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Chapter 214.1 - Seeing You Wounded Pains My Hear

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     “Lou Jun Yao!”

    An infuriated voice rose up in complaint under the night sky, startling a flock of some unknown flying animals.

    Lou Jun Yao did not tease her any further but just laughed softly as he cradled the slender waist of the young lady’s to bring her down in a gradual descent. Wasn’t he just looking so helpless and dependant earlier but had suddenly become so nimble footed? One would really be hard pressed to see where he was wounded at that moment.

    Qing Yu was at that point even more certain that this fella was just playing at gaining sympathy before to achieve his shameless goal.


    Qing Tian Lin’s objective had only been Qing Yu alone. He had captured and killed people just to lure her in.

    He had seen Qing Yu fall down the deep cliff and he had even lost the mood to kill people, his heart only hoping that she would be blessed by the Heavens and no matter what kind of danger there was down there, she would be able to turn disaster into fortune.

    He wanted to possess her, but he had never wanted her harmed in any way, despite how much she hated him, to the extent she wanted him killed.

    The man standing stood at the edge over the cliff’s ledge, and the pure white robes over his body could not hide the dark sinister aura emanating out from him.

    Xi Zhan Chen stood just a few steps’ distance behind the man and he could feel the surging storm raging inside him, like it was about to erupt at any moment. Xi Zhan Chen’s voice suddenly flashed with a sharp glint and he opened his mouth to say: “Let me go look for Qing Yu…..”

    The moment Xi Zhan Chen’s voice fell, the man’s aura grew even more tumultuous, but the next sentence quelled the rising rage inside somewhat.

    “Although I do not know the reason why, but I….. am however still able to sense her presence very slightly. She is still alive and seems to be largely fine.”

    After Xi Zhan Chen finished saying that, he paused a moment before he continued to say: “And that violet eyes man, he had actually already broken Master’s Puppetry spell but had hid that fact probably just to gain Qing Yu’s sympathy.”

    Qing Tian Lin’s face turned dark and grave, his eyes afire when he turned to look at Xi Zhan Chen. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

    Without waiting for Xi Zhan Chen to reply, he scoffed and continued to say: “That man is a rather devious one isn’t he? His earlier captivity under my hands could very well have been a ruse as well just to prick Qing Qing’s heart. What a despicable and shameless person.”

    [No wonder Qing Qing cared for him so much, even putting her own life at risk in order to save him. With such a crafty and devious mind and looking so devilishly handsome, how could Qing Qing possibly be a match against that! ?]

    Thinking about that, Qing Tian Lin’s face turned an uglier shade. “Go bring Qing Qing back to me. As for that man, if you come to encounter him, have him killed with whatever means possible!”

    Xi Zhan Chen bowed his head and acknowledged the order, before he turned and disappeared from the spot he had been standing at.