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Chapter 551 Law Enforcement Official

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     “What matters do we need to deal with?”

    Liu Yi sneers, “What matter can be more important than killing that murderer!”

    “No hurry, no hurry.”

    Wang Jianguo waves his hand. “His car is right behind us and it is not like he can run away. As long as we settle this matter, the rest of the matter will be up to you.”

    “What on earth is the matter?”

    Liu Yi mutters apprehensively in his heart, why does this old man like to keep things on suspense!

    Wang Jianguo extinguishes the cigarette and asks, “I only wish to ask you. Do you wish to kill that Zhang Xinchu?”

    “Of course! He is carrying a number of blood debts.”

    Liu Yi clenches his fist, “Perhaps it will be too difficult for the laws to judge him. Then let it to me this kind of person to deal with it.”

    “Did you ever think before if you had the right to kill people?”

    “Of course I do not have.”

    Liu Yi smiles faintly, “But if they are not human then I have the rights to kill.”

    “No, no, no. You do not understand.”

    Wang Jianguo continuous and says, “Earlier although you had killed a number of evil people, you were using the name of Blood Emperor doing it. No one supports you and you are doing it on your own. That is why you are always on the wanted list of the country and finally, your China’s identity was lost.”

    “Talking about this, isn’t it all because of that dog Zhang Xinchu!”

    Liu Yi’s teeth is itchy from anger and feel like going over and kill that fellow immediately.

    “That is why I say your rights is not enough.”

    Wang Jianguo finally talks about the main topic, “In this country, there is a department, a group which authority is higher than the Dragon Group!”

    “Oh? There is still this kind of group in China?”

    “Of course.”

    Wang Jianguo nods his head. “Actually this group original name is called the ‘7th Division’ department. But later on because of the departure of the two experts in ‘7th Division’, this department is completely empty. But now, the country wants to rebuild it.”

    “7th Division?”

    Liu Yi says in his heart, this name is really damn weird. Hearing it, it sounds like a department that deals with aliens.

    “Mm, currently this department is still called 7th Division.”

    A gleam of radiance flashes across Wang Jianguo’s eyes, “While you, will naturally be the first task member of this department, the First Law Enforcement Official!”

    “Law Enforcement Official?”

    Liu Yi does not know why but hearing this name, he feels like his blood is boiling.

    “That’s right. It is Law Enforcement Official.”

    Wang Jianguo’s smile is very crafty, “After becoming the Law Enforcement Official, your authority will be higher than any official and directly report to the president. As long as you obtain enough of a person’s crimes, you can directly execute the punishment. Of course, the country’s interest is above everything. Sometimes you must also help the country do some task.”

    “This sounds like a high-ranked employee.”

    Liu Yi sneers, “Still not happy.”

    “Could it be that you wish to become the president?”

    Wang Jianguo glares at Liu Yi, “Furthermore even if it is president, it is also not like you can be if you wished to be okay? When you reach our level, every single movement needs to go through a lot of considerations! On the other hand, you have more freedom than us!”

    “Then could it be that I can kill anyone I wish to kill?”

    “Stop messing around. The reason why we choose you to be the Law Enforcement Official is that we approve of your righteous feeling for your nationality.”

    Wang Jianguo says hurriedly, “Do you think that this Law Enforcement Official this position is a game? Although a lot of officials butt is not clean you really think that you can kill all of them? Liu Yi, you only know righteous but you do not know politics. Nor do you understand the principle of being an official.”

    Wang Jianguo lights up another cigarette and says, “This is the reason why the word official has 2 mouths. One above and one below. If you do not feed the top mouth full then what can you use to feed that lower mouth full?”

    “I still do not understand.”

    Liu YI shakes his head, “Why are there so many corrupted officials? Why don’t you just kill off all of them and only leave behind the uncorrupted ones?”

    Hearing what Liu Yi says, Wang Jianguo clucks, “Indeed you are a youngster. Come, let me tell you a story. In the past, someone questioned the king back then. He says, ‘King, you are very wise and capable, but why are you raising so many corrupted officials?’ That king says, ‘This is the dao of a monarch. I raise so many corrupted officials and all of their benefits and authority come from me. If I am overthrown, they will also be finished. So for their own benefits, they will do their best to protect and strengthen my regime. On the other hand, when there comes a day when my citizens are angered, as long as I killed one of the corrupted officials, they will become happy.’ So do you understand it now Liu Yi?”


    Liu Yi falls into deep thoughts.

    “Governing a country is not as simple as what you think.”

    As Wang Jianguo smokes he says faintly, “Let us take that these common people as an example. Everyone is shouting about wanting to punish the corrupted officials and say that they are bullying people. But you see every year how many people are doing their best to get into an official position? As for those people who are usually scolding the officials, the moment they become an official, most of them are more corrupt than their predecessor. This is human nature. No one is able to do anything about it.”

    He breathed out smoke, now that he had finished speaking what he wanted to say, he looks at Liu Yi without saying anything.

    “How is it. This Law Enforcement Official do you want to do it? Remember, after becoming this Law Enforcement Official you not only possess authority but also carry an even larger responsibility! Didn’t America have this movie called pig hero…”


    [TL: the word pig in chinese character sounds similar to the second character of the word for spider in chinese.]

