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Chapter 560 Another expert?

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     Seeing Duke Gong who is respecting the wise, could this old man be so different from his own son?

    Could it be that an old hero really gives birth to a dog son?

    “Don’t know which Daoist is the one who had to freeze my people, can the expert be lenient and let them off.”

    After Duke Gong appeased Ge Shenhua, he turns around and looks at Liu Yi as well as Ai Ling.

    “It is me who did it.”

    Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “But I only know how to set the charm and I do not know how to resolve it. After a while, they will naturally be released on their own. Helping tyrant Zhuo, treat this as their punishment.”

    “Good, good, good. You punished them well.”

    Duke Gong is not angry, instead, he laughs and says, “Since this daoist graced your presence in my Yangzhou City, why don’t you come to this duke’s residence to have a cup of the top quality Longjing tea from West Lake of Hangzhou. If Daoist can come then that will be a blessing to this duke’s residence also allowing us to benefit from your immortal qi.”

    “It is fine.”

    Liu Yi waves his hand, “I still have urgent things to do.”

    “What urgent things it is, may I know if you have any matter that might have use of me? Daoist just need to ask.”

    “He is a duke. Perhaps he might know something, we can ask him.”

    Ai Ling directly asks, “Do you know of the Sword Emperor?”

    “Oh? Sword Emperor?”

    Duke Gong’s eye revolve, “You guys are looking for Sword Emperor?”

    “You know?”

    Liu Yi is slightly happy, damn it, finally get to know some news about the Sword Emperor! In the end, it is still the imperial courts which are good in handling matters ah!

    “Although not much, I do know a bit.”

    “Then please tell me!”

    Liu Yi cups his hand and requests.

    “Hahaha, there is no need for daoist to be anxious.”

    Duke Gong clucks, as he strokes his beard and says, “This is not a good place to take. Let us head to my residence. I will order my servant to prepare good tea, hope that daoist will not reject.”

    Since the other person invites with magnificent hospitality, plus he also knows news about Sword Emperor, it is hard for Liu Yi to reject again.

    “Fine then, then I will have to bother duke to lead the way.”

    “Please, please, please! Servants, prepare the sedan chair!”

    “There is no need for that. Let us walk instead.”

    “Daoist is indeed daoist, indeed you are different from us common folks.”

    Duke Gong bootlicks Liu Yi but Liu Yi does not take this. He holds hands with Ai Ling as they follow being the Duke.

    “Mr Ge, how about you rest in my residence for these few days and let this duke properly atone for my dog son.”

    “How could this one dare to disturb the duke!”

    “Not at all, not at all. In the future you are also a person of the courts, there is nothing disturbing about it, hahaha…”

    “Then let me thank duke then….”

    Ge Shenhua is very agitated as he holds his wife Long Yingying’s hand and walks out together.

    The young duke Li Tianyi is silent as he smacks his lips and follows behind not making a sound. His earlier arrogant attitude is also gone.

    The group of them walks into the Gong Mansion in Yangzhou and upon seeing this mansion, only then did Liu Yi knows what is call imposing style!

    In the past, he heard what people say about the deep palace courtyard that needs to go through 3 gateways to enter and 3 gateways to exit!

    But how is this mansion 3 in 3 out ah! It is more like 7 in and 7 out!

    Liu Yi cannot help but sigh in sorrow. Indeed being born in a good family is good.

    Relatives of the emperor in ancient time do not need to do anything and they are able to enjoy a high position and wealth.

    This is called riding on someone else’s success!

    The Gong Mansion is really big and inside the courtyard, there is a large pond, on the other side is also some gardens.

    There are servants everywhere, bustling around. Every few steps you will be able to see patrolling soldiers protecting the safety of the mansion.

    “Everyone this way please!”

    Duke Gong leads a few people to come and receive the guest in the hall. It seems like because they have informed earlier, there is a large table of delicious food displayed in the hall.

    “Come, come, come. Everyone, please have a sit, quickly sit down!”

    Duke Gong does not have any bit of princely air and enthusiastically invites Liu Yi and the rest to have a seat.

    “Since you guys have come to Yangzhou, you guys have yet to have a taste of Yangzhou’s delicious food right. This one is Wine Prawn from West Lake, very tasty. This one is Vinegar Fish from West Lakes, which is made by the imperial chef from my mansion! This imperial chef is originally in the palace. Because my emperor brother loves me dearly, he bestowed him to me. Come, come, come. There is no need to be polite and treat this as your own home….”

    Liu Yi is slightly stifled, this Duke Gong seems to be too sensitive to people’s needs?

    By the side stands over 10+ female servants waiting upon them as they eat.

    Liu Yi is not used to be waited by others when eating.

    “Today my dog son offended you guys. As the saying goes, failure in upbringing, the fault of the father. This duke shall apologize in his stead.”

    As the duke speaks, he raises up his wine cup and toasted them.

    “Dare not accept, dare not accept ah!”

    Ge Shenhua is frightened as he waves it off, but feels that it is not suitable and immediately raises his own cup as well and drinks up along with Duke Gong.

    Since Liu Yi is not going to use Wine Sword Technique, he will naturally not drink wine. Instead, he raises the top grade Longjing tea from west lake and has a taste.

    Just now the Longjing tea that he had drunk was not bad. But compared to the current one, it is basically slag! Indeed the life of the emperor’s relative is indeed very good.

    After drinking the cup of wine, Duke Gong smiles and ask, “Don’t know what is the reason for daoist to come to my Yangzhou City?”

