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Chapter 556 Scattering the void

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     Set after set of sword techniques are constantly being performed in Liu Yi’s conscious like there is a small person training his sword technique in Liu Yi’s conscious.

    Liu Yi is standing there is a daze while Wine Sword Immortal by the side says, “This Wine Sword technique is the most exquisite sword technique in the entire world, the only one! Especially when it is combined with good alcohol, the might of the sword technique will greatly increase! The drunker you are, the more ferocious the sword technique will be!”

    “But Liu Yi is a half-demon!”

    Ai Ling hurries and asks, “Wouldn’t he be done for if he drinks alcohol? If he is dead drunk how is he able to fight?!”

    “Wrong, wrong!”

    Wine Sword Immortal shakes his head and says, “After learning this immortal’s Wine Sword Technique, no matter how drunk he is, he will still be wide awake. Not afraid of not being drunk but only afraid that you are not drunk enough! If you do not believe take a look.”

    Wine Sword Immortal points at Liu Yi who is currently waving about his Taiji Sword, like he is trying out a sword technique that he had just seen.

    “Don’t ask the nine layers of heaven, one sword cleaves through 9 lands!”

    “Ask gentlemen how much worry can he have, an entire Jiangdong river flows eastwards!”

    “At the borders of Qin and Han dynasty, the war at the endless borders never ends!”

    Liu Yi keeps swinging his sword but the sword technique are unable to be executed out at all!

    “What is going on….”

    Liu Yi stares at the sword in his hand blankly, “Could it be that I am unable to use Wine Sword Technique?”

    “Come drink up!”

    Wine Sword Immortal suddenly exclaims and tossed the wine gourd in his hand to Liu Yi.

    Liu Yi subconsciously grabs the wine gourd and smells the fine wine inside it. His heart is moved and he drinks a large mouthful.

    Instantly the alcohol rushes into his spirit and turns into an indistinct feeling gathering in his spirit.

    Liu Yi instantly starts swaying as the sword in his hand suddenly trembles.

    “Don’t ask the nine heavens, one sword cleaves nine lands!”


    A silver line shoots out like lightning and sweeps into a forest far away.

    At that instant, all of the trees were cut into two, not a single remains standing!

    “What a powerful sword technique…”

    Ai Ling exclaims in shock, “It actually has this kind of might….”

    “What does this count as. He is still not drunk enough!”

    Wine Sword Immortal laughs, “Wine Sword Technique, Wine Sword Technique, the drunker you get, the greater the might! If it was me who executed the sword technique, even the mountain behind will be gone as well.”

    “How can you be compared to! You are the Wine Sword Immortal!”

    Ai Ling really wishes to roll her eyes at Wine Sword Immortal when she suddenly has a thought and smiles as she fawning over him.

    “Wine Sword Immortal indeed is worthy of your name. You are very powerful. How about you also teach me this sword technique as well?”

    “Oh? Why do you come and ask this immortal instead of him?”

    Wine Sword Immortal who is watching Liu Yi comprehending the sword technique says, “Aren’t the two of your relationship rather close?”

    “Alas. It is you who does not understand that fellow!”

    Ai Ling sneers, “His nature is too straight. If you did not allow it he will definitely not teach me this sword technique. Tsk, he is a stinky stone head!”

    “Hahaha, no worries, it is not like I cannot teach you the Wine Sword Technique.”

    Wine Sword Immortal shakes his head and says, “Everything is as ordained by fates, really as ordained by fate!”

    Ai Ling is slightly dissatisfied, “What as ordained by fates, can you not by to be mysterious.”

    “The heaven secrets cannot be revealed, let this immortal pass to you Wine Sword Technique.”

    As Wine Sword Immortal speaks, his finger taps on Ai Ling’s forehead.

    Ai Ling also trembles as well before starting to comprehend the Wine Sword Technique.

    “So it is like this….so it is like this….”

    As she comprehends she exclaims in shock, “So you can use this kind of methods to go back in time….”

    “That’s right.”

    Wine Sword Immortal knows that Ai Ling has already comprehended the profound theory behind it and nods his head. “But with the comprehension of the two of your cultivation and sword technique, it is still not enough to control the time freely. I am waiting for you guys here just to send the two of you back 1,300 years into the past to go and find Sword Emperor and become his disciple.”

    “But if we go back, how do we come back?”

    Liu Yi keeps his Taiji Sword and returns back to Wine Sword Immortal’s side, “Are you going back with us?”

    “This immortal is already a rement soul.”

    Wine Sword Immortal shrugs his shoulders, “This bit of cultivation is only enough to send the two of you back. When you are there, when you find Sword Emperor, he will naturally send the two of you back.”

    He looks at the wine gourd in Liu Yi’s hands, “The is no longer any point for this immortal to keep this Wine Immortal Gourd. Let me gift it you to. In a lifetime there will be a few times when you are drunk, why not become a drunken immortal happily.”

    “Then thank you senior for everything.”

    Liu Yi cups his hands and says, “This huge grace will never be forgotten.”

    Wine Sword Immortal waves his hands and says, “Let’s not say any more. The two of you still need to go back as soon as possible. Hope that you guys will be able to find Sword Emperor as soon as possible and then come back and deal with that Demon Emperor. Otherwise this world, all the people will bound to have a terrible life. But…the most important danger, I am afraid is not the Demon Emperor…”

    Hearing the Wine Sword Immortal’s words Liu Yi hurry and ask, “Oh? Who else it is?”

    “The heaven secrets cannot be revealed…”

    “It is this sentence again…”

    Ai Ling pouts, “Can’t you just change to another line?”

