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Chapter 553 Fu Xi Palace Hall

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     This place should be the location for the Wangzong Mountain.

    Liu Yi flew for a long time before rushing over to the location of Wangzong Mountain in Sichuan before night had fallen.

    The Imperial Province of back then is now plagued with misfortunes. The recent two years there have always been earthquakes. But this is unable to destroy the beauty of the Imperial Province. Currently, Liu Yi is floating in the sky of the wilderness and below is dense forest.

    Although this entire place is filled with tall mountain and valley, every single mountain has its own name and none of them is the Wangzong Mountain from the myths.

    Liu Yi looks at the large river coiled around the mountain in front of him and cannot help but ask, {Little Jade is it really here?}

    Little Jade double checks before replying Liu Yi, “Based on the coordinates from the map, it is indeed here master.”

    {Really strange…I am unable to sense an aura of a barrier…}

    Liu Yi looks at the surging river as well as the majestic tall mountain before muttering apprehensively, “Could it be that Wangzong mountain is really a myth?”

    {Definitely will not be so easily found one lah!}

    Lin Tong also surveys the surrounding area, {Perhaps Wangzong Mountain is hidden at a certain location! Let us continue to search!}

    {Fine then.}

    Liu Yi moves his demon qi to his eyes and instantly his pupils transform into a pretty gold color as he looks at the mountain and river in front like he is trying to find some clues.

    Under the Truth eyes, based on logic he should be able to see through everything fabricated.

    But there is still no trace of Wangzong Mountain and is really hard to find.

    Just as Liu Yi is at wit’s end he suddenly hears the sound of sword clashing coming from afar!

    Ding, ding, dang, dang is coming from one of the mountain on the east side. It seems like there is a fight!

    Liu Yi is able to sense a rather familiar aura from there and immediately flies over.


    “Hmph if you are tactful then hand over the Fengshui Compass!”

    A taoist priest-like middle-aged man strokes his long beard as he lifts up his sword and points towards the beauty in golden clothing.

    “You are quite daring eh, to actually dare to provoke my Fu Xi Palace Hall. You must be sick of living!”

    By the side of the middle-aged Taoist priest is two younger Taoist priests. They are also holding a sword in their hand wearing a bagua Taoist robe glaring at that girl.

    “Tsk, isn’t it just a major sect from the Inner Pavilion, what is there to be amazed of.”

    The beauty in gold clothing sneers, “Right now the Inner Pavilion is no longer like in the past. The Outer Pavilion’s might is no longer weaker than yours. What are you guys still proud of a group of fellows stuck in the past.”

    “Really arrogant!”

    That Fu Xi Palace Hall middle-aged Taoist priest sneers, “My Inner Pavilion has a base of over ten thousand years. We have countless expert disciples. You who has yet to even reached Earth Realm also dare to say such jokes, you are just seeking death.”

    “That’s right master. Let the two of us take down this demonic girl!”

    The two young Taoist priests by the side take the initiative and say, “The two of us had just entered the earth realm and had yet to display our skills. Let us take it as a tempering for the two of us.”

    “Fine as well.”

    The middle-aged taoist priest strokes his beard and nods his head saying, “The two of you are my Fu Xi Palace Hall’s inner sect disciple. Do not throw away this taoist’s face. Go on, take down that demonic girl and take back the Fengshui Compass.”


    The two little taoist priests immediately become excited. One of them also throw out a handful of beans onto the ground. The beans instantly grew into a 2-meter tall golden warrior which charges towards the girl in golden attire.

    “Junior brother don’t snatch the merit!”

    The other slightly fatter taoist immediately shouts as he tosses out the sword in his hand which instantly shoots towards the head of the girl in golden attire.

    In the sky, dark clouds filled with lightning instantly starts gathering together. The sword is like a lightning rod and seems to be attracting the lighting down.

    The girl in golden attire instantly become anxious. Although the two young taoist from Fu Xi Palace Hall do not seems to be very old, they are both earth realm cultivators who had opened 10 star jades….if this goes on, it seems like it will be very bad….

    “Hahaha…demonic girl this is what you are asking for.”

    Seeing this scene, Hu Derong starts stocking his beard and laughs loudly. That girl only possesses the strength around 6 star jades. How is it possible for her to block the combination attack from my two earth realm disciple!

    But at this moment a guy’s figure suddenly descend from the sky.

    In his hand is a black lance which starts dancing around. Instantly sending the golden warriors close to him flying.

    At the same time, he tossed out a lion seal which moves to receive the descending lightning from above.


    The lion seal trembles but is completely fine.

    After attracting the lightning, the sword flies back to the hands of its owner.

    Seeing this figure the girl in golden attire is instantly delighted while the group of people from Fu Xi Palace Hall starts frowning.

    Hu Derong immediately shouts, “Who are you! How dare you block my Fu Xi Palace?!”

    “I am who I am, Liu Yi.”

    Liu Yi raises his Scorpion Tail Lance and looks at the girl in golden attire quizzingly.

    Why is Ai Ling here?

    “You are Liu Yi!”

    The taoists from Fu Xi Palace Hall looks at each other.

