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Chapter 555 Wine Sword Immortal

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     “Lord, quickly see there is a lake over here! There is also a pavilion as well!”

    Seeing the lake within mountain far away, Ai Ling starts to become excited.

    “Why don’t we live in seclusion in this Wangzong Mountain!”

    She retreats a few steps and pulls on Liu Yi’s arm and proposes, “Keep away from the mundane world, keep away from that loathsome cultivation world! This lass will also stop going around to steal stuff and stop caring about Concealed Sword Pavilion. The two of us make this place our home and build a small house by the lakeside. Afterward this lass I give birth a bunch of children. What do you think?”

    Hearing what Ai Ling says, Liu Yi hesitates slightly.

    It sounds like it is really good….if I can live in seclusion here, it does sound like a rather good choice.

    Returning to the mountains and following nature.

    How is Liu Yi not looking forward to such days. But…does he have this privilege?

    The current him….seems to have too much responsibility. He is unable to escape.

    “Hehe, this girl I am only saying that’s all!”

    Seeing that Liu Yi did not say anything for awhile while his expression changes and his face slowly turn pale, she suddenly smiles. “Even if lord wishes to live in seclusion here I am not willing! There are so many treasures in the world, this girl I am not willing to give them up and live my life with this fellow with no taste, hmph!”

    Hearing what Ai Ling says, Liu Yi secretly lets out a breath of relief. Otherwise, he really does not know how to reply.

    But back then for a moment, he really wished to live here with Ai Ling.

    “What a pity for this beautiful scenery which hidden in this uninhibited place. That Wine Sword Immortal is really confident and at ease. Every day he can drink alcohol here as well as guarding Wine Immortal Gourd this treasure. He is definitely very happy!”

    As Ai Ling speaks she lets go of Liu Yi’s arm and walks towards the lakeside on her own.

    The moment Liu Yi is unable to see her, she bites her lips and swiftly lets it go.

    The lake water is very clear like it is corresponding to how untranquil is a person’s heart.

    “Ai Ling, quickly come a take a look at what is this?”

    Liu Yi walks over to the small pavilion side and suddenly exclaims.


    Ai Ling got a shock and immediately turns around and looks at Liu Yi with hidden bitterness.

    “Lord can you be softer? Are you trying to scare this girl to death?”

    “Enough about that. You got a lot of courage otherwise why would you run to Fu Xi Palace Hall and steal their treasure!”

    What kind of place is Fu Xi Palace Hall?

    Last time when I met the Penglai Island, Immortal Fox sister told me everything.

    The inner pavilion has 5 sects, Penglai Island, Fu Xi Palace Hall, Kunlun Mountain Range, Fengdu City(Fengdu Ghost Town) and Tantra Sect!

    Within the 5 big sects, they have countless experts! It can be said that in the External Pavilion, only a large faction, for example, all of the celestial sects together is only able to be compared to them.

    Just taking out Immortal Snow peak, Conceal Sword Palace and the like on their own is incomparable!

    After all the other people had been a cultivation sect for ten thousand years while External Pavilion group of sects are only a thousand years that’s all!

    “Hehe, I do not have any other abilities but my escaping ability the top notch.”

    Ai Ling does not feel any bit of shame as she says so, instead she is very proud which makes Liu Yi speechless.

    “Fine then, escaping specialist. You come over and take a look at this.”

    As Liu Yi speaks he pulls out a twisted-mouth gourd that he had just picked up from inside the pavilion.

    “Where did you pick up this gourd ah, it cannot be that the one that you randomly pick up from the ground is the Wine Immortal Gourd right, hehe…”

    Ai Ling laughs and looks carefully at the wine gourd and her smile instantly freeze.

    “Gods….this is really the Wine Immortal Gourd….how can it be thrown here ah!”

    “How would I know. I picked it up here.”

    Liu Yi also does not understand, “This should be Wine Immortal’s one right? How could this person not even want his wine? Where did he run off to?”

    “Who cares about him. After all, I am here for this thing!”

    Ai Ling snatches over the Wine Immortal Gourd and pinches the top, “Come, come, come. Let me show you what is call a real treasure! Even if this is filled with water, it will immediately transform into immortal wine. It is a thousand times better than that Ten Thousand Flower Wine that you drink from World Manor back then!”

    Saying finish she pulls open the top.


    A white cloud suddenly emerges from the gourd scaring Ai Ling into shrieking and toss the gourd onto the ground.

    “Hey, hey!”

    The white smoke suddenly transforms into a human figure and grabs hold of the gourd firmly.

    “This is a good treasure of this immortal ah. If you drop it and spoil it, wouldn’t it be a pity. You this lass is too rash.”

    Seeing the sloppy looking Taoist in front of him, Liu Yi immediately pulls Ai Ling to his back and ask vigilantly. “Who are you?”

    The figure who is holding the wine gourd turns around and when he sees Liu Yi, bright light exploded in his eyes.

    “Mother *****…..this immortal finally waited till you arrived….”

    “This immortal?”

    Liu Yi frowns, “You are….Wine Sword Immortal?”

    “That’s, this immortal is Wine Sword Immortal!”

    As the figure speaks he lifts up the gourd and wants to pour the wine into his mouth but the wine just flow through his body and splashes onto the ground of the pavilion.

    “Alas…such a pity. This immortal is already dead. This is nothing but a rement soul only….drinking wine and the likes is already nothing but an extravagant hope.”

    He sighs and sits down in a sorry figure, “Cannot drink alcohol what is the point of living.”

    “You are already dead?”

    Ai Ling looks at Wine Sword Immortal in shock, “Are you the great expert Wine Sword Immortal? Who is able to kill you?”


