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Chapter 748 - [Fight and scheme against each other]

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     Chapter 748    [Fight and scheme against each other]

    That is why there is this ancient saying, must never provoke a woman…fine then, let’s not mention if it this is an ancient saying or not, but Liu Yi feels that it is rather reasonable.

    Second Princess purposefully gives that Third Fuma a look. Although it is very ambiguous, it evokes the feelings of the Third Fuma.

    A dragon’s nature is originally **, perhaps in this Third Fuma’s mind, he had fucked his sister-in-law countless times in his mind!

    Although among dragons it is not fresh news about females having multiple men or males having concubines, but her older sister brazenly fooled around with her man in front of her makes the Third Princess unable to take it!

    “I say, Second Sister, you just went out for a trip and you changed the man by your side…where is Liao Wang? You abandoned him? Indeed our Second Sister is outstanding ah, changing men faster than changing clothes.”

    Liu Yi’s expression turns cold,

    “Oh, you still have not introduced him yet.”

    Regarding Liu Yi’s entreaties, Ao Na had thought of it.

    “Royal Father, I had forgotten to say that this time when daughter went to River Song to play, I had met a powerful water creature bandit. That pitiful fiance of mine died in battle protecting me. It is this guy who protected daughter and escorted me.”

    When Ao Na speaks, her expression did not change and does not give off any hints that she is making it up!

    Liu Yi has to admit that she is quite good at acting!

    “It is good that younger sister is fine.”

    First Princess pats her chest, “Thank you very much, mister.”


    Third Princess does not seem to be happy like she feels that it is a pity that her Second Sister did not die.

    Liu Yi transmits to Ao Na, {Your older sister seems to be rather concerned about you. While on the other hand that younger sister of yours does not seem to have a good relationship with you.}

    Ao Na blinks at Liu Yi before transmitting back, {My younger sister can’t wait for me to die. As for my older sister, what she is concerned is not me but my identity as the Dragon Eye secret keeper.}

    Before Liu Yi can ask, That East Sea Dragon King says, “So that is the case. Young man, where did you come from?”

    The voice echoes like a great bell in Liu Yi’s ear.

    Liu Yi pretends to be respectful as he cups his hands and says, “This one is River Song’s Dragon King.”

    “Oh, so it is the Dragon King from River Song.”

    East Sea Dragon King nods his head as his expression relaxes a lot.

    Liu Yi understands. Although Ao Na’s lie is very truthful but it is also filled with danger. Because of her identity as the Second Princess of East Sea, a lot of people wish to climb up her. That is why if she suffers an attack and got saved, it make be an act from the one who saved her.

    “You have saved my daughter. This king wants to reward you. Say it, what do you want?”

    Hearing what East Sea Dragon King said, Ao Na looks at Liu Yi nervously.

    Liu Yi also knows what she is worried about while he laughs coldly in his heart.

    Liu Yi pretends to be embarrassed as he rubbed his hands together as he smiles and says, “Aiyah…this…how would I have the nerve…”

    East Sea Dragon King waves his hand and says, “There is no harm in saying what you think. You have achieved some merit, rewarding you is what I’m supposed to do.”

    “Hehe…since that is the case…then…can East Sea Dragon King reward this one with some treasures…”

    Liu Yi’s avaricious gaze lands on those night pearls embedded by the side.

    Hearing this the Third Princess by the side smirks. The First Princess did not say anything just that her gaze becomes slightly filled with contempt.

    On the other hand, a trace of spirit flashes across the Second Princess’s gaze but swiftly disappears.

    Liu Yi keeps looking at East Sea Dragon King with his peripheral vision. After he had said this, he noticed that his gaze became more relaxed and even more in disdain.

    Very good, this is the effect that he wants.

    “That is easy. Ao Li go and take 7 highest-grade night pearls and bestow them upon him.”

    “Yes, Royal Father.”

    The First Princess nods her head without any alarm on her face.

    Liu Yi laughs in his heart,

    But Liu Yi does not reject this.

    Even if he degenerates into a demon, there is nothing that Liu Yi would not do!

    “Since that is the case bring your life-saver and go stroll around.”

    East Sea Dragon King placed down his vigilance heart and waves his hand and plans to make him leave like this.

    Ao Na and Liu Yi are both happy in their hearts,

    At this moment, Ao Tian who had his eyes closed suddenly opened his eyes.

    “River Song Dragon King is it? Why have I not heard of you before? You, of all people to pretend to be, why did you choose to pretend to be my River Song Dragon King?”

    Liu Yi turns around and looks at Ao Susu’s older brother.

    He made preparations for Ao Tian causing trouble.

    Liu Yi sees a trace of craftiness flashes across First Princess’s eyes.

    “This one should be Second Brother right.”

    Liu Yi cups his hand calmly and greets Ao Tian courteously.

    This call of Second Brother causes Ao Tian to be stunned.

    “This one is Ao Susu’s husband, also the son-in-law of River Song Dragon Palace. Right now Old Dragon King has abdicated thus I formally became the Dragon King of River Song. Because Second Brother had always remained in the East Sea, that is why you did not know of this matter. But Second Brother can send people down to inquire.”

    Liu Yi’s words cause Ao Tian to raise his eyebrow.

    Perhaps the changes of River Song is out of his estimation.

    “Since you say that you are River Song Dragon King, where is your keepsake?”

    Ao Tian still asks another question as he is filled with suspicion.

    “Of course I have it.”

    Liu Yi stretches out his hand and takes out the River Song’s Rain Summoning Flag.

    “Second Brother should not be unfamiliar with our River Song’s Rain Summoning Flag right. There is also this River Song’s Dragon Crown as well!”

    Seeing Liu Yi taking out two familiar keepsakes, Ao Tain has no choice but to believe.

    At this moment First Princess suddenly speaks, “Ao Tian ah, you have not returned to River Song for a very long time. Do you want to take this opportunity to go back and take a good look?”

    “Might as well. I have not returned home for a very long time and miss my relatives in River Song.”

    Ao Tian thinks speedily and nods his head saying, “Royal Father, I wish to make a trip back to River Song, may Royal Father please allow me.”

    “There is nothing wrong with going back home. Since you are missing River Song then go back.” East Sea Dragon King nods his head, “Ao Li do you want to accompany your husband and go back together?”

    First Princess shakes her head and declines, “Daughter shall not be going. There are still a lot of matters that need daughter to do in the East Sea.”

    “Then let Ao Tian go back on his own.”

    “Thank you Royal Father.”

    Ao Tian immediately transforms into a red dragon and flies out of East Sea Dragon Palace.

    Liu Yi is able to see that old man’s ambition.

    “Enough. Ao Na, bring your savior and take a stroll around.”

    After dealing with these matters, East Sea Dragon King still have a lot of other matters to deal with thus he waves them away.

    “Understood Royal Father. This daughter shall leave.”

    Ao Na nods her head and leaves Liu Yi out of the hall.

    Going outside, the two of them let out a breath of relief.

    “Phew, looks like we can be considered as crossing this stage without mishap.”

    “Do you know why this princess wants to take the initiative to cooperate with you?”

    Ao Na gives Liu Yi a bitter smile, “In my East Sea, fighting and scheming against each other happen daily. But this princess is way stronger than them as the man that this princess had chosen is the most impressive.”

    Liu Yi does not know whether to laugh or cry, “Should I feel happy?”

    “You ought to kneel down gratefully and lick this princess’s shoe!”

    “Your sister. I only wish to string you up and beat you!”

    “This…also can…”