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Chapter 559 Arrival of the Duke

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     Liu Yi and Ge Shenhua turn around to take a look as a group of armored soldiers completely surround the inn.

    The guests in the inn are trembling from fear, not knowing what is going on.

    “Looks like they have come to create trouble.”

    Liu Yi picks up his teacup and continues to drink tea.

    “Mm, what an incessantly worthless brat.”

    Ai Ling nods her head, “Don’t care about him. Have a taste of this duck meat. No contamination ah, pure green one!”

    Seeing how Liu Yi and Ai Ling can still continue to eat like nothing had happened Ge Shenhua is speechless.

    “The two of you….we….we are being surrounded by the troops ah…”

    “There is no need for Brother Ge to be afraid….this one is here….”

    Seeing her man being afraid, Long Yingying grabs his hand and holds it in her palm.

    “There is no need for the two of you to be worried. I am here. I will help you send them away.”

    Liu Yi waves his hand and comforts them.

    “But they, they are army ah….resisting the army….is a major offense ah…”

    Ge Shenhua’s face had already turned pale, “Finished, finished….this time we are really done for…”

    “Hehehe, just now aren’t you very arrogant right, now you know fear eh?”

    The young duke walks over with his feet splayed outwards, wearing luxurious clothing as he walks over slowly.

    “Ah, another pretty lady come eh, looks like today is really a good day ah.”

    When the young duke sees Long Yingying, he starts laughing.

    “You, you don’t touch her!”

    Ge Shenhua’s face turns even paler as he immediately protects his wife, “I can give you the Wine Immortal Gourd. As long as you do not touch my wife!”

    “Brother Ge….but you need to use that Wine Immortal Gourd to…..”

    “Don’t say any more.”

    Ge Shenhua comforts Long Yingying, “I can try to take the exams for scholarly honors once every three years…while my wife, there is only you that’s all.”

    “Brother Ge…”

    Long Yingying’s eyes are instantly moist.

    “I understand your feelings ah, hehehe….”

    The young duke laughs coldly, “This young duke I do not have any other hobby, but to toy with other people’s wife. Today your wife is mine, that wine gourd of yours is also mine! Not a single one can run!”

    “You, you….you are bullying people!”

    Ge Shenhua is so angry that he is trembling.

    “So what if I am bullying you?”

    Behind the young duke is 20+ soldiers, “You still wish to take action against the military?”

    At this moment Liu Yi who had been drinking tea finally speaks up, “Dealing with you why is there a need to take actions?”

    “Hmph, this duke knows that you are powerful and has already found someone to deal with you!”

    He claps his hands and instantly from the top of the building, a figure floats down as light as a feather.

    It is a guy with long hair in white robes. In his hand is a blade.

    “Sir Yin, I shall be depending on you.”

    The young duke says politely to that guy.

    “Hahaha, leave this to me.”

    The guy has one leg stepping on the top of the table by the side, standing on one leg making a very cool pose standing there, “This kind of person, with just the time you need to drink a cup of tea I will be able to take his severed head.”

    “Yin Xiaodao! It is Yin Xiaodao ah!”

    One of the guests by the side finally recognize this person and instantly exclaim in shock.

    “Gods….it is the world number one blade master Yin Xiaodao!”

    “It is rumored that when he draws his blade he must see blood! There was no survivor who has seen before how he draws his blade!”

    The exclamation from the people by the side causes Ge Shenhua to be even more afraid.

    Even the world number 1 blade master has come out….look like…I am really done for this time around?

    “Brother Ge there is no need to be worried.”

    Long Yingying holds Ge Shenhua’s hands tightly, “Other than Brother Ge, no one else will be able to touch this one’s body.”

    “That is not up to you guys.”

    The young duke laughs, “Since you guys who did not open your eyes and offended this duke, blame yourself for being unlucky!”

    “Let me first deal with this two people from the Jianghu and open the path for the young duke.”

    Yin Xiaodao speaks as he glances at Liu Yi, “Hope that you can last for a while longer.”

    He suddenly kicks the table under his leg and flies up gently.

    Liu Yi asks Ge Shenhua, “This is not a person from the army. We can fight right?”

    “That….naturally can…”

    “Then let me do it.”

    Ai Ling snatches the chance and stands up first while Yin Xiaodao already landed in front of them. The blade in his hand suddenly unsheaths and chops towards Ai Ling’s neck with a dragon-like roar.


    While Ai Ling only stretches out two fingers and steady pinches that Yin Xiaodao’s blade.

    “This is not possible!”

    Yin Xiaodao’s eyes widen in shock, “What kind of kungfu did you train in!”

    “Dog beating kungfu!”

    As Ai Ling speaks, she kicks out and sends Yin Xiaodao flying away, smashing into the wall behind causing him to collapse onto the ground fainted.

    “Gods! She defeated Yin Xiaodao!”

    “She actually….she actually grabbed Yin Xiaodao’s blade barehanded!!”

    The group of people are stunned when they see this while Ai Ling only dusts her hands in delight before sitting back down.


    Ge Shenhua’s eye nearly flies out, this woman is too powerful already right!

    The number 1 fastest blade in Jianghu….was actually such so easily defeated! Could it be that he is a fake?!

    “What, what is going on…”

    The young duke is also badly frightened, with great difficulty he had invited out his father’s proudest guest and in the end, this happened?

