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Chapter 214.4 - Seeing You Wounded Pains My Hear

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Seeing that the man behind her did not say a single word for a long while, she guessed that it was because her wound had torn open and was too horrendous to even look at. She then bit her lip and said: “I’m fine. My wounds heal very quickly and it will heal over in just a couple more days.”

    Those words were not a lie as the flame element in her body really possessed such an amazing effect, giving her healing powers that was ten times stronger than normal people. A slash wound that would take others more than a month to gradually start to heal would only take her ten days at most to recover from.

    Lou Jun Yao’s eyes darkened and his finger ran gingerly over the uneven scab that had formed on her skin.

    Qing Yu’s body stiffened and she was just about to ask whether he was done applying the medicine when a pair of long arms slid around her waist. The man’s low magnetic voice was tinged with a slight hoarseness as it rose softly: “Do not put yourself at such risk anymore next time. Seeing you covered these wounds really hurts my heart.”

    Hearing that, Qing Yu’s entire body flushed a faint red, and her hands that hung down at her sides unconsciously clenched up tightly.

    Her clothes were half undone and her back was fully exposed, so she was already quite tensed up. Now that he was leaning in so close, she immediately became even more discomfited. “I….. I’m really alright. Have you finished applying the medicine?”

    “Mm.” Lou Jun Yao answered softly, and then gathered the young lady’s clothes back up before he turned himself around. “Cover yourself up properly so you do not catch a cold.”

    Qing Yu was a little surprised. He had actually not done anything to tease her, which was rather strange.

    She quickly dressed herself and then raised her head to look up. “Where is this place that we’re in now?”

    Lou Jun Yao scanned his eyes around the surroundings. “People outside have always said that the bottom of the Fleeting Cloud Fortress is filled with all kinds of danger and people who fall off from there have no chance of survival. But it seems we’ve run into some luck.”

    Qing Yu raised an eyebrow. “Could the rumours be wrong?”

    “The rumours are not wrong and since the Fleeting Cloud Fortress has two different entrances, the bottom would similarly have a Life’s Gate and Death’s Gate.” Lou Jun Yao said in explanation. “There was nothing strange in the waters that we fell into and neither did we encounter any kind of danger throughout our descent. That clearly shows that we fell into the Life’s Gate.”

    “So I see.” Qing Yu nodded in understanding. “Then how are we going to walk out from here?”

    The tone of her voice clearly showed that she fully trusted and depended on the man before her, but she had not realized that at that very moment.

    Lou Jun Yao’s eyes flashed with a faint and indiscernible smile inside. “I do not fully know how we are going to walk out from this place as I have never come down here before, but we will not go wrong following the direction our hearts tell us to go.”

    Qing Yu blinked her eyes a couple of times and then suddenly pointed at a spot. “I feel that it’s this side.”

    Coincidentally, Lou Jun Yao also pointed into the same direction and said: “We go this way.”

    They had made the same choice, showing great rapport.

    The two of them looked at each other for a moment and both of them burst out laughing at the same time.