But when she took out the engagement letter, he suddenly woke up. It turned out to be true, then who was her fiance? Is it Hu Feng? It must be him! Only he is worthy of Bai Zhi. For some reason, when he thought of it, he felt sour in his heart. He sighed and turned to go to his room. When Awu and Zhao Lan heard the news, Wu Mama has long gone. “Zhi’er, did the Meng family come here and embarrass you?” Zhao Lan’s heart pounding as she ran outside. In there, she saw her daughter standing in the yard as if nothing happened. Bai Zhi shrugged her shoulders: “Do I look like someone embarrassed?” Zhou Awu said: “She doesn’t look like it, but the people of the Meng family in the capital, come here thousands of miles, just to see you?” Bai Zhi slightly smiled and said: “I think she went to Boss Chen first, and Boss Chen said what he should say. They came here just to see me in person and when they saw the engagement letter, naturally, they will no longer say anything. Why would I ask them to stay long? Are you expecting me to serve them tea?” * Wu Mama went back to the capital the same day. As soon as she returned, she explained things in detail with a smile to Xu Furen. “Is she really engage?” Xu Furen asked again. Wu Mama nodded her head with a smile and then took the teacup handed by the maidservant. Then, she placed it slowly next to her lady: “Was it fake? This old slave checked the engagement letter in person. Although that girl looked pretty good, she is thin and only 13-years-old, she’s not a good match to gongzi in any aspect. Even if Gongzi is attracted to this girl, it was only for a while. Once this attraction passed, he will forget about her. Besides, that girl looks smart, she knew that she is not worthy to be with gongzi. She had no delusion at all. So Furen, you can put down now the worry in your heart!” Xu Furen became much happier when she heard those words: “So to say, Nan’er and Xue’er still have a chance. I should talk about this matter to him.” Wu Mama smiled and said: “Furen, there’s no use in talking this matter to gongzi. It’s better if they will have a chance to meet. If they meet each other more often, won’t they start to have feelings?” Xu Furen nodded again and again: “Yes, this is more reasonable. I’ll write a letter. You send it to the Zheng Family.” At the same time, Boss Chen’s letter to Meng Nan arrived. The more Meng Nan looked at the letter, the more his face turned black. In the end, he crumpled the letter into a ball and throw it to the floor forcefully. Seeing this, Jin Shiwei quickly asked: “What’s wrong? Did something happened to Miss Bai?” Meng Nan gritted his teeth and roared in anger: “She really sent someone. To deal with the Meng Family, Zhi’er even—” Jin Shiwei anxiously asked: “Gongzi, can you speak without panting? You speaking like this, really makes me anxious!” Meng Nan pointed his finger at the letter on the floor and said: “Look at it yourself.” Jin Shiwei picked up the letter and read it carefully. After reading it, he laughed and said: “Miss Bai is really smart. This time, madam can finally be at ease.” Meng Nan angrily stared at Jin Shiwei: “She can be at ease, but what about me?” Jin Shiwei smiled and said “Gongzi, didn’t Boss Chen explained everything? This engagement letter is fake. She just made up this engagement letter to fool the Meng Family.” “You think so, but will Hu Feng think the same way?” He was not blind. He can clearly see that Hu Feng was interested in Bai Zhi. With such a good opportunity, how will he let it go? Anyway, he can only blame himself for this, he should take care of his family affairs first.