Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 593 - Beauty Tang Chased Mr Gu out From the Room

Chapter 593: Beauty Tang Chased Mr Gu out From the Room Atlas Studios  Atlas Studios Tang Mo’er took tissue paper to wipe Gu Mohan’s wet trousers. She lowered her eyes, revealing half of her ravishing, delicate face. She appeared very focused, as if she was only wiping his trousers. This act attracted the attention of everyone at the party and they were stupefied. Beauty Tang was really audacious. Gu Mohan stretched his large hand out to hold her slender wrist. His deep and narrow eyes exhibited a tinge of affection. “Mo’er, stop wiping, hm? I’m hard already.” Someone gasped. What was President Gu talking about? It was definitely embarrassing to hear. Tang Mo’er retracted her hand quietly and tossed the tissue paper into the rubbish bin. She raised her hand to tucked a lock of hair behind her ears, while casting a careless glance at the ladies behind. She said, “Look carefully, this is called seduction. As a woman, don’t blame me for not teaching all of you.” Those ladies, … Tang Mo’er did not bother to look at them again and proceeded to leave. The company presidents all looked at Tang Mo’er’s retreating back and gave her a thumbs-up in their hearts. This woman was indeed self-confident and attractive. Gu Mohan stuck one hand into his trousers pocket. He waited till she had disappeared from his vision before he glanced at the ladies from the prestigious families. The ladies bowed their heads under his threatening gaze. There was a heavy silence all around the party and Gu Mohan said, “All of you listen carefully. Mo’er is my Mrs Gu now and we have already registered our marriage. Don’t bully her just because she is good-tempered. Just this once, I will not hold it against all of you, but if I ever see anyone bullying her again, I will not be as merciful.” With that, Gu Mohan left too. The crowd was speechless, before a wave of voices erupted after he left the room. The news about Gu Mohan and Tang Mo’er being legally married caused a commotion at the party. Goodness, Tang Mo’er was already Mrs Gu? And not only that, he said that Tang Mo’er was good-tempered and easy to bully? Who had behaved so arrogantly towards them just now? President Gu, even if you want to protect your wife, you should not do it like this! … At this moment, the waiter brought Tang Mo’er to a room. “Miss Tang, this is your room.” “Thanks.” Tang Mo’er opened the door and entered. She wanted to close the door, but at this moment, a pair of shiny leather shoes blocked the door from closing, and a man’s large hand was placed on the door. It was Gu Mohan. Tang Mo’er retreated a few steps and her bright eyes were gazing at him. “President Gu, why are you here?” Gu Mohan stuck one hand into his trousers pocket and curved his thin lips seductively. “Mo’er, you have to be responsible. You seduced me and you ran away after doing so. I’m in such a state now. What do you think?” Tang Mo’er’s gaze slid downwards and landed on his trousers. There was a huge wet spot there. In addition, he was physically aroused, and it was exceptionally eye-catching in that area. Since he was walking about in this state, those ladies must have been staring at him. Mr Gu had always been well-endowed. Tang Mo’er’s delicate features were unperturbed and she curved her red lips indifferently. “President Gu, will you do whatever I say? If I ask you to go out, will you go out?” Gu Mohan shook his head. “No”. Tang Mo’er arched her willowy eyebrows. “See, the decision still lies with President Gu. President Gu, why don’t you just say what you want?” “Mo’er, you have two choices. First, I take off my trousers and you help me to blow dry it. Second, you help me to deal with my arousal. After all, you caused the fire, so it’s your responsibility to extinguish it.” “…” This was indeed the President of the Gu Corporation. Someone would send him a new pair of trousers as long as he requested for it, but he still refused to let her off. Tang Mo’er glanced at his wet trousers. “I choose the first option.” She would help him blow dry his trousers. Gu Mohan’s eyes darkened. “Mo’er, I will remove my trousers now.” He reached for the leather belt around his muscular waist, undid it with his thumb and forefinger and pulled it out in one seamless motion. His deep and narrow eyes were riveted on her ravishing face as he took off his trousers. Tang Mo’er averted her gaze. She did not look at him at all. This man was so lewd, even while removing his trousers. Gu Mohan took off his trousers and handed it over to her. “Mo’er, this is for you.” Tang Mo’er glanced at his present state. He was only wearing a white shirt on the top and a pair of boxers underneath. He displayed the demeanor of a ruffian behind his refined appearance. She did not reach for the trousers. Instead, she pulled open the door and immediately pushed the man out. “President Gu, you have taken off your trousers. I will telephone the service staff later to blow dry your trousers. Now, goodbye.” Bam. Tang Mo’er closed the door. Gu Mohan looked at the tightly shut door in front of him. “…” This woman was asking to be punished! At this moment, he heard a familiar voice. “Mohan, what are you doing here?” Gu Mohan turned around. It was Huo Yanmei and Jun Xiyan. The passion in Gu Mohan’s handsome eyes dissipated. He was not wearing any trousers but he did not appear panicked or embarrassed at all. He slowly put on his trousers and became the sophisticated and polished President of the corporate world once again. Huo Yanmei was incensed. It could be understood if a man and woman were fooling around in private, but Gu Mohan and Tang Mo’er were crossing the boundaries. Very soon, this piece of news would spread all over the whole of Karghalik. Tang Mo’er had chased Gu Mohan, who was not wearing trousers, out of the room. “Mohan, you are acting inappropriately for someone of your status. You have spoiled Tang Mo’er silly. Xiyan is still here, are you taking Tang Mo’er as a mistress?” Gu Mohan’s face was emotionless. He tightened the belt around his muscular waist and eyed Huo Yanmei. “Mo’er is not a mistress. She is my Mrs Gu.” “What?” Huo Yanmei gasped and swiftly looked at Jun Xiyan. “Xiyan, is he telling the truth?” There was a tinge of despondence and disappointment on Jun Xiyan’s refined face, but she smiled graciously. “Auntie, I’m sorry. The wedding was a sham. I’ve lied to you. That wedding was actually Mohan and Tang Mo’er’s. They have already registered their marriage.” Huo Yanmei had been kept in the dark all along, and now she was stunned. “Mohan, are you insane? You actually registered your marriage with Tang Mo’er behind Old Master and my back. Youー” Gu Mohan’s deep and narrow eyes landed on Huo Yanmei’s face and he countered coldly and sharply. “Who’s the insane one? The child in Mo’er’s stomach was your grandchild. How could you be so cruel, Mother!” He emphasized the word ‘Mother’. Huo Yanmei’s face turned white. He… how did he find out? Gu Mohan took out a pack of cigarettes from his trousers pocket and quietly lit a cigarette. He looked at Huo Yanmei and gradually curved his lips. “Mother, why don’t you tell me. When did you and Lin Xuanyin become such good friends?”