Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire

Chapter 891 - Control yourselves and do not get pregnant.

Chapter 891: Control yourselves and do not get pregnant. Atlas Studios  Atlas Studios Sensing the gentle touch, Ji Ziming’s anger subsided slightly. Since it had only subsided slightly, he was of course angry still. “She scolded you.” Although the man spoke calmly, one could still sense the anger in his voice. “Aiya! Let’s have breakfast! She’s merely a stranger whom you and I don’t need to bother about.” She was unaffected by the netizen’s offensive remark. She might have been angry earlier, but when she saw that he was angrier than her, she was left only with elation and happiness. “No! I’m very bothered by it!” He stared at her fervently. She was stunned by his serious expression. “I don’t like it when others talk about you that way.” He tapped the phone lightly before returning it to her. “Go ahead and eat first. I’ll settle some stuff and join you in a bit.” After he said that, he pushed her away and removed his apron. By the time she returned to her senses, he had already left the dining room. She only returned to herself after he had disappeared. “Eh? Ziming, what are you going to do?” As she was about to run after him, she recalled that he seemed to have done something with her phone. She picked up the phone and looked at the screen. It was then that she was struck with awe by what she saw… [Reply to Super Cute Little Wenzhi: Wait for the lawyer’s letter.] “…” Seeing the reply, she was dumbstruck. Immediately, a wail of doom sounded in the dining room. “Ah! That d*rn Ji Ziming! This is my private account!” Hectically, she quickly deleted the reply. Nobody luckily noticed the reply, so there was no response to it. She sighed in relief after deleting the reply. Speechless, she put down her phone. She was about to leave the dining room and find the man when her phone rang. Picking it up, she saw that it was a call from her mother. “Ge Ge, are you up now?” Hearing the concern in her mother’s voice, she smiled and replied, “Yes, I am!” “Have you eaten breakfast?” “I have! Ziming woke up early and made me breakfast!” “Oh…” Her mother’s voice sounded as if something was weighing on her mind. “What’s wrong, mom. Is there something?” inquired Pei Ge carefully. “Er…” After a brief silence, her mother said, “Ge Ge, mom knows that you and Xiao Ji are truly in love.” “Hm?” “Still, since you two aren’t officially married yet, you need to control yourselves. Take precaution and don’t get pregnant now…” The corners of her mouth twitched at mother’s advice. “Mom, you’re thinking way too much—” Before she could explain further, she was interrupted by her mother. “Oh, yes, yes. You’re now a more popular person than those celebrities! This morning when I woke up, quite a lot of people from our neighborhood came knocking at our door. They all said that I’m lucky to have given birth to such a good daughter!” She smiled and shook her head when she heard the happiness in her mother’s voice. “After finally sending those people away, I turned on my phone and saw numerous missed calls and messages, which nearly caused my phone to hang. I really don’t know how all those strangers got my phone number.” “Mom, if it’s bothering you so much, why not move to another house and change your phone number?” she suggested lightly upon hearing her mother’s complaint. “It’s alright. Why move houses over such a small matter? Plus, I’m already used to living here. If I move away, how do I kill time? It’s possible to change numbers, though.” Zhang Manhua told her daughter with a smile. “Alright. Let me accompany you to change your sim card in a couple of days.” “Aye! Right, you said something about Xiao Ji making you breakfast earlier.” “That’s right; what’s wrong?” “This child, can’t you be more virtuous since you are almost married to him? Don’t let Xiao Ji do things like cooking. You should be an understanding wife and a loving mother.” “Yes, yes, yes. I know. I was thinking of making breakfast today, but he beat me to it!” Pei Ge actually wanted to look for the man, but she forgot about it because of her mother’s call. After chatting with her mother for a while, she did not bother looking for the man as she saw him return to the dining room himself. “Who were you on the phone with?” As Ji Ziming walked into the dining room, he saw that the woman was not eating but was on the phone, instead. “Mom, let’s talk another time. Ziming is here, so I’ll hang up.” Listening to his enquiring tone, she bid her mother goodbye and ended the call. “With my mom.” She put down the phone and grinned at him. “Right. What did you do earlier?” He strode to her side and pulled her back to the dining table. “Let’s have breakfast first.” As he spoke, he poured her a glass of milk. “Tell me first: What did you do earlier?” She held the milk and looked at him earnestly. “I saw what you replied to that person. Don’t tell me that you’re really going to sue her?” “Mhm.” The man hummed lightly as he scooped a bowl of porridge for her. It was as if suing someone was no biggie for him. “Ah? You really did that?!” Her eyes widened instantly. “Like what I’ve said before, I dislike others saying that about you, even if it’s just a casual remark!”