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Chapter 214.3 - Seeing You Wounded Pains My Hear

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     He was dazed with shock for a moment before he suddenly recalled something and went on to curse softly. “Damn, did your wound split open?”

    [How could he have forgotten about that?]

    [With such a large part of her back wounded, she should not even be moving about at all. It was only after many countless reminders and a guarantee from her that he had agreed to let her come on this trip. But with her holding him while they both hung on the side of the cliff just now, that must have tugged greatly at the wound.]

    [Needless to say, the drop into the freezing waters and having been immersed in it for such a long period, it would already be considered fortunate if the wound did not become infected.]

    [He really deserves to take a beating. He really should not have teased her so much.]

    Lou Jun Yao carefully helped Qing Yu over to a large rock to sit down, and with his brows creased with worry, he was just going to tug at his clothes when Qing Yu held her clothes tightly in a grip with her eyes wide as she glared: “Have you gone mad?”

    “I just wanted to see whether your wound is bleeding and help you apply some medicine.” Lou Jun Yao explained.

    “But you can’t very well just come pull at my clothes like that! We’re out here in the open. What if anyone sees me?” Qing Yu asked him angrily.

    Those words really delighted a certain someone’s black heart and his eyes immediately arced up into two sly crescents with a crafty glint shining within. “So you mean….. if there’s no one around, then I can…..”

    “Ptui! Can your big fat head!” Qing Yu was so infuriated with him that she swept his hands away angrily and shot to her feet.

    [What a thug! No matter what she says now, he is always able to twist her words completely around.]

    Lou Jun Yao saw that she was really angry and he curved up his lips to smile as he gently pushed her to sit back down, saying soothingly: “Alright, I won’t pull your leg anymore. Let me set up an array and no one will be able to see you. If your wound has really split open, it must be properly treated or it will not heal well if it gets infected. I said to not let you come here but you just wouldn’t listen.”

    Qing Yu bit her lip but remained silent.

    Lou Jun Yao continued to say: “There is no need for you to feel embarrassed as I am after all a good friend of your mother’s, so I can be considered as an elder of yours. Helping you take a look at your wound would not be all that unusual but something normal, and there is no need to think too much into it.”

    He had already explained it all so well and if Qing Yu continued to be so coy, she might seem to be a tad bit unreasonable. Moreover, everything he said seemed to make a lot of sense as it was really quite normal for an elder to care for a junior and it had nothing to do with them being male or female.

    On top of that, with someone’s stern and serious demeanor when he said that, he actually looked quite believable and Qing Yu did not suspect him.

    But had she never considered what kind of an elder would do something so thought provoking as to forcibly kiss a junior?

    And Lou Jun Yao really did go check on Qing Yu wounds on her back conscientiously. When he saw the places where the wound had turned to scab before oozing with blood once again, and it was not known what she had rubbed other parts of the wound against that peeled the scab right off. Just looking at it pained his heart.

    [The lass had just gritted her teeth through all of this. The wound had probably split before they fell into the water and she had actually bore with it for so long.]