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Chapter 558 Relationship is not bad

Mai Kitsune Waifu

    The waiter immediately went to prepare the dishes.

    “Drink tea?”

    Ai Ling looks at that Wine Sword Immortal in shock, “Why not drink wine?”

    Earlier in Wangzong Mountain when she sees Wine Sword Immortal, he was obviously an alcoholic.

    “How can you anyone drink wine.”

    Wine Sword Immortal shakes his head, “What the saying says is good. Drinking botches things up! So it is best to drink tea, not only can it sober your spirit, but it can also nourish you, isn’t it delightful?”


    Liu Yi and Ai Ling look at each other.

    Is this really Wine Sword Immortal? Or could it be that he is a person who appears to look similar to Wine Sword Immortal…

    If it is only look alike, how is it possible for him to take out the Wine Immortal Gourd…

    Alas, this 1,300 years in the past is too confusing already…

    Wine Sword Immortal is thinking of relying on the two of them to exit the city, thus his attitude is a lot better. Taking the Longjing tea that the waiter serves, he filled up their cups and raises his cup and says, “Come, come, come. Have a taste of this Yangzhou’s city’s Longjing tea. Today let me thank benefactors, with tea as wine and toast you guys a cup!”


    Liu Yi and Ai Ling can only put down their worry and have a sip of the Longjing tea.

    Indeed it is not bad. This era’s tea is much more fragrant than the tea bags ones.

    Liu Yi has a sip and feels the fragrance lingering on his tongue before swallowing it down.

    This is called lip and teeth retaining fragrance!

    “Oi, oi. This scholar what is your name?”

    “This one’s surname is Ge, name Shenhua.”

    [TL: or you can say Myth so which one do you guys prefer?]


    Liu Yi who is drinking the tea nearly spits it out.

    Ge Shenhua!

    Isn’t this name….a bit too weird???

    “En, talking about this, this one is also very dissatisfied with this one’s name.”

    Wine Sword Immortal drinks a sip of tea before saying bitterly, “But my name is given by my parents and cannot be changed. My parents originally wanted me to have fate with cultivation, thus he gave me this name. But that cultivation is an illusory matter thus this one nevertheless is wholehearted in passing the exam and gain honors.”

    The current Wine Sword Immortal seems to be focused on getting into officialdom.

    Liu Yi glances at him a few more times, how is this kind of person possible to cultivate in the future? And is able to cultivate into a powerful expert!

    This is honestly….incomprehensible…

    “Passing the imperial exam and obtaining scholarly honors is the responsibility and glory of us scholars! Hahaha, this one is very confident regarding this imperial exam…”

    “Mr Ge…”

    Hearing Wine Sword Immortal blowing his own trumpet, Liu Yi immediately interrupt him.

    “What is the matter?”

    “I wish to ask….if you know the Sword Emperor?”

    “Who is that person?”

    Ge Shenhua’s face is filled with doubt, “I had never heard of him before.”

    Liu Yi and Ai Ling are both slightly disappointed, looks like, they have indeed returned back to earlier.

    The current Ge Shenhua has yet to cultivate and Sword Emperor has yet to reveal himself.

    “Fine the….today we have disturbed sir then. Let us part ways here.”

    Since we are unable to find news of the Sword Emperor from Ge Shenhua then we can only continue to find in other places.

    Tang Dynasty is so big….wanting to find a person is indeed like finding a needle in a haystack.

    “Wait a moment, wait a moment!”

    Seeing that Liu Yi has the intention to leave, Ge Shenhua immediately grabs his arm.

    How can he leave, wouldn’t that be wasting this pot of good tea!

    “This brother don’t leave first. This one still has a matter to ask of you!”

    Ai Ling sneers, “Get lost, who cares about your matters!”

