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Chapter 545 It is your turn

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     When the Japanese finished speaking from the shadows in the surroundings, a number of ninjas jump out and starts attacking Liu Yi.

    “Finally willing to come out?”

    Liu Yi had already sensed that there were people hidden in the surrounding. Earlier when they were students, he did not care about them but now, who is enemy and who is allies, it is very obvious.

    -swish, swish, swish!-

    Ninja stars shoot towards Liu Yi like a meteor shower from all direction.

    Liu Yi stands still as a black armor suddenly encase him.

    -dang, dang, dang!-

    The sound of metal striking each other ring out as well as red sparks fly out from Liu Yi’s armor.

    With the Monarch Armour, Liu Yi is safe and sound. The ninja stars are more like tickling him.

    A white smoke suddenly explodes out with Liu Yi within it, blocking his sight.

    A number of ninjas take advantage and lands by Liu Yi’s side and stabs towards him with their katana.

    All of these ninjas are shadow ninjas which are Glorious Sun Conglomerate strongest ninja force!

    Their bodies are all injected with bat gene which not only strengthens them, at the same time it allows their movements to be even more covert.

    The most important point is that the obtain the ability of echolocation! Even if they are unable to see anything, but they are still able to know what is in their surrounding!

    During combat, this is basically a godly equipment allowing their assassination ability to be even stronger!

    Shadow Ninjas are the Glorious Sun Conglomerate finally trump card! They wish to rely on this unit of ninjas to thoroughly flip the board!

    By the Glorious Sun Conglomerate is too naive. To other people, these shadow ninjas might be very powerful. But to Liu Yi, they are not worth mentioning.

    He swings out his lance and sends those ninjas around him flying out.

    While one of the ninjas had already reached his back as the katana in his hand stab towards Liu Yi’s waist.

    Liu Yi thrustss his lance backward as the tip of the lance pierced through the heart of that ninja raising him up into the sky. At the same time, Liu Yi grabs a handful of ninja stars from that ninja’s body and toss them out.

    With his huge strength as well as Little Jade’s targeting system, the ninja stars which instantly fly in all directions did not hit the air. All of them nailed into the heart of a ninja shooting them down.

    At the same time, Liu Yi waves his hand and disperses smoke surrounding him.

    Seeing how ferocious Liu Yi was, the Japanese were all fearful and apprehensive.

    “Baka, are the people from the Glorious Sun Family trash?”

    Little Bird scolds.

    “People from Yishi Family if you have the ability then you go and try it yourself!”

    A ninja who looks like the leader of the group says in anger, “This Shina is very scary!”

    “Trash will be trash. Still wanting to seek excuses!”

    Yishi Little Bird says to a Yin-yang master by his side, “Ah Li, go and deal with this Shina!”


    That Yin-yang master immediately walks forward and starts muttering some unknown incarnation.

    “Damn Shina! Let me show you the power of my Yishi’s Yin-yang technique!”

    Yishi Little Bird laughs loudly.

    Liu Yi raises his lance without any change in expression.

    “Bring it on.”

    “Come on out Oni Warrior!”

    Black smoke suddenly appears in front of the Yin-yang master and following which a black armored figure nearly 3 meters tall walks out from the smoke.

    This entire thing is a black armor, within it is a black smoke controlling this armor, red light emits from the eye slots.

    When the red light lands on anyone, it will cause them to feel a bone-piercing chill.

    This fellow gives people a very terrifying feeling. Even Liu Yi is able to sense a deep ghost qi and killing intent from that fellow.

    “Are you sly things able to work?”

    The redhead who is standing by the side watches coldly.

    “Baka, what do you know of the might of our Yishi Family’s Yin-yang technique!”

    Little Bird says proudly, “This Oni Warrior that Ah Li summons out was a famous general back then. He is an expert in killing. Back then he had personally killed over a thousand people, thus he was given a nickname by others, Thousand Beheader! After he died, because his murderous aura was too heavy, thus he entered hell. Now he is summoned out by me as a strong shikigami! This Shina will soon turn into meat paste by its twin-blade!”

    While they are speaking the Oni Warrior had already under the orders of its master disappear from the sight of the crowd.

    “Ah! Liu Yi be careful!”

    By the side, Wang Yuzheng suddenly warns because the blade Oni Warrior had appeared behind Liu Yi as both its blades slash towards Liu Yi’s throat.

    While Liu Yi touches his lance and did not move.


    The twin blade lands on Liu Yi’s throat only to create sparks only.

    This Oni Warrior that is nicknamed Thousand Beheader did not even leave behind a blade scar on the armor!

    “How is this possible!”

    Seeing this scene Little Bird’s eyes nearly pop out, “What armor is this Shina wearing! The blade of the Oni Warrior is unable to break it!”

    “So secretive but all is a lie.”

    The redhead only snorts.

    That shikigami once again disappears and reappears in front of John’s corpse.

