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Chapter 561 The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     Gao Yang is a warrior from the Jianghu. In his childhood he learned performing tricks from a performing arts master and uses this to cheat people to survive.

    He self proclaims himself as a cultivator and often help people slay demons and drive away calamity. He uses the banner of a fortune teller to make predictions.

    The reason why Gao Yang is able to not get seen through despite telling lies for such a long time, it is because he has his own tricks.

    He usually chooses his targets among the big families. Before lying to them he will first pretend to be a beggar in their surrounding to observe their family living behavior. These things to Gao Yang is spying information. Only by grasping the target’s information then he can dress up and pretend to be a Daoist priest and walk up to the family house and say that their family is filled with demon qi. Being very familiar with the family he just need to say a few things that had happened in the target’s family and with a few magic tricks to scare them, the family will become afraid and scared of dying. Fearing that they will not live long. By the time Gao Yang finishes doing all of these, his targets will automatically beg Gao Feng to help them slay the demon.

    At that time Gao Yang just need to be pretentious as he starts fighting and makes a show for his targets before finally leaving with their money.

    This kind of method is time-tested.

    Recently he heard that a demon has appeared outside of Yangzhou City and Duke Gong already sent out a notice to find people to slay the demon. Seeing this Gao Yang smiles.

    Although he really likes to pretend to be a daoist priest, but actually he does not believe in this kind of matters at all!

    In this world how is it possible for this kind of imaginary things exist in this world! From his point of view that demon outside the city is definitely a swindler from the same profession. Through some diversionary tactics he tricks people to scheme for their fortunes.

    Why don’t I open the lion’s mouth over here at Duke Gong’s side and ask for a large sum of silver. Then find that guy and split 50-50!

    But Gao Yang did not think that before he had put his complete plan to use, he would meet a person from the ‘same profession’ over here at Duke Gong’s place!

    “Duke Gong isn’t it only me who accepted the posting, why is there another person here?”

    Seeing that there is someone spoiling his plans, Gao Yang is very unhappy and wished to chase him away.

    “Hahaha, Daoist Gao please forgive me.”

    Duke Gong do not dare to offend these daoists as he hurries and explain. “This is another daoist that this duke just got to know. He is also willing to help slay the demon outside the Yangzhou City! With the two of you helping to slay the demon, it is the fortune of my Yangzhou City ah.”

    “This daoist does not have a habit of working together with other people.”

    Gao Yang sneers and says, “What this daoist learns is immortal techniques, if other people see it wouldn’t it be troublesome?”

    “Yes, yes, yes, this duke is rude…”

    Seeing that Gao Yang display his arrogance, Liu Yi starts smiling.

    “May I know which sect did this daoist come from?”

    “This daoist’s sect is one of the top immortal family, why should this one tell you?”

    Gao Yang strokes his beard and replies water tightly.

    “So that is the case. Since your distinguish self says that you are a daoist then why don’t you show a few moves?”

    Ai Ling is also able to see the clues and immediately claps her hands and says, “Otherwise if a person casually runs over and says that he is a daoist wouldn’t the entire street be filled with daoists?”

    “Hmph how dare you suspect this daoist!”

    Seeing that Duke Gong is also looking at him is suspicion, Gao Feng is not afraid, instead he is delighted in his heart. He says, “Fine then, today let this daoist let you know what is called immortal techniques!”

    As he speaks he suddenly pulls out a bunch of copper coins and tosses it on the ground.

    After which he pulls out his wooden peach sword and points towards the copper coins.


    Under Duke Gong’s shocked gaze those copper coins immediately float up.


    Gao Yang’s wooden peach sword continues to waves about while the copper coins on the ground also starts moving about.

    “Mystical ah, really mystical!”

    Duke Gong exclaims in shock while the female servants by the side also looks on in shock, falling over each other to see this scene.


    Seeing their shocked appearance Gao Feng is laughing in his heart.


    Ai Ling and Liu Yi are both the same. They have seen the truth. This kind of magic tricks is already not mysterious already in the current era’s magic shows.

    Ai Ling suddenly stretches out her hands and press down towards the moving copper coins.

    She releases immortal qi causing the copper coins to stop moving and drops back onto the ground.


    Gao Yang who is waving his wooden peach sword realise that the copper coins are no longer moving and immediately starts to sweat.

    But he is a person who had lots of experience and immediately pretends to be tired and keeps his wooden peach sword.

    “Alas, seeing that the demon aura in Yangzhou City is soaring up the sky, thus I rushed over for several days without stopping and am too tired and do not have enough immortal qi.”

    “It’s been tough on daoist!”

    Duke Gong is unable to see the principles behind it and really thought that Gao Yang is a cultivator and immediately respectfully says, “Since that is the case then why doesn’t Daoist Gao rest in Wang Mansion for a few days before we go and slay the demon.”


    Gao Yang is about to seize the opportunity, he also originally planned to rest in the mansion for a few days and eat heartily for a few days and experience the lifestyle of an emperor’s relative. But unexpectedly Liu Yi waves his hand and says bluntly, “Slaying the demon, this matter should not be pushed back. It is best if we leave right now. If Daoist Gao wishes to rest the rest a few days. Ai Ling, Mr Ge let us go.”

