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Chapter 353 - Qi from the Mysterious Eas

Medical Master
     Li Xiucai’s eyes immediately brightened as he mentioned Chen Yinsheng.

    “As for Chen Yinsheng, since he couldn’t manage the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine well, I can let him go to other places to learn some school management,” Mu Weiping said indifferently on the other side of the phone.

    “Please rest assured, Director Mu. I’ll definitely make sure it’s done properly,” Li Xiucai replied excitedly.

    “All right.” Mu Weiping nodded and said, “We’ll have the result about who can be the vice-principal of the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine these days. Keep up the good work! I have faith in you.”

    “Thank you, director.” Li Xiucai was ecstatic.

    As soon as he hung up the phone, Li Xiucai immediately burst out laughing.

    He had been waiting for this opportunity for almost a decade. He had been a leader of different faculties but never had a chance to become the official vice-principal. Now, it finally came.

    It was a great opportunity, and he didn’t even need to spare his energy.

    After all, Fang Qiu was just a student.

    Fang Qiu had already stopped practicing Qigong. Even if he continued, Li Xiucai was still sure that he could take Fang Qiu down. If he had to, he would spend some money and get a public relations company to prepare for him, and then directly expel Fang Qiu.

    At that time, he would become the vice-principal already.

    Thinking of this, Li Xiucai couldn’t help but be excited.

    In the afternoon, Fang Qiu went back to the hospital to continue to see her patients. Meanwhile, he also helped Cao Ze’s girlfriend to do acupuncture.

    In the United Kingdom, somewhere in an extremely fancy central building.

    All the other buildings around it were already dark, except for this one, which still had its lights on.

    It was the wee hours of the morning.

    This building was no other than the office building of Medicine and Humanity.

    In a big office, a blond-haired middle-aged man was sitting in front of a computer working overtime.

    “I always waste my time reading these useless papers.”

    Reviewing the papers, the middle-aged man looked angry and discontented. “These people are so terrible. They just write some rubbish and throw them here to waste my time to sleep.”

    Criticizing those papers, the middle-aged man also reviewed quickly.

    Most of the time, he just looked at the content of the emails and directly skipped them.

    Suddenly, something special showed up.

    “Qi? The mysterious East?” The middle-aged man laughed.

    Medicine and Humanity was a practical and scientific periodical and only published a paper which truly existed and could be used with a good impact on human and medicine.

    Therefore, when they saw fantasies like Chinese Medicine, Kung Fu, Qigong, and witchcraft, they would directly skip them and didn’t bother to take a look. In the eyes of normal people, these things didn’t exist at all.

    As a periodical editor for Medicine and Humanity, the middle-aged man was also aware of that.

    Therefore, he didn’t even read the letter that came with the e-mail and just skipped it.

    “Hmm?” But just as he was about to delete the e-mail, he saw a video in the email, in addition to a paper and an unnamed letter.

    “Maybe I can rest for a short while.” Looking at the time, the middle-aged man reached out his arms to stretch and then smirked. “For what it’s worth, I need to review it anyway. Let’s see what this oriental guy is up to.”

    The middle-aged man clicked on the video.

    At first, he was curious about why the video looked confusing. Taking a closer look, he found that the video was shot with an infrared thermal camera.

    In addition, the author was also very thoughtful, for adding the English subtitles of every sentence in the video.

    After watching the video, the man was dumbfounded.

    “Is it really so magical? It’s impossible that he can cure it with a few needles. It can’t be true, right?”

    When in doubt, the middle-aged man clicked on the paper and found that the author was very good at English. The whole paper was written in English, unlike other previous oriental papers, which had so many sentences that made one completely confused about what the author wanted to say. This paper looked quite smooth.

    Most importantly, the data presented throughout the paper were quite sufficient.

    “Qi from the mysterious East?”

    “If what the paper says is true, the entire medical circle would be shocked!”

    The middle-aged man was amazed. But after reading the paper, he couldn’t help but furrow his brows and muttered, “The paper doesn’t have any reference. This is a bit tricky.”

    If the paper had not been written in such a standard format, he would have wondered if the author had forgotten to add the reference.

    He thought for a moment, frowning.

    The middle-aged editor finally took out his mobile phone and called the chief editor in the middle of the night.

    “Hello?” When the call went through, the chief editor’s voice came over the line.

    “Chief, it’s me, Harry,” The middle-aged man said hurriedly.

    “Harry?” The person on the other side of the phone paused for a while, and then raised his voice immediately. “Don’t you know it is two o’clock in the morning? Why are you calling me in the middle of the night?!”

