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Chapter 583 Demon Emperor coming into being!

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     Liu Yi looks at the already dead woman in his embrace bitterly and his body turns chill.

    “Mo, mother…”

    While behind him comes the familiar voice of a girl.

    Currently, this girl’s voice carries a trace of horror and despair.

    Liu Yi turns around helplessly and looks at Zhang Yunyun who has already collapsed onto the floor.

    The current princess had changed into a black skirt boosting her temperament which is very beautiful.

    But it is a pity that this beautiful flower is now broke down into pieces.

    “Big brother…you….why did you want to kill mother…”

    Zhang Yunyun’s eyes are filled with tears.

    Behind the tears is deep despair. This kind of despair makes Liu Yi feel heart pain.


    How should Liu Yi explain?

    Tell Zhang Yunyun that your mother is a madwoman. To make you stay here, she committed suicide and tossed the dirty water on me?

    Perhaps the reason why she died is related to the fact that I want to bring Zhang Yunyun away.


    So Liu Yi is unable to escape from the responsibility.

    “Big brother….it, it is really you who kill…”

    Zhang Yunyun trembles, “You, you…”

    She is starting to sobs and seems to have some difficulty in breathing.

    Seeing Zhang Yunyun’s manner, Liu Yi becomes worried and ask, “Yunyun are you fine?”


    Zhang Yunyun suddenly shrieks as streams of black qi fly out and revolve around her body, twisting around her!

    At this moment Liu Yi sense a very powerful aura erupting out from Zhang Yunyun’ body!

    Even Liu Yi who is at the peak of 18 star jade cultivation, actually also senses a trace of horror!

    Black clouds are still flying out from Zhang Yunyun’s body. The black clouds form the image of an enormous black dragon that roars before charging up, breaking the ceiling above her and flies high up into the clouds!

    Instantly this scene attracts the attention of all of the people in the Cloud Kingdom!

    As that black dragon….is way too big!

    Its body is nearly a thousand meter long. As it twists around the black clouds, it’s imposing manner is majestic.

    “What, what is that ah…”

    “My gods…what a scary black dragon…”

    When the soldiers of the allied armies of the nine kingdoms outside the city see this, they were all shocked.

    Just what is going on with the Cloud Kingdom, why is it so horrifying!

    “It definitely must be a formation eye, wanting to scare us into retreating!”

    “That’s, that’s right! We are the allied armies of the nine kingdoms, this, this time around we will definitely be able to defeat the Cloud Kingdom!”

    “We cannot let this go on anymore! Let us immediately kill our way in!”

    Seeing that the sun is about to set, the allied army of the nine kingdoms is no longer able to restrain themselves and start using their own technique and attacks the main gate of Cloud Kingdom and then kill their way into the city!

    Instantly the fire of war is lighted up in the Cloud Kingdom!


    Looking at the black qi surrounding Zhang Yunyun, Liu Yi only feels his heart in pain.

    The black dragon in the sky suddenly descends as a sprout of energy enters Zhang Yunyun’s body.

    “Illusion Exterminate!”

    Zhang Yunyun suddenly raises her hand and ruthlessly hits Liu Yi and sends him flying away, and crashing into the walls behind him and lands outside of the royal palace!

    Zhang Yunyun also transforms into a cloud of black smoke and follows after him, and appears in front of Liu Yi.

    As Liu Yi climbs to his feet he vomits out a mouth of blood as Zhang Yunyun’s attack is too sudden and he had no defense.

    {Liu Yi…quick, quickly escape…}

    Lin Tong’s voice is filled with horror, {This Nine Yin Demon Dragon…is too, too scary already…you are not her opponent…}

    {Cannot….I want to save her…}

    Liu Yi stands up swaying as the dragon qi in his body swiftly heals the injury.

    He immediately enters the second stage of dragon transformation and the powerful dragon qi spread to every part of his body.

    “This dragon qi of big brother…should also be obtained through killing right.”

    Zhang Yunyun stands in front of Liu Yi. Her voice no longer carries tenderness, instead carries a trace of coldness.

    “Is it that in big brother’s life there is only killing left?”

    “It is not like this…”

    Liu Yi says bitterly, not knowing how to explain to Zhang Yunyun.

    “Big brother is a human right.”

    Zhang Yunyun says coldly, her voice seems to be like a cold wind blowing on Liu Yi’s heart, “So big brother feels that the life of us demons mean nothing. So, towards us demon, big brother can just casually kill us. Today you killed my mother, perhaps there will be a day where you will take action against me?”

    “I will not harm you.”

    Liu Yi keeps shaking his head, “You have followed me for nearly a year, do you still not understand me?”

    “Which sentence of big brother can I believe then?”

    Zhang Yunyun clenches her fist tightly, “You killed my mother, can I still believe that I know that big brother?”

    As she speaks she once again attacks Liu Yi in anger!

    “Illusion extermination!”

    Liu Yi puts on his Monarch Armour and attacks as well!

    “Illusion extermination!”

    Violent shockwaves explode out from the place where their palm wind collided!

    The ground instantly sinks down by more than 2 meters and forms a nearly hundred radius deep hole!

    While Liu Yi is sent flying away by the force and crashing into the ground.

