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Chapter 213.4 - Kissing is Something One Becomes Familiar with After the First Time

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     To sacrifice oneself to allow him to live, was something his own parents had done, abandoning him in order to protect him, but he was not about to be thankful to them for doing that.

    Thrown into a world where no one cared and no one to protect him, growing up in a cold and desolate world in solitude.

    The man’s pair of violet eyes had seemed like they were always shrouded behind a mysterious veil, where even when one looked closely into them, they remained unfathomable, impossible to clearly read what really lay hidden in their depths.

    At that moment, those violet eyes were however pristine and crystal clear, like they belonged to a little animal that was highly skittish and wary of everything in this world and was carefully revealing themselves fully only to her, watching her intently to show the slightest sign of estrangement or impatience that would immediately make him run far far away, to lick at his wounds all by its lonesome.

    Qing Yu did not know why such a preposterous thought would suddenly come to her mind at that moment.

    The only thing she was aware of at that moment was that the man….. really moved her immensely.

    Outsiders would never know or understand a man who had to be one that was unparalleled and reigned supreme, one that had to deem all to be beneath his notice as he stood at the very pinnacle of unmatched might.

    On a day that he would come to let down his heart’s defenses, and expose the heart that was not entirely confident, not all that outstanding, which might even be filled with speckled bits of weaknesses all over before someone, hoping earnestly to be accepted, strongly yearning to be tenderly loved and cared for.

    At that very moment, Qing Yu was at a loss, not knowing how she should respond, when the man stiffened his lips and said obstinately another time. “Never to leave me behind.”

    Qing Yu blinked her eyes in bewilderment, suddenly unable to help herself but feel that handsome but severe looking face saying those words that could be even termed as rather childish, to be rather adorable.

    She then arched up an eyebrow and said teasingly: “Wouldn’t you know how to find your way back on your own if I leave you behind? With you being so thick skinned.”

    Lou Jun Yao’s eyes narrowed dangerously: “I’m thick skinned?”

    “You just wouldn’t admit that you’re shameless would you? Who was it who was pretending to be weak by claiming that he was unable to move that made me save him at the risk of my own life just now? And you even went on to take liberties with me! Isn’t that….. Mmmff…..”

    Without question, it was another surprise attack.

    “You cad! What are you doing? !”

    Qing Yu was so infuriated she really wanted to hit him. [She had not even finished her sentence and the fella had suddenly kissed her the moment she retorted him? What is the meaning of this! ?]

    [Why did they start to become so intimate that he thinks it’s alright to do something like this!]

    “Didn’t you say that I’m shameless? Since I am such a shameless person, then I will have to do more of such shameless things! In order to live up to my reputation!”

    The corners of Lou Jun Yao’s lips were curled up into a devious and evil looking smile, his gaze sliding downwards from the young lady’s luscious looking lips, passing over the slender fair skinned neck, to rest upon a certain position that should not be described here.