    But Liu Yi stayed behind, after all, Wine Sword Immortal have given them grace, furthermore, he had also passed to them some sword techniques and can be considered as half a teacher. Even if it is him from 1,300 years ago, he is still the Wine Sword Immortal. Since he has a matter to ask of him, how can Liu Yi ignore it?

    “If sir have things to say then please say it.”

    “That….please sit first. Let us chat as we eat.”

    Even if Ge Shenhua, he is also slightly embarrassed to ask other people for help. He immediately lets Liu Yi sit back down again before continuing to speak.

    “The two of you just came to Yangzhou right?”

    “Mm, today we arrived.”

    Liu Yi nods his head, how did he know?

    “That is right then.”

    Ge Shenhua claps his hand and says, “What the two of you do not know is that a great demon has appeared outside of Yangzhou city….he is blocking there making it impossible for anyone to leave the city…this one wishes to enter the capital to take the imperial exams but I am unable to leave this place at all.”


    Liu Yi and Ai Ling look at each other. Great Demon? This is rather interesting.

    “Then why are you not taking the waterway?”

    Ai Ling asks, “Taking the waterway from Yangzhou city you will be able to get to Luoyang directly. After which can’t you turn around and go to Chang’an?”

    “Alas, female hero, there is something that you do not know.”

    Ge Shenhua sighs, “This waterway is being controlled by Yangzhou City’s Duke Gong. If you wish to take it, this bit of money on this one’s body is basically not enough ah…”

    “This is preposterous does he think that the waterway was opened by his family!”

    Ai Ling instantly breaks a pair of chopsticks that she is holding and says angrily, “Seeing that you are Wine….seeing that you are wholeheartedly in rushing to the capital for the imperial exams and rendering service to the country. I shall help you out and teach that Duke Gong a lesson! And make him hand over the waterway obediently!”

    “Ah? How is this feasible ah!”

    When Ge Shenhua hears this he is quite badly frightened, “That Duke Gong is the emperor’s relatives ah! You cannot fight him ah, cannot fight him ah!!”

    “Cannot fight him? Over my side, there is no one who cannot be beaten!”

    Ai Ling’s manner of wishing the world is in chaos makes Liu Yi even more headache. Don’t know if bring this lass over is right or not ah…

    “Really not feasible ah!”

    Ge Shenhua keeps shaking his head, “He is the emperor’s relative if you beat him how can I still go and take the imperial exams and obtain scholarly honors ah!”

    “Then why did I not see you say such things when we were beating the young duke?”

    “That is only the young duke that’s all….furthermore I also did not take action. The one who took action were the two of you…”

    Ge Shenhua’s face seems to be slightly red.

    “Man! You push it off rather quickly eh!”

    Ai Ling starts smiling from anger, why is the current Wine Sword Immortal such a useless weakling!

    “Anyways Duke Gong cannot be touched ah….we….”

    Just as Ge Shenhua is about to continue speaking, from outside the inn suddenly comes a cry. “Brother Ge, Brother Ge, so you are here!”

    [TL: in this case this brother(郎) is how a wife call her husband in ancient times…]

    A pretty looking woman hasty walks in, “Your servant has been lookingyou for a long time!”

    Seeing this woman, Ge Shenhua immediately exclaims, “Wife why did you come here?”

    [TL: well now we know how did he become an alcoholic…]

    Liu Yi and Ai Ling are even more shocked, wife?

    Wine Sword Immortal’s wife?

    She is rather pretty ah…just that her chest is slightly small that’s all…cough cough…

    Liu Yi hits himself secretly, what the heck am I thinking of, she can be considered as half a master’s wife.

    “Brother Ge, it is very exhausting for this servant to find you ah!”

    The woman walks over quickly and then greets Liu Yi and Ai Ling and says to Ge Shenhua, “Everyone says that they are worried that your traveling expenses might not be enough and especially asked this servant to pass to you more.”

    During Tang Dynasty, grandmother is addressed as everyone.