    “Your recent fame is not small eh. Heard that you were the number 1 during the World Dao Gathering of the Outer Pavilion. Perhaps you have some ability but the matters of my Fu Xi Palace Hall, it is best if you do not butt in. This Taoist is only thinking about you. I do not wish to see you dying at such a young age.”


    Liu Yi instantly starts laughing. “In this world, there are too many people who wish to kill me. Adding you guys in as well is not too many, less is also not less!”

    “The current Outer Pavilion really does not know your limits!”

    Hu Derong strokes his beard and sneers, “You guys have completely forgotten the might of our Inner Pavilion.”


    Liu Yi says, “Several big men bullying a girl is called might?”

    Hu Derong’s face turn red but says, “If you do not want us to make things difficult for her is also fine. Let her obediently hand over the Fengshui Compass!”

    “Why would I give it to you guys!”

    Ai Ling immediately shouts, “You group of shameless stinky taoists are only powerful when bullying girls! If you have the ability then defeat him and I shall hamd over the Fengshui Compass with both hands!”

    “Hmph, this is what you said!”

    Hu Derong immediately says, “Then Liu Yi, do not blame us for being impolite!”

    “Master, there is no need to use a butcher knife to kill a chicken!”

    The two young taoist shouts, “Let us replace you and deal with his arrogant outer pavilion’s disciple!”

    “The two of you….are not his opponent.”

    Hu Derong shakes his head, “Let master do it.”

    “The two of us are also earth realm experts ah! How is it possible that we are unable to defeat this outer pavilion’s disciple!”

    The slightly fatter taoist immediately become anxious, “Junior brother quick, let us take action!”

    His sword points toward Liu Yi, at the same time his other hand draw seals in the sky continuously.

    “Taoist Laozi, swift as ordered! Set!”

    On Liu Yi’s forehead, a large ‘Set’ word emerges in seal script.

    “Junior brother go!”

    “Leave it to me, senior brother!”

    The other taoist understands tacitly as both his hands draw the same seals and aims towards Liu Yi.

    “5 Lightning strikes the top!”

    The lightning clouds in the sky start gathering once again. This time round it is not just a single lightning strike but 5 lightning strike striking at the same time! After which they interweave together causing it to become even more terrifying!

    This kind of descending lightning would make any normal cultivators to change expression. After all what cultivators are most afraid of is lightning prestige, afraid of heaven’s calamity!

    Especially when the other person has been bound up by an incantation, he will probably be dead!

    The two young taoist are very delighted. This is the end result of going against Du Xi Palace Hall.

    Just as the two of them thought that the opponent is dead, Liu Yi who was sealed up lets out a shout.


    Boundless Immortal Qi erupts from his body and actually forcibly breaks the seal on his body!

    At the same time his right hand is encased with the Monarch Armour which Liu Yi then used to capture the 5 lightning striking the head!


    His right hand did not move, the lightning flutters and green smoke emits out from his gaunlets.

    “How is this possible! Is he a monster!”

    “My body sealing curse was actually broken…”

    The two young taoist are both stunned while Hu Derong shouts, out, “The two of you retreat! Let master take action!”

    Hu Derong starts forming seals and points at Liu Yi.



    Flames instantly erupt on Liu Yi’s body, instantly the blazing flames charges towards the sky.

    “It is still master who is powerful….”

    “That’s right. He will definitely be dead this time around.”

    Seeing their master’s seal being so powerful, the two young Taoists finally let out a sigh of relief.


    The sound of wind is suddenly heard as a black lance emerges from the flames and extinguish the flames with a sweep.

    Liu Yi who is covered in black armor is completely safe and sound.

    “You guys are done?”

    He says faintly, “Now should be my turn?”

    He enters spiritual beast transformation and combines with Washing Machine.

    Washing Machine’s water qi is being converged into Liu Yi’s Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra to strengthen the Mysterious Ice Qi.

    He raising his palm and smacks the ground below his feet.

    “Army Destroyer!”

    Ice and flowers swirl in the sky!

    Blue light with Liu Yi as the center instantly shotts out towards the surrounding.

    In the blink of an eye, in a radius of a hundred meters, it is completely covered with ice spikes.

    The entire large verdant and lush tall mountain instantly is wrapped in silver and turns into winter from summer!

    From this, it can be seen just how smooth is Liu Yi’s control over his might.

    If he wishes to kill this group of people, it is as easy as one, two three.

    Liu Yi stands up and looks at the three people from Xu Ci Palace Hall and ask, “Still wish to fight?”

    “How dare you…just you wait!”

    Hu Derong clenches his teeth in hatred but he knows that he is indeed not Liu Y’s opponent, “My Fu Xi Palace Hall have countless experts! I will definitely make you pay back for today’s incident!”

    “I am looking forward to it!”

    Liu Yi cups his hand’s even more debts are unable to pressure the body. He is already used to it.

    “Let us go!”

    Hu Derong waves his hand and brings his two disciples and leaves. But before leaving he turns around and glares at Ai Ling fiercely, “Demonic girl. Today you stole my Fu Xi Palace Hall’s treasure. This debt we will also come back and get even with you!”

    At this moment Liu Yi is stunned.

    What is this meaning? So Ai Ling is actually the one who was causing the trouble?!

    [TL: hahaha as usual. I think we can all agree to give Ai Ling this nickname, troublemaker]