    “Oh, right. Just like that bug hero show had a saying. With greater power comes greater responsibility.”

    “Law Enforcement Official….”

    Liu Yi smiles bitterly, “I have a feeling of being tricked by someone into a deep hole….”


    Wang Jianguo glares, “Why would I lie to you for! Are you taking this position or not, if you are not, then drop it!”

    “No. I’ll take it.”

    Liu Yi takes a deep breath. “I cannot relax with other people taking this position.”

    As he speaks he looks outside of the window, “Perhaps from the moment I killed that Yankee, I have already carried upon me this responsibility.”

    “Haha, don’t speak like it is that heavy.”

    Wang Jianguo smiles again, “Since you agreed to take the position of Law Enforcement Official, there will naturally be a number of benefits. As for how big is your privileges let’s not talk about it, what you used to have will all be restored, your KeDa’s university student identity as well…”

    “No, I will not be returning back to KeDa for now. First I must do a more important matter.”

    Liu Yi waves his hands. First, he must go and visit Wine Sword Immortal.

    “Fine as well. But after experiencing this time round tossing around, the laboratory is unable to be moved away and is still in KeDa.”

    Wang Jianguo reminds, “There will not be anyone watching over this place temporary. You need to be careful.”

    “Relax. With Chen Cai here, no one is able to touch here.”

    Liu Yi waves his hand. “Chen Cai’s strength is enough to protect here.”

    As long as no one stronger from the cultivation world comes over, just those foreign spies are basically not Chen Cai’s opponent.

    “Hope that is the case. That gene map is too important to us.”

    Wang Jianguo signs, “Really did not expect that because of this thing, it would actually cause such a horrifying carnage….hope that after this matter, the other countries will calm down slightly. Your Blood Emperor’s fame is currently starting to spread to the other countries.”

    Liu Yi hurries and inquire, “They will not know of my identity right?”

    “Relax. Everything related to your identity, we will naturally completely seal off to prevent outsiders from knowing.”

    Wang Jianguo comforts, “Furthermore your Blood Emperor’s name from today onwards is now whitewashed. From now on, Blood Emperor is no longer a wanted criminal but the Law Enforcement Official of my China! Mr. Law Enforcement Official, please go and complete your first task.”

    As he speaks he pulls out a black wanted notice. On it, a very familiar face is printed on it.

    “Go on.”

    “I will definitely complete this first task beautifully.”

    Liu Yi takes the wanted notice and smiles, “Thank you, grandpa.”

    Done speaking he gets off the car.

    Wang Jianguo who is sitting in the car is stunned for a moment.

    “Just now….did he call me grandpa?”

    “Yes, senior official.”

    Phantom who is currently in the driver position in the car nods his head.

    “Hahaha, hahahahaha…”

    The old man instantly starts laughing widely, causing Phantom to feel baffled.

    Shouldn’t he be calling you grandpa? Why are you so emotional?

    Currently, Liu Yi had already gotten off the car and walks towards the car that Zhang Xinchu is in.

    “Stray dog why are you coming back for?”

    Seeing Liu Yi walking over with a bright smile, Zhang Xinchu does not know why but his back feels numb.

    “The two of you protect me properly!”

    He orders the two members from the 2nd group of Dragon Group who are following by the side of his car.

    The two of them helplessly nods their head, saying in their heart, if he really wished to kill you, he does not even need a slap to deal with the two of us.

    “Zhang Xinchu, I am here to announce your death penalty.”

    As Liu Yi speaks, he walks in front of the Audi as he raises the large black wanted notice.

    “Zhang Xinchu, 58 years old. The current highest in-charge of Dragon Group. Although on the surface you are the head of the most extraordinary organization of the country, secretly you already have a special relationship with the Americans. You have also a deal with the redhead American that I killed back then. You accepted 200 million as a deposit and then proposed to relocate the laboratory. After which you purposely leaked out the routes and timing to him. You then lead the majority of the elites of Dragon Group to wait in the experiment building where the 8 Gossip Mirrors were already waiting in ambush to be sealed. As for the reason why you want to save him is that the higher-ups of Peter gave you pressure. The moment he gets into an accident, that 200 million USD of yours in your bank account will be frozen right?”

    “You, what nonsense are you saying?”

    Zhang Xinchu’s complexion stiffens and immediately chides, “He is framing me, framing a loyal official! What are you guys stoning for! Hurry and stop this criminal from blabbering nonsense and capture him!”

    “Zhang Xinchu stop acting.”

    Liu Yi snorts. The two Dragon Group members do not dare to take action as they look at him.

    Bullshit who dares to show off in front of Blood Emperor! We do not have this ability!

    “You think that it is me who is finding you? Let me tell you, these are all the evidence that the country gave me. Right now I am no longer the criminal that you are saying. I am the Law Enforcement Official, 7th Division Law Enforcement Official.”

    “What, you, how come you are the Law Enforcement Official?”

    Hearing this three words Zhang Xinchu’s face finally turns pale.