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Chapter 568 - The Exposure of Xia Ruya’s Shameful Videos

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 568: The Exposure of Xia Ruya’s Shameful Videos

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    At this moment, Xia Ruya was still sleeping soundly in a beautiful position under the dim, yellow light. There was an alluring glow on her skin and the thin strap of her nightdress drooped down to her shoulder, exposing her soft and well-endowed bosom. They were just like flower buds that looked alluring and tempting…

    Ring, ring…

    The sounds of the mobile ringtone broke the silence in the room, sounding extremely deafening in the darkness of the night. It was so loud that she felt as if her eardrums were about to burst.

    Xia Ruya was jolted awake by the ringtone and she immediately ducked beneath the sheets, in a bid to block out the deafening sound.

    Soon, the ringing ceased. Just as Xia Ruya thought that she could finally get back to sleep, her mobile phone began to ring again.

    “Who is it!?! It’s the wee hours of the night and I’m just trying to sleep!” Xia Ruya exclaimed in frustration while she lifted the duvet and grabbed her mobile phone after being disturbed.

    “Hello, Ruya. It’s me…”

    Jiang Ruoyin was at the other end of the line and she sounded extremely anxious. Xia Ruya instantly sobered up and said, “Ruoyin, it’s already four in the morning. Why are you calling me at such a late hour? Is there something urgent?”

    Jiang Ruoyin began panting heavily because of her anxiety. “Ruya, hurry… hurry and go on the internet now. Someone uploaded the videos of you acting disgracefully during Zhou Tianyu’s birthday party two years ago…”

    “What did you say?” Xia Ruya asked, flabbergasted and bewildered by Jiang Ruoyin’s words that were like a huge bomb. She thought that her ears were playing tricks on her.

    Jiang Ruoyin answered anxiously, “Ruya, just switch on your laptop and you’ll understand.”

    Xia Ruya’s pupils constricted and dilated and she soon began to hyperventilate. She lied down on the soft and furry carpet. However, she was no longer in the mood to stare at the luxurious and beautiful kitchen cabinet or the bed frame. She shifted her gaze onto the black computer not too far away. The black, glossy keyboard seemed just like black gemstones, mesmerizing and alluring.

    She frantically leaped off the bed and darted towards the computer. She gently tapped on the keys on the keyboard while her heart pounded rapidly. She then touched the keyboard again hesitantly before moving away. At last, she gave in to temptation and pressed the key on the console.

    The wait felt exceptionally long.

    Her computer had the best accessories and only required 26 seconds to be started.

    Yet, the 26 seconds felt like an eternity to her.

    The fan of the computer began spinning rapidly and making sounds that rang in her ears, causing them to hurt slightly. She bit her lip tightly, feeling as tense as a tightrope.

    Finally, the computer was started.

    She went on the website that she usually surfed, only to see that the title of the latest viral news was: “The lecherous Xia Ruya is horny and loose beneath her usual innocent facade!”

    Her heart skipped a beat and it was just like a shriveled leaf on a branch in Autumn, trembling continuously in the chilly wind. It was as if there was no turning back.

    Flabbergasted, she hurriedly switched on the video.

    The video depicted the scene of her embarrassing herself during Zhou Tianyu’s birthday party. Although it was not as erotic as the photo that was exposed previously, it nonetheless attracted lots of attention.

    The last part of the video left much to the imagination.

    Although the scenes were censored, anyone would be able to tell what was going on once they took a closer look at the blurry scenes.

    She burst into hysterics and began bawling loudly.

    “Hey, hey, hey, isn’t that the Nation’s Goddess Xia Ruya who has been going viral on the internet lately? She really does deserve to be a goddess. She’s the dream girl of most homebodies. She’s beautiful, virtuous and sexy…”

    “This video was probably filmed more than two years ago! Back then, Xia Ruya was just fifteen! She was already so well-endowed at fifteen. She’s just a natural-born seductress and a dream girl to all homebodies.”

    “Ah… I was gaming late at night and suddenly felt like searching for a video to masturbate to. Yet, I chanced upon this video as soon as I went on the internet. I masturbated to it and it was such a thrill. She’s a blessing to men! I saved it immediately and shared it with others.”

    “Dear fellow buddies, I’ve just made a video and altered it digitally. I added some subtitles. It’s really worth watching when you’re masturbating at night now. If you want it, go and download it yourself.”

    “Ah… it really is worth watching when masturbating at night. Credits to the owner. Don’t you feel like it gives you great pleasure when you’re all lonely, randy, thirsty and horny at night? Don’t you feel like the video is going to help you overcome your sexual weakness and become a real man again!?!”

    “Mhm… ah…. *gibberish*…”

    “Psht, what an exquisite culture. Thumbs up for the owner.”

    Numerous comments continued to pop up under the video with each refresh of the page. The comments were mostly left behind by night owls, the majority of which were cowardly, single men. Hence, they were completely unrestrained when posting such revolting comments.

    Xia Ruya’s heart sank and tears welled up in her eyes, causing her vision to become blurry. Her teeth began chattering and her hands trembled while holding onto the mouse.

    “Ruya, Ruya… did you see it yet?” Jiang Ruoyin asked, overwhelmed with panic and worry after not hearing Xia Ruya’s voice for a long while.

    Xia Ruya’s lips began quivering like withered flowers the moment she heard Jiang Ruoyin’s voice. Her lips were dry and cracked and she continued to open the websites that she frequented.

    “Ruya, are you alright? Hurry and say something!” Jiang Ruoyin asked frantically, calling her name continuously.

    Xia Ruya sat in front of the computer, her body all tensed up and clammy. It was as if her blood had begun to coagulate too.

    “Ruya, don’t scare me. I know you must be feeling terrible now, but…” Jiang Ruoyin murmured, feeling extremely worried about Xia Ruya who had been keeping silent.

    It was as if the video had wings, instantly going viral. It flew all over the internet overnight.

    “Ah…” Xia Ruya screamed at the top of her lungs and broke down into tears. She suddenly extended her hand and swept everything off the table, then rested her head on the keyboard and bawled her heart out.

    “Ruya, what’s wrong? Don’t act foolishly! Ruya…”

    Jiang Ruoyin’s high-pitched voice was sharp and very much to the annoyance of Xia Ruya. Xia Ruya grabbed her mobile phone in frustration and smashed it onto the ground with a loud thud. All of a sudden, the world fell silent.