    Wine Sword Immortal smiles bitterly, “Little lady. The world is very big, just how many experts are there? Those who are stronger than this immortal is even more…for example Demon Emperor, Sword Emperor….as well as that person who kill me….their strength are enough to make me feel despair ah….”

    “Is there really such so powerful people….”

    Ai Ling’s gaze is slightly blurred.

    Wine Sword Immortal rocks his head as he says a poem.“In the 3000 large worlds, I am but an ant.”

    Liu Yi hurries and asks, “Wait a minute, what did you just say? You are waiting for me? What is the meaning of this?”

    “Waiting for you means waiting for you. What other meaning is there?”

    Wine Sword Immortal glances at Liu Yi with a complicated look, “This immortal have waited here for 1,300 years and waited till I am dead. If it is not for this Wine Immortal Gourd, I am afraid that even this immortal’s rement soul would have completely extinguished. Fortunate ah, fortunate ah.”

    “Waited till you are dead what is there to be fortunate about.”

    Ai Ling sneers, making Liu Yi tugging her slightly.

    “Nothing much. It is originally not anything good. Saying it out is also fine.”

    Wine Sword Immortal laughs out, “But as long as I waited till you arrive then it is fine.”

    “What are you waiting for me for?”

    Liu Yi feels that this matter is becoming stranger and stranger. Even Lin Tong who is hiding in his body also jumps out as well and sits on his shoulder while looking at Wine Sword Immortal.

    Since he is also a spirit as well, Wine Sword Immortal is able to Lin Tong as well. It seems like he is slightly shocked but he swiftly recomposes himself and says, “Let me as you first. What is your plan for coming to Wangzong Mountain?”

    “I am here to find Sword Emperor?”

    Liu Yi cups his hands, “May I ask Senior Wine Sword Immortal if you know where Sword Emperor is?”

    “Sword Emperor?”

    Wine Sword Immortal smiles faintly, “If you wish to find him then you have really wasted your efforts. Anyways in this place you will not be able to find him.”

    Liu Yi did not give up and ask again, “Then where can I find him.”

    “In this world, you will not be able to find him.”

    Wine Sword Immortal’s words causes Liu Yi to be in despair, could it be that Sword Emperor had really died?

    For a while he is slightly in a daze.

    “There is no need for you to be so upset.”

    Wine Sword Immortal clucks, “I said in this world you are unable to find him. Not you will never be able to find him.”

    “What is the meaning of what you say?”

    By the side Ai Ling mutters apprehensively, “Going in circles why don’t you speak in riddles? Our lord is very idiotic. What you had just said he does not understand.”

    “Get lost you are then the idiot.”

    Liu Yi glares at Ai Ling.

    “Hehe…lord don’t be angry….this one is only speaking the truth…”

    By the side Ai Ling secretly laughs.

    “Damn it.”

    “Fine then, this immortal will speak more clearly then.”

    Wine Sword Immortal swirls his wine gourd and listen to the sound of the wine inside and seems to be regretful. “You are unable to find him in this world is because Sword Emperor does not exist….but 1,300 years ago he exist.”

    “Your meaning is that you want our lord to go back 1,300 years to find Sword Emperor?”

    Ai Ling is very smart and immediately understands what does Wine Sword Immortal means.


    Wine Sword Immortal laughs, “This lass is indeed very smart!”

    “What the, are you teasing us!”

    Ai Ling place her hands on her waist, “How is it possible for anyone to possess the power to go back in time ah!”

    “How is it not possible?”

    Wine Sword Immortal swirls his wine gourd, “Didn’t this immortal says that the world is very big. How is it possible for anyone to know if something does not exist? Let this immortal ask you. Do you wish to defeat Demon Emperor?”

    Liu Yi trembles.

    “Of course I wish to! This shit is very ambitious and wish to revive the Demon Race Army and once again conquer the human realm! I do not wish to defeat him. I must defeat him!”

    “Then that is right.”

    Wine Sword Immortal nods his head, “In this world the only one who is able to contend against Demon Emperor’s Nine Yin Demon Qi is only Sword Emperor. If you wish to defeat Demon Emperor, you must first go and find Sword Emperor.”

    “But….how is it possible for me to go back 1,300 years in time?”

    Liu Yi is sincerely troubled regarding this.

    “Hehe, first let us not discuss about this. Right now this immortal have a sword technique that I want to pass to you. Do you want it?”

    “You want to pass to me a sword technique?”

    Liu Yi is slightly shocked, could it be that meat pie can drop from heavens?

    “Of course right now you know Emotion Sword Technique right? This is a very powerful technique but you only have an exceptional sword but don’t even have a sword technique. You are only using the sharpness of the sword to attack people. This way wouldn’t it be wasting your Emotion Sword Technique?”

    “You even know about Emotion Sword Technique?!”

    Liu Yi admits that he is truly shocked right now.

    “Naturally, there is nothing that this immortal do not know.”

    Wine Sword Emperor smiles and says, “Right now this immortal have a set of Wine Sword Technique. All of them are exquisite sword techniques. After you had learned them, I guarantee that you will be like a tiger that had grown wings. How is it, do you want to learn? Yes or no?”

    “Want, want!”

    This kind of good things if I do not agree to it, then I am really a moron!

    Liu Yi immediately nods his head.

    “That is good then. This immortal still has some qi to do Memory transmission technique to you.”

    As Wine Sword Immortal speaks one of his finger suddenly jabs Liu Yi on his forehead.

    Instantly a new technique enters Liu Yi’s mind causing his head to hurt.