    “Buddha says, cannot be said ah, cannot be said.”

    “Get lost it is not like you are a Buddhist!”

    “Hahaha, buddhism is dao, dao is buddhism.”

    Wine Sword Immortal’s words seem to be filled with mysteries within, “Wait till you have returned back to 1,300 years in the past and you shall naturally understand everything.”

    “Really…really hate people whose words are filled with hidden meaning.”

    Ai Ling is very uncomfortable.

    “Since senior Wine Sword Immortal is not willing to say, naturally he has his own reason.”

    Liu Yi comforts Ai Ling, “When we reach there we will understand.”

    “You ah, you are really an idiot!”

    Ai Ling rolls here eyes at Liu Yi.

    “Enough, let us chat to here. The serious matter is more important.”

    As Wine Sword Immortal speaks he stretches out his hand and twist off a branch from the tree by the side. He inserts Immortal Qi into it and then starts waving it.

    “Prepare well. This immortal shall use this technique to break the void and send you guys back!”

    As he speaks, he waves the branch and then open his mouth and sucks some alcohol from the gourd in Liu Yi’s hand which then enter his spiritual body and transforms into qi!

    “For this reason I dream of Wu and Yue, flying pass Jinghu Lake in a single night!”

    The final sword of Wine Sword Technique!

    This sword is able to scatter the void and allow people to transmigrate to the past or future!

    Wine Sword Immortal executes this technique. A gust of sword wind immediately wraps around Liu Yi and Ai Ling, and coils around them, sucking the two of them into the time crack scattered by the attack.

    “Remember! Upon returning, do not change the past! Otherwise, those people whom you know might never exist!”

    Wine Sword Immortal’s words echo in Liu Yi’s ear.


    Ai Ling’s body is tumbling around. Liu Yi hurries and grabs hold of her and pulls her into his embrace!

    The two of them hug each other tightly. Sometimes they are being blown about by the sword qi within the crack and then they are being blown out through another crack.


    Liu Yi hugs Ai Ling as they tumble in the sky a circle before landing on firmly on the roof of an old looking small building.

    Looking at the pavilion below, ancient look, Liu Yi suddenly have a feeling like he had returned back to demon realm!

    “Wah! This must be 1,300 years ago right?”

    Ai Ling who is in Liu Yi’s embrace looks at the passersby in ancient clothing below and lets out an exclamation. “This is too fun already….but…why must I accompany you to the past?”

    “What the, how do I know!”

    Liu Yi is also depressed. I myself returned back 1,300 years is one thing but why did Wine Sword Immortal also send Ai Ling back in time as well?!

    Isn’t this asking for trouble?

    “Hehe, no worries. Let’s treat it as going on a honeymoon trip with lord!”

    Ai Ling has a rather wide mind as she jumps down from Liu Yi’s embrace as she smiles and says, “Who else can experience our this kind of mystical honeymoon! This will definitely be interesting!”

    “We are not here to play this time around!”

    Liu Yi says seriously, “We are here to find Sword Emperor!”

    “Let us find slowly. Even if we find for eight to ten years, when we return back we will instantly return back to the time just after Wine Sword Immortal sent us here only.”

    Ai Ling is very smart and analyzes the matter very thoroughly.

    “Let us make good use of the time to prevent long nights and countless dreams.”

    Liu Yi is apprehensive in his heart. This holiday to the past, don’t know if it will be successful.

    “Hehe, right now should Tang Dynasty right?”

    Ai Ling looks around, “Why don’t we go to the palace? Let us kill the current era’s emperor and let the two of us become the emperor what do you think?”

    “Stop messing around!”

    Liu Yi immediately warns, “Changing the history will affect the future! I do not wish that when I return back I realize that my mother and the rest do not exist!”

    “Lord don’t be angry lah, this one is only saying that’s all.”

    Ai Ling pouts making a wronged face.

    [TL: ….scary girl…]

    Liu Yi does not have any other methods. This girl is basically his bane.

    The two of them is standing on top of the building looking at the entire ancient city.

    They also do not know where are they in this current Tang Dynasty. The city is very bustling, there are endless people walking through and from, as the peddlers hawk their goods.

    Just as the two of them are appreciating the ancient scenery, from below comes a loud clamoring.

    “How dare you snatch people stuff in broad daylight. Are you basically bullying people, is there no laws here?”

    A guy shouts loudly but his voice does not seem to have any confidence.


    The other voice starts laughing loudly. “In this city, this young master is the law! You obediently hand over that gourd of yours and this young master shall let you live! If you are not willing to hand over, then today you shall be beaten to death here!”

    “If you wish to obtain my ancestor heirloom Wine Immortal Gourd, there is no way! You guys just beat me to death! If you have the ability then beat me to death!”

    Hearing Wine Immortal Gourd these three words, Liu Yi and Ai Ling trembles slightly before looking down at the same time.

    Below them is a youngster dressed as a scholar, in his embrace is a gourd, he is confronting a greasy head powered face hedonistic son of rich parents in front of him.

    Behind this hedonistic son stands a few big men. Their stature is tall and sturdy, looking very terrifying.

    In this scholar is not Wine Sword Immortal who else can he be?

    “This….this is Wine Sword Immortal?”

    Ai Ling blinks her eyes, “He does not have any bit of Immortal Qi at all ah….”

    “He is an expert.”

    Liu Yi smiles faintly, “If we are able to find out his cultivation so easily, how could he be called an expert.”

    “True indeed. Let us wait for that whatever young lord to be unlucky!”

    The two of them sit down and wait to watch the show.