    “I am here to find news regarding the Sword Emperor. Duke earlier you said that you know of some news, I would have to inconvenience you to give me the details.”

    Duke Gong is calm as he says slowly, “This I can tell daoist. But for that, I have a matter that I wish to invite daoist to help out.”

    “Oh? What matters, Duke can just say it.”

    “Actually outside Yangzhou City there is a very powerful demon moving about…in the past, this duke had sent soldiers to slay the demon but it is a pity that there were no results.”

    Duke Gong sighs, “Furthermore I also sacrificed a number of my soldiers….alas…that demon is really powerful.”

    “What duke’s intention is to let me slay that demon?”

    Liu Yi is already able to hear the indication.

    “That is precisely so!”

    Duke Gong nods his head. “A while ago I intentionally dispatch people to issue a notice that I am recruiting capable people from everywhere to help me slay this demon! It is only a pity….after such a long time, no one came for the posting. So I can only trouble daoist.”

    “This is a small matter…”

    Slaying demons and the like is actually not that difficult for Liu Yi. Back then when he just started cultivation he had always been doing similar tasks to earn money.

    “That is great then, daoist is really the fortune that the gods bestowed on my Yangzhou City!”

    Duke Gong starts laughing, “Come, come, come, let me toast daoist again three cups! Today I am really happy, ganbei!”

    “Duke is too polite…”

    Seeing that Duke Gong is drinking up again, Liu Yi can only use tea to accompany him.

    By the side, Ai Ling unexpectedly transmits her voice over, {Lord, why do I feel that this matter feels weird….}

    {Oh? What is weird?}

    {Do not know….anyways, I just feel that something is not right.}

    Ai Ling is also unable to find any problems, thus she shakes her head.

    {You think too much.}

    Liu Yi comforts, {You lass, can’t you think better of people?}

    {The heart of a person is hard to guest. Not everyone can be like you lord, a complete idiot.}

    {Are you praising me or cursing me?}

    {Hehe….praising lord lah….}

    Just as the two of them have a lover’s quarrel, Duke Gong cuts in with a sentence.

    “How about you guys have a rest in my mansion today. After Daoist has finished preparing we shall go outside the city to slay the demon!”

    “No need. Let’s go now.”

    Liu Yi wipes his mouth and stands up.

    “Right now we go? Is Daoist’s nature a bit too hasty?”

    “This matter should not be delayed to prevent dragging it out!”

    Liu Yi is anxious to find Sword Emperor and do not wish to waste time on these matters.

    Ge Shenhua also place down his teacup and says anxiously, “Daoist Liu, Daoist Liu, let me accompany you guys as well!”

    “What? What is the point of you going there?”

    Liu Yi looks at Ge Shenhua curiously.

    “In this lifetime I have never seen any immortal techniques or demons and wish to experience them a bit!”

    Ge Shenhua is slightly fascinated.

    “Brother Ge, this…is too dangerous already….”

    Long Yingying immediately grabs hold of Ge Shenhua’s arm.

    “As a man how can I be afraid of death!”

    Ge Shenhua pushes away Long Yingying’s hand.

    “Then this one shall follow along with Brother Ge.”

    “Nonsense. You are a girl, how can it be that wherever I go you follow along as well!”

    Ge Shenhua is slightly unhappy.

    “Relax. With us protecting Mr Ge, there will not be any problem.”

    Liu Yi comforts Long Yingying. Sooner or later Ge Shenhua will become Wine Sword Immortal and step into the path of cultivators. Letting him have some experience is, on the contrary, is good.

    “Being able to meet you guys is really the fortune of my Yangzhou City!”

    Duke Gong also become happy, “Since this is the case then let this duke personally send you guys out of the city! I shall wait for Daoist’s victorious return and this duke shall hold a victory banquet for Daoist!”

    Ai Ling says, “This is not bad. Prepare for us Manchu Han Imperial Feast!”


    Duke Gong is stunned, “This….forgive this duke for not knowing….but what is Manchu Han Imperial Feast?”

    {Lass are you also an idiot?}

    Liu Yi immediately transmit to Ai Ling, {Right now is Tang Dynasty how is there any Manchu Han Imperial Feast?!}

    [TL: Manchu Han Imperial Feast comes about during Qing Dynasty]

    {Ah, right….I’ve forgotten…..hehehe let lord sees a joke.}

    “There is no need for Duke Gong to care about these. Let us set out earlier.”

    Liu Yi turns the conversation back.

    “Good, good. We…..”

    Before Duke Gong can finish his words, a soldier suddenly kneels down outside and reports loudly, “Report! Outside there is someone who has accepted the posting!”


    When Duke Gong hears this, his expression turns heavy, “To think at this time someone accepted the posting…..Daoist you see….”

    “Then let that person come. Didn’t he accept the posting.”

    Liu Yi is also curious. During this era aren’t all of the cultivators ignoring the matters of the world? Why would there be a person who accepted the posting?

    Since Liu Yi had said so, Duke Gong immediately waves his hand and says, “Okay. Immediately invite him in!”

    “The duke request the pleasure of seeing him!”

    The soldier immediately transmits the order down and very quickly a soldier respectfully leads an old man wearing Taoist robe in.

    “Daoist, this way please.”

    “Well said, well said, hahaha….”

    The crowd speaks softly as they look over, only to see an old looking taoist priest with a divine poise and sage features. On his back is a wooden peach sword, under his feet wind seems to be born. There is a faint expert style from him.

    But Liu Yi is unable to sense any Immortal Qi from him…could it be that it is another expert?