    When Gao Yang hears this he is immediately anxious.

    Looks like this fellow is going to try and take action first! How can I let him snatch away this kind of matter first, wouldn’t I be unable to cheat money!

    “Although my immortal qi is not as abundant as before it is enough to slay a small demon!”

    “Daoist Gao, this time round slaying of demon is really dangerous. If you are tired then it is best to rest first.”

    Liu Yi is a kindhearted person. Although this Gao Yang is a liar, he does not wish for him to die for nothing.

    “What are you saying, this daoist has been slaying demons for my entire life and has never gotten into any problems! On the other hand this daoist you should consider your own safety!”

    “Tsk, if you are not afraid of dying then let’s go together! Lord let us go.”

    Ai Ling is disinclined to care about the life or death of that fellow. Being a liar and still so headstrong, serves him right if he gets killed by the demon later on!

    Seeing that the fake daoist did not heed his advice and pulling away by Ai Ling, Liu Yi can only sigh.

    “Let this duke lead the way!”

    Duke Gong hurries along as well.

    In Yangzhou City, Duke Gong leads several tens of Great Sword soldiers to escort them out of the city.

    This scene attracts the gaze of multiple people making them curious about what is going on.

    “I heard that Duke Gong has invited people to come and slay the demon ah!”

    “Really? It cannot be ah, then how can Duke Gong still earn the waterway money!”

    “Who knows, but if they really slay the demon, it is a good matter for us!”

    The discussion of the people in the surrounding causes Liu Yi’s heart to sink.

    Could it Duke Gong be a smiling tiger?

    He had already met two of this kind of smiling face tiger, Liu Haisheng and Zhang Xinchu.

    Meeting a third one is also not that surprising. But Liu Yi is not too worried, after all that Duke Gong is only an ordinary person, even if he is a Duke, even if it is the emperor himself, Liu Yi is also not afraid.

    Cultivators are not in touch with reality, how can it be comparable to power and position.

    Even a higher position person is unable to escape death. While cultivators are able to stand aloof of life and death and seek the heavenly laws.

    Back then didn’t Qin Shihuang overturn the entire world but in the end, also died on the path of trying to lengthen his life.

    The further away they walk away from the city, Liu Yi is able to sense a dense demon aura. He and Ai Ling look at each other.

    Ai Ling also frowns and says, “What a strong demon aura.”

    “Hmm…I’m afraid it is a powerful demon.”

    “Strange why would demons start appearing at this time. Could it be that the demon race has already start planning to send their army into the human realm?”

    Ai Ling is unable to guess that is the current time period.

    “Not clear….when we reach the outside of the city and capture that demon and question him, we will know.”

    “Mmm, I shall listen to lord!”

    Their conversation causes the people listening by the side confuse while Gao Yang snorts in his heart.

    Such real action, but this method of yours I have used them often as well!

    Like I would believe you!

    Ge Shenhua asks curiously, “Daoist Liu, where is there any demon aura? Why am I unable to sense it?”

    “You are not a cultivator, naturally you are unable to sense the demon aura.”

    Liu Yi smiles and says, “Wait till you start on your immortal fate then you will be able to sense it.”

    “Hahaha, that is not possible, I do not have that immortal fate ah.”

    Ge Shenhua waves his hand, “I’d rather try and achieve scholarly achievements during the imperial exams!”

    Liu Yi smiles but did not say anything. The current him has a bit of that enjoyment of not revealing the fate that Wine Sword Immortal has.

    Pretending is indeed happy ah!

    “In front is the exit to the city.”

    Duke Gong looks at the tightly shut city gate in front and says, “I shall send everyone till here. The rest shall depend on you guys.”

    H waves his hand and orders, “Open the city gates!”

    “Open the city gates!”

    The relaying soldier shouts out the order and instantly a number of people start pulling open a few horizontal bars that are holding the gates close and push the city gates open.

    Outside the city is a moat. A few soldiers lower the bridge and let Liu Yi and the rest to pass. After they pass, the moat is pulled back up and the city gate is closed tightly.

    “They are rather carefully.”

    Ai Ling smiles, “A bunch of scary cats.”

    “My guts are not that small. I wish to see what does the rumored demon looks like!”

    Thinking that there are three daoists who are protecting him by the side Ge Shenhua is not afraid, instead, he is very interested.

    “Soon you will be able to see.”

    Liu Yi points in front, “The demon is over there.”

    “How do you know.”

    “The demon aura is the strongest there.”

    Ge Shenhua is admiring him a lot while Gao Feng is apprehensive in his heart. Good fellow no wonder he is so confident furthermore he also does not want me to follow along as well. It seems like he and the demon are together! Now, what should we do? Right….I can pretend to expose them in front of Duke Gong and then we split the money!

    What they do not know is that the moment they left the city, Li Tianyi immediately goes and looks for his father and ask, “Lord father….why are you so nice towards those people?”

    “Hahaha….my son, you are too young.”

    Duke Gong laughs, and says profoundly, “Dealing with this kind of people, relying on force is useless. Right, don’t care about the slap I gave you earlier. Father had already prepared a present for you in the mansion. You can go back and take a look now.”

    [TL: lols already know what the present can be…90% chance is that present..]