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Chapter 550 Board the car

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     “You guys….”

    Liu Yi looks at the familiar faces in shock.

    “Why did you guys come here for?”Xiao Ya walks up and gives Liu Yi a huge hug. “She will definitely be proud of you…”

    “Old Two. In the future, if you have any problems, you just have to call us!”

    Lai Junwen and his brothers say.

    “We are here to send you off.”

    Xiao Ya, Ling Zhuoyi and a few others are leading the group of people behind them and stop in front of Liu Yi.

    “Liu Yi no matter where you are in the future, we will forever be your assistance.”

    Ling Zhuoyi says to Liu Yi, “Leave the matter of the company to me. There is no need for you to worry.”

    “Thank you for taking revenge for Xiao Feng.”

    She walks up and hugs Liu Yi, “We will definitely rush over to your side!”

    There are also a lot of students, a lot of them are people who have managed to survive, they walk up and thank Liu Yi.

    Although this matter had already been smothered. On the internet, there is not a single bit of news, but in KeDa, the students spread it through the word of mouth and thus basically everyone knows of it.

    But as for the matter regarding that Liu Yi is Blood Emperor, all of them agree by chance to keep it a secret.

    The entire student body of KeDa come out and send Liu Yi off.

    Zhang Xinchu is stunned as he sits in the car. Seeing this scene, he feels like he is unable to speak.

    Just now he mocked Liu Yi that he is like a stray dog and now he actually receives a hero’s send-off.

    “I will return back, definitely!”

    Liu Yi says to the students in front of him. A lot of girls seeing that Liu Yi is going to leave, they started to cry.

    “Tsk, tsk. No matter what, you are still very popular.”

    Seeing so many girls crowding around Liu Yi, Murong Die is slightly jealous.

    Wang Yuzheng who is now more open, says to Liu Yi, “Let us send you to the bus stop.”

    “No need. Right now I will first be strolling around the four directions and disperse my concerns. I can treat it as a holiday.”

    Liu Yi strokes Wang Yuzheng’s face. He does not dare to say that his ID has been invalided, thus what can he use to buy a bus ticket.

    “Fine then….keep in contact.”

    Wang Yuzheng makes a phone call gesture, “Do not w turn off your handphone again.”

    “Mm, you as well.”

    Liu Yi kisses the two beauties good-bye making a lot of people red eyes.

    Qing Bei’s and KeDa’s two school flowers ah…they actually make a public display of affection together openly….too ignominious already.

    But who asked him to be Liu Yi!

    Zhang Xinchu almost crushes his teeth from clenching too hard. He grabs the car door tightly, wishing that he is able to crush the handle!

    “I am going. You guys also go back. There is no need to send me off anymore.”

    Liu Yi waves his hands and leaves the school campus under the unwilling gaze of the crowd.

    The legend of KeDa left just like this. Although he had lost his student qualification, he had won the hearts of people.

    Liu Yi did not even bother looking at Zhang Xinchu’s car and leaves with wide strides.

    Although he had left the school, the things that he needs to do are too many. He has such a big Dragon Palace to manage as well as Liu Haisheng, Great God Sect to handle as well!

    In a few more months time, it will be the 5 Spirit Gathering hosted by Liu Haisheng. Right now Liu Yi does not even know who is the host to the Water Spiritual body, as well as that Spirit Veins which he completely does not have any leads.

    {Liu Yi do you know where you should go next?}

    {Not very clear…..I am planning to go to the deep forest and concentrate on cultivating for a while.}

    Liu Yi does not have a very detailed plan yet. But increasing his cultivation should be the most important matter.

    {Idiot, right now you should go to the Wanzong Mountain!}

    Lin Tong slaps Liu Yi’s face with her tail, {Isn’t there rumors that whatever Wine Sword Immortal is in the Wanzong Mountain? We should go and inquire about news regarding Sword Emperor from him! Back then didn’t Sword Emperor defeat the Demon Emperor? If you wish to defeat the Demon Emperor, then you need to become the disciple of the Sword Emperor.}

    {This plan is quite good.}

    Hearing what Lin Tong says, Liu Yi nods his head, {I have the map of Wanzong Mountain as well as time.}

    {Then what are you waiting for, let’s set off.}

    As Lin Tong speaks her tail points towards a direction, {Sichuan should be in that direction!}

    {Perhaps….I am also not clear….}

    Sometimes Liu Yi is unable to differentiate north, south, east and west. But he uses Little Jade and lets her help him orientate his directions.

    Indeed, Little Jade scans the map that they had obtained from Demon Realm and gives him a route.

    In front of Liu Yi’s eyes appear a large arrow-head which is completely in the different direction from where Lin Tong is pointing. Sweats….luckily I did not listen to Immortal Fox sister…it seems like she has a poor sense of direction!

    {Prepare to leave.}

    With the new target, Liu Yi starts to have the motivation and prepare to start his journey.

    But at this moment, a black Hongqi car suddenly drives out from a corner and slowly drives to Liu Yi’s side.

    The car blocks in front of Liu Yi and a guy gets off the car.

    This guy is wearing a black sunglasses. His figure is skinny and gives Liu Yi an unreal feeling.

    Liu Yi looks at the guy who seems like he does not exist and frowns before asking, “Who are you?”

    “I call Phantom. Liu Yi, please board the car.”