    “Your servant just reached this Yangzhou City and on the way, I have heard that you got beaten by people and hurried over. My Brother Ge did you get injured anywhere, let your servant take a look!”

    “Don’t, don’t mess around….”

    Ge Shenhua’s face completely turns red as he grabs hold of the woman’s hand and says to Liu Yi and Ai Ling apologetically, “This is this one’s wife, Maiden Ge”

    “What Maiden Ge, this servant has a name okay!”

    The woman glares at her Brother Ge before saying to Liu Yi and Ai Ling, “This servant’s name is Long Yingying, nice to meet the two of you.”

    “Nice to meet you, I am Liu Yi….this one…..”

    Just as he is about to introduce Ai Ling, Ai Ling suddenly grabs holding of his arms and speaks first, “I am his wife, Ai Ling!”

    [TL: buuhuuu….why Ai Ling why….]

    Liu Yi instantly is covered in cold sweat, what the heck…is Ai Ling too mischievous, is it really fine saying such things?

    “I heard that the two of you saved my Brother Ge, I am really thankful.”

    Long Yingying says gratefully, “My Brother Ge is a scholar, his temper is also crabby. This one is really relieved that he is hurrying to the capital on his own to take the imperial exams as there is no one looking after him.”

    “As a man, how can I bring my wife by my side at all times!”

    Ge Shenhua snorts. Although it is the ancient times, during Tang Dynasty it is already starting to be popular to call wife and husband already.

    “This one is only worried about you what….furthermore after you had obtained the scholarly honors from the imperial exams and seen the world of pleasures. Who would know if you will bring me back a small one.”

    “Don’t speak nonsense…this one does not have such thoughts…”

    Ge Shenhua’s face turns red again, “You first sit down. I am discussing proper matters with these two heroes, don’t you cause trouble!”

    “Sit down is it, what are you anxious about.”

    Long Yingying clucks before sitting down and picks up the teapot and fill up the cups.

    Seeing that his wife becoming honest, only then did Ge Shenhua smiles apologetically at Liu Yi and Ai Ling before continuing from earlier.

    “Let the two of you see a joke, this one’s wife have always been lively…”

    “Not a bother, how can she be more than mine.”

    Liu Yi points at Ai Ling and laughs, making Ai Ling rolls her eyes at him.

    “Since that is the case then let us continue discussing the matter.”

    Ge Shenhua continues, “Actually this one has a presumptuous request….this one hopes that the two of you is able to protect this one and bring this one safely to Chang’an….naturally this one will not let the two of you help for nothing…wife, how much money did my mother ask you to bring?”

    “There is also not a lot of surplus at home…”

    Long Yingying smiles and says, “This one pawned away the jewelry and the likes that I had brought from my home and exchanged for this silver ingot…”

    As she speaks, she fishes out a silver ingot from the traveling bag around her waist and stealthily showed it.

    Ge Shenhua says directly, “If the two of you are able to let me reach Chang’an safely then this silver ingot shall be yours!”

    “This….is inappropriate!”

    How could Liu Yi accept his money, “This is the traveling expenses that your wife obtained for you from pawning her jewelry…”

    “Not at all.”

    Long Yingying actually speak up first, “As long as it is able to keep Brother Ge safe, this silver ingot is nothing. Wealth is external objects, how can it be compared to this one’s Brother Ge.”

    When Liu Yi hears this, his heart is moved, this Long Yingying’s love towards Ge Shenhua is rather deep.

    Ge Shenhua very seldom begs people. He cups his hand as he takes the silver ingot from Long Yingying’s hand and placed it in front of Liu Yi before lowering his head and says, “Therefore can the two of you please help….”

    “We are unable to accept this silver ingot…”

    Liu Yi gently pushes back the silver ingot causing Ge Shenhua’s face to turn pale.

    “But the two of us also wish to enter Chang’an, so it is on the…..”

    Before he finishes speaks, from outside suddenly comes clamoring noises.

    “They are here! Surround them!”