    “Big brother’s strength is too weak.”

    Zhang Yunyun stands in front of Liu Yi. She looks down at him and says, “Big brother should be the most powerful when killing people right…”


    Blood is flowing out from his mouth edge as he looks at the loli who had turned foreign.

    “Although mother died…although my heart is very painful…but I, still like big brother ah…”

    Zhang Yunyun suddenly squats down and gently touches Liu Yi’s face, “As long as big brother….as long as big brother is able to stay in demon realm and live together with me and stay by my side forever, I will forgive you alright?”

    Hearing this Liu Yi’s heart trembles.

    Can I live together with Zhang Yunyun in the demon realm forever?

    This is not possible…I still need to go back and find Ai Ling and return to the future and find Murong Die, Wang Yuzheng.

    There are still so many people there waiting for me…I cannot throw them aside and not care about them.

    Perhaps I can only lie to Zhang Yunyun and then find a chance to secretly escape from here…

    But I…am really unable to do….I do not wish to lie to this princess in front of me…

    Some likes can be let go….but some, cannnot be ah…

    “Sorry…I, am unable to do it…”


    Zhang Yunyun retreats a few steps as she trembles before crying bitterly, “Hahaha, big brother is really cruel…you snatched away my last close relative…and you still want to leave me right….”

    “No. You can follow me to the human realm to live…”

    “Can I go?”

    Zhang Yunyun points at the Cloud Kingdom which is burning, “This place has my responsibility. I cannot leave. Furthermore, I am afraid of you, afraid of humans…you guys….are too sinister…but I am still willing to give you a chance….Sky Flipping Dragon!”

    With Zhang Yunyun’s shouts, a lightning bolt shoots down from the sky and Sky Flipping Dragon walks out.


    “Lock him up in the Sky Prison formation! When he is willing to stay, then you tell me, then I will visit him.”

    Zhang Yunyun pats Liu Yi on his chest.

    Meridian sealing!

    This lass had followed me for nearly a year and has learned most of my techniques…ah right, perhaps she has learned all of them.

    Liu Yi can only smile bitterly.

    “As you order!”

    Sky Flipping Dragon immediately picks Liu Yi up and says, “Sorry brother, it is you who was asking for it.”

    He lifts Liu Yi up and flies off, and then tossed him into the newly rebuilt magic technique prison in the royal palace.

    The surrounding is a few strange stone pillars. This should be the place where Ao Ri got locked in back then.

    Meridian sealing is dissipating but inside there Liu Yi is unable to call out any of his qi. No wonder even Ao Ri is lock up in this place. This place is indeed strange.

    Outside of the prison, Sky Flipping Dragon looks at Liu Yi and says, “Reflect properly here. I will visit you every ten days.”

    Liu Yi sits in a lotus position inside the Sky Prison formation and did not reply at all.

    Although his body is inside the prison, the satellite created by Little Jade is his eyes.

    Even if he does not have any qi but he is still able to use his AI.

    Through the satellite, he is able to see what is happening outside.

    “Kill into the royal palace!”

    “Cloud Kingdom is going to be destroyed ah!”

    The allied armies of the nine kingdoms had already slaughtered their way in and instantly force their way until they reach the royal palace.

    Ao Ri, Devil Child, as well as SFD who had just rushed back is guarding in front of the royal palace waiting to deal with the allied armies of the nine kingdoms.

    “Hahaha! Cloud Kingdom, you guys have never thought that you guys will have this day right!”

    The king of Dust Kingdom, golden fur ape is wearing golden armor while holding a rod as he laughs loudly and says, “From today onwards, Cloud Kingdom will disappear from this world!”

    “That’s right, there will no longer be the Cloud Kingdom in the future.”

    The water qilin also stands by the side and laughs sinisterly.

    The rest of the kings also agree, each of them smiling widely filled with confidence.

    “You guys dare to fight against me?”

    Ao Ri stands there with his hands behind his back in an arrogant manner.

    “Ao Ri don’t be so arrogant! Just you will not be able to save this Cloud Kingdom!”

    The golden fur ape roars in anger, “Do you see the strong demon army behind me? The power of the nine kingdoms are all here, there are countless experts. As long as we attack together we will be able to detain you and then the rest of the people can exterminate the Cloud Kingdom!”

    “That’s right! Your Cloud Kingdom is destined to be exterminated today! No one will be able to save you guys!”

    The rest of the kings also start shouting.

    “Is that the case?”

    A loli in black walks out from the royal palace slowly, her body carrying threads of black smoke.

    “Wishing to flatten the Cloud Kingdom, just based on you trash?”

    “Who the hell are you!”

    One of the kings instantly scold, “How dare you be arrogant towards us!”

    Zhang Yunyun only smiles faintly as she instantly appears in front of that king.

    Shadow step, one of Liu Yi’s technique. If used by Zhang Yunyun it becomes even stranger and makes people even more fearful!

    Zhang Yunyun’s palm grabs the head of that king and squeezes

    That king’s head exploded like a watermelon and blood sprays all over the place!

    All of the demons got a shock, this king’s might should be around 14 star jade ah…he was actually such so easily….killed?!