    The broken armor is still dented. The Oni Warrior immediately slashes it with its two blades.


    This armor that is said to be able to resist nuclear weapon is instantly slashed into a few pieces!

    The redhead stops speaking.

    While Little Bird and his people are even more alarm4r. There is no problem with the Oni Warrior’s strength, but it is unable to cut through the opponent’s armor!

    “How is this possible!”

    Little Bird exclaims in shock, his voice is very anxious and fast, “Ah Li, let the Oni Warrior attack again!”


    The Yin-yang master immediately controls his shikigami. The Oni Warrior immediately appears in front of Liu Yi again as it’s blades slashes on Liu Yi.

    Talking about this, this Oni Warrior’s blade technique is rather quick. It is like a thunderstorm that keeps descending on Liu Yi’s armor.

    -ding, ding, dang, dang!-

    Sparks keep flying out but Liu Yi’s armor is still fine.

    “Damn it! Just what godly equipment is this Shina wearing!”

    Little Bird clenches his teeth in hatred, “Despicable Shina, what ability does it count as to borrow external strength! If you have the capability then take off the armor and fight!”


    Liu Yi starts laughing, “Really an ignorant little devil. To actually use this kind of method to provoke me. But no worries, so what if I take off my Monarch Armour. Today I shall let you guys die with understanding.”

    Liu Yi removes his Monarch Armour and reveals his real body in front of them.

    Little Bird is instantly excited! This Shina is indeed an idiot! Just an indirect approach and it is effective!

    “Take advantage and kill him!”

    Under his snarl, the Oni Warrior once again starts attacking,

    This time Liu Yi finally start moving. His right hand’s finger keeps flicking away the blades that the Oni Warrior is slashing towards him, causing the attack to deviate away.

    Murong Die and the girls who were originally worried, seeing this scene, they become relief.

    So it is not that Liu Yi has good equipment but he indeed has this capability.

    The Oni Warrior is toyed by him like a pet, completely unable to threaten him at all.

    “Not, not possible…”

    Little Bird is completely stunned. He is in slight disbelieve of his own eyes, “Why is it like this?!”

    “Hmph. Just a small monster and you dare to be arrogant in my China’s territory!”

    Liu Yi feels that he had teased enough. He suddenly walks forward and his Scorpion Lance directly pierces through the Oni Warrior’s armor. After which an eye-catching flame erupts from the lance.

    “Let my devil fire drive away this monster!”

    The raging fire burns the Oni Warrior and instantly burns it into ashes.

    That Yin-yang master lets out a shriek and fainted.

    “This person is very powerful…”

    A trace of ruthlessness flashes across the redhead’s eyes, “We must work together and deal with him!”

    “Good. After we deal with him, then we discuss how we split the goods!”

    Little Bird and him had came to an agreement. The two of them immediately lead their own underlings and start attacking Liu Yi together.

    From Little Bird’s side, all kind of shikigami emerges, all of them very fierce looking and scare the group of students badly.

    Redhead and his people put on the quicksilver armor. Like a group of Terminator, a few of them are also holding a Gatling gun in their hands as they shoot towards Liu Yi.

    The pincer attack from both sides is indeed very troublesome.

    But to Liu Yi, it is nothing.

    “Sky Flipping Seal!”

    He tosses out the Sky Flipping Seal to protect the group of students behind him.

    As for himself, he holds his lance and walks towards Little Bird’s and his people direction which deflecting away the incoming bullets.

    “Shikigami! Attack!”

    Little Bird roars in anger as the fierce shikigamis immediately start charging towards Liu Yi.

    One 3 meter large white tiger pounce towards Liu Yi and open its jaw to bite Liu Yi.

    Liu Yi did not even glance at it and swings out his lance, sending it into the air and pierce through its throat before tossing it to the side.

    Another 3 meter tall enormous shikigami also descend from the sky and punches out with both hands towards Liu Yi.

    Liu Yi directly kicks out with a leg on that shikigami’s leg, breaking it’s leg and causes it to lose balance.

    At the same time, the lance in his hand pierces into shikigami, immediately killing it.

    Liu Yi is like an undefeatable war god. As he walks forward, he keeps killing the surrounding shikigami.

    The Yin-yang masters by Little Bird’s side keeps faintly as Little Bird’s complexion finally changes and starts trembling.

    “What….what a scary Shina…”

    “Those who dare to offend the prestige of my China shall die.”

    As Liu Yi speaks, he finally finished all of the shikigami and stands in front of Little Bird.


    Little Bird shouts fiercely like he wants to activate some spell.

    But the lance in Liu Yi’s hand transforms into a black light and instantly pierces through his throat causing him to be unable to cast the spell and send him up to meet his god.

    “Apologies, I am not interested in your shikigami.”

    Liu Yi swings his lance to remove the bloodstain and turns around and looks at the redhead and his people who are looking at him in shock.

    “Now, it is your turn.”