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Chapter 566 - Women Conquer the World by Conquering Men

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 566: Women Conquer the World by Conquering Men

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    Wen Xinya did not expect that Wen Haowen would screw things up in such a manner.

    Wen Haowen’s scandalous news added fuel to the fire and caused the Wen Corporation’s stock prices to plunge even more drastically.

    Wen Haowen began to panic at this moment.

    On that same afternoon, Wen Haowen accepted several interviews from a few media agencies and even published his thoughts on the internet.

    He pointed out that he was only at Jiayuan Club for some work-related matters, though he did not disclose any details about the work-related matters, claiming that they were confidential information belonging to the Wen Corporation. He clarified that he did not instigate the Wen Corporation shareholders to turn against his daughter, Wen Xinya, nor did he cheat on his wife while she was pregnant.

    He had also clarified that he was merely distant from Wen Xinya because they had been separated for fifteen years and that their relationship was not estranged.

    He also denied the reports on the media and claimed that they were false. He even threatened the media and warned them that the Wen Corporation would be taking legal actions against them if they were to continue making false reports.

    However, his words could not deceive the bright ones in the circle, though they could deceive the ignorant members of the public.

    Now that it was a widely known fact that Wen Haowen was cold and ruthless to Wen Xinya, no one would blame her if she were to have any feud with him from now on.

    Wen Xinya looked at Si Yiyan and said smilingly, “Wen Haowen has shot himself in the foot in order to coax and convince the members of the public. In this case, the reports about me being a treacherous and unfilial daughter will be deemed as false.”

    Si Yiyan nodded and said smilingly, “Wen Haowen’s plan has backfired and he has harmed himself instead. I received some news saying that the Wen Corporation is extremely displeased with Wen Haowen and they’re blaming him for failing to clarify the news and rumors about you and him, thus causing the stock prices to decline tremendously. If such rumors happen again, the interests of the shareholders of the Wen Corporation will be greatly affected.”

    Greatly taken aback by how well informed Si Yiyan was, Wen Xinya said, “No wonder Wen Haowen decided to accept the interviews and even published a clarification online. It turns out he had no other option but to do so.”

    Si Yiyan stared at her smilingly.

    Wen Xinya smiled and said, “Now that Wen Haowen’s scandalous news has been exposed, Ning Shuqian will definitely be incredibly upset, especially since there’s concrete proof. How could she hold a candle to those young, pretty and seductive girls? She’s already aged and haggard. Ning Shuqian should be worrying about how to keep Wen Haowen interested in her. She probably won’t have the time to stir any more trouble before my coming-of-age ceremony.”

    Ning Shuqian was a smart woman and she would definitely kick up a huge fuss about Wen Haowen’s scandal, though she would not go overboard. However, now that she felt a sense of threat, she would definitely keep close tabs on Wen Haowen.

    She was well aware that Wen Haowen was the only one whom she could rely on and without him, she would be nothing.

    Si Yiyan smiled and said, “Most importantly, Ning Shuqian wouldn’t dare to use her pregnancy to frame you. At this moment, her child is her trump card for keeping Wen Haowen interested.”

    Wen Xinya knew exactly what Si Yiyan meant. Although she already had a solution for dealing with Ning Shuqian, she was afraid that she would cause additional problems. Hence, she was not afraid or worried at all.

    She was just waiting for the day to send Ning Shuqian to Hell and cause her to never be able to make a comeback.

    Wen Xinya stared at Si Yiyan with pouted lips and said, “Si Yiyan, you’re forever so shrewd and you never fail to conquer anyone effortlessly and manipulate them. Is this the legendary saying of being able to plan everything carefully and make no mistakes?”

    So long as she was willing, he would be able to get rid of all obstructions and hindrances for her. He was the man of her dreams and she was incredibly thrilled to have such a shrewd and capable man.

    Si Yiyan looked out of the window and the sun that was shining brightly. “These are just little tricks. I’m not as formidable as you made me out to be.”

    Wen Haowen still held a grudge against Jiang Shaofeng for chasing him out of the Jiang Corporation office tower and hence, he had constantly been attacking the Jiang Family. Wen Haowen was partly to blame for the financial crisis that the Jiang family was facing.

    Jiang Shaofeng absolutely detested Wen Haowen. Hence, he decided to take advantage of the financial crisis that Jiang Shaofeng was facing and lured him to Jiayuan Club. He then effortlessly managed to make Jiang Shaofeng snap some unpleasant photos of Wen Haowen, which he then sent to the media.

    Wen Xinya looked at him smilingly and said, “Ninth Young Master, you’ll seem like you’re humble-bragging if you’re too modest.”

    “If you think I’m impressive, then I am impressive,” Si Yiyan said while staring at her tenderly.

    “I think I’m more capable than you because I managed to win the heart of such an outstanding man.” As soon as she finished speaking, she began laughing loudly and her eyes were dark like ink. She exuded an inexplicable beauty.

    Si Yiyan stared at her smilingly and said, “Isn’t there a saying that goes, ‘Men conquer the world using their own abilities and women conquer the world by conquering men’?”

    “Hehehehe…” Wen Xinya began laughing merrily.

    Noticing that she was smiling widely, Si Yiyan said softly, “Xinya, Jiang Shaofeng and Xiao Zhiyuan ran into each other at Jiayuan Club. The two of them were conversing gleefully, so… you must be more wary and careful of that.”

    A sullen expression formed on Wen Xinya’s face and she understood exactly what Si Yiyan meant. “Two years ago, the Xiao Family and Jiang Family colluded with each other to acquire Ai Shang Group and the Jiang Family backed out at the last minute, thus backstabbing the Xiao Family. As a result, they ended up suffering a major loss and Xiao Zhiyuan absolutely detested Jiang Shaofeng. Now that the two of them are on good terms again, they’ve really shown that there are no eternal rivals in the world of business. Neither are there eternal friends. Benefits are the only thing that will last forever.”

    Si Yiyan said calmly, “The Jiang family and Wen Family have been cooperating with each other for several years and your father is a self-conceited dimwit. Jiang Shaofeng definitely knows some secrets about the Wen Corporation and the Xiao Family must still bear a grudge against the Wen Family for the failed acquirement. It’s only normal for the two of them to be on good terms again. So, you must be very careful.”

    Wen Xinya nodded and said, “The Xiao Family is like a venomous snake that will bite you once you’re not careful enough, whereas the Jiang Family are incredibly greedy. Although they’ve become poorer than before, they still have a wide network of connections. Besides, the Jiang Family is extremely scheming. Hence, I’ve never let my guard down around them.”

    Si Yiyan answered with a nod, “I’ve already wreaked some havoc. All you have to do now is wait and watch a good show.”

    Wen Xinya said smilingly, “Don’t worry, I won’t disappoint you. The good show is about to begin soon.”

    A cold and menacing gaze formed in Wen Xinya’s eyes.