    He mutters apprehensively, “Could this fellow be a fake Yin Xiaodao?”

    One of his underlings immediately bootlick him and says, “Young duke, we still have Great Blade Squadron!”

    “Right, right!”

    The young duke instantly regains his confidence, “Let me show you the power of Great Blade Squadron!”

    He waves his hand and the soldiers behind him immediately rush into the inn. At the same time, they are wielding a two meters long fine blade.

    This is the fine blade in rumors, the sharp tool for killing enemies! The Tang Dynasty Great Blade Squadron is very savage!

    “Really impressive ah.”

    As Liu Yi sips his tea he smiles and says, “To deal with us common people, you even invited over the Great Blade Squadron. There is a demon outside of the city and you guys do not care, instead, you guys are using military might on us, hahaha….”

    “What does it have to do with you! I am the young duke what do you count as!”

    The young duke chides, “If you if the ability then hit the soldiers ah, hit and you will be imperial court’s criminal! As for that weak scholar, there is no longer any more need for him to enter the capital and take the imperial exams hahaha!”

    “Really bullying people….completely is bullying people….”

    Ge Shenhua starts trembling while the young duke laughs even louder.

    “Brother Ge is too anxious. Dealing with these people, why is there a need to touch them.”

    Liu Yi places down the teacup and raises a finger.

    “There is no need for me to touch them and they will become honest obediently.”

    “Hahaha, you really dare to boast ah you!”

    The young duke laughs loudly, “This young duke want to see just how you are going to deal with the Giant Blade Squadron! Move up and take them down!”

    The soldier behind immediately rushes over like wolves and tigers.

    While Liu Yi’s finger drew a charm in the air before crying out softly, “Set!”

    Instantly on top of all of the soldiers’ forehead appears a large ‘set’ word in seal script causing them to freeze on the stop.

    “What? Isn’t this the Fu Xi Palace Hall’s charm? When did you learn it?”

    The charms of Fu Xi Palace Hall are all very difficult to draw. If every single Fu Xi Palace Hall disciple wants to learn how to draw a charm, at the very least they need to practice for a year or two before they are able to draw a complete charm!

    This kind of things is not something that can be achieved with perfect memory. The crucial point is practice makes perfect! Otherwise, if there is any single bit of mistake, it will also fail!

    While Liu Yi seems to have only seen it once and he is able to draw it out? This, is also too powerful already…

    What Ai Ling does not know is that in Liu Yi’s body, there is a heaven-defying super AI.

    With the help of Little Jade, Liu Yi is able to 100% copy out any kind of charm that he had seen!

    The moment he releases a single set charm, it shocks everyone present.

    “What, what kind of demonic technique is this…”

    “It seems like…it is immortal technique?”

    “Could he be a cultivator from the legends?”

    The surrounding people start to discuss excitedly, while the soldiers are like the Terracotta Army, unable to move as they stand there. They are only able to look around with their eyes.

    “How, how could it be like this…”

    The young duke is badly frightened and nearly peed in his pants.

    The Great Blade Squadron that I brought over are actually being set in place!

    “You, you are a cultivator?”

    Ge Shenhua suddenly awakens as he excitedly looks at Liu Yi, “This is great, this is really great. This one had actually fate of meeting a cultivator….looks like my luck this time around is really good. Entering the capital for the imperial exams will definitely be successful! Hahaha!”

    What the…what is the time now and this shit is actually still thinking of entering the capital to take the imperial exams.

    Just as Liu Yi is about to say something to Ge Shenhua, from outside comes an even louder clamoring.

    “What is going on inside, those who are not related disperse!”

    Even more, soldiers appear outside of the door as a guy with an unordinary bearing walks in.

    “What is going on here? Tianyi, why did you bring my Great Blade Squadron out for? Why are all of them standing here?”

    “Lord, lord father….”

    The young duke’s legs are trembling and he nearly kneels down.

    One of the underlying by the side hurry and steps forward and says into his ear, “Lord, the matter is like this…”

    The person who comes in is none other than the most influential Duke Gong of Yangzhou City. When he heard a gleam flashes cross his eyes.

    Liu Yi thought that this guy would take revenge for his own son but unexpectedly he actually gives his son a slap and roars, “Nonsense! Impudent! Tian Yi! What a good matter that you have done!”

    “Lord, lord father!”

    “Still not kneeling down for me! Immediately apologize to Daoist!”

    “I, I….”

    “Kneel down!”

    Duke Gong’s temper is very fierce and the young duke immediately kneels down and says to Liu Yi and the rest, “Everyone, I did not open my eyes and offended you guys. I apologize to everyone…”

    “Indeed, indeed there is still justice ah!”

    Ge Shenhua is very excited as he salutes Duke Gong, “Duke Gong is highly principled and is really the model example of people!”

    “Hahaha, well said, well said.”

    Duke Gong immediately steps forward and assist Ge Shenhua up.

    “May I know who this little brother is?”

    “This one name is Ge Shenhua, I am a scholar who is preparing to go to the capital to take the imperial exams.”

    “So that is the case. You must be startled this time around. Seeing that you are a talented person, this lord shall support you. After you have passed the provincial level imperial exam, I will help you say a few good words to the emperor and give you a good posting as an apology.”

    “Thank you. Thank you, Duke!”

    Ge Shenhua immediately become delighted, indeed my luck is really good!