    Hearing that, Harry pursed his lips.

    He thought to himself, “Why didn’t you mention that I was working overtime at two in the morning?”

    Of course, even though he felt that way, he couldn’t say it out loud.

    “I’m sorry, I really have something important to tell you.” Harry opened his mouth. “When I’m working overtime to review the papers, I just received a mysterious paper from the East which I have never seen.”

    “Is it, is it that kind of Chinese Medicine?” The chief editor said, “I’ve told you before. Just skip this kind of paper. What mysterious oriental Chinese Medicine? They’re not scientific.”

    “No, chief,” Harry quickly replied. “This paper is very scientific, and it contains very detailed comparative data. It also attaches the operation of the video and even invites us to verify it personally.”

    “Dear Mr. Harry, no matter how good your paper is, it will have to wait until morning. Do you understand?” The chief editor was angry, so he directly hung up the phone when he finished his sentence.

    “Chief, chief, can I go home now?” Harry kept asking on the phone.

    As a result, the phone had already been hung up.

    “Fu*k!” Harry bawled and slapped his phone on his desk, staring at the computer.

    “If you must wait till dawn, then I have to do it right now!” Harry let out an angry roar.

    Then, he immediately found a list of celebrated reviewers from all over the world who worked with Medicine and Humanity.

    As an editor, he just did the primary review.

    The selected articles and papers would also need to be vetted by world-class celebrities to decide which one could be published on the periodical.

    Soon, he got the list of reviewers.

    Harry compared the time zones, then chose those who now were in the daytime. He immediately called them and sent the paper, along with the attached video.

    Four hours later, he received the results of the reviews.

    “Please treat this paper with caution. I’ll be willing to verify it personally.” Almost every reviewer’s response was the same.

    They had to take it seriously because the arguments and data of the paper were too specific to be fake.

    Harry was relieved to hear from the reviewers.

    By this time, it was 6:00 a.m.

    It was early in the morning.

    A glimmer of light shone through the glass wall to reflect Harry’s appearance.

    Taking a closer look, he was a normal middle-aged British man with blond curly hair like an artist. There were a few freckles on his fair face. His bright eyes showed the color of water blue. He looked quite handsome with his chiseled features.

    Of course, it would be even better if he didn’t have freckles.

    “Whew…” Glancing out at the sky, Harry took a deep breath and collapsed, leaning against his desk and falling asleep.

    At 8:00 a.m, Harry was awakened by the arrival of his colleagues.

    After washing his face in the bathroom, Harry rushed into the chief editor’s office.

    “Chief, I have sent that mysterious e-mail from the East to your mailbox. You can read it now,” Harry said.

    “Is it really that mysterious?” The chief editor asked with a feeling of doubt, then checked on his e-mail.

    When he was done, he was in a moment’s stunned silence.

    He didn’t know what to say!

    As Harry put it, this email from the East was truly amazing and mysterious!

    “Chief, I had asked several reviewers for their opinions last night and also sent their comments to you.”

    The chief editor clicked on the email and continued to read.

    “Tell me what you think,” The chief editor looked at Harry and said after he finished reading.

    “I suggest that we should go to the mysterious East and have a look by ourselves,” Harry replied.

    “Well…” The editor hesitated.

    Even though he rejected things that seemed so insubstantial and invisible, he still saw all kinds of detailed data to prove that this invisible thing was real. Plus, there was a video.

    It was not easy to make a decision.

    Although it didn’t take much money to go to China, it also took human resources. If this thing proved to be fake, they would end up wasting their time and energy.

    “Chief, what are you thinking?”

    Seeing that there was a chance that the chief editor might agree, Harry immediately urged. “If the Qi mentioned in this paper is real, our periodical will win instant fame for this paper. You know our definition is medical and human innovation, but it’s not easy to encounter innovation. Recently, innovation becomes less and less. And our periodical’s influence is getting low. If we continue like this, we will fall out of the list of the top 10 in the world.”

    “I know.” The chief editor gave a knowing nod and said, “But the view of this paper is a double-edged sword for us. It can either help us rise or destroy us.”

    “So, I hope I can go to verify it myself.” Harry said seriously, “I promise you, this paper will only be used if it is 100 percent true.”

    “Well, all right.” The chief editor nodded and said, “This time, you lead a team, contact those reviewers, and go to China together.”

    “Okay, I’ll get right on it.” Harry nodded quickly and excitedly invited those reviewers.

    As the reviewers were all in Asia, they all flew to China from their countries after receiving the invitation.

    Meanwhile, Fang Qiu also received a phone call.