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Chapter 564 - The Scandal Comes to Ligh

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 564: The Scandal Comes to Light

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    With great difficulty, Wen Haowen escaped the reporters’ encirclement and returned to the Wen Family’s old mansion.

    However, unexpectedly, many reporters were also actually camping around the vicinity of the old mansion. Once again, he was instantly surrounded by reporters and only managed to really get them off his back after a long time.

    As Wen Haowen entered the courtyard, he could still hear the reporters outside banging on the black metal doors and snapping away at his back view. Instantly, he felt like he was being chased by wild wolves and escaping frantically.

    Wen Haowen came to the living room and saw the Old Man sitting on the sofa, his cold face all stern and harsh and his gaze sharp and icy, almost materializing into a sword. Subconsciously, his pupils constricted, not daring to look straight at him.

    Old Mrs. Wen saw Wen Haowen and wanted to speak. However, upon contacting the Old Man’s horrifying expression, she down at her own toes with an awkward expression.

    And Ning Shuqian was sitting on the sofa, crying and sobbing away and wiping her eyes with Xia Ruya comforting her by her side.

    Wen Xinya sat on the sofa nonchalantly and shot him a plain look as he entered the house before looking away, sipping tea.

    “Father! Mother!” Slightly embarrassed, Wen Haowen greeted them. He subconsciously tugged at his tie as he felt slightly ashamed of his own haggardness at this moment.

    Old Mr. Wen asked openly with an icy cold tone, “What’s the matter regarding the news on the papers and magazines today?”

    Regarding this incident, he didn’t mind much—all these years, there had been many scandals regarding Wen Haowen, so this was considered normal. However, what he couldn’t accept was the papers and magazines reporting news regarding Xinya.

    Wen Haowen said, “I was only at Jiayuan to have dinner with Director Wang and the rest. They have all along been lecherous and indecent and asked for hostesses. It’s inevitable to socialize a little, just that not sure why the media got wind of it.”

    Old Mr. Wen’s gaze intensified and locked onto Wen Haowen. “Why are you hanging out with them—I remember you’ve never been close to these minor shareholders.”

    Wen Haowen’s expression froze. In the face of the Old Man’s harsh and piercing look, his smile was rather forced. “We merely met by chance. Thus, we had a meal together. Although I’m not close to them, some socializing is needed after all.”

    Old Mr. Wen laughed in anger, his sharp eyes filled with mockery. “Everything is already clearly written all over the papers and magazines—you were the one who asked the few minor shareholders to Jiayuan with the main intention to convince and incite them to ask me for an explanation regarding Xinya’s scandal causing the Wen Corporation’s shares to plummet and to pursue Xinya’s responsibility.”

    Wen Haowen widened his eyes and stood dumbstruck, yet tried to argue instinctively, “Father, the things on the papers are nonsense—don’t believe them. After all, Xinya is my daughter. How could I do such a thing?”

    Old Mr. Wen sneered and said, “I’ve already called Director Wang and the other directors this morning. They’ve already verified the reports on the papers and magazines. When are you going to stop denying?”

    Wen Haowen instantly felt teeth-grinding anger. “Father, you rather believe outsiders than your own son? Director Wang and the rest have always been despicable scums, how can you believe their words?”

    Director Wang and the rest actually betrayed him. Those despicable scums.

    Old Mr. Wen asked him back, “If their words are untrustworthy, are yours trustworthy?”

    Wen Haowen wanted to say “yes”. However, when he faced the Old Man’s icy cold expression filled with mockery and sarcasm, his words got stuck in his throat and he couldn’t spit anything out.

    Old Mr. Wen’s gaze was extremely cold, to the point that it was almost emotionless. “If I’m not wrong, the scandal regarding Xinya recently also has something to do with you. You knew that I’d met Lawyer Luo and so was anxious to taint Xinya’s reputation, wanting to make her appear like a treacherous and unfilial daughter so that she can’t stay in the circle anymore. Am I right?”

    Wen Haowen wanted to deny, but the Old Man’s emotionless expression made him suddenly feel uneasy. “Father… I…”

    Old Mr. Wen’s face presented an ashen and defeated look. “Don’t try to deny. Some things are better left unsaid.”

    Wen Haowen couldn’t hold his expression anymore. His face gradually turned twisted, the veins on his forehead protruded bit by bit, and his bloodshot eyes slowly became evil and vicious as they stared at Old Mr. Wen just like this.

    Old Mr. Wen looked at Wen Haowen with a pained expression. “Even a monster won’t hurt its own children. You’re actually so vicious and heartless to use this kind of tactic on your own daughter—you’re totally worse than a beast.”

    Wen Haowen radiated maliciousness all over. “Ever since Wen Xinya returned to the Wen Family, have you ever cared about this son of yours—you’d rather hand the Wen Corporation over to a little hooligan on the streets who’d led a wandering life for fifteen years. I’m not convinced… I’m your son and the Wen Corporation obviously belongs to me. However, I’ve worked hard, managed the entire Wen Corporation, and eventually… I’ve only paved the way for Wen Xinya.”

    “Haowen, what has become of you?” Old Mr. Wen had a serious expression. It wasn’t his first time hearing these words—previously, because of these words, he had almost lost his life.

    Wen Haowen said furiously, “Wen Xinya has such a humiliating past which can never be erased. She’ll only bring embarrassment and humiliation to the Wen Family and implicate the Wen Corporation. Father… why do you still not understand that she’s totally unfit to be the successor of the Wen Family?”

    As Old Mr. Wen listened to his words, his face had a tinge of self-reproach and regret. “I’m also at fault for you becoming like this today. I’d been too focused on my career previously and neglected to discipline you. Subsequently, as I felt guilty towards you, I’d been mostly lenient with you and even transferred 15% of the Wen Corporation’s shares to you and retired from the business world way earlier to make it up to you…”

    Wen Haowen furiously interrupted his words and said, “Father, your speech is so altisonant. Since when have you had eyes for a son like me—I totally deserve everything I have today.”

    Old Mr. Wen slowly waved his hand—he already didn’t know what else to say. “In that case, there’s nothing else I can say. I wish you all the best.”

    Wen Haowen’s expression was extremely cold as he landed an evil and menacing gaze on Wen Xinya. “Father, I won’t watch on as you make the mistake of handing the massive Wen Corporation to this little hooligan who’d led a wandering life.”

    Wen Xinya looked plainly back at Wen Haowen with a tinge of sarcasm and mockery…