    The guy pulls open the car door and makes a please gesture.


    So mysteriously invite me up the car, what is up with this guy?

    I had heard that there are rumors of an organization in JingDou which sells kidneys. Could it be that this person wants to capture me to sell my kidneys?

    “The car does not eat people. Get on.”

    From the car comes a familiar voice causing Liu Yi to be shocked and immediately board the car without any hesitation.

    While Zhang Xinchu who is following behind in his car, seeing that there are people who pick up Liu Yi, he instantly shouts, “Whose car does that car in front belongs to! Investigate it! Deal with it seriously!”


    His secretary immediately makes a call but after investigating for a while, he finally anxiously says to Zhang Xinchu, “Senior Official….we are unable to find out…”

    “What? Unable to find out?”

    Zhang Xinchu looks at the ordinary looking car plate number in front, “What are they doing! Why are they unable to find out!”

    “That….they say….our authority is not enough….”

    “What are you joking about!”

    Zhang Xinchu instantly roars in anger, “Who am I Zhang Xinchu! How could there be a car plate number that I am unable to find out?”

    “Do those fellow know who am I?”

    “They know it is Senior Official….but, they still say that our authority is not enough…”

    “Absolute disgrace! Continue to investigate, you must investigate it out!”

    “Yes, yes…”

    While the secretary carefully bears with his senior official’s anger, he continues to make calls and ask around.

    While at this time in the Hongqi car that Liu Yi gets on, he is looking at an old guy in military attire sitting by his side.

    “You….why are you here?”

    Wang Jianguo smiles faintly and asks in reverse, “Why can’t I be here?”

    “How can I sit by the side and watch my grandson get bullied by others.”

    “Oh? Why did you suddenly admit that I am your grandson again?”

    Liu Yi immediately raises his eyebrow. Wang Jianguo this old man is not those kinds of guys who likes to play the relatives card. Since he speaks like this, there is definitely something going on.

    “Hahaha, are you still angry?”

    Wang Jianguo lights up a Changbaishan cigarette and takes a puff before saying, “Cough, cough. It is still this cigarette from you guys have the right flavor. Talking about this, this temper of yours is basically a carbon copy of your grandfather. He, Liu Dapao did not live in vain during this lifetime. He did indeed raised up a good grandson.”

    [TL: what the….Dapao is literal translation is Big Cannon!!! Hahaha author ran out of names]

    “You can all this way from afar shouldn’t be just to remise with me about the past matters right?”

    Liu Yi does know that Liu Dapao is his grandfather’s nickname.

    “Hehe, there is this reason.”

    Wang Jianguo continues to smoke and says, “The other matter is regarding you being fired from Dragon Group.”

    Liu Yi looks at Wang Jianguo in shock. “You know about Dragon Group?”

    “Hehe, who do you think is the person who established Dragon Group back then?”

    Wang Jianguo blows out the smoke as memories flashes across his eyes, “This Dragon Group was an idea of your grandfather back them. Which I personally established back then. The 1st person-in-charged of Dragon Group was me, Wang Jianguo.”

    What the heck….

    Liu Yi takes a deep breath. Did not expect that my maternal grandfather had such an amazing background.

    “This matter of yours this time around actually is not that big at all. Most importantly is Zhang Xinchu’s actions behind the scene which made you so miserable.”

    “This is the result of my own choice.”

    Liu Yi smiles bitterly, “Anyways I am a cultivator. No identity then no identity, it does not affect me much.”

    Wang Jianguo give Liu Yi a side glance, “Then what about your Red Scarf Army? What about those businesses of yours?”

    “You know about Red Scarf Army?”

    “You are too looking down on your maternal grandfather me. What I wish to investigate is nothing about a few phone calls that’s all.”

    Wang Jianguo laughs, “I even know what you did before in Junior High School and Senior High School. How many time you skipped classes, how much you scored for each test as well!”

    “Then do you know which sect did I come from?”

    Liu Yi smiles craftily.

    “Eh….this…coughs….this smoke is really heavy…”

    Wang Jianguo coughs as he waves away the smoke.

    “Actually this matter is all because Zhang Xinchu was messing around in the back.”

    Wang Jianguo returns back to the previous topic and continues to talk about the proper topic, “Most of the higher-ups are actually approve of the way you handle the matter. That damn Yankee actually dares to run to our China’s territory and kill people, killing him is already light.”

    “Oh? Could it be that this matter still has a chance to turn around? Isn’t Zhang Xinchu’s authority very high?”

    “Him? What does he count as!”

    Wang Jianguo snorts, and says in disdain, “In the eyes of others, perhaps he might be an official. But on my side, he is a dog! This dog thinks no one would know about the secret dealing that he has with the Yankees?”


    When Liu Yi hears this, a gleam of ferocity flashes across his eyes. No wonder the secret operation got leaked…so it is because Zhang Xinchu betrayed Dragon Group?

    Bullshit that bastard! For his benefits, he actually had so many innocent people to die!

    Liu Yi immediately wants to get off the car but is stopped by Wang Jianguo.

    “What are you doing?”

    “I am going to kill that old dog.”

    “Don’t be impulsive. His matter can be dealt with later on. Right now we still have other matters that we need to settle first. After settling this matter, killing that old dog is not too late.”

    Wang Jianguo suddenly smiles craftily causing Liu Yi to feel like he is having a chat with an old fox!