Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 2120 - Look at my strike

Zhu Guangqi immediately saw Ye Mo at the door. He came here as he got news of Ye Mo. When he saw Ye Mo, killing intent flashed across his eyes but then he looked shocked as Dong An was here too. "Greetings castle master Dong. I didn't expect to see your honorable presence here." Zhu Guangqi said. Then, he looked at Heng Ran and greeted. He was just a Dao Nourishment Divine Emperor but he wasn't scared of Heng Ran. Ye Mo saw this person and sneered. He hadn't looked for this guy's trouble but this guy dared to come to him. "So it's Shui Yun God city, city lord Zhu." Dong An saluted with his fists. Shui Yun God city lord was a Dao Actualisation Divine Emperor peak stage master who was no weaker than Dong An. Zhu Guangqi was the second city lord of the city. Niu Runan's mother quickly bowed to this Dao Nourishment Divine Emperor and said "Qianye greet city lord Zhu." Zhu Guangqi clearly knew Niu Runan's mother and laughed "sister Qianye is really getting prettier." Niu Runan's face looked back. She could tell Zhu Guangqi came here for Ye Mo and perhaps there was great conflict between them. She didn't want her mother to talk to Zhu Guangqi much but clearly, their relationship wasn't ordinary. Niu Qianye seemed to realise Ye Mo and Zhu Guangqi weren't on good terms and stopped talking. "Haha, city lord Zhu came to my humble residence, please be high seated." Heng Ran saluted with his fists. Regardless if Ye Mo was really strong, he could tell that Zhu Guangqi was here for Ye Mo. It was best that Zhu Guangqi fought with Ye Mo and Ye Mo killed Zhu Guangqi and then offend the big city lord Lao Jin. Then, Lao Jin would fight with Ye Mo. After Zhu Guangqi sat down, Heng Ran said intentionally "city lord Zhu really caught me by surprise coming to my Heng God corner." He was indeed scared by Ye Mo's origin before. Ye Mo actually killed Du Ting god sect leader. This news was too shocking but now that he calmed down, he felt things weren't right. First, Ye Mo was only immortal emperor cultivation level. Even if Ye Mo hid his power level, he didn't seem old. No matter how talented he was, there was no way he was Dao Actualisation Divine Emperor peak stage. Second, Ye Mo knew Dong An. Dong An was Dao Actualisation Divine Emperor peak stage. Who knew if Dong An was involved in Wei Xuan's death. If they joined up to kill Wei Xuan and then announced that Ye Mo did it, no one would be able to tell. After all, Dong An represented the Great Sun God Mountain and if a Dao Actualisation Divine Emperor elder of the Great Sun God Mountain suddenly killed the sect leader of a god sect, this was no small matter. It would affect the Great Sun God Mountain's reputation. Now that he thought this through, he was no longer scared of Ye Mo. Even if he used a proper excuse to kill Ye Mo, Dong An couldn't say anything. "Zhu came suddenly this time indeed, I'll apologise first." Zhu Guangqi saw that Dong An was here and immediately changed his plans. He would calm Dong An first. As for Heng Ran, he believed this guy wouldn't stop him. "City lord Zhu you're too polite. I'm happy that city lord Zhu is here at my Heng God corner. How can I blame you." Heng Ran said with a face of smile. Zhu Guangqi could see Heng Ran's attitude and he immediately said "I came here to get revenge today. I was set up by this person but castle master Dong and immortal friend Heng are both here, this is quite troubling." Zhu Guangqi could tell Heng Ran didn't have any intentions of protecting Ye Mo. He cared about Dong An. Dong An laughed "I came here and happened to encounter immortal friend Heng. If city lord Zhu wants to get revenge from someone then please do. I won't say anything nor intervene." Heng Ran said "Even if an elder of the Heng God corner offended city lord Zhu, I won't dare to say anything if city lord Zhu wants to kill." Zhu Guangqi quickly got up and saluted with his fists "Thank you castle master Dong, thank you immortal friend Heng." He was waiting for this, if it wasn't for the Mu Hua god mountain, he could slap Ye Mo to pieces. Ye Mo, it took me a long time to find you. I've stationed people out everywhere and now I've finally found you today. I hope you don't disappoint me." Zhu Guangqi said. Heng Ran's face suddenly changed "City lord Zhu, immortal friend Ye is a VIP of our Heng God corner. Is the person you're looking for immortal friend Ye, this, this..." Ye Mo saw Heng Ran's face and felt disgusted. His act was so revolting. Zhu Guangqi frowned "Immortal friend Heng, you agreed before, are you going to regret now?" Heng Ran clenched his fists and sighed after a while "Sigh, never mind. Immortal friend Ye is a VIP of our Heng God corner, please..." How could Zhu Guangqi not know that Heng Ran was putting on a show. Perhaps this guy wanted Ye Mo dead more than himself. He said calmly "Of course, I will take immortal friend Heng into account, don't worry." "Ye Mo, this is someone else's guest hall. It would affect people talking here. Why don't we go out to resolve things." Zhu Guangqi said. "What thing are you, how dare you let tower master go out?" Fu Fei couldn't take it and pointed at Zhu Guangqi's nose and asked. "A mere immortal emperor middle stage dares to talk." Zhu Guangqi sneered and grabbed at Fu Fei. Ye Mo suddenly got up and grabbed too. Clap. Zhu Guangqi's punch was slapped by Ye Mo's palm. Zhu Guangqi retreated a few steps before standing still. He looked at Ye Mo with uncertaintiy not knowing what was going on. "Zhu, I hate trouble and although I really wanted to kill you I didn't want to go find you. I didn't expect you to be so understanding to come to me. In that case, look at my strike." Then, Ye Mo hacked shatter space down. In that instant, everywhere was filled with this extremely intense lethal force except where Qing Ru and them stood. A twisted sword rune appeared like a poisonous dragon that attacked at Zhu Guangqi. When Zhu Guangqi found that Ye Mo's twisted sword rune was a top level god art, the rune already completely locked on to him. Zhu Guangqi knew now that Ye Mo definitely wasn't immortal emperor but a divine emperor who might even be stronger than him. he released a water light that barely sealed his surroundings. "Rumble..." divine emperor domains clashed and Zhu Guangqi's domain crumbled like an egg. Thud, the twisted sword rune fell and sliced across Zhu Guangqi's broken domain and onto his water light. The light was like a bowl that was filled with water and then broken. It exploded everywhere. This was far from the end. Powerful god essence exploded and the palace was turned to pieces by this explosion. A few weaker people of the Heng god corner was sent flying by the concussion. Heng Wanman was an immortal emperor but even she spat blood in mid air. Ye Mo didn't have any environmental protection awareness fighting here. It seemed like he didn't know this palace was destroyed. At the same time, he used shatter space fist force.