this song for you.”

    Liu Yi’s voice is originally not bad, just that he is unable to find the tone back then. Now with the help of Little Jade, along with his song, his heartfelt emotions, it instantly shocks everyone present.


    Xiao Ya punches the air behind the stage.

    While Wang Yuzheng and Murong Die who is standing under the stage look at Liu Yi who is holding the guitar in a daze.

    Am I really going to forgive him…..but, who is the one he is singing this song